A.M. Links: Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Tax Liens Causing "Second Foreclosure Crisis," Web's First Photo Turning 20


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    Russia wants the United Nations' mission to continue in Syria. "There is no mention of Chapter 7 [in the Russian draft] and that's a matter of principle for us because we believe the special envoy is doing a commendable job," Russia's deputy U.N. ambassador, Alexander Pankin said. Chapter 7 would open the possibility of sanctions and military action. Russia holds a veto vote on the Security Council. Eleven Russian warships, meanwhile, are headed to Syria, and some will dock at the Russian naval base there.

  • The city of Fullerton, California won't say whether the now former cop charged with the beating death of Kelly Thomas was fired or resigned; he left the city's employment July 3rd. The other officer charged remains on unpaid leave and four other cops who participated in the beating but remain uncharged are on paid vacation. The city won't talk about the results of an internal investigation either.
  • The National Consumer Law Center says foreclosures caused by tax liens sometimes as low as $400 are causing a "second foreclosure crisis."
  • The comedian Daniel Tosh apologized on Twitter, while disputing the details, to a woman who described getting offended over rape jokes and then being the subject of one before running out on a performance of his at the Laugh Factory. The club manager disputes the account too, saying the woman stayed until the end and misunderstood Tosh's act. Though I imagine lots of women run away from Tosh.
  • Katie Holmes apparently used a burner to get the conversation started with her lawyers about divorcing Tom Cruise without the actor finding out. A divorce settlement was reportedly finalized yesterday, and Holmes is to retain custody of their child, Suri.
  • The National League won last night's all-star game, winning for the 3rd time in the ten years since the game began to determine World Series home field advantage.
  • The story of the World Wide Web's first uploaded photo.

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