Weak Job Figures for June, The Pauls Tout Internet Freedom, Zimmerman Bashed by Judge: P.M. Links


  • Honestly? Italy is just s-o-o-o screwed.

    The jobless rate remains unchanged at 8.2 percent, says the Labor Department, as employers added only 80,000 jobs in June — a figure that was (wait for it) lower than expected.

  • Mitt Romney's strategly of running for president as a sort of colorless piñata is drawing criticism from Republicans who urge him to advocate for something. Anything.
  • Rep. Ron Paul and Sen. Rand Paul released a document celebrating the unfettered nature of the Internet and advocating for keeping the world-wide network free of government regulation.
  • The presidential campaign of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson picked up another $130,059 in federal matching funds. The money comes from a $3 voluntary check-off on tax returns. So far, the Johnson campaign has received $230,059 from the program.
  • In an effort to keep Italy from becoming the next Greece, Prime Minister Monti issued a decree cutting the budget by 5 billion euros beyond previous cuts, and gradually reducing the state work force. The decree must be approved by parliament within sixty days or it expires.
  • The judge overseeing George Zimmerman's bail accused the high-profile defendant of stockpiling cash and preparing to flee the country. "This kid can't disappear. That's a safe bond," says longtime bail bondsman Jack Benveniste "He's very visible: It would take two minutes to find him."
  • A long-shot effort to legalize marijuana for medical use by the people of Kentucky is being promoted by Sen. Perry Clark (D-Louisville) in honor of Gatewood Galbraith, the state's prominent marijuana advocate, who passed away in January.
  • Journalists, bloggers, and writers from around the world are invited to enter the 2012 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, which will honor commentary, analysis, and reporting that best demonstrates the importance of freedom and its underlying institutions.

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  1. The judge overseeing George Zimmerman's bail accused the high-profile defendant of stockpiling cash and preparing to flee the country.

    Rightly or wrongly, Zimmerman is fucked. Once the judge starts speculating that you are a bad guy, the currents in the trial will all flow towards conviction, and it's going to take a heroic effort to swim against that current.

    1. Was there any basis for the judge's opinion besides Zimmerman's trying to ensure he could pay his legal bills?

      1. isn't that fund that was collecting after Z's initial arrest supposed to be for legal bills?

        1. That's my point. I'm not aware of any other efforts, but I haven't looked.

      2. Because plead fucker.

    2. I'm no Zimmerman fan, but that strikes me as just nuts.

      1. He is innocent and they know it. That is why they are being so unreasonable.

        1. He made bail...I'm sure only due to the publicity of the event. But ultimately it wasn't too onerous.

        2. He is not convictable and they know it. Big difference. He may have acted purely in self-defense, but I doubt we'll even know enough to be sure.

        3. I just keep thinking it took a year for the Duke Lacrosse case to finally be dropped, so I guess it is just a waiting game.

        4. Yeah, I gotta agree with Pro L. It is entirely possible Zimmerman is fully in the clear legally, but morally... I mean, he did pursue the kid. Sure, Martin probably hit him first and just went off on the guy, but there was a way that Trayvon Martin walks home, George Zimmerman doesn't end up in jail, etc etc.

          I think to look at this case as anything other than a tragedy that left one person dead and another ruined is callous. It was also a tragedy that could be avoided in the future- Look, I get wanting to protect your community, but this case is the perfect example of the perils of being a vigilante.

          1. So you're supposed to just let suspicious types lurk about your neighborhood at night with absolutely no consequences, not even being surveilled?

            Would you feel the same way if it had turned out Z was actually pursuing a would-be burglar?

            If not, how was he supposed to know the difference?

    3. He's just placating the mob. If he let's Zimmerman off on bail easy he'll feel the pressure, so he's going to play tuff gai during the trial so that if the jury acquits that will be on them and not the judge.

      1. Is he elected? That would play a big role as well. No judge gets reelected on the platform "Fair Minded Towards Criminal Defendants"

  2. "Be careful of creating social conflict," Susanna Camusso, leader of Italy's largest labor union, the CGIL, said this week.

    Ah, the sweet smell of veiled threats.

    1. nice country you have there; be a shame if something happened to it.

  3. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/l.....z1zmzvpyKb

    Jon Corzine is sad and lonely. Gee, you steal a few billion dollars of your clients' money and people act like it is a big deal or something.

    1. If only there was a place where could spend time (lots of time) with lot of like-minded people . . .

      1. The DNC?

      2. AFX Florence.

    1. Few ties as strong as serving in combat

      1. I can only think of two, parent-child and marriage.

    2. I'm not racist! One of my best friends is Jewish. /Hitler

      1. I'm not racist! One of my best mistresses is Jewish. /Benito Mussolini

        1. I'm not racist- I killed everyone! /Stalin

    3. Do you know who else protects their buddies?

    4. I'm smelling a new buddy pic! My Dinner with Adolf?

      1. Didn't Fawlty Towers already do that?

        1. Not with Hitler, no. Those were just generic Germans.

          1. I always get him confused with Mr. Bimmler.

            1. It would need to be distinguished from Max. Maybe it's just Hitler and his Jewish buddy during WWI?

    1. How about Political debate, Yugoslav style?

  4. http://www.aei-ideas.org/2012/.....continues/

    Team Obama promised unemployment would be 5.6% by now if we just passed the stimulus. Too bad those evil rethuglicans didn't let that thing pass.

    1. Don't let Mary see that or she'll claim you're being two faced somehow.

      1. Though I like your link better than the one I showed earlier today because it has the actual numbers superimposed on top.

    2. With tens of thousands of projects funded and millions of Americans on the job today, it's hard to believe that it's only been 16 months since President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And with so many jobs saved and created already, you might think that the Recovery Act's greatest impact is behind us.

      But it's not.

      As the summer heats up, it is becoming clear that it could quite possibly be the most active season yet when it comes to recovering our economy. There are Recovery Act-funded projects breaking ground across the country that are creating quality jobs for Americans and economic growth for businesses, large and small.

      This summer is sure to be a Summer of Economic Recovery.

      A Summer of Recovery, June 17, 2010.

    3. He exceeded his goal!!!

  5. Target wins approval to come to Canada

    The Government's approval was also based on other commitments from the company, including: ... the availability and promotion of Canadian cultural products; ...

    Why the fuck does our government persist in this Canadian cultural nonsense? Or why there are any demands or hoops at all? "You want to come spend a lot of money, create jobs, and sell consumer goods and low prices in our country? Please jump over these asinine hurdles of Canadian purity first." *barf*

    1. It just means Target has to sell some hoodies and hockey sweaters with a beaver on them. No big deal

      1. Target's already based in Minneapolis, should've been a gimmie.

    2. Yankee traitor!

    3. I think every store would do better to sell Molson and LaBatt. Those Canucks can make good beer.

      1. and those are our shitty beers.

    4. Wait, Canada has cultural products? I thought the high point of Canadian Culture was SCTV, Gordon Lightfoot, and Rush All of whom date from the early 80's or before.

      Ever since then what have you given the world, Celine Dion and Bryan Adams? Heck you guys don't even have any good Hockey teams left anymore.

      1. Gordon Lightfoot is a pretty high high point if you ask me. And only the French like Dion. And with them it is a fucking sickness.

      2. Poutine.

        1. Since you brought it up, last week I was driving on the Freeway (in LA) and passed a catering truck. The name of the company was The Gravy Train and their specialty appeared to various incarnations of poutine.

          1. Great, thanks - now I am goinng to live a life of crime, as I first hijack a truck...

        2. Poutine is food of the gods.

      3. Alanis Morisette is Candian, no?

    5. Canadian culture consists of pointing out that "We are not Americans" preferably in some vaguely, ill-defined artistic fashion subsidized by one or more level of government. Oh yeah, and wearing a toque. (Look it up!)

      1. Growing up I always thought they were spelled 'took'. Now I know why I thought it wasn't a real word.

    6. On St Jean-Baptiste day, for every $100 spent Target will donate $2 to struggling Quebecois artists.

      1. struggling Quebecois artists.

        Triple redundancy FTW!

    7. WIll they be forced to sponsor CFL teams?

      1. They have competitive lightbulb teams in Canada? That's fucked up.

  6. So, in follow-up to some discussion yesterday about whether technology could save us from the evil telcos, I present this article without comment.

  7. I'm curious, has anyone got compiled anywhere the "expert predictions" on key government economic indicators and their actual values over the last 30 years compiled anywhere? It would be a very interesting breakdown to see.

    First just how accurate are they in general, how does being in a bubble or a recession impact their accuracy, how does the party in control of the White House impact their accuracy, and so on.

    I'll bet some enterprising journalist could get quite a nice little article out of that kind of data.

    1. is there still such a thing as an enterprising journalist? The predictions you speak of seem only to rehashed for partisan purposes.

    2. Economics is the science of explaining why your predictions were wrong.

      1. That's minor league stuff. The big boys get grants or newspaper columns to help them explain why they were wrong.

  8. Does this mean that Mitt is Dewey? And Obama is Truman? Will people start worshipping him and Bush in a few decades, like with Truman?

  9. It seems the Dems are doubling down on the bullshit.

    Defending Obamacare: 5 Basics

    5. Obamacare will decrease the deficit. Mitt Romney, and Republicans in general, have spread misinformation about this. However, "in February 2011, the CBO estimated that Obama's health-reform law would reduce the deficit by $210 billion over 10 years."

    1. It is not a lie if you believe it.

    2. dems'/liberals' power relies on a massively uninformed population. They leave out the part that the CBO can made to say just about anything based on the numbers it is given and the parameters in which those numbers have to be calculated. Alternatively, you could do the math: 210-bil over 10 years; 21-bil per year. Never mind that the actual deficit now starts with a T.

    3. The whole point of fashioning the law in such a way as to be able to score deficit-friendly over the ten year time window was to regurgitate this talking point. It makes no matter how many times you tell people "well, that is only if all the provisions of it, such as the 'doc fix', are implemented, and even then, it's only deficit neutral because its taxes and revenue funding begin immediately while the majority of its spending occurs only in the last five years of the ten year window"... most people's eyes glaze over with horror and boredom when actual facts that require more than a handful of neurons firing are referenced.

      1. The thing is, it's not like the CBO released a one line press release. It's a pretty massive analysis. With all sorts of assumptions.

        And yet all of it gets boiled down to the one factoid that supports the TEAM position, regardless of context.

        Fuck this. It's Friday. Where's my beer?

  10. ...Sen. Rand Paul released a document celebrating the unfettered nature of the Internet and advocating for keeping the world-wide network free of government regulation.

    A long-shot effort to legalize marijuana for medical use by the people of Kentucky is being promoted by Sen. Perry Clark (D-Louisville)...

    Screw New Hampshire; it's time for the Free Bluegrass State Project.

  11. The "wasted vote" idea is absolutely deadly to third parties. If we really want them, we need to change election laws so that is no longer a factor. There are lots of ways. What is lacking is the will to address the structure of things.

    1. "None of the above."

    2. There are lots of ways.

      Too bad they all have to be approved by existing Bipartisan Party legislators.

  12. Life after Herman Cain.

    When I spoke out about our 13-year affair, my world crumbled. Meanwhile his eccentric political career carries on


    1. Maybe she should have I don't know, kept her private life private. It usually doesn't end well for the other woman. She might have called Monica and asked her how it works.

    2. Would I wish I had never taken him up on his offers to fly me around the world? Would I wish I had never had a relationship with a married man?

      This requires a lot of thought, does it?

    3. life is full of choices, isn't it. "Speaking out" about something that no one can definitively verify or prove false is one such choice. If something did happen, that also involved a choice. Of the two, speaking out was by far the worse move.

    4. I'm also kind of surprised Cain is still getting tv time and conservative speech money. Maybe its because he never "harassed" anyone but just picked up dumb, silly women who mutually agreed to sleep with him in exchange for gifts.

  13. employers added only 80,000 jobs in June ? a figure that was (wait for it) lower than expected.

    I don't need to wait.

    1. It is always unexpectedly. It just happens. Whatever you do don't blame the Black Jesus for it.

    2. at some point, we may stop listening to all those "experts" since, month after month, they are wrong.

  14. Got a red light camera ticket? Here's your defense.

    1. I like the first commenter's explanation: that the car filming was going backwards so fast the doppler shift made the green light appear red.

      1. And appear as the top light rather than the bottom one.

    2. Maybe dunphy can come on here and tell us why he refused to respond to me from the thread last weekend where he said I was crazy when I said red light cameras are unconstitutional and asked me to show where a judge had declared it, which I proceeded to do with multiple links.

      Must have been surfing or doing a sound check for his latest tour stop.

      1. Dude, watch yerself. He told me he was Bruce Lee's sensei; not a man to be trifled with.

        1. And he's a scratch golfer that once beat Tiger Woods in match play by acing two holes in a row...and one of them was a Par 5!

          1. Yeah, and you wanna go pokin' at im with a stick. Better just to leave it alone, man.

            Of course, I don't think he'd fly back from Africa where he's performing breakthrough malaria research to mess with you.

            1. Even though it's already tomorrow in Africa, I'm afraid because I know he mentioned his research into time travel on more than one occasion here.

              Question: is dunphy the real-life Buckaroo Banzai?

              1. dipshit.

                the issue wasn't constitutionality of red light cameras

                read the thread

                it was that GIVEN the red light camera photos, that PER STATUTE (not per constitutionality), those photos cannot be used for ANYTHING BESIDES red light enforcement

                not even helping to solve a homicide

                there is no constitutional issue there. it's statutory.

                sorry, if i don't have time to be in every thread all the time. i have that thing called a life - job, sports contests coming up, family, etc. sometimes i don't even use the intert00bs for days at a time. oh noes!!!!!

                again, as the article said. WA state has red light cameras and they are currently being used to issue civil infraction tickets.

                seattle has seen a huge spike in homicides (not surprising due to depolicing a la what heather mcdonald documents when the feds step in but i digress) and some of the homicides involve locations served by RED LIGHT CAMERAS

                but per statute, it's okey dokey to use that red light camera data, taken in a PUBLIC PLACE of PUBLIC ACTIVITY for ONLY red light enforcement

                the statute needs to be changed

                and no, i don't like red light cameras, but the law is colossally stupid, and typical of our numbnuts leftwing unintended consequences legislature


                1. also, note again, the issue is not whether the TICKETS are unconstitutional anyway, the issue is the taking of the photographs (in a public place of no privacy expectation activity) and their subsequent use for, for example, helping to solve homicide

                  WA state has MUCH greater privacy protection than the federal constitution (we HAVE a right to privacy. there is none under the constitution, just the 4th), and even here, it is NOT and there is no case law stating it UNCONSTITUTIONAL to take photographs of an intersection at two PUBLIC streets iow public property.

                  if you can show ONE court decision saying the TAKING OF PHOTOGRAPHS IN A PUBLIC INTERSECTION IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL (again, nothing to do with tickets, we are talking the PHOTOs), place it here:


                  1. Capital letters go at the beginning of scentences, bro.

                    1. Buckaroo Banzai thinks the only restrictions that can be placed on police are by making things unconstitutional. He is apparently unaware that a law can be passed that prevents them from using any means they deem necessary unless that use is also declared unconstitutional.

                      Well I've got news for you, moron, things can be illegal without them being unconstitutional. Murder, assault and blackmail aren't unconstitutional. Should a cop be able to murder, assault or blackmail a person during an investigation?* Of course not, because they are llegal, even if they weren't declared unconstitutional by a judge. Because you see, for a judge to rule those bahaviors unconstitutional, the legislature would have to legalize them in the first place because constitutionality can only be challenged for things the laws considers legal in the first place.

                      *OK, maybe those were bad examples since those things happen with some frequency, especially in Washington.

                  2. ZOOOOOOM go the goalposts.

                    But just for your information, here's a judge that declared them unconstitutional for use as evidence in a case.

                    Even with your shifting goalposts, I satisfied your request then and now.

                    Second case where a judge ruled the use of red light cameras unconstitutional.

                    1. The first link is SugarFreed, and the second one doesn't say what you say it says. The judge threw the tickets out because the mailing didn't tell the defendants when the court date was or tell them how they could challenge, not because of the RLC per se.

                    2. First link redux.

                      And the request was to link a case where a judge ruled RLC's unconstitutional, which is exactly what the second link was to as well.

                      You seem to have the same difficulty reading Buckaroo Banzai upthread has. Or you're just begging for another beatdown like you got the other day. If so, I'll be happy to oblige you...again.

                    3. You give out beatdowns to me like I give orgasms to porn actresses... in the fantasy world of your mind.

                      The judge didn't rule RLCs unconstitutional in the second link.

                      The first link sounds like a moonbat county judge who's going to get overruled on appeal. Dunphy may have overstated his case by implying there was not a single ruling saying they're unconstitutional, but that doesn't mean your position is correct.

                    4. He asked me to provide a link where a judge ruled RLC's unconstitutional. I did it twice. Not too sure how I could be in the wrong by merely accommodating his request.

                      And from the second link: A second circuit court judge in St. Louis, Missouri on Monday ruled the use of red light cameras unconstitutional. Judge Theresa Counts Burke acquitted motorist Nicholas Pateri and state Senator Jim Lembke (R-St. Louis) for tickets they received in the mail through a procedure each argued violated their due process rights. The latest ruling echoed Circuit Judge Mark H. Neill's February decision striking down the city's program.

                      How much more plainly written can it be? Are you drunk or something?

                  3. if you can show ONE court decision saying the TAKING OF PHOTOGRAPHS IN A PUBLIC INTERSECTION IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL (again, nothing to do with tickets, we are talking the PHOTOs), place it here:

                    As usual, you move the goalposts from your statement the other day, which was, "show me one case where red light cameras were ruled unconstitutional." I satisfied your request x2, so in your raging butthurt, you had to move the goalposts.

                    By the way, you will henceforth be referred to as "Buckaroo Banzai" by me. I hope you enjoy it, as with your myriad accomplishments in the worlds of big-wave surfing, olympic training, rock music, firefighting, quantum physics tutoring, brain surgery and time travel, you have most certainly earned it.

                2. One other thing: I believe Florida vs Riley is applicable here. If a private citizen could also go up the pole and film people without their permission, then it may pass muster. However, if they can't do so, then any surveillance of the public from said vantage point would require a warrant.

                  I don't know the extent of Washington's privacy laws and whether or not someone can film a private citizens movements in public without their consent. I'll ask someone that I trust what exactly they entail. (Note: that is not an invitation. I'll ask Episiarch) However, based on what I have been told by some attorneys I know, it is a rare locale where I could film someone's movements without their consent and pass the recording on to someone else.

                  1. Last point I'm gonna make on this tonight (probably): Why would a court in Washington ever have to rule them unconstitutional? The legislature drafted a strict law for their use, and the use outside of traffic violations was strictly forbidden. A judge ruling the type of use you suggest unconstitutional would require the legislature legalizing them in the first place and someone with standing to challenge their legality filing suit. Since they are not considered legal, ruling them illegal as unconstitutional is both unnecessary and impossible by statute. (How can something be ruled unconstitutional that is illegal? Only things made legal can be ruled unconstitutional in a court of law.)

                    For an officer of the law, I would expect you to have a rudimentary understanding of how the law works re: standing and constitutionality. Or do you think murder, robbery and assault are unconstitutional simply because they are illegal?

                    Jesus titty-fucking Christ. You are one dumb sonofabitch, Buckaroo. You didn't even know that something already illegal cannot be declared unconstitutional by a judge.

                    I weep for the people of the Pacific Northwest when you move from the teat called "disability leave" and go back on the teat called "active duty law enforcement."

                  2. Note: that is not an invitation. I'll ask Episiarch

                    Echo chamber FTL.

                    it is a rare locale where I could film someone's movements without their consent and pass the recording on to someone else.

                    RLCs are stationary, they're not filming "movements". What you're describing sounds like stalking.

                    Private businesses pass along security camera footage to the police all the time, so you're arguing poppycock again (as seems to be the rule these days).

                    1. Echo chamber FTL.

                      Not exactly. I just don't trust someone to tell me the law that doesn't even understand basic concepts like standing and constitutionality vs illegality.

                      Private businesses pass along security camera footage to the police all the time, so you're arguing poppycock again (as seems to be the rule these days).

                      Yeah, on private property. And if you would have quoted my entire statement, you would know I was referring to public spaces. If the same rules applied for private companies in public spaces, there's nothing keeping PD's from contracting private companies to set up surveillance networks all over the nation and then "sharing" information with the police.

                      I sense another beatdown coming. You may want to take the weekend off, Commorore.

                    2. A beatdown in your own mind, to borrow sarcasmic's phrasing.

                      I'm aware of what you were saying. Many security cameras on private property record activity on nearby public property too. I don't know if you're imagining that private property owners install filters on their security cameras to prevent them from seeing public spaces or what; you seem to be talking yourself into some very strange things these days.

                      And yes, such property owners do routinely share with police, upon request, the footage of such security cameras that happened to capture activity on public property. Nothing illegal about it.

                    3. If a security camera on private property inadvertently films someone on public or other private property, I would imagine they could offer it to police. However, they could be in some legal hot water in some areas if they do so with the express consent of distributing it for any reason.

                      That is most usually the case when corporate speech and/or advertising is involved, however it has been known to apply in situations where people do not want their likeness used or disseminated for commercial use or mass release.

        1. I sincerely doubt he took time off to travel to Australia with the Olympic Games so close. The athletes he is training can't have that time away from him, and Manny Pacquiao needs him to get ready for the Timothy Bradley rematch. And with the Higgs Bosun discovery, the folks at CERN need him now more than ever.

          Going to a hen party in Oz? Puh-leeze.

    1. Carney said POTUS, from Air Force One, phoned Wilma Parsons, the daughter of Josephine "Ann" Harris, the owner of the Ann's Place restaurant in Akron, which POTUS visited this morning. Harris died hours after the presidential visit.

      Told you VEEP was a documentary.

    2. Did they check her neck for puncture wounds?

  15. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Banjoooooooooooooos!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy (30th) Birthday to my beautiful wife. Thank you, Hit and Run, for all you did in bringing us together.

    1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graham Gano, for winning that fantasy league for me.

    2. She's finally half as old as you? From now on, the ratio will be in your favor.

      1. Cut your age in half and add 2. If it's good enough for Mohammed, it's good enough for Sloopy.

        1. If it's good enough for Mohammed, it's good enough for Sloopy.

          So then 9 year olds are on the table?

          1. For me, it would be 23 years old. For that math to work out, I'd have to be 14. Based on my maturity level, I can see you making that assumption.

            1. The reason I cut the first part off that quote was because Mohammad didn't always follow that rule.

              Aisha stayed in her parents' home for several years until she joined Muhammad and the marriage was consummated when she was nine.

    3. Yeah yeah. More importantly, is there going to be an HnR FF League this year? My other league is already getting organized.

      1. Absolutely. I'm debating whether to go with yahoo or ESPN. I'm leaning in yahoo's direction again, but I'm open to change if that's what everyone wants.

        I'll probably get it going in about 3-4 weeks. I want to get into training camp and make sure nobody gets screwed with an injury.

        1. my office league just switched from ESPN to Yahoo.

          1. So should we stay with yahoo again this season?

            1. Damn, I have some power

            2. damn that was fast.

              1. Ask and ye shall receive.

                Besides, it was only fair that we all got a chance to knock Goldwater back down a peg or two after the way last season wrapped up.

                1. My method is sound over the long haul. What was I? 2nd or 3rd in points but I didn't make the playoffs? Or am I just imagining myself as being better than I really am? Stupid narcissism.

  16. Mitt Romney's strategly of running for president as a sort of colorless pi?ata is drawing criticism from Republicans who urge him to advocate for something. Anything.

    Screw you, GOP, you chose your candidate, now you eat it.

  17. Game of Thrones: The most satisfying part.

    Tyrion Slaps Joffrey For 10 Minutes

        1. Peter Dinklage got in a whole lot more than two in that video. I choose to believe that the director filmed this scene at least fifty times.

          1. It took many takes.

            Director: More feeling, Dinklage! More intensity!

            1. He's great, isn't he? I hope he gets a lot more decent work after this.

              1. First time I sore him was in the Station Agent. Great little indy film.

                I'm sure it's been discussed here a million times.

                Dinklage (based on an interview I heard him give) is very particular about his roles.

                According to Dinklage, he turned down Game of Thrones because the instant he understood it to be a "Fantasy" piece, he rejected it. Dinklage didn't want to do any fantasy pieces as a 'short person' because he felt the parts tended to be of the 'pointy shoe' variety, as he put it. It wasn't until his friend (someone associated with the production) told him to carefully read the script that he ended up taking it.

                1. I'm going to watch that.

                2. First time I sore him was in the Station Agent. Great little indy film.

                  I'm not sure what you meant by this, so I went ahead and laughed anyway..

                  1. I'm not sure what you meant by this, so I went ahead and laughed anyway..

                    I meant nothing by it, and it took me a three to five seconds to even get what you were saying.

                    Are you othering Dinklage?

                    1. He won't get short shrift from me. As far as I'm concerned, the man is a giant among his peers.

    1. Can't.....stop.....laughing.

    2. We need to somehow figure out a way to incorporate slap bets to the internet.

    1. Fucked up and linked the pic and not the article.

      1. *spits drink all over monitor*

      2. If I had a cane, I would shake it.

    2. Tha fuck is this shitY

      The sexualization of a young girl in an attempt to sell a product to their insecure mothers so they can act like their daughters are more mature than those of their neighbors.

      I think it's a good idea for the hairier young lasses out there, especially the ones of Eastern European and Italian descent, so I have no problem with the concept. However, they should have used a chick from Bratislava in the ad.

        1. Damn. Kid's a wookie.

          1. It's a scene from the never-release Tween Wolf.

            I am here all ze veek.

            1. Well, the sport in the movie couldn't have been basketball. Werewolves don't give a fuck about fundamentals.

    1. I wonder if the bitch that wrote this article considered the possibility that some men have legitimate self-esteem issues, but usually do their best to hide them, because society expects men to be stoic and emotionally strong in all situations.
      No wait, that's not possible, because gender-based societal expectations only ever cause problems for women. Women are just poor innocent victims in all situations.

      1. Dude, they have a hammer called The Patriarchy. Therefore, any problem ever faced is the fault of the Patriarchy. Men not getting custody of kids after divorce? Patriarchy.

        The ones really up their own assholes have a bigger hammer called the Kyriarchy (thanks, SF, for me learning that one, you bastard). With that, they get to blame not only men, but also all white and straight men who don't want to chop off their own balls and turn them into vaginas.

    2. Man, these beatches are old school. You have to give them props for that.

      They are utterly obsessed with men.

      Feminist: Ok, Paul, how often do you think about women?

      Paul: Uh, all the time, really.

      Feminist: *sigh* In a non-sexual way?

      Paul: Oh, I, well, not much at all, actually. How often do you think of men?

      Feminist: I blog about them... so, I'd say most of the waking hours.

      Paul *sigh* In a sexual way?

      Feminist: Oh... uh... I don't really think about sex. I mean there was this one time during my scream therapy when I wondered how married women live with... you know... the sexual dominations of their husbands. Other than that, sex is a four letter word to me.

    3. I'd like to remind everyone that Schwyzer is the asshole who confessed that he attempted to murder his girlfriend. And note as well, that he claims the only reason he brought it up, was to comfort a friend about "forgiving oneself for a terrible error".

      Every time I see his name associated with feminism, I just like to point that out - attempted murder, and gee isn't it great that he's forgiven himself. Fucker

    4. Sorry, his name just raises my blood pressure

  18. Those who played last year, I just sent out the invite for the Second Annual reason HyR J sub D Memorial Fantasy Football League Extravaganza.

    If you don't want to play again, just let me know and I'll remove your team and open it up to new players. If you do want to play, check your e-mail. If you used a bullshit e-mail address, forgot the one you used or have changed it altogether, let me know what your new one is, and I'll send your invite to the new one.

    You can all reach me at kenspicer111@gmail.com.

    In a couple of weeks, I'll remove everyone that hasn't rejoined and open it up to new players. I may also do a second league if the interest is there, so don't despair.

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