In "Latter-Day Acceptance" (page 50), Senior Editor Jesse Walker looks at America's increasing tolerance of Mormonism. Once considered dangerous and bizarre, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now the spiritual home of the presumptive Republican candidate for president. Walker, 41, coordinates reason's book coverage and is working on a book-length history of American political paranoia for HarperCollins. In his book, he chronicles conspiracy theories both silly (are manholes really designed to kidnap pedestrians?) and serious: "The Senate's post-Watergate report on the CIA, the FBI, and other Executive Branch agencies," says Walker, "is full of demonstrably true stories about conspiracies." Walker, a graduate of the University of Michigan, lives in Baltimore. 

 J.D. Tuccille is managing editor of 24/7, reason online's news aggregation project, which will be launched this summer. Tuccille, 46, lives in rural Arizona and was born in New York City. Libertarianism "came naturally," he says, since there were issues of reason lying around the house growing up and he had freewheeling family history such as a "great-grandfather [who] owned a high-profile speakeasy in the Bronx that was said to be the then-police commissioner's watering hole of choice." Tuccille has a B.A. in economics from Clark University. Some previous jobs include stints at The New York Daily News' website and He's also the author of the 2011 comic novel High Desert Barbecue (CreateShip).

Associate Editor Ed Krayewski previously worked as an associate producer for FreedomWatch with Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business Network. Krayewski, 27, has an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University and a B.S. and an M.A. in international relations from Seton Hall University. He currently resides in Newark, New Jersey, where he was born. Before working in cable news, Krayewski taught seventh grade social studies and language arts. Krayewski will be working on reason online's 24/7 news aggregation project. He is also adapting his father's novel, Skyliner, which Krayewski says he "previously translated into English, into comic book form, with my father doing the art."