Will Food Stamps Help Make *You* "Look Amazing"?


Via Veronique de Rugy at NRO's Corner comes this amazing ad from the USDA about how food stamps will help you "look amazing"!

In the radio spot, two retired ladies talk about their mutual friend "Margie," who "looks amazing." One asks the other: "What's her secret?" The answer, it turns out, is food stamps.

De Rugy writes:

There are many arguments in favor of the program but good eating habits is not one of them. In fact, there is nothing about the food stamps program that ensures one is "eating right" or living a healthy life….

When the food stamp program was first expanded nationally in the 1970s, just 1 in 50 Americans participated and it was helping truly poor Americans; today that number has reached 1 in 7 Americans. Some 46.4 million people are in the food stamps program — just a little below the record high hit in January. But USDA, obviously, thinks that more Americans should using food stamps.

Indeed, food stamps—technically know as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP—is a welfare program that helps the Department of Agriculture as much as aid recipients. The department doles out subsidies that ensure overproduction and then doles ways to sell off excess goods. About 10 percent of the cost of food stamps goes directly to the administering of the program itself.

Reason's Greg Beato wrote recently that much of the increase in food stamp usage stems not from the crappy economy but from expansions in eligibility that allow people at 200 percent above the poverty line to participate in the program. Read all about it here.


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  2. You look mahvelous!

    1. Remember, it’s better to look good than to feel good, right?


    2. Live fast, fight hard, die glorious, and leave a beautiful corpse.

  3. I wonder what the going exchange rate for food stamps in cigarettes is at this point? In 1990, I knew a guy getting $5-to-$1 for beer and cigs.

    1. Yeah there was a substantial underground market in poor communities, where mothers would buy the stamps from young single folks for a fraction of the face value and buy their groceries at a massive discount.

      Since then gov’t has tried to close this down with cards and such, but I think that was probably a mistake. If the parties involved each gained utility by the transaction, it’s grossly paternalistic to try and prevent it for their own good.

      1. If the parties involved each gained utility by the transaction, it’s grossly paternalistic to try and prevent it for their own good.

        You must be new here.

        1. Well sometimes stating the obvious is useful. 🙂

          1. You must be new here.

      2. From how I had it explained to me, they just sell the cards. Because we wouldn’t want people on public assistance to be shamed, stores aren’t allowed to demand ID to match name and card.

        1. In the grocery stores I worked in the cashier can’t even say things like “Her WIC card isn’t working” when calling a manager over.

          1. I change lines as soon as I can when I see a WIC voucher out. That transaction will take all fucking day, as the cashier removes the Sunny D and explains that it isn’t orange juice, no, that’s the wrong kind of baby formula, etc.

            If they have 5 vouchers, it’s 5 very slow, independent transactions.

            1. Ah, so *that’s* why it’s called the “Independence Card”.

            2. I once ended up in line behind a woman who did 12 different WIC transactions. I had about $10 worth of stuff, had paid $800 in taxes that day, and wanted to kill her.

            3. We must have had a higher class of WIC customers at the grocery store I worked at many moons ago. I never saw or heard of a WIC customer trying to buy the wrong type of product, and many WIC customers came to that store.

              Agreed about the independent transactions. That was a pain.

              1. I never saw or heard of a WIC customer trying to buy the wrong type of product, and many WIC customers came to that store.

                They ALL try to buy the fake cheese,artificial ham-flavored beans,juiceless juice every time I get behind one. The worst are young Mexican families who just found out they are eligible. My favorite was a drunken white-trash Grandmother who kept loudly telling the clerk that because she was using WIC the clerk worked for her. I say “favorite:” because she dragged her kids out without her groceries screaming she was going to sue.

                1. Wow. Like I said, we must have had a higher class of WIC customer.

                  1. This jogged my memory. WIC customers weren’t a problem, food stamp customers were.

                    My most memorable incident was related to trying to get one to show me her ID (see my other post @5:01). They claimed they “were from Philadelphia” and therefore didn’t have an ID. Umm… the state issues the ID and they do so in the whole state. “But we’re from Philadelphia”. Doesn’t matter.

                    After about ten minutes of going back and forth with these folks, I noticed the store manager watching. He came over, tossed some food wrappers on the cash register belt, accused the folks of stealing. They denied it. He told me to take their food stamps despite them not having the ID, and then told them to get the hell of out his store.

        2. Things must have changed. In the grocery store I worked at when I was younger, the store manager required cashiers to ask those using food stamps for their state issued food stamp recipient ID card.

          Sure, the card didn’t have a picture on it, so it could easily have been forged, making it a rather useless check.

      3. Also food stamp recipients buy high-dollar groceries (steak, lobster, fine cheese) then trade those for cash.

        1. Odd how people that clever can’t find adequate work.

          1. Cleverness is nothing without a commitment to effort.

            It’s just like the food desert nonsense. “Oh, fuck! I have to travel over a mile to get food!!1!??!1? And then I have to COOK it? You people are nuts!”

            1. Harry: I can’t believe we drove around all day, and there’s not a single job in this town. There is nothing! Nada! Zip!
              Lloyd: Yeah! Unless you wanna work 40 hours a week.

        2. It’s way easier to get a bag of weed or rock of crack or a couple dollars for a card than it is to store steak, lobster, and fine cheese. As far as I know, there is no high-class restaurant underground market?

          1. This is a couple decades ago, I worked at one of the inner-city markets in Baltimore (selling fish.) Not a whole lot of steak to be sold, but when the food stamps were given out at the end of the month, my boss would load up on jumbo-lump crabmeat and shrimp from the distributors in Jessup.

            Made the few tourists who came by our area (where Edgar Poe’s house was, as well as the Barksdale Organization’s home base) somewhat incensed, assuming they weren’t French.

  4. I think I read somewhere that the public is blocked from seeing what food is being bought with food stamps.

    So to make this clear government blocks ability to study what food is being bought then makes commercial that claims good healthy food is being bought…without one shred of evidence to back it up.

    1. Just head out to a super walmart during the fisrt week of the month. Take your cellphone and record the checkout lines for a few hours. You will be well on your way to making a documentary that will not exactly confirm the gubermint propaganda.

      1. WalMart creates the conditions which force people to shop there.

        Biden 2016!

  5. Seriously, just strap earth onto a rocket and fire it into the Sun.

    1. Seriously, just strap Congress onto a rocket and fire it into the Sun.


      1. Nuke the Sun from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      2. Don’t

  6. A friend of mine was recently at a restaurant and noticed that they accepted SNAP debit cards for payment.

    At a restaurant. Really. I still kinda don’t believe it, is this possible?

    1. Maybe it was Checkers?

      I mean, ya gotta EAT!

    2. At a restaurant. Really. I still kinda don’t believe it, is this possible?

      From commercials I have see, Papa Murphy’s takes them as well.

      1. *seen*

        1. That’s a loophole, Ex N. Papa Murphy’s is take-and-bake pizza, which is kosher with EBT; buying a slab of Pizza Hut’s V-8 Juice-on-Wonder-Bread “pizza”, however, is verboten.

          I buy Papa M’s pizzas about once a month, and EVERY time I’m in there, a welfare-case is either ordering or walking out with a stack o’ pizza. I, on the other hand, fork over my hard-earned twelve bucks or so, and walk out with one measly pie.

          It just ain’t fair to those of us with tiny-to-nonexistent welfare footprints, I tells ya.

          1. buying a slab of Pizza Hut’s V-8 Juice-on-Wonder-Bread “pizza”, however, is verboten.

            Abandon thread!

            1. I forgot “with a slice of Kraft American”.

      2. You cook Papa Murphy’s after you get home, so its not a restaurant.

        1. Oh, and based on Feanor78 below, I know Papa Murphy’s takes EBT, but not sure about SNAP.

          1. I always wondered how they got around that. I don’t know what SNAP is called in CO; I just know I see their commercials and wondered how it was that they could accept the cards.

    3. They can’t legally accept SNAP at restaurants (not that that would necessarily stop a restaurant from doing it), but they can accept EBT cash benefits.

    4. They can’t legally accept SNAP at restaurants (not that that would necessarily stop a restaurant from doing it), but they can accept EBT cash benefits.

  7. Interesting sidenote: apparently JP Morgan is the processor for a majority of these government benefits transfer programs, including SNAP, child support, and unemployment. THEY’RE COMING FROM ALL SIDES! ATTACK OF THE DEPENDENCY ZOMBIES!

    1. Why do you hates the poor children? And the poor mothers, you hates them too. They can’t stop having children because Republicans are stopping them from getting birth control and abortions, and forcing them to have sex.

    2. Unspoken part of the JP Morgan story that makes it interesting: they make a profit on every SNAP, EBT, child support, and unemployment benefit card transaction. In the link there’s a video of a JP Morgan executive talking about how this is an important part of their business with great potential for growth. I smell a rent-seeker.

      1. You mean Jamie Dimon isn’t a model capitalist? I’m shocked.

      2. Unspoken part of the JP Morgan story that makes it interesting: they make a profit on every SNAP, EBT, child support, and unemployment benefit card transaction.

        That’s outrageous! Processing for government benefits transfer programs
        should be outsourced, say, to Afghanistan.

        1. Or processed in-house, or referred to the states so they can handle it, or any of the millions of other options that don’t reward JP Morgan when more people enroll in food stamps and make government benefit processing a growing sector of their business…. Do you really not see how that creates a pretty perverse set of incentives?

          1. Do you really not see how outsourcing to Afghanistan creates an even more perverse set of incentives?

            1. So there are only two choices:JP Morgan or Afghanistan?

              1. I don’t know. Ask the President. *He’s* the master of false dichotomies.

                1. There are those who ask, “Who is the master of false dichotomies?”

        2. “That’s outrageous! Processing for government benefits transfer programs
          should be outsourced, say, to Afghanistan.”

          That would be off-shoring. You’re as stupid as the President.

          1. ** blushes **

            Sorry. I guess I *do* need someone to explain the difference to me.

  8. Umm, why are we running ads for the food stamp program?

    1. Because not enough people are taking advantage of it who are eligible. No, seriously, that’s why. Stop laughing.

    2. Because we live in a completely fucked up world with an absolutely massive, corrupt government and out of control spending?

    3. They’re just trying to get rid of all that false consciousness

    4. Because only 1 in 7 are on the program and welfare programs are notorious empire builders. They need to get those numbers up so they can get more money and personnel to get the numbers up so they can get more money and personnel.

    5. If you have to ask the question then you have just proven why nobody can take libertarians seriously. You are the reason we can’t have nice things. Oh… you are also a classist, racist, and hate poor people.

      1. “You’re the worst character ever, Towelie”

        1. I know.

      2. “You sir, are a towel.”

    6. Think of all the jobs created by those ads, now multiply by 1000 (a conservative Keynesian multiplier) and you have your answer. They are like a mini-alien-invasion.

    7. they can’t all be ads for CHIP.

    8. So many poor people look skinny and unhealthy, and we need to fatten them up for the bath salt addicts.

    9. Tax the rich
      Feed the rich
      Till there are no
      Rich no more

      1. Fuck — See the typo as you click submit

        1. His 10 minute solo at Woodstock was a bigger crime. If you only remember 4 guitar licks after getting high, keep your solo under 2 minutes.

          1. What’s with the triplet hate? You hate poor people and triplets, and, and bends too.

            1. That solo had more bends than a cruise leaving a Mexican port.

        2. I bet you’d love to change the world, too. Preferably with a hot handed guitarist backing you up all the way.

  9. Really.
    The only thing food stamps should allow you to buy are staples for you to make meals, fruits and vegetables.
    No prepackaged or frozen foods.


    2. What about Carl’s Jr.?

      1. “Please come back when you can afford to make a purchase. Your kids are starving. Carl’s Jr. believes no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr.”

  10. Why do we have a poverty line if we extend benefits to people making 2 or 4 times that amount?

    I mean, yeah, insert SLD about benefits and all, but if we define $X as poverty shouldn’t benefits end well before $2X? Likw say, $1.25X?

    1. Why do we have a poverty line if we extend benefits to people making 2 or 4 times that amount?

      So we can *tax* the benefits!


    2. Ok, so if you can’t get those shiny government benefits yet… have more children! Children, your ticket to the good life! Just send that little pack of untamed heathens over to terrorize your neighbors yard, while you sit in the big ol livin room of your gubmint subsidized house, munch on lobster and filet, and watch your new 60″ 3D TV, wife chatting on your gubmint subsidized cell phone. It don’t get any better n this! Need that gubmint subsidized SUV but don’t qualify yet? No worries, bed down that baby factory you got there, and it’s only a 9 month wait!

      1. My pal just started a new job about a month ago at a Qwiki-like-mart in the ‘hood (fellow G’boroians, I’m talking about Randleman Rd.). One guy has a little street vendor business nearby where he barbeques Boar’s Head hotdogs, steaks, ribs, and prongs. You want to know how he can afford the meats? EBT for the win, bitches!

  11. Let’s play Statist Troll Bingo!

    Why do you hate the poor De Rugy?

  12. In fact, there is nothing about the food stamps program that ensures one is “eating right” or living a healthy life….

    The government’s idea of “eating right” is a public school lunch. So, not a huge improvement there.

    Fuck the lipid hypothesis.

  13. Seriously, I have heard people who are getting food stamps, brag about how much food they have to throw out each month, and how much crab, lobster, and filet that is in their freezers. No sarcasm here.

    1. One of my greatest moments of self-control was the time when I successfully restrained myself from beating to death the obese welfare whore, complete with a cart full of $200 worth of junk food, who was complaining that the self-checkout line was too much work. It was very difficult to not go to prison that night.

      1. Don’t go to walmart on the first week of the month, or we may have our next mass shooting spree.

      2. C’mon, Warty. What did you say to her?

        1. I made my neutral face at her. Eventually she noticed and shut the fuck up and left.

          1. What is best in life?

            1. Unlimited food stamps, apparently.

            2. Crush the package of Double-Stuft Oreos, see it driven before you, and feel the lamentations of your pancreas.

    2. Frozen lobster? Uggh, that is it’s own penalty.

  14. Clerk fired for refusing to sell cigarettes to EBT card customer.


    1. And now she has the option to get her own EBT card. Somehow I doubt she’ll take it.

  15. 46+ million on food stamps AND an epic obesity epidemic. Related?



      1. and what stores are available are run by dirty Asians.


        1. Asians set him up. Ain’t that a bitch?

        2. Oh, Barry apologized for that. He was so eager to apologize to the dirty Asians, that he didn’t care HOW man Polacks he pissed off in the process.

        3. Barry is still around? Holy shit, the man’s a cockroach that just won’t die.

          1. Oh yes! He’s the gift that keeps on giving.


            1. Marion Barry – the human version of herpes

              1. I don’t know. I’m far enough away from DC, that Barry makes me laugh. A lot. At DC, as well as at him.

                Herpes ain’t funny.

        4. “We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in, opening up businesses, those dirty shops,” he said in the course of laying out his vision for the ward. “They ought to go. I’ll just say that right now, you know. But we need African American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

          – Marion Barry

          1. “The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell,” Barry said, invoking a word that Polish people have viewed as disparaging. “We want Ward 8 to be the model of diversity.”

            Asked later about his reference to “Polacks,” Barry at first denied using the word, then retracted it, saying, “I meant Poles.”

  16. News flash: Biden disses the Obama economy:

    Biden pushing middle-class, jobs: “it’s depression for millions and millions of americans” searching for work.

    Linky at Drudge. I’m sure the Big O appreciates Joe’s efforts to make him look as bad as possible.

    1. “God love ya, Joe.”

    2. Especially when the big O nominated the Biden to make himself look smart. Who would have seen that going wrong?

      1. After all the MSM oohing and ahhing about how Biden brought foreign policy credibility and decades of experience to the Obama administration in 2008, it was hilarious to read about OBL’s plot to assassinate BO so they could have that fool Biden manning the fort.

  17. This is obviously the way to stop the obesity crisis – make it so that food can only be paid for with food stamps.

  18. I’m hungry. GIMME GIMME GIMME

    My mother-in-law was cold-called twice by the county assistance office and persuaded to get on food stamps.

    She only gets, like, $18k from SS, but she’s living in a $250,000 home, owned free and clear, in an upscale retirement village and has a Vanguard account worth $50k. And she’s never taken a handout in her life. But she said if they were offering, she’ll take them.

    Aren’t government benefits supposed to be the last resort, and a bit shameful to get? And in this case we had the government practically begging her to go on food stamps. Crazy

    1. That’s the way government benefits were supposed to be. Now they’re a way to buy votes.

    2. Shame doesn’t exist anymore.

      1. Because people are too ashamed to shame. Part of that’s due to PC bullshit, of course.

  19. Last I checked it was pretty easy to stay trim without foodstamps.

    1. Food stamps enable the US to keep its reputation as the country where the all the poor people are fat and the rich people are skinny.

    2. Well, starvation does make one skinny. And clearly, all 46 million of the recipients would starve without the program.

      I think we’ve found a solution to the obesity crisis.

      1. Allow recipients to purch,uh,receive only Watch Watchers? food?

      2. We’ve also just found a cure for 95% of the Democrat voting bloc.

      3. They would most certainly starve. When you’ve used up your welfare check on cigarettes, booze and the latest trendy sneakers, there’s nothing LEFT for food!

        Thank God it’s hard to evict people in a lot of big cities, too, or they’d be out on the streets, every time they spend all their rent money on beer before they can get it to the landlord.

    3. True. Our poor get foodstamps in America. America’s poor probably comprise the fattest demographic group in the world, in the history of the world.

      1. Maybe second. Have you ever seen a Samoan?

  20. “There are many arguments in favor of the program”

    Name ONE. Just ONE.

    1. By having Uncle Sugar buy your chow, you have that much more money to spend at the manicurist and Zappos.

      That’s why food stamps help you look amazing.

    2. Name ONE. Just ONE.

      Larger budget for the agency administering them.

    3. Starving people are likely to commit crimes. We need to keep family farmers in business and this is a good way to do it.

      1. Family farmers can only make a go of it with boutique crops. This is 2012, not 1812.

  21. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper welfare queen, too?

  22. “We’re going to end welfare as we know it.”

    -Bill Clinton, back when the democrats still had a shred of sanity

    1. With Obama, the party’s forward-thinking progressives took over.

      And it’s certainly forward-thinking and progressive to put more people on a welfare program first started a few months before Hitler invaded Poland.

      1. Even Hitler didn’t call the country’s inhabitants “Polacks”, like progressive icon Marion Barry…

        Does that go beyond Godwin?

      2. FORWARD!


  23. You have a choice of food stamps or a gym membership.

  24. I worked at a grocery store in HS and I can assure you the people who were on food stamps did not look amazing.

    On second thought, I guess that depends on your definition of amazing. If you mean “it’s amazing that someone that poor can be that much of a lard ass” then yes. OTOH if you mean “it’s amazing that chick doesn’t have a modeling/ porn career” then no.

  25. Is obesity really the problem they are telling it is, or have they changed the way they measure it? Either way, more people on food stamps isn’t going to help.

    1. Mine eyes definitely tell me there are more fat people than there were when I was in college. And keep in mind, my standards get lower every damn year that passes.

      1. Mine eyes have seen the glory
        of the coming of the lard!

        They have trampled out the warehouse
        where the Little Debbie’s stored!

      2. Mine eyes have seen the glory
        of the coming of the lard!

        They have trampled out the warehouse
        where the Little Debbie’s stored!

      3. Maybe because you’re hanging out with older people? Plus mobility carts have allowed many fatties who would have been shut-ins in former times to get out and about and share themselves with society.

    2. You know, the prevalence of obesity in certain segments of society is one of the few alleged problems that DOES pass the “smell test.”

      Sounds like you need a Wal Mart field trip! 🙂

    3. Either way, more people on food stamps isn’t going to help.

      It will when they ban food stamp recipient from using their food stamps on soda, potato chips, or whatever else the food police (aka Michell Obama) has decided isn’t in the interest of “public health”.

      1. That will be interesting.

        I can just picture it. “So what in hell ARE we s’posed to buy with this damn thing?” Maybe nobody will even want food stamps any more, then.

    4. They monkeyed with the BMI chart in 1998 to lower the standards for obesity.

      And Clinton was president then so don’t give me lip about “monkey”.

      1. The “First Black President?”

        You dirty little racist!

      2. No, they didn’t. Obesity was added as a category in 1998. The threshold for “overweight” was lowered.

        FWIW, the old threshold for overweight was 27.8 for men, 27.3 for women. The post-1998 threshold is 25. The new category of “obese” is 30+. (BMI = weight in pounds * 703 / height in inches^2)

        For a 5’8″ man, overweight was 189 pounds. New standard, 165 pounds. Obese is 198 pounds. The new overweight standard seems unnecessarily low. The obese standard seems pretty good.

        Link here.

  26. You haven’t heard this ad before? It has been running in NYC since early Spring.

    Nick left out the best part: After the exchange between the two women, the Voice Over comes on and says: “Use the Food Stamp Benefit to purchase all kinds of HEALTHY foods, INCLUDING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!”

    1. Fresh fruits for rotting vegetables!

      1. Even more relevant punk reference –

        “Let’s all leach off the state…”

        1. I’ll see you, and raise you a ’64 Malibu.


  27. Oh, you selfish libertarians. Everybody knows that food stamps are issued by the government, and the government has magical powers!

    You just don’t want the poor to have access to magic!


    1. it is bland.

      Eat Tillamook sharp Cheddar and you will never want government cheese again.

      1. Is it free? If not, I only eat cheese imported from Italy.


    2. I heard government cheese causes autism.

  29. Serious questions: does the SNAP card come loaded with a certain amount of dollars each month based on number of dependents? And, supposing it is $250, when one blows $100 on two lobsters and some filet mignon, there’s only $150 left to spend on other stuff? So, the SNAPper can spend all $250 on luxury goods or $250 on beans and rice, but can only spend $250 in total?

    1. $250? Shit man this is a government program. You can’t eat on that. Food stamps for a family of four is $667/month.

      Plenty enough for lobster and steak.

    2. The amounts vary some from state to state. But not by a whole lot. Dependent children get a larger amount than the adult, so it behooves the prospective career food stamp recipient to have several children. I’m not sure how it works in all states, but in Mississippi, eligibility is all-or-nothing. So if you were one dollar below the income eligibility threshold, you would get the max amount of food stamps, and if you were one dollar over, you would get nothing. Which obviously creates a lot of terrible incentives (quitting jobs or asking hours to be cut if you are just barely above the cut-off point).

      1. I know some of this because I used to work for the child support division of the Department of Human Services in MS. I’m an attorney. What I would do is, when a person with dependent children hops on food stamps or TANF (welfare), and she claimed that Economic Assistance couldn’t count the baby daddy’s income because they were separated, we would take the absent parent (usually the dad) to court and try to get him to pay child support. If the mom is on TANF, the government reimburses itself with the child support. If she is on food stamps…

        1. ..then she keeps the child support but it is counted as income for purposes of determining eligibility. I was already cynical about the job when I started working there, but it was extremely eye-opening to see firsthand the extent of fraud that goes on. I can’t tell you how many times we would get to court and then the kids’ parents would tell me and the Judge “Oh we have gotten back together and I closed my assistance case.” Then after the case was dismissed, she would be right back in hopping on assistance, claiming that he had left her. They knew it would take about 6 months for the case to work its way back through the system and then they would repeat the process again. I started the job as a mostly mainstream conservative and when I left I was a full-fledged anarcho-capitalist. It was awful.

  30. It’s Free, Swipe Yo EBT
    All you gotta do is fuck
    And nine months later you gettin’ the big bucks!

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heKYNWFBkW8

    Since the 1980s Government propaganda has gone way down hill.

    1. It’s on its way back, joshua. With Black Jeezus at the helm, we’ll be ass-deep in good-quality government propaganda by the end of the decade.

      1. Wait, let me check for racism in my post:

        a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

        Nope, it fails the test. Unless you use Tony’s Dictionary.

    2. It’s propaganda for Steely Dan


      Where the sailor spend his hard-earned pay
      Red beans and rice for a quarter
      You can see her almost any day
      singing voulez vous


    3. Was it just me or was that really racist? With the two little brown kids just happy as shit to get beans and rice for dinner? Or does there also need to be fried chicken to qualify? I’m now so confused on this racism thing.

  32. Oh SNAP!

  33. A girl I knew in high school added me recently on Facebook. Apparently she’s decided to make a career as a bureaucrat at the unemployment office and she was posting mostly worthless games crap, so I was just going to roll my eyes and filter that out when she wrote about how she’s getting really kind of depressed because 95% of the people coming in have iPhones recently.

    1. Watching reality douse the fires of naive liberal idealism is one of the most delicious things ever.

    2. Dude! Riding the Pgh city buses is the same phenomenon. All the ghetto people are playing with their electronic toys the whole time. Meanwhile I’m walking around with a paygo dumphone with a dying battery.

    3. iPhone4.
      Where is the iPhone4?
      I need an iPhone4.
      If it’s not an iPhone, why would I want it?
      It is the best phone.

    4. 95% of the people coming in [to the unemployment office] have iPhones

      Which they bought immediately after they became unemployed. Because now they are poor. And poor people have skewed priorities. Right? Anyway, these jobless people must be stupid and irresponsible, because who ever heard of using a smart phone to find a job? I’ll bet they drive directly to Whole Foods from the unemployment office to buy bison rib-eyes and champagne.

  34. I wish I were poor enough to afford food stamps. The lifestyle seems so glamorous! I am truly envious.

    1. It’s okay, Pip. You can still pay for them.

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