A.M. Links: Romney/Rice?, Chinese Company Accused of Selling U.S. Technology to Iran, Asbury Park Overturns Bikini Ban


  • Drudge reports Condoleezza Rice is emerging at the top of Mitt Romney's veep list. Sarah Palin says Rice would make a great VP pick despite being pro-choice. Juan Williams explained in May why Rice would be a game changer, citing the fact that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are still taking shots at her in their books as an asset.
  • The Obama campaign is ramping up its Bain attack, using a (flawed) report by the Boston Globe to accuse Mitt Romney of either lying to the American people or committing a felony in filings to the SEC. The Romney camp has demanded a retraction from the Globe (denied) and lambasted the Obama campaign official who accused Romney of potentially committing a felony.
  • The FBI is investigating Chinese telecom manufacturer ZTE. The company is accused of selling prohibited U.S. equipment to Iran and obstructing a probe by the Department of Commerce.
  • Meanwhile, Congress is up in arms over the fact that the U.S. team's Olympic gear by Ralph Lauren was made in China.
  • The United Nations is increasingly relying on mercenaries for security functions, according to a report from the Global Policy Forum, spending $44 million in 2009 and $76 million in 2010 on security contracts.
  • Asbury Park overturned a boardwalk bikini ban on the books since 1953. It hadn't been enforced in decades but a campaign started to start enforcement again.  
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