Legal Battle Over Executive Privilege, Soda Was Just the Beginning, Professional Licenses and Unemployment: P.M. Links


  • If it wasn't for booze, I wouldn't be pregnant to begin with.

    President Obama's groundbreaking "executive privilege" claim to block a congressional investigation, and the resulting contempt finding against Attorney General Eric Holder, has set off a high-stakes battle over the boundaries between the executive and legislative branches.

  • Policy -minded physicians specializing in diabetes and obesity have had their appetites whetted by Bloomberg's big-soda ban. "A better option would be an empty-calories tax on sugary drinks and high-fat foods and putting that money back into health and education. Tax your french fries, your doughnuts and ice cream."
  • Jobless claims came down a bit last week, but less than anticipated, meaning that more people than expected filed for unemployment benefits — a total of 387,000. The four-week moving average of jobless claims is at its highest point this year.
  • In 1950, fewer than five percent worked in jobs that required government licenses; today roughly 30 percent are licensed — and many of them like it that way, because it keeps out competition. Which is a problem for the millions of people looking for work.
  • Between 1929 and 1974, North Carolina forcibly sterilized about 7,600 people under scientifically fraudulent eugenics policies that were widely imposed at one time throughout the country. Victims of those policies want compensation — but they're not getting it from the current legislature.
  • Chicago's Independent Police Review Authority is dragging investigations of police misconduct allegations out for so long that cases are being dismissed as statutes of limitations run out.
  • Danish research  suggests that "moderate" drinking during pregnancy, defined as one to eight drinks per week, is safe and has no effects on on IQ, attention span and functions like self-control once children reach the age of five. (But even heavy drinking only lowers attention span a tad, and aren't focused kids a little off-putting anyway?)
  • A Dallas sheriff's deputy pulled over a motorcyclist who was driving legally, just so he could gain access to helmet-cam video of other riders to see if they had broken the law. The officer then arrested the motorcyclist on a manufactured charge of driving with an obstructed license plate. Yes, the helmet-cam captured it all.

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  1. Yeah, if it wasn’t for booze, clearly no one would have tapped that.

    1. My doctor commented to me at one point that if all those claims about drinking while pregnant were true, we’d all be retarded given the amounts of alcohol consumption involved with the whole procreation part of the deal.

    2. How can we be sure that she’s really pregnant without her ultrasound shopped in?

      1. True. She could just be really fat from drinking too many 60oz sodas.

        1. True. She could just be really fat from drinking too many 60 17oz sodas.


    3. Her hair looks pretty greasy ……

  2. “This goes beyond individual freedom; if you have diabetes and end up in the hospital, somebody else is paying for your bills if you’re not paying for it yourself,” Palchick said in an interview at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting in Philadelphia last week. “Not only are you endangering your own life, you’re making everybody else pay for it.”

    Hold on now, I think I’m formulating a possible alternate solution to this problem that doesn’t infringe on personal freedom of choice.

    1. I’m pretty sure yesterday’s pizza conversation proved you aren’t as smart as top government officials and are therefore not qualified to dispense advice of any kind to anybody.

      1. Great, now I’m hungry for pizza again.

        1. Would you like sauce or cheese on that?

          1. I thought it had been resolved that he didn’t get to participate in making that decision!?

            1. You’re probably right, I missed that part.

              1. I can still threaten people, though, right?

    2. I think we should also ban long-distance running. That’s hell on the knees, and then the rest of us are on the hook for expensive knee replacements and rehab.

      1. If we ban living, then no one will have to pay for anyone’s health care ever again. Think about it.

        1. We could just ban health care.

          1. By prolonging human life, we’re prolonging Gaea’s suffering and the damage that we do to her. Medicine is unnatural and contributes more to overpopulation than anything else.

            1. Except for the Top Men, of course.

              1. Well, yes, a few select, right-thinking priests to protect Gaea should receive life-prolonging procedures. But that’s not medicine. That’s lifeforce.

            2. We could have contests of skill and strength to determine who gets medical care and who doesn’t. Now, I don’t want to be cruel about this, people with limb injuries will get to fight other limb-injured people, not those with mere head gashes, for example, and the survivor will get the medical care that he or she truly needs.

              And as a bonus, we cut our health care costs in half, while maintaining the highest quality of care!

              1. And breeding a better kind of man! And woman.

                1. I like this. We should add breeding rights as a prize for the survivors. Broadcast live, of course.

  3. Most states had eugenics programs but abandoned those efforts after World War II when such practices became closely associated with Nazi Germany’s attempts to achieve racial purity. Scientists also debunked the assumption that “defective” humans could be weeded out of the population.

    North Carolina stood out because it actually ramped up its program after the war.

    NC’s state motto? “Forever immune to ‘You know who else…?'”

    1. As a North Carolinian I’d like to say thanks to the state legislature for not putting me on the hook for a program that ended when I was 7. Compensate the victims of that nonsense somehow, but punish those responsible, not those of us who had nothing to do with it in even the most convoluted way.

      Of course, the Dems dominated the state house from the 1870s until 2010 and it wasn’t until the Republicans took over that that W.W. Holden was pardoned in 2011 for sending the state militia to stop the Klan from terrorizing people in 1870, which resulted in him being impeached. When they inevitably take over again (FSM forbid it) let them pay for it out of party funds.

      1. “When the Dems inevitably take over again…let them pay compensation…”

        1. Holden abolished jury trial and suspended habeas corpus in the name of fighting terrorism. Yes, by all means give him a clean bill of health, it’s not as if such a thing could happen today.

          1. Right, when the Klan went after black citizens (lynching at least one) and then abused the courts to get away with it Holden actually took action-the bastard!

            1. Tom Friedman would approve – we must Do Something, preferably something authoritarian like in China.

    2. Scientists also debunked the assumption that “defective” humans could be weeded out of the population.

      I don’t know, just execute all elected officials once their term is up. You’ll see results eventually.

      1. Many of them are lifetime politicians, so not sure how this helps.

  4. But the long delay proved costly. Late last month, the Chicago Police Board, which decides the most serious disciplinary cases, dismissed the charge not based on the evidence, but because by state law, the disciplinary action had to be filed before a five-year statute of limitations ran out.

    But the officers’ lawyers say the delays are just as damaging to officers trying to defend themselves against charges they deny.

    Except, of course, for the guy who benefited from the delay with five additional years of unaccountable head-busting, and beyond. It didn’t turn out to be too damaging to him.

  5. As Moore continued to protest, the deputy lost his patience.

    MOORE: “Why’d you pull me over in the first place?”

    WESTBROOK: “Have a seat, okay?”

    MOORE: “Sir. Sir. What you did to me was not right. You know it.”

    WESTBROOK: “I’m going to ask you one more time to have a seat.”

    MOORE: “That’s f’ed up. Where’s my bike going?”

    WESTBROOK: “Sit down.I’m telling you to chill out.”

    That deputy has the air of someone used to getting away with pulling this kind of illegal tactic, possibly with a system that will back him up instead of correcting him.

    Fat cop isn’t professional enough to keep fit for his job, he’s not going to be professional in other aspects. In the words of Tom Highway, “When you start looking like Marines, you’ll start feeling like Marines, and then, Goddamn it, you’ll start acting like Marines.”

  6. More teachers behaving badly.

    Gosch had allegedly called the students “losers,” “stupid,” “retarded” and “a bitch.” She would hit and kick them, and let them eat food from the bathroom floor. She would lift their pants and underwear, exposing the students in front of the class, to see if they had “gone to the bathroom,” and steal the students’ snacks. She instructed the aides in how to hit the children, and would hallucinate in front of the class under the influence of prescription medication, according to a lawsuit filed by Nelson and another mother, Juana Sapon (pictured above). The teaching aides say it was Sapon’s 9-year-old autistic daughter who had her hair torn out by Gosch.

    1. “I said ‘OK,’ ” Nelson told AOL Jobs. “I guess I didn’t understand that literally she was putting her in a filing cabinet drawer and closing it.”

      You know, I gotta say that if someone told me my kid had been put in a filing cabinet, I think I would try to find out what that meant, if I wasn’t certain. I feel bad for the kid, 1) for going to a school where that takes place, and 2) having a parent that displays so little interest in what’s going on with her child. Especially a non-verbal kid. FFS.

      1. “What do you mean, he’s not in the computer?!”

    2. Did you watch the video news report that came with that article? What the hell was up with that music?

    3. But, but, but teachers, along with other public employees like firefighters* or police officers are paragons of virtue, and we need to increase spending to hire more of them and stimulate the economy. /libtards

      *FWIW, firefighters are probably the only class of public employees that I have even an ounce of respect for. Unlike the others, they are purely there to help others in dangerous situations. Unlike cops, teachers, and assorted bureaucrats.

      1. Yeah. Them and EMS people too, although the massive numbers of volunteer EMS and fire services should be ample proof to even the most ardent statist that we don’t really have to fund them with tax dollars.

        I do love it when you propose government cuts and leftists say “But what about cops, teachers, and firefighters.” To which you answer: “OK, you win. We’ll fire everyone who’s not a cop, a teacher, or a firefighter.”

    4. Good thing she was licensed to teach both general and special ed.

  7. Joe Biden’s security detail gets in a barroom brawl.

    1. I’m beginning to suspect the United States Secret Service isn’t the elite bunch it is made out to be. But at least the airmen they beat up were taken off the detail.

      1. Hey, don’t discount the professionalism of the Massachusetts State Police here too, buddy.

        “We know where you’re staying!”

        Genius! On a small island with a notoriously small, insular population, you threaten people.

      2. And this, from one of the agent’s posts on some bodybuilding site:

        “so i’m stuck on Nantucket (one of the islands off of massachusetts) for thanksgiving… i have 2 options for working out. one is at the local fire department or there is a “health club” which charges $25 per day!!! or $85 for the week!!!!! the equipment in the FD is circa Arnold days! so i think i’ll use some of the tax payers money and use the good gym!!! Thank you to all of you who pay your taxes!!!”

        1. That comment alone is enough to make me hope he does end up having to take a bullet sometime soon. What an asshole. I’m picturing Brucey from Grand Theft Auto IV as a secret service agent.

          1. I don’t play video games, but I’m assuming that Brucey is an entitled, self-important cock stain who has no qualms about living off others, correct?

            1. More like your stereotypical ego-centric ‘roided up asshole.

              Brucey’s greatest hits.

        2. I think used his entire monthly quota of exclamation points on that one post.

          1. I think used his entire monthly quota of exclamation points on that one post.

            Quota? Those are taxpayer-funded exclamation points, so I doubt he’s too concerned with any quota.

            1. Stimulus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Stimulus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              (and a little something for the spam filter)

  8. “A better option would be an empty-calories tax on sugary drinks and high-fat foods and putting that money back into health and education.”

    A better option would be an excess-weight tax on taxpayers and their families and putting that money into a lockbox.

    1. I can’t get behind any option that doesn’t involve tar, feathers, and a rail.

      Cleansing, cleansing flame optional.

    2. The best option would be to make people pay for their own damn healthcare.

  9. and putting that money back into health and education

    Just think of all the health and education they could buy with that money!

    1. Yes, they can add it to all they health and education money they get from cigarette taxes and state lotteries.

    2. Maybe property taxes should be increased to buy health *and* education.

    3. Just think of all the Department Health and Education they could buy with that money!

      1. Well, that’s the truth of it. “Putting money into education” means hiring teachers, administrators or other sundry educational hangers-on, or increasing their benefits, or paying them more. “Putting money into health” means doing the same for a different set of Democratic voters.

        It goes without saying, but I might as well say it, that neither of these things has much to do with improving anyone’s health or increasing anyone’s education.

    4. Come to think of it, that’s what I’m getting everyone next Christmas. Health and/or education.

      1. I’m full up on education. Just health for me please.

    5. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Why is there always enough money for wars but never enough money for education”

      Now the war part is at least rational. Being a pacifist is naive but not insane. But how in the hell could anyone with any grasp on reality think there is “not enough money for education” in this country?

      1. my guess is the person who bought the sticker is a liberal which pretty well negates the “grasp on reality” part.

        1. As a buddy of mine sincerely says when I bring this stuff up: “It just shows the difficulty of the problems their trying to address”

      2. “Why is there always enough money for bumper stickers?”

      3. I’m sure a lot of people in the Military would like a larger budget.

      4. Because, it’s never enough John. The education mob could get 100% of the fucking budget, and they’d still come around hat in hand, demanding more.

      5. But how in the hell could anyone with any grasp on reality think there is “not enough money for education” in this country?

        Public Education.

    6. because not spending enough on health or education is so clearly the problem.

  10. empty-calories tax on sugary drinks and high-fat foods

    Fucking idiots don’t seem to realize that fat isn’t empty calories.

    They come after my bacon, and I’ll go Brick Top on their asses.

    1. “If all calories ain’t empty then fat can’t have empty calories.”

      “I’m not buying that.”

      “Well that’s good ’cause I ain’t fucking selling it.”

    2. Dude, they’re still living the “food pyramid” asininity that’s been debunked thoroughly again and again. They keep going back to that well because, well, it worked so well as bullshit for so long, and they’re used to it.

      1. During my rule I plan to have them build me a food pyramid. Maybe eventually be entombed in a chocolate sarcophagus.

      2. One day they’re going to have to be honest and call the “food pyramid” what it really is: the subsidies pyramid.

    3. I daresay that any real threat to American access to bacon will mean armed insurrection and a new, pro-bacon system of government.

      1. “You’ll have to take it from my warm, greasy hands!”

        Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

        1. Trust me, I’m right about this one.

          “Give me bacon or give me your head! We’ll eat whichever!”

          1. I’m telling my girlfriend that I’m playing Patrick Henry next time she wants me to go shopping with her: give me liberty or give me head.

            Oh, that has nothing to do with what you posted? Fuck it, I’m sticking with it anyway.

            1. I found it pertinent, to tell you the truth. I mean, the whole subthread here is about swallowing…various things.

            2. That’s certainly a fundamental tenet of libertarianism. Most libertarians would give up liberty to the extent and only during the act of oral pleasuring.

              1. To the extent they receive, I meant.

      2. Where do I sign up for Team Bacon?

        1. The LP is Team Bacon, don’t you know?

  11. Best Animal Photobombs…..f-all-time

  12. Every lawyer I’ve heard opine on the executive privilege claim has said it’s bubious at best and ridiculous at worst. So this should be fun.

    1. Bubious? Did you mean boobious?

      1. No, bubious, as in filled with buboes.

      2. I am thinking he meant bilious.

        1. You, of all people, don’t get to mock because of my typos.

          1. Well, that’s dubious.

            1. I think it’s pronounced Scooby Doo Bios.


    Emily Yoffe describes her childhood experiences fighting off old perverts. Am I just a bastard or are these experiences really not as big of a deal as Yoffe thinks they are? Maybe the one when she was nine. But the other two are her being a attractive young woman and having a couple of old perverts put the moves on her.

    1. WTF is Emily Yoffe?

      1. She writes the Dear Prudence advice column which a few people on here read.

        1. Why do people call her Prudence if her name is Emily?

          Oh, clever.

          1. The woman who wrote Dear Abby wasn’t named Abby either.

            1. Miss Manners? Not named Miss Manners.

              1. I am just a dream killer today Pro. No, that is not her name.

              2. enough with the spoilers!

            2. Huh. Well, I’m not going to take advice from a bunch of prevaricators!

          2. Jerry: You’re Donna Chang?
            Donna: Did you think I was Chinese?
            Jerry: Oh. No. Oh, you mean because of the “Chang”?
            Donna: Actually the family name wasn’t originally Chang.
            Jerry: I didn’t think so.
            Donna: It used to be “Changstein.”

        2. A lot of the problems are pretty entertaining, like last week when a parent discovered that her adopted son and biological daughter were banging each other wanted to get married even though they were raised as brother and sister.

          1. I fucking loved that one. Ka Sara baby!!

          2. I am still not sure if the incestuous gays twins letter was real.

            1. Me either. I think she got trolled on that one. Twin incest is allegedly very rare. And even if it were true, doubtful anyone would be so open about it.

              1. It’s not rare. They just have the ability to cloud witnesses’ minds with their psychic powers.

              2. But what about Cersei and Jaime?

                1. Psychic powers don’t work on the very young or over TV airwaves.

              3. I have seen gay male twin porn. They were doing things.

                1. As a male twin, I take offense to the existence of that genre.

              4. This is definitely the hardest kind of porn to find. And believe me, I’ve tried.

    2. John, I don’t think you’re a bastard, but you’re also not female. Yes this is a problem from the average woman’s perspective, but it also appears Ms. Yoffe’s response was entirely appropriate. She diffused the situation and put it behind her.

      This is where most women and most men are different. To many men, this wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but to women who often perceive themselves as physically vulnerable around larger, stronger, (and in this case older/authority figure type) men, this kind of thing is an issue. Because many men think this would be no big deal, not strenuously resisting unwanted touching in the eyes of most men means “oh please yes you nasty old perv paw all over me” and the situation will escalate. What this person experienced in all three instances she described were indeed assault, and that should not be marginalized.

      Having grown up kind of regarded as a cute blonde girl in the (local) public eye, you learn to put up with a lot of harassment, and you learn to ignore the cat calls and nasty comments. Words are meaningless. Nonetheless, one rule remains constant; nobody ever has the right to touch you in any way if you don’t agree…full stop, no exceptions.

      An old pervert grabbing at a boob can just as easily become something much worse. To put it in perspective, think of the embarrassment, horror, and disgust you would feel if your Grandma kept trying to wank you off in public. That’s about what it’s like.

      1. Women imagine this sort of thing happens to them but it is not even close to the truth.

        One female manager of mine had an ovarian problem for which steroids were the treatment proffered. It had an effect on her clitoris, making it really large. How do I know? She would show me the ‘problem’ without any prompting on my part to see it.

        Surely, you are aware of strategic boob placement? No. Well, you’re lying. It is so common to have female coworkers come by to check out what’s on your screen for guys and to dangle their titties about your neck and shoulders, that we ALL have war stories about it.

        So fuck off with the sensitivity bullshit, m’kay?

        1. Women imagine this sort of thing exclusively happens to them but it is not even close to the truth.

          1. Don’t talk like that to Speed’s brother!

            Big Black

            1. That’s just a rip-off of Ministry 😉

              (The above is the easiest way to get in to a fight when talking to other industrial metal fanatics who think Ministry (or NIN) gets all the glory.)

        2. Where the heck do you work?

    3. the other two are her being a attractive young woman and having a couple of old perverts put the moves on her

      I don’t know, I think attempted groping goes a little beyond “putting the moves on her”. Once unwanted physical contact happens, that’s definitely crossing the line, IMO.

      1. It absolutely goes beyond that and it is a terrible thing. Even women have the right not to be molested againt their will.

    4. I would say all three of those were legitimate sexual assault.


    Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack’s Your Husband, Too

    1. Look, Michelle, just because you married a jug-eared loon doesn’t mean you get to push your poor decisions off on the rest of us.

    2. So, now they’re going after the polygamist vote, too?

      1. They have to do something to counteract Romney’s advantage in the Mormon vote.

    3. These letters coming out of Michelle’s office (Wish Barack a Happy Father’s Day, and now this) are creepy as hell.

      1. yes they are.

      2. It’s almost frightening how tone deaf these people are. Was there no one in her office who went “uh, this is a little creepy”?

        1. Fuck, everything they do and want us to do is creepy! We’re way past the uncanny valley of politics.

            1. It needs more canning.

        2. It really must be a cult atmosphere there. How can they not have at least one normal person to call shenanigans when the believers get a little out of hand? The fact that they don’t says very bad things.

          1. Two possibilities:

            1. They have surrounded themselves with like minded sycophants who not only don’t see anything wrong with this shit, they would never raise an alarm even if they did;

            2. They know their TEAM BLUE supporters are completely creepily in love with their god on the throne and this shit actually works on them.

            1 is more likely, 2 is far more repulsive.

            1. Reminds me:

              Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack’s Your Husband, Too


              When I said in an earlier thread that I imagine group marriages in the future, that is not exactly what I had in mind.

            2. It could be both. IOW, they’re surrounded by sycophants and fluffers, and their TEAM BLUE sheeple really are that fucked up.

            3. It’s both. I see the OBAMA LUV up close, every day. It’s fucking revolting.

          2. Wasn’t this why Daley was infiltrated into the White House? To call these ninnies out when they thought about shoveling this sort of stupid?

          3. How many normal individuals will regularly associate themselves with a cult of religious whack jobs?

            Maybe one, but not for long. Especially with this group, where differing opinions are not allowed.

      3. Isn’t this just the reverse of what conservatives say about the sexual habits of politicians? If you cheat on your spouse, how can we trust your commitment to your office? She didn’t say Obama was the nation’s husband, just that he was as committed to the recipient and America as he was to his family.

        1. She didn’t say Obama was the nation’s husband, just that he was as committed to the recipient and America as he was to his family.

          If I was a member of his family, this would make me really nervous.

          Although, given how he’s treated his half-brother, she’s probably right.

    4. Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack’s Your Husband, Too….

      Anybody seen T o n y?

      1. Last I saw him he was busy fapping with a printed out copy of this email in one hand and a copy of the “HOPE” poster on his bathroom wall over the toilet.

    5. Looks like Santorum was right all along: once you approve of gay marriage it’s a short road to polygamy.

  15. Was this in the AM Links?

    Fat Gym bans skinny people

    1. Hate crime.

      1. Is there such a thing as mate crime?

        1. There was bate crime, though I think that’s off the books in most states now.

    2. so if they are successful in helping their clients get in shape and lose weight… then wouldn’t all the clients eventually get kicked out for being too skinny?

    3. Hmm on the one hand, it might work.

      On the other hand, it might have little or no effect on whether out-of-shape people go to the gym, while allowing the gym to pack in way more memberships from fatasses who pay for the gym but clearly never go.

  16. Via Facebook:

    To my fellow Colorado attorneys: it’s an election year, which means it’s that time again. I need your help with the voter protection program to help reelect the President and all other Democrats this November.

    1. So voters who don’t vote Democrat don’t need protection?

    2. “Protection?” Like the old mob racket?

      1. No, no, they need new, false identities, so they can vote and get on with their new life, and then vote again.

        It’s very dangerous for Colorado attorneys. They may need as many as 10 or 11 new identities each.

        1. Maybe they meant voter projection program?

          1. Holograms? When did they get the vote?

    3. Translate: we need protection for all that voter fraud we’re committing.

  17. Between 1929 and 1974, North Carolina forcibly sterilized about 7,600 people under scientifically fraudulent eugenics policies

    The quality of the science isn’t the issue.

    1. The science was settled you tea bagging bastard.

      1. That’s really the thing – Eugenics was the Global Warming of its day

        1. The Euros always prescribe genocide as a solution to these scientific problems.

      2. OK, this made me LOL.

  18. Florida Bigfoot Hunter sues another Bigfoot Hunter for making disparaging comments about his sanity.

    1. Steve Smith runs a great psyop campaign.

      1. LOL.

      2. The greatest trick the devil STEVE SMITH ever pulled was making people think he doesn’t exist.

  19. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude.

  20. I am late to the pm links. Damn.

    “But exasperated diabetes specialists say people need even greater protections from a food industry that keeps enticing them….” . Poor little babies are too feebleminded to decide for themselves.

    “This goes beyond individual freedom; if you have diabetes and end up in the hospital, somebody else is paying for your bills…”. ‘Somebody else’ put themselves on the hook for that so…..tough shit.

    I dont eat sugar at all. No cokes, no icecream, no candy. No refined wheat, no potatoes, very little rice. I am not diabetic or overweight, and intend to stay that way.

    I am a smoker. Seeing the rest of the country subjected to the spiteful bullshit that they pushed on me as a smoker is giving me no small amount of satisfaction.

    1. the stats have been posted before, and monetarily speaking, smoking is a net GAIN (lost social security wages, and all sorts of other stuff makes up for medical costs such that smoking SAVES us money)

      so, puff away sweet prince

      1. Yes, but when the chemo works they are a net cost and this really pisses off Big Brother.

  21. “and the resulting contempt finding against Attorney General Eric Holder, has set off a high-stakes battle over the boundaries between the executive and legislative branches.”

    You know, good. Maybe Congress will regrow its pair and start acting like the senior branch of government it is.

    Its Congress that’s supposed to be taking the lead on policy and directing the executive branch on what to do, not the executive doing whatever it wants and Congress coming up with post-facto excuses.

    1. I love earning practically no gains on my funds in 10 years. Fuckers.

      The worst part is that the spendthrift cunts in the various gubmints that created this whole mess will be fine, while everyone else burns.

      1. It’s funny when some blind Obama defenders like to talk about market “gains” recently. What incredible bullshit.

        The worst part is that there used to be a historical ten percent return during most ten-year periods. Oops.

    2. Gold and silver crashed too.

      WTF are we supposed to invest in? Porn?

      1. I recently ran across an article headline that made it sound like the porn business was in a decline across the board. I should’ve read it, but I think the gist was that amateurs with their webcams and social media were doing in the professionals.

        1. I’ve always been skeptical of the impact of amateur porn. It’s more likely to be due to the glut of professional porn still circulating around.

          There are people out there with 5 TB of porn on their hard drives….they’re not paying for more anytime soon. Nobody I know, of course.

        2. I have to say that when I have watched porn, I prefer the amateur stuff, because it looks like the people involved are actually enjoying themselves. There’s no lady-boner killer quite like watching a semi-limp guy and a bored porn actress going at it. So maybe others feel the same way.

          I still prefer to read it. ;P

          1. Yes, yes, go on.

      2. Porn is a free good. If you can’t survive while gamboling around the internet foraging for porn you’re not equipped to survive in our world!

  22. imo, very important 4th amendment issues in this case, and some very well thought out commentary (how refreshing) at……..qus_thread

  23. A better option would be an excess-weight tax on taxpayers and their families and putting that money into a lockbox.

    Dude, this is brilliant.

    If the feds were going to impose a per-pound tax on fat people, I might have to consider abandoning libertarianism just to support it. Oh, the joy.

    If the justification for the tax is the health care expenditures of fat people, tax the fat people. Taxing skinny people who drink soda is unjust even by the terms of the argument being advanced by the nannies.

    Such a tax would have two huge benefits:

    1. I wouldn’t pay it.

    2. I could say things to my wife like, “Well, honey, of course I think you look great – but we do have that IRS weigh-in coming up next month, so…”

  24. 1. I wouldn’t pay it.

    So again it’s all about you!?

    I guess the financial center of the universe would shift from NYC to halfway between Atlanta and Jackson Mississippi?!

  25. and aren’t focused kids a little off-putting anyway?

    You can always feed them the booze AFTER they’re born.

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