A.M. Links: Romney Ad Targets Obama's "Vicious Lies" About Bain, Allison Says Libertarians Have the "Moral High Ground," Leftist Refuses to Concede Election in Mexico


  • it's a close second

    World leaders want Syria's Bashar al-Assad out but they won't say so. In something like an international edition of attempting to use the passive voice as policy, world leaders signed an agreement on transition in Syria that sees no role for Assad in a "unity government," though the document doesn't explicitly call for Assad to step down.

  • The newest Romney ad, running in Ohio, calls the president out as a liar on the campaign trail, using footage of Hillary Clinton from the 2008 primary. The ad pushes back on Obama's mischaracterizations of Bain Capital and Mitt Romney's work at the private equity firm.
  • John Allison, the former chair of the bank BB&T, is ready for a fight as he takes the helm at the Cato Institute. "One of the things that I really want to do is make this a moral fight instead of a fight around the technical aspects of economics.  The libertarian vision is a moral vision and we own the moral high ground.  A free society is the only society in which people can think for themselves and pursue their rational self-interest," he said.
  • The state police in Vermont will work more closely with the state's department of mental health to respond to mental health crises after cops tased and killed a suicidal man two weeks ago.
  • The leftist candidate Lopez Obrador says he's not ready to concede Mexico's presidential election. Democracy only works when the left wins, otherwise obviously it's dead, right? Last time around, Obrador's refusal to admit defeat led to political turmoil throughout the five-month transition period.
  • Joe Paterno may have influenced the decision not to report Sandusky's then-alleged child rape to law enforcement authorities.

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