A.M. Links: Syria Downs Turkish Jet, Greece Calling In Sick, Healthcare Ruling Imminent


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    Syria shot down a Turkish military jet after it violated the country's airspace. Turkey says the jet entered Syrian airspace accidentally but was not over Syria anymore when it was shot down. Syria says it downed the jet less than a mile off the coast. Turkey says it will present its findings on the incident to NATO this week.

  • Both Greece's prime minister and finance minister are calling in sick for the Euro summit later this week. The finance minister has been hospitalized and the prime minister is having surgery.
  • Mohammed Morsi is beginning the process of assuming  power as the Muslim Brotherhood continues to negotiate with Egypt's generals.  "I am today a president for all Egyptians," Morsi said in a national address.
  • A TSA screener didn't realize his metal detector wasn't plugged in, causing hours of delays at New York City's JFK International Airport, the New York Post uncovered.
  • Jerry Sandusky was found guilty, and he may appeal based on the speediness of the trial.
  • An anonymous casino owner gave $1 million worth of $500 bank cards for the United Way in Las Vegas to distribute to the neediest. This has not yet been used in an Obama campaign mailer to explain the insidious use of big money and why you have to donate to them right now!
  • An off-duty cop on his way home in the Bronx got caught in the middle of a drive-by after having bottles thrown at him, but was still able to make an arrest.
  • The wait for the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare begins again today.

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