Nick Gillespie Talking Public Sector Employees with Mike Huckabee at 2.30pm ET


I'll be on former governor and presidential candidate—and current Fox News host—Mike Huckabee's nationally syndicated radio show today around 2.30pm ET today.

The topic will be whether we need more cops, firemen, and teachers, and whether public-sector employment gooses the economy. For background, check out my June 22 article, "Should we hire even more teachers, cops, and firemen?" Spoiler alert: The answer is no, whether you want better services or for the economy to get moving again.

To find a station near you, go or listen along online at San Francisco's powerhouse KSFO station.

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  1. Why is the model playing a bass, too? Are they going to cover some Ned’s Atomic Dustbin tunes?

    1. I was thinking they’re covering Big Bottom by Spinal Tap.

      1. That might actually get me to watch this shit.

      2. how can I leave this behind?

    2. Model? I thought that is what Nick looked like without his jacket.

  2. Here you go Nick, concerning the Huckabee’s former state

    The U.S. is the only nation in the world now where more than 50% of K-12 public education workers are not teachers. From 1970 until 1994 the number of non-teaching positions in Arkansas doubled. The number of teachers rose 46% during the same period. Adjusted for inflation, per-pupil spending on non-classroom activity in Arkansas has risen 84.3% since 1973. From 1970 to 1993 the state’s student enrollment for public K-12 actually dropped from 460,701 to 459,255. Average Daily Attendance also fell from 414,158 to 411,306 (and this last number reflects adding in Kindergarten in 1987.) The number of school districts also dropped from 387 to 311.


    1. I don’t think it is just AR that is like this. It seems that admin positions just keep growing and teacher positions stay fairly constant everywhere. That is why I vote “no” on all tax increases for schools.

      1. It is not. I would imagine places like California and Illinois are worse. Every time I hear someone talk about “more money for schools” I want to punch them.

        1. Every time I hear someone talk about “more money for schools” I want to punch them.

          I am the same way. We as a nation have been spending more per pupil and getting worse results year after year. The schools want more money, nope!

      2. and that is the dirty little (not so) secret about education. Politicians rely on public ignorance about school system payrolls; most parents never see or need any of the half-dozen assistant principals or guidance counselors on the typical high school campus. Nor do they see the deputy assistant vice superintendent at school central.

        To a large degree, I feel sorry for teachers. They are set up for failure, ironically by those claim to be champions of education. Their lives are governed by a single year-end test; their classrooms often run by the two knuckleheads in every group since no real punishment exists (unless, of course, you fight back against a bully or bring a Midol to class); and the curriculum is drier than desert-baked Melba toast.

        1. PJ O’Rourke had the best column on public schools: End Them, Don’t Mend Them.

          apparently, i can’t link directly to it.

    2. I’m not one to defend Huckabee. He was a crappy governor. But most of the years cited in the paragraph there cover the entirety of Bill Clinton’s reign as governor. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

      1. This Arkansan didn’t notice that at first. Good point. About half those years, give or take, are his.

  3. You gonna’ take your P Bass too, Nick?

  4. I actually like your approach of ‘engaging the enemy’, Nick. It occurred to me something else I would like to see Reason TV do, interview Krugman exclusively on his Foundations series fandom and the ideas from those books with not a hint of discussion on the current political scene. I would be curious to see how his mind works in a completely relaxed environment.

  5. Extra points if you correct him with “You mean firefighters” if he says “firemen”, while having tightly crossed legs.

    1. stupid

      1. Indeed, and sexist. Stupid and sexist.

  6. Worst. Photoshop. Evah.

  7. That’s not Mike Huckubee. That is Kevin Spacey.

    1. he’s been off the diet for a long time.

  8. Who is the babe in the picture?
    A black, heavy metal babe who is good looking. Wow, never thought I see one of those.
    PS: Most heavy metal babes are white and the definition of skank.

    1. Do you live in a fucking cave? That’s Tyra Banks, and she isn’t a heavy metal babe, she’s an ex-model.

      1. Actually I do live in a cave, that is why I can’t see her.

        Get it! Ha, ha, ha…..

        1. Worst. Plato. Ever.

          1. Worst. Plato. Ever.

            I don’t know. If you were looking for the concept (form) of “woman,” you could do worse than Tyra.

            1. [chucks cell phone at ?Ex Nihilo?’s head]

      2. For some reason, I remembered her name as “Kyra Banks”. I Googled the name to verify, and it turns out that Kyra Banks is a model, too. Sort of. (NSFW Google).

        1. For some reason, I remembered her name as “Kyra Banks”. I Googled the name to verify, and it turns out that Kyra Banks is a model, too. Sort of. (NSFW Google).


    2. In the 80’s there were always a few black chicks who hung around the local metal scene and they always looked fantastic.

  9. I hope The Jacket asks that douche canoe if he is still in favor of a national smoking ban. Fuck him in his fat folds.

    1. Sage, are you talking to me?!…Are you talking to me?
      Watch it, pal. Tell me to beat and its on.

    2. Or his idea to make volunteer activities compulsory.

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