Andy Griffith Explains Due Process and Limitations on Search


Andy Griffith has died but one of the great lessons he taught as Sheriff Andy Taylor survives (on TV anyway, if not the nation's courts).

Via Doug Mataconis' Twitter Feed comes this great clip from The Andy Griffith Show where Andy refuses to use illegally obtained evidence that could help a case:

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  1. What’s the Partiot Act?

    1. A major piece of US legislation doing greater harm to the US than the 9-11 terrorists were able to do directly.

      1. Oh, you mean the Patriot Act. How many people has it killed?

        1. Probably a few, since some of the provisions have empowered local police in the War on Drugs.

        2. Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take but as for me; give me liberty or give me death!

          That was a different America though.

          1. Had such a proclamation been made today, the man making it would have been laughed out of consideration and into seclusion.

            1. True. The new America is much more….

              My fellow Earthicans, we enjoy so much freedom it’s almost sickening. We’re free to choose which hand our sex-monitoring chip is implanted in. And if we don’t want to pay our taxes, why, we’re free to spend a weekend with the Pain Monster.

              1. Expect the shit from the movie Equilibrium to happen soon enough, bruh.

                1. Yeah we might see millions of kids placed on mind altering drugs before they’re taken from their parents at an early age for the purposes of indoctrination into a statist worldview.

                  1. Except the drugs, doesn’t mandatory public schooling already fit that description?

                    1. Uh yeah that’s kind of what I was going for. Oh, and the drugs are real. Especially the boys. Johnny can’t sit still for six hours of feminized “education”? Well, we better dose him up then. It’s for his own good.

                      I don’t know if you read Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism, but he makes a really good point there about how the future is not 1984, but Brave New World. Not a boot stomping on a human face, but a blissful cocktail of drugs and subsidized entertainment. Panem et circenses, 21st Century style.

                    2. It’s good to know there are people out there that despise public schooling as much as I do.

                    3. It’s child abuse, pure and simple.

                    4. Why except the drugs? Millions of kids are on mind-altering drugs, every day, with the encouragement and approval of state functionaries.

  2. Barney Fife had his lessons too:

  3. One of the few videos that I actually watched. Almost enough to make you cry at what we’ve lost in our society.

    1. I did cry a little.

      Now we have TV shows where LEOs are lionized for running end-roads ’round the rule of law.

  4. Who knew Opie was such a statist?

    1. It was Barney who was the raving statist – and like all statists, an imbecile to be laughed at.

      Andy was the mature, conservative voice of restraint.

      1. Before you eulogize Andy Griffith as a conservative friend of liberty, you should see this: Perhaps he lost his mind in his later years.

        1. The e-mail newsletter Liberator Online was apparently deceived as well. That is how I found this story. Besides, it was television. He was reading from a script. Who knows if he actually believed it. Actors will play most any part, even if it is not entirely in line with their beliefs. Charlton Heston (former NRA president) gave a convincing anti-gun tirade in the first remake of Planet of the Apes.

  5. Watching that clip, and then considering what has become of so much of our country, one thing keeps popping up in my head, as has been said before: God forgive us for what we’ve done to our inheritance.

    1. Well, now you can use SNAP to get the mess of pottage, so our inheritance has been sold, same as always. People never learn.

    2. You do realize that when this was shown on TV things were already pretty bad, but in that pre-cell phone and 24/7 news cycle era you just didn’t hear about it.

      Perhaps it was a fictional depiction of typical North Carolina life, which would also explain the conspicuous absence of any black people.

  6. This makes a whole lot of sene dude. WOw.

  7. I remember seeing this make the rounds a couple of years ago, sadly the situation is even worse now.

  8. Oh, please. Andy Griffith the man, not the BS TV persona, did commercials touting ObamaCare.

    Before full implementation, ObamaCare has done more to disrupt American society and individuals’ daily life than the Patriot Act has done in its decade-long existence.

    1. Next you’re going to tell me Joss Whedon is not a libertarian.

      1. He’s in denial.

      2. Hard to believe he is a libertarian after this:…..list-Rant. Loved Firefly, though.

    2. But those Ritz crackers are good, albeit inordinately expensive compared to Bravos/El Penguino.

  9. In the next scene, they got the criminal by using a dodgy confession to a jailhouse snitch, and threatening to take away the defendant’s children unless he took a plea deal.

    1. Or arrested his wife and threatened to prosecute her for some BS about financial disclosure during the bail hearing – even though he never jumped bail.

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