ObamaCare Wins a Taxing Victory, Turkey Sends Troops to the Border, Cops SWAT Open WiFi Network: P.M. Links


  • Careful, guys, they don't encrypt their network. They just don't give a damn!

    Throwing President Obama and his unpopular health care scheme a lifeline, the Supreme Court put aside the president's denials that the individual mandate is a tax and upheld the law as exactly that. More fun with the IRS!

  • The Supremes gave thumbs-down to the "Stolen Valor" law that criminalized false claims about receiving military awards. The law violated First Amendment guarantees of protection for free speech.
  • Senator Rand Paul is making waves and building support by blocking major Senate legislation in order to force consideration of amendments on issues that concern him, such as gun rights, banking privacy and abortion.
  • The situation heats up in the Middle East (does it ever cool down?) as Turkey sends troops and military equipment to the border with Syria.
  • There's only one clinic left in Mississippi where you can terminate a pregnancy, and new regulations threaten to shut the place down and "effectively ban abortion." The Jackson Women's Health Organization plans to sue.
  • Police in Evansville, Indiana, carefully tracked down the source of online threats of violence against local cops, raided the home, broke (open) doors, sent flashbangs banging and waved guns — and found they'd hit the wrong place. The house had an open wifi router, and the threats came from elsewhere.
  • Comparison of dinosaur bones to those of modern animals provides new evidence for the theory that the ancient critters were warm-blooded.

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