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School workers at New Horizons Middle School in Brooklyn found 10 unopened boxes of air conditioners that no one knew about in a school storage room. That would seem to be good news, since the school's classrooms don't have air conditioning. But city Education Department officials say the school isn't wired for air conditioning.

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  1. Gee, I wonder if it started out as 20 units and the other ten are at district officials’ houses.

  2. About 64 percent of the city’s classrooms have air-conditioning, according to the Education Department

    In this day and age, other than people who work outside, is there anyone who works in an industry where only 64% of the facilites have climate control?

    1. *raises hand*

      It’s really, really hard (and expensive) to control the climate in 3M square foot plants, so we don’t. Yes, heat in the winter. Air tempering or conditioning in the summer? Not so much. It’s BEASTLY hot. Lots of fans and water.

      1. Square feet – a new product from 3M?

  3. I wish I could see the boxes more clearly. Are they window units (that don’t need special wiring) or something that requires professional installation?

    1. My guess is they need a 220V circuit. Units (even window) that can cool a space as big as a classroom usually do.

      Or else they don’t have a circuit with a high enough amperage.

      1. 220, 221…

  4. Those dudes really do need to take a chill pill!

  5. Somebody accepted a wrong delivery.
    That is funny!

  6. And this is why we need to raise school taxes, the children need air conditioned class room and more money out of your pocket can provide that.
    The school district needs to purchase new air conditioners because they are not as efficient as the ones made today. JOBS people! It is for the children.

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