Brickbat: Trail of Tears


Davenport, Iowa, residents Mack and Merla Covey said they were surprised to see strangers in their yard removing a teepee and other items. It turns out the strangers were city workers removing "debris" a neighbor had complained about. The Coveys say the teepee was actually a religious item, a place where they held spiritual ceremonies. Alderman Bill Boom said the city sent a notice to the Coveys to remove the items but it was sent to the wrong address.

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  1. They should consider themselves lucky that the local code enforcement crew didn’t send a SWAT team.

  2. this is interesting topic where luck works.

  3. Why the fuck didn’t the Coveys chase the fuckers away at the point of a gun? Have these cunts never heard of private property? And how the fuck is this even permissible?

    1. Why are you asking us?

    2. Why are you asking us?

  4. Their neighbours complained about the alleged mess in the backyard? What are fences for? Unless there were giant swamp rats breeding in the teepee and leaping the fence into their backyards to eat their pets, STFU and leave them be

    1. An attorney for the city tells us the yard is in violation of an environmental ordinance that says residents have to keep your lawns clean and clear of debris.

      WRONG. As you can see from the article, it was an environmental issue. It had nothing to do those neighbo[u]rs looking at a messy lawn. It was to save Mother Gaia.

      1. Good God you’re right. Those fuckers. They’re raping Mother Gaia and turning the frozen steppes of my homeland into deserts with their prayers and buffalo robes.

      2. well, both points are right:

        He tell us the city was notified when a neighbor complained, citing items in the backyard, both religious and non-religious, as an environmental hazard.

        1. Somewhere, Iron Eyes Cody is chuckling to himself.

      3. This is rich. So everybody wins here! The neighbors get a clean lawn to look at, the Indians get to stop crying single tears for their own littering, and the code enforcement department gets to stroke its Autorit?tsst?nder.

        1. Does “Autorit?tsst?nder” mean what I think it means?

          1. I made it up, but yes.

            1. I figured German would be the best language for communicating this particular concept.

              1. Those Germans got a word for everyfuckinthing.

  5. If they sent the notice to the wrong address, how did the storm-drain troopers end up at the right address?

    1. SOP. Send the warning to the wrong address “accidentally,” then gear up and get your codeboner on.

  6. Don’t know if we’re going to get a Holiday a.m. Links so I’ll put this here for now.

    Five Signs of the Chinese Economic Apocalypse

    1. I brame fucking Mongorians!

  7. Not much you can do about city officials, but narcs are always fair game. Funny how they never seem to realize that no one has their back, especially the state, until it is too late.

  8. Hm, so what’s this due process thing? I heard it’s like 100 years old or something, so I’m sure it’s not important. I’m just curious…

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