Obama Fast and Furious To Keep Secrets, Fed Seeks Prosperity With a Twist, Lessons in Loyalty: P.M. Links


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  1. …the White House says the info is all secret stuff protected by executive privilege.

    President Redaction Jackson.

    1. I see what you did there, Fist.

    2. +1 for underappreciated movie reference.

      1. If you don’t love Carl Weathers, you don’t love America.

        1. Let’s get a soup going.

          1. It’s this crazy loophole in the system that the wrong guy discovered.

    3. What FIFY and MP said

  2. Pizza companies accustomed to uber-customizing their offerings band together to oppose government plans to require detailed menu labeling.

    I’m pretty sure I can gauge how healthy it is without a menu. I’m stuffing my face with pizza, for fuck sake.

    1. Haven’t you heard? The government no longer exists to protect you from furriners and krimnals, it exists to protect you from your stupid self!

    2. It’s amazing how something like this, which normally would have been mocked, ridiculed, and abandoned, becomes totally serious the instant the state now has an “interest” in individual people’s health. It’s also amazing how the vast majority of people who like these ideas don’t get what’s going to happen.

      1. When they went after the smokers only right wing retards thought that meant some day they would go after fat people.

        1. These regulations they’re coming up with to combat obesity don’t only affect fatties. They negatively impact all eaters regardless of BMI.

        2. I warned my now-wife about the proverbial slope. At the time, she was so blinded by baccy hatred that she refused to see it. Her vision has adjusted since then.

    3. I’m pretty sure I can gauge how healthy it is without a menu.

      Shows what you know. You are nowhere near as capable as government experts no matter what you think.

      1. Obviously this requires the formation of a new agency to decide on a limited number of approved pizza topping combinations.

        1. The limited number being 1.

          1. So….cheesy bread or saucy bread?

          2. “Would you like cheese or sauce on your pizza?”

          3. Where are yall getting this “Or” shit? What do you think this is, Somalia? Either take your 100-calorie bread-with-sauce or don’t! That’ll be 2 dollars, plus a $400 calorie-inspection fee.

        2. Obviously this requires the formation of a new agency to decide on a limited number of approved pizza topping combinations.

          This agency you speak of . . . it would armed and vested with arrest powers, yes?

          1. Goes without saying.

      2. You are nowhere near as capable as government experts no matter what you think.

        Indeed, I dare say you probably don’t even know what a “serving” of pizza is.

      3. Here is one of those government experts, she looks like she mainlines pizza.


        1. Why does that position even exist?

  3. Despite a complaint from a parent, government schools in Morganville, N.J., will continue an “optional” pledge of allegiance to the district and its teachers.

    I always pledged allegiance to politicians and bureaucrats, for which Old Glory apparently stands.

  4. …in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

    A wider audience that will have no clue what’s going on because they didn’t sit through the first turd. Anyway, unless the trailer shows John Galt rocketing out of Galt’s Gulch in a muscle car, machine gunning society’s takers, no amount of marketing is going to do the trick.

    1. John Galt rocketing out of Galt’s Gulch in a muscle car, machine gunning society’s takers

      This should be done in a graphic novel.

  5. Holder found in contempt of Congress…

    Please tell me the death penalty is a possible outcome???

    1. From the WaPo article:

      4:37 PM EDT
      Just saw where republicans voted for contempt for attorney general, this is the first time in history that this has been done after a president invoked executive privilege . This goes to show the racists republicans still have not accepted the president as president due to his race only. THe pundits are saying perhaps the Adminstration will try to work with someone on this I personally hope that the Adminstraion does not. Interested people need to be reminded of the racism in this country. The racists already know.

      1. Idiot liberal can’t use the word “racist” properly.

        Not a new thing, but still amazing.

      2. Interested people need to be reminded of the racism in this country. The racists already know.


        I probably don’t understand because of my racism. But this says, “the racists already know.”

        Son, I am confuse.

        1. I think the lady was trying to say all the non racists need to know about all the racists. Which makes no sense if it’s the non racists constantly claiming everyone else is racist. I’m not sure who these “Interested people” are though.

          1. You know who else tried to rile up the “interested people”…

        2. You are just not spiritually advanced enough to grasp the meaning of Sensei LadyA1’s koan.


        3. She’s saying she knows that all her political enemies, even if they publicly and constantly decry racism as the most base of all evils, are secretly in their heart of hearts driven primarily by racism and thus all their arguments are invalid.

      3. Jesus Fucking Christ.
        I turned on MSNBC earlier today and the black hostess had two black and one white panelist discussing this. The overarching theme of the discussion was that this was all motivated by racism. Also it is only a political witch-hunt and the republicans should lay off of F+F because it will distract from discussing the economy.

        Amazing how they are suddenly interested in discussing the economy.

        The stupidity of the left is a wonder to behold.

        1. Hahaha, they should take them up on the offer to hammer them on the economy.

        2. What? These people have been avoiding the e-word like crazy. They may be unpeople talking like that.

        3. It won’t have much effect since their entire audience consists of die-hard leftists anyway. Well, plus curious wanderers like you.

    2. “For the past year, you’ve been holding the attorney general to an impossible standard,” [Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md.] said, addressing Issa.

      “I can’t do what them people tell me to do / So I guess I’ll remain the same.”

  6. SadBeard The Kinda Pirate is an economics genius!

    Section (k) of this statute states that the Secretary of the Treausry “may mint and issue platinum bullion coins and proof platinum coins in accordance with such specifications, designs, varieties, quantities, denominations, and inscriptions as the Secretary, in the Secretary’s discretion, may prescribe from time to time.” The intention here is to have the mint make a small number of platinum collector coins as a minor giveaway to platinum interests. But the plain text of the law appears to indicate that Secretary Geithner can mint a $2 trillion platinum coin, give it to the Federal Reserve, and then use that deposit as the backing to finance government operations.

    1. No one takes a word she says seriously. Right? Please tell me that’s true. Right?!?

      1. I think she’s sending a trial balloon more than suggesting it.

        1. She’s been beating this drum for a while.

          The $Trillion platinum coin option is quite popular among the Ivy League progressive set.

    2. I really wish Obama would follow retard’s advice and run his election campaign on the theme of “I can borrow as much money as I want to in your name and there is nothing you or Congress can do about it.” Even Axelrod isn’t that stupid.

      I really think liberals hire him just because they feel sorry for him being retarded and Aspy and all.

    3. Uh. Since platinum is trading below gold, why not mint a lighter $2T gold coin?

      1. Uh, because that would be giving into the gold bugs. Do you ever think before you post?

        1. Sorry. I R an engineer. I think things like “why not use the most expensive per weight metal commonly used that way you can have a lighter coin.”

          Of course, even with gold at $1620/ troy oz, that coin would weigh approximately 38,270 metric tons or 42,000 US tons.

          1. Also cool if you’re into numerology is that it is 1234567901 troy oz. So obviously, a goldbug conspiracy.

          2. 46,645 US tons for the platinum coin. Don’t think that’s transportable by land. Also, it would be cylinder approximately 16 ft in radius and 16 ft meters tall.

            1. sorry, 16 ft tall. Converted from meters.

              1. You are making the mistake of thinking that the actual value of the coin has to be 2 trillion.
                To progressives, money is magically created out of thin air and has no connection to value. Thus, they would simply make a coin approximately the size of a dollar coin and stamp ‘2 trillion US dollars’ on it. Voila.

                1. It seems to me that seigneurage has failed uncountable times. But they’ll try it again because its easier than reality.

            2. Final point. If you took all the platinum ever mined on Earth, it would be about $1.5T. So all the platinum ever mined would pay for this year’s budget deficit. Almost.

              1. Those fuckers aren’t getting my wedding ring.

      2. uhh … thats weird. When did that happen? that makes me think it might be time to sell some.

        1. Been inverted for a while now. Gold at $1620, plat at $1460 today.

    4. “Anybody got change for $2 trillion?”

      1. Change? Soon the 2T coin, also known as “The Timmay,” will barely buy you a black market soda in The Grand Duchy of Bloomsburgia.

        1. The Grand Duchy Douche-y of Bloomsburgia


    5. A $2 Trillion platinum coin? I told them we already got one!!

      Pfffffbaaaaahahahaha snicker!

    6. Suddenly Pelosi is interested in what the constitution says….amazing.

  7. You know, up until this afternoon, I was convinced they were setting Lanny Breuer (sp?) up to take the fall for Fast Furious. Now, it appears they won’t throw anybody under the bus, which means it has to go all the way to the top.

    1. This nontroversey will be relegated to Fox News, wingnut.com, and AM radio within two weeks.

      1. You’d be all for this, shrike, if McCain had won last election.

      2. Are you a bettin’ man, PB?

        1. I think the best part of shrike’s trolling is his obsession with AM radio.

          1. AM radio is where all the best minds in the GOP go to rot.

            1. Ed Schultz, Bill Press, and Thom Hartmann are on AM radio.

            2. Palin’s Buttplug|6.20.12 @ 4:51PM|#
              “AM radio is where all the best minds in the GOP go to rot.”

              And where brain-dead ignoramuses congregate.
              You seem to be real familiar with the medium.

      3. You wish dipshit. This means it is going to be the top story all summer long. Even NBC can’t ignore it anymore.

        1. NBC will just edit all the footage to make it Romney’s fault.

          1. “Ahem….” G. Bush

        2. And aren’t we all glad those men died so you could jerk off to an Obama scandal.

          1. I’m not, but Obama is.

            Oh wait, you weren’t talking about the operatives whose lives are at risk because Obama leaked details of intelligence operations for his political gain?

            Never mind.

      4. I gotta go with Shriek on this one. I think he’s right.

        Two weeks – this is over…I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am…

        1. Nah. The AG being held in contempt is a big deal. This will go to a court. And right about September or October the court will order DOJ to turn over the files. And when that happens, the shit will hit the fan.

        2. No way. Issa’s be on Holder’s ass for the past 3 years minimum; this is just now seeing the light of day. Story has legs, but won’t be a deciding issue.

      5. This nontroversey will be relegated to Fox News, wingnut.com, and AM radio within two weeks.

        So the most widely watched cable news network and most listened-to radio talk shows?

        The liberal sector of the MSM pretty much has to cover this to counteract the truth with BO’s talking points. If they try to ignore it it’s going to bite BO in the ass.

  8. If there’s only $20M in Medicare waste, 1/10th of it is in penis pumps.

    Together, those claims from the small sample amounted to $18,007 in billings, and when multiplied across Pos-T-Vac’s entire set of 28,088 claims, the potential for fraudulent payments came to more than $4.2 million in 2008 and 2009, the auditors said.

    $4.2M/2 years = $2.1M a year in just dick pumps from one company. Suure, I believe the official figure.

  9. So I can’t talk about the medical device featured in this article. But let’s just say that 10% of the “official” Medicare fraud amount was spent on illegal claims for something that is not Austin Power’s bag.

  10. In today’s edition of Ain’t That A Damn Shame Report:

    Marisa Miller Expecting First Child

    “Now I could never be sure, but I thought that I heard the sound of Taps being played gently.”

    1. Those people look like they were pancaked by a steamroller.

  11. More Dems skipping the convention. Because who doesn’t want to be photographed with people like Carter, Biden, and Wasserman-Shultz?

    1. Why go to any political convention? Unless you’re Anthony Weiner looking for trim.

      1. What’s this?? OUR shrike, criticizing a Democrat?

        I smell a rat.

        1. I smell a rat.

          It’s a hamster…..and it smells like Richard Gere.

          Remember shreek is always up someone ass. I just thought he’d be honest and call himself Obamas Buttplug.

      2. You are such a sockpuppet.

    2. LOL. What was that about Obama filling up Bank of America Stadium?

  12. 25 Iconic swimsuits. I have to say, they were most iconic between Liz Taylor and Bo Derek.

    1. Holy crap, Demi Moore looks like a starving African in that pic. Nasty.

  13. Despite a complaint from a parent, government schools in Morganville, N.J., will continue an “optional” pledge of allegiance to the district and its teachers.

    “One nation, dumbed the fuck down…”

  14. No matter how wide the audience becomes with ASII, I think they’re going to lose just about everyone when they produce ASIII: John Galt’s Speech. There’s no way you’re going to get people to sit through an entire movie of John Galt giving a radio address.

    1. Shit, I didn’t even read the whole thing. I think I got about 5 pages into it and decided that thumbing through the rest was my best bet.

      1. The best way to read it is read until a character speaks for more than one long paragraph, then skip the next 20-50 pages.

        1. lol

    2. Okay, I’ll confess, I haven’t read Atlas Shrugged. But thank you for confirming my belief that should I desire to get the point, all I need to do is find The Speech (all Rand books have it) and read that.

      I still think Anthem is her best work.

      1. I agree, it delivers her message in less than 6,000 pages.

        1. I’d recommend also reading Francisco D’Anconia’s “money” speech. It’s only a few pages, or you can read it here:


          1. Yeah, I thought it was better than Galt’s speech honestly.

      2. I find Rand un-readable. She’s another Hemingway – an absolutely horrible storyteller with great stories to tell.

        Although she’s more like the anti-Hemingway – overly verbose and wordy, to his, “It was raining. The rain was wet. It was a rainy wet rain. John died.”

        1. That’s why Anthem is so good.

          1. appreciate the tip

        2. What? I disagree completely. About Hemingway, that is.

          1. I kind of like Raymond Chandler’s riff on Hemingway.

            Cop: “Why do you keep calling me Hemingway?”
            Marlowe” “Because you think if you repeat yourself often enough, what you are saying must be important.”

      3. hmmm … I’d recommend the exact opposite. Read all the plotty part, and skip The Speech.

        1. That’s what I’ve done when I’ve re-read the book. I got everything in the rest of the book, thanks.

        2. ^This. It’s a pretty decent story until she gets around to beating you severely over the head with the major tenets of Objectivism.

  15. “U.S. Per Person Debt to Increase 7 Times Faster than Italian Debt”

    1. Thus proving we’re better than the Italians! Of course, we proved that during WWII, but tsill. USA! USA! USA!

      1. *waves American flag back and forth*

  16. What to do if you have $200M more money than healthy fear of Russian spacecraft operated by a 3rd party.

  17. The grateful children of Israel breathe a sigh of relief…

    Alice Walker Refuses to Let The Color Purple Be Published in Israel

    …and ask that the literary heirs of Nathaniel Hawthorne follow suit.

    1. Jewish children all over the world are writing desperate pleas to Toni Morrison as we speak.

      1. Seriously, I’d bulldoze the entire Gaza Strip if it meant I would never having to read Beloved.

        1. *have to* typing is hard

  18. From the incredibly bad business model department.

    Slim and svelte? Then you may be banned from Canada’s new gym Body Exchange

    1. Founder and CEO Louise Green told TheProvince.com that the gym is a “safe haven” for overweight people who may be intimidated to work out in the presence of those who are fit.

      So, a place to commiserate and not progress, because otherwise she’s creating an environment where, once they’re successful with their customers, they bar them from returning.

      1. If being around “fit” people is intimidating to a person, said person should commit suicide immediately to prevent further damage to our posterity.

    1. More Pelosi goodness: I could’ve arrested Karl Rove for something, mumble, mumble mumble RACISTS!!!!


      1. I find it interesting that the quick links at the top of the page are thus:

        “The GOP”


        “Ron Paul”

        I guess that shows where their priorities are.

        1. HuffPo is completely obsessed with Republicans. It’s bizarre.

          1. Team BLUE and their lackeys need Republicans. The fall of Team RED is their biggest fear because then they wouldn’t have anything against which to protest.

    2. Are you serious?

  19. Sandusky’s lawyer is retarded:


    1. An “inadequate counsel” gambit?

    2. Give the guy a break. You try defending some guy who formed a children’ charity for the specific purpose of finding children to go Steve Smith on.

    3. Wouldn’t you kinda have to be retarded to take him as a client?

      1. His money spends like anyone else’s, and no one expects you to win.

        1. His money spends like anyone else’s, and no one expects you to win.

          Wait, so you’re saying that Joe Amendola didn’t take this case on contingency?

      2. Straight cash homey. And you would be amazed at how defending even the worst high profile defendant gets you business. People really do think “he was on TV he must be good”.

      3. Take his money, do the right things proceduraly, ask the right questions on cross, make a decent closing. Basically do enough to avoid PCR.

        1. That is all you can do. The guy is screwed. As he should be.

          1. Oh the irony when he’s in prison being touched as if he were a little boy.

            Will he enjoy being man-handled?

            1. I don’t think he is going to like being a bottom.

    4. His other attorney looks a little better. According to pennlive.com, he got the state troopers investigating the case to admit that they asked leading questions of one of the accusers, and got the state troopers to directly contradict themselves.


      That might be enough to save Sandusky from a few of the 51 charges he’s facing, but not the rest.

  20. GM Food, doesn’t solve climate change! Also, I like the claim that GM crops lower biodiversity. Like this isn’t a problem with natural monocrop farming.

  21. TOLEDO, Ohio ? The Ohio congressional candidate known as “Joe the Plumber” is running a campaign video in which he suggests that Nazi gun controls contributed to deaths during the Holocaust because Jews didn’t have firearms to defend themselves.


    Just about as nutty as one of John’s theories.

    1. Because people having guns to defend themselves would have done nothing to deter the mobs. And certainly the Warsaw uprising didn’t last weeks and cause the Nazis all kinds of problems or anything.

      You are not just a hack. You are just profoundly stupid.

      1. No, it’s a sockpuppet. Just ignore the fucking thing.

      2. (Cha-chunk)Just keep on movin’, Adolph.

    2. I recall a TV movie about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising — they were pretty psyched when they were able to smuggle a few guns over the wall and start resisting, even if it didn’t end so well.

      Then there’s also JPFO.

    3. That asshole left out gun control under Jim Crow. That just proves that he’s a racist!

  22. Jezebel comment thread of the day:


    Other things moms tell you that are not helpful – boys aren’t asking you out because they’re intimidated.

    And then you grow up and realize no, you’re ugly.



    Or you grow up and realize that the guys you were crushing on weren’t intimidated or “not interested in dating,” they just weren’t into fat chicks. And then you stop going after guys who aren’t into fat chicks and life gets slightly less sucky.


    I always got “these same boys are going to be lined up around the block to marry you when you are grown”. I’m 29 now and there is no line.

    1. At least they have accepted the fact that they are fat and or ugly. I think that’s the case but I don’t know for sure, the link is blocked at work due to “obscene content.”

      1. Yes and it is funnily depressing but I’ve seen plenty of fat ugly women get men. I wonder if they will have the same self awareness about their man hating being a turn on off to men.

        1. You know what the world needs? A dating website that can hook the misandrists up with the misogynists. They can be united by their mutual collective hatred of each other’s gender. Love will blossom like fungus on shit.

          1. I love that idea. You could sell it to the misandrists as their feminist duty to tame and reform the heretics.

          2. I think we should sue eHarmony again.

        2. Odd that isn’t it. And I also know some pretty attractive women who are hitting their late 30s and hearing the old biological clock pounding in their ears every day. It is almost as if being a snotty princess or a man hating feminist turns men off or something.

          1. that’s one of feminism’s key legacies, though the sisterhood will never admit that it is often its own worst enemy.

          2. Yep and except for the second commenter who has figured things out I bet they are sitting their waiting for the perfect man instead of lowering their standards. Because men not being attracted to fat ugly chicks is just part of the evil patriarchy.

        3. Hang out outside an army base sometime. I’ve never seen so many men buying so many hideous women drinks in all my life as outside Ft. Benning.

          1. The skinnier the soldier the fatter the wife. And yeah, if you are a reasonably in shape homely girl who wants to get laid, you are crazy not to join the Army. You will get paid to be a princess.

            1. Amazing how that works, isn’t it. I thought it was the strangest thing when I first joined.

              And yeah; as a female, as long as you don’t actually look like a farm animal, if you join the military, you’ll have your pick of the litter. Though it was always rumored that AF chicks were “hotter”.

              1. AF chicks are hotter.

            2. There’s pretty, then there’s Army Pretty.

  23. Michelle Obama to college students: Don’t worry about getting a degree in something useful that will get you a job after school, do what “feels good” instead.

    Do you think this is her way of implying to students that if they vote for Obama he’ll forgive student debt? How else would you explain such blatant stupidity?

    1. it’s not stupidity; come on, man. That is straight up liberal dogma – students with degrees in useful things will be able to find jobs and be self-supporting. How’s a Dem going to win with an electorate full of that?

  24. Pelosi rips Holder contempt charges: ‘I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day’


    1. If Holder goes to jail, the liberal tears are going to be so yummy.

      1. I can already taste the salt.

      2. If he opts to go to jail rather than turn over the documents, I think its safe to assume that there is a letter, on POTUS letterhead, signed by the President (using purple glitter ink and hearts and stars around it) stating something to the effect of “we should have a program to give guns to Mexican gangs so they can kill wantonly and then we use that to justify repealing the 2nd Amednment and confiscating every gun in America.”

        I can’t think of another possible scenario that would justify Holder himself taking the fall for this.

        1. You think he’d really go all G Gordon Liddy on our asses?

          I doubt it.

    2. Pelosi: Congressional Tuff Gai

      She can’t arrest anyone. Can she really be as stupid as she seems?

      1. Judging from the comments of people I have known who have met her, yes and then some. And she makes up for it by being an awful person as well.

      2. She’s stupid, but loud.

        1. She’s loud and stupid, but at least she’s insipid and aggravating.

          1. Look, she may be stupid, loud, insipid and aggravating, but she could not be more self righteous and egomaniacal.

    3. Well then she was asleep at the switch.

    4. Except for not having the votes.

  25. The comments on the WaPo pizza story are about fuckin’ sad. It’s like Tony and shrike set up half a dozen fake accounts apiece, and started posting there.

    1. Tony and Shrike are two of the smarter WaPo comenters. Yeah, it is that bad.

      1. That’s not saying much.

      2. Have you ever checked out DailyKos or Thinkprogress comments?

        Your faith in whatever deity you worship *will* be shaken.

  26. Are you serious?

    not spam. ampersand.

    1. this was awesomely clever when it was in response to the Nancy Pelosi think about the debt ceiling. The spam squirrel screwed me though.

      1. Are you serious? Are you SERIOUS?

  27. Also, the other night on the RedEye – no, not an appearance by The Jacket (although Michael Moynihan was on for a week straight, which was great) – did a segment from Jezebel about some woman whom Southwest air banned from a flight for too much cleavage, or inappropriate cleavage, or some such thing.

    Thay had a body pic from Jezebel – yep, fat, smelly lookin’ hippy bitch.

    All I could think was, “SugarFree got to Greg Gutfeld. Good for him…”

    1. Soon Gutfield will no longer be able to post working hyperlinks, and my co-option will be complete.

      1. so can any RedEye fans tell me what brand of eyewear S.E. Cupp wears? Need to know!

  28. Jimmy Carr tax affairs ‘morally wrong’ – Cameron

    Apparently it is “morally” wrong to keep what you earn… who knew?

    1. That’s because anything produced in the Realm is property of the Queen, mate!

    2. “According to the Times, the K2 scheme allows someone on an income of ?280,000 to reduce their tax bill from ?127,000 to just ?3,500.”

      But a tax bill of over 45% of gross income is morally correct according to Cameron?

  29. In other news, Joe The Plumber has opined that gun control helped teh nazis implement the holocaust:


  30. Made it through my practice MBE today 🙂 without making any weird body noises for 6 hours. So I am proud.

  31. How many folks recognize what movie this picture is from? Hint: starred Phil Silvers.

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