North Carolina State Trooper Knees Motorist in Face During Traffic Stop, Gets Two-Day Suspension


A North Carolina state trooper who went berserk after a motorist called him a "jackass" was suspended for only two days without pay and is now back on the road, reports the AP

Westmoreland, 34, said he was driving in his Toyota pickup with the cruise control set when he passed several patrol cruisers parked on the side of the road. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw one of the troopers pull out behind him and turn on his blue lights.

As he pulled over, Westmoreland said, a co-worker called him on his cellphone, wanting to know where he was. He was talking on the phone when the trooper walked up to his window and ordered him to hang up.

"I said, 'This is a business call, give me just one second,'" said Westmoreland, who repairs recreational vehicles for a dealership in Statesville.

Davidson then asked for his driver's license and registration. A little nervous, Westmoreland said he handed the officer his license but also accidentally gave him his bank debit card.

"He took it and threw it at me," Westmoreland said. "That sort of set me off."

After a heated exchange in which Westmoreland said Davidson used several four-letter words, the trooper took his license and went back to his cruiser.

A few moments later, a second trooper, Hugh T. Sloop, arrived on the scene. Davidson then returned to Westmoreland's window.

"When he got back to the car, he told me how fast I was going and I said, 'Man, there's no way,'" Westmoreland recounted. "He said to get out of the car. I said, 'For what? A speeding ticket?'"

Westmoreland said he looked down toward his lap to put his license back in his wallet when he was hit with a blast of voltage in his chest. Sloop then opened the passenger door and reached for him, Westmoreland said.

"He started yanking on me," Westmoreland said. "I said, 'Will you hold on a dadgum minute, I've still got my seat belt on!'"

Once Davidson let up on the shocks from his stun gun, Westmoreland said he climbed out the passenger door and followed orders to get on his knees.

"Next thing I know, the guy who Tasered me tackles me from behind," he said. "He was on my head, using restraints like they're trained to do. I have no problem with that. But he had his knee in the back of my head. I said, 'Hey man, can't you ease up a little bit?' Next thing I know, he just starts whaling on me. He just reared back with his knee and started hitting me in the face."

Davidson cursed and beat him while in handcuffs until another trooper pulled him off, Westmoreland said.

The AP was not able to confirm that Davidson was suspended specifically for attacking Westmoreland, as the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that such information is protected by special privacy laws for state employees. The AP was also unable to get its hands on the report officers are required to file by state law whenever they discharge a weapon, or the incident report filed after the arrest. Again, the North Carolina Highway Patrol cited its own interpretation of a privacy law that exempts certain personnel laws from records request.

Davidson's violent and vile behavior is perhaps a small problem compared to the NC Highway Patrol's astounding ability to withhold basic information in an age of sunlight laws, radical transparency, etc., etc. 

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  1. Davidson cursed and beat him while in handcuffs until another trooper pulled him off, Westmoreland said.

    Another officer pulled him off instead of joining in?

    The mythical “good cop” actually exists?

    1. Well, maybe just ‘not horrible’ cop. I think a good cop would file assault charges for that kind of thing.

      1. A good cop would have arrested Davidson for battery.

    2. The other cop did what was right. The rest of the hierarchy trivialized a serious cop crime and left in place an explosive danger to society.

    3. He was probably wanting him just to move so he could get some heroin in the guys pocket before someone with a camera showed up.

    4. sounds like the other officer had no problem with allowing his fellow copper to get a few licks in…

  2. “North Carolina Highway Patrol says that such information is protected by special privacy laws for state employees”

    Yes, we wouldn’t want the people who pay their salaries to know what they’re up to. That’s just lovely.

    1. “Such information” is public information about how a public employee does his public job. It is not personal information such as SS# or home address.

      1. No reason why a government employee’s home address should not be public record along with any and all job related parts of their personnel file. They require us to provide them with an address, we should be able to know where they live too.


    1. Stop exposing that yellow streak that runs down your libertarian back.

      1. The fuck is that supposed to mean?

        1. Stop being such a pussy and take your beatings like man?

          1. Stand up and fight so I can shoot you in the head.

        2. He’s trying to goad you into doing something violent by insinuating that you’re all talk. Probably works for FBI or DHS.

          1. I thought SOP for the FBI these days is entrapment.

        3. TELLMOFF is an agent provocateur, probably for the ATF.

          I think he is trying trying to build an anti-state conspiracy his bosses can heroically take down.

          If we stop giving him hope, he’ll start trawling another website for victims er comrades-at-arms.

          1. Have you noticed how he’s toned down some of his posts lately? Probably trying to gain some sort of trust. So ham-handed and unsubtle.

          2. I also find it hilarious that anonbot is the only one giving him anything that he can report to his bosses.

  4. Its PUNK cops like this I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty! Loser!

    1. You are the coolest spambot ever.

  5. He was on my head, using restraints like they’re trained to do. I have no problem with that.

    Well, you should. The cops had no reason that I can see to use any force at all, starting with the taser. This was assault, full stop.

  6. Insect has to learn who his betters are. Tasing and knees to the face are how cops teach us dogs how to behave.

  7. Westmoreland got off lucky. Our state’s state troopers are fucking murderer scum. I know from a retired member of that force that knowing how to dispose of bodies was a job requirement in the 60’s when he was hired. Not bullshitting you. That is exactly what he explained to me. It was nothing to cover up a murder for these guys.

  8. OK, the obvious issues aside, why did he hand the cop his debit card – which BTW he did not do “accidentally”? I’m not up on the latest bribing techniques so, is this the way a bribe is offered these days or what? Seems kind of cumbersome and inefficient if it is.

    1. “To complete the bribe, please enter your PIN. Do you want cash back?”

    2. I know from dealing with the state’s ABC (alcohol control) store that public employees are easily confused by the purpose of debit cards and can become frustrated and angry when presented with one. It is like fire to a Neanderthal. Beyond their ability to understand.

    3. Why do you think it wasn’t accidental? I once handed someone at the airport my Duane Reade points card along with my Green Card and I wasn’t trying to tell him that if he let me over the border and then spent like 23 more dollars at Duane Reade he could get 5 bucks off his next purchase.

      1. So your Duane whatever card and your Green Card look a lot like a driver’s license, do they?

        1. You make mistakes when confronted by an armed lunatic, anyone would.

        2. Well if you are nervous b/c some thug with a gun is staring you down asking for your license you might just be distracted and hand him whatever your fingers find.

          1. I’ve been pulled over many times and every time I manage to hand over my drivers license rather than a credit card. I’ve never heard of anyone handing a cop their debit card in place of the license before.

            A cop isn’t a “thug with a gun”, either. Would you use that excuse for a worker who kept overflowing the cappucino machine because the customer was open carrying?

            1. A cop isn’t a “thug with a gun”, either.

              Sure looks like this one was.

        3. If he kept both cards together in one wallet slot, he may have pulled them out together accidentally. It happens, moreso when you’re nervous and clumsy.

    4. That would be a plausible reason for the officer getting pissed, but the cop didn’t mention a bribery attempt in his report so it doesn’t seem likely to be the case here.

      Still wondering how much of a thumblebum you have to be to mistake a debit card for a drivers license in a wallet you carry every day. Not really buying the timid nervousness excuse when seconds later he’s calling the cop four-letter words.

    5. I have done the same thing. I pull out my debit card 15 times a day. Every time I reach into my wallet, it’s usually for my debit card. Rarely do people demand my license. I keep the license right up front, the debit last in back, and my hands sometimes pull the wrong one by habit.

      I am thankful that the officer I tried to hand my debit card to asked me “Why are you trying to give me your debit card??” and did not knee me in the face and taze me.

      If you think cops are so corrupt they keep a cardreader on them to take bribes with MasterCard and American Express you’re even more cynical than me.

  9. A prosecutor later agreed to drop the charges, but only if Westmoreland made a written apology to Davidson.

    They made the victim apologize to the assailant. What the fuck did he write?
    “I’m very sorry that I repeatedly struck you in the knee with my face.”
    “I’m very sorry that I bruised your fragile little ego to such an extant that you couldn’t help but to commit a felonious assault in retaliation.”
    “I’m very sorry that you get violent when you have sand in your vagina.”

    1. God, I hope so. 😀

  10. So Westmoreland didn’t file a report of brutality with the PD or attempt to sue the dept, after being “whaled on” (presumably using the hood ornament harpoon now standard on police cruisers). Also no evidence of the injuries one would expect from being wailed on.

    Typical Reason credulity for reports of police abuse. The tasering is not in dispute of course since the officer put it in his report too, and is certainly excessive in response to being called a name. But everything else is one uncorroborated side of the story.

    1. Holy fuck you must be the new Dunphy. As to uncorroborated. If the po-po got nothing to hide then let us see the fucking records. Die in a fire with YOUR progeny Tulpa. Take Dunphy with you and improve the breed.

      1. The records law is stupid, I agree. But just because it’s being used here doesn’t mean Westmoreland’s story is the unvarnished truth.

        1. But just because it’s being used here doesn’t mean Westmoreland’s story is the unvarnished truth.

          I don’t know who argued that.
          Oh yea. The straw man.

          Time to move the goal posts.

          1. Everybody in this thread, other than me, is assuming Westmoreland’s story is true. The writer of the headline is also assuming it’s true.

            Not that you actually thought before accusing me of strawmanning, it’s just the insult du jour you’ve picked up from the glibsters.

            1. I was poking at your use of the word “unvarnished”.

              Anyone with a brain knows that the whole story is somewhere in between.

              Yet you argue against the assertion that EVERYBODY takes this guys word to be gospel.

              It’s a straw man. With overalls. And a bandana.

        2. If you agree that the tasing was excessive for name calling, and the asshat using the taser was the pig…why shouldn’t I, and others, accept the story of the fucking victim. The cop has shown himself to be an out of control asshole. I feel safe in assuming he is also a lying POS. Plus he is a cop, ipso facto a fucking lying scum bag. Please die in a fire with your progeny and take Dunphy and his along to improve the breed.

  11. Come on Riggs, a little more accuracy in reporting here? The cop wasn’t suspended, it was a medical leave of absence so he could get treatment for the psychic trauma he suffered after having he knee assaulted so savagely by that mans face.

  12. Last time I got pulled over I gave the cop an expired insurance card.
    Boy did he get pissed.
    So instead of giving me a ticket for the 60mph I was going in the 55mph zone I was in, he gave me a ticket for going 65mph in the 45mph zone a mile back.

    I suppose I should consider myself lucky. He could have given me a beat down and charged me with assault on a police officer.

    1. Just fight that shit. NEVER pay the ticket – They ALWAYS do what you describe. In North Carolina, where I live, police officers will NOT show up to court, nor do they have to for the ticket to stick. Lawyers down here are only $50-$150 for a traffic ticket because of how much of a joke it is. They transfer 20-50 cases to a single day, go in, slam the file on the DA’s desk and EVERYONE the lawyer was representing gets an “Improper Equipment” citation (0 points, double the price of the speeding ticket) for those who don’t have more than 2 speeding tickets in 1 year and those with more tickets get a “9 over” 2 pointer. Just went through this myself – got 60 in a 45 while on cruise control set to 45 on a country road while eating my Bojangles. I find it odd that I have NEVER been pulled over by a single local police officer or sheriff in my life – but every ticket I have EVER gotten and every time I have ever been pulled over was a state trooper…

      1. I did wait to go to court, and the officer showed up.
        When the judge told everyone that they were guilty and wasting his time, I elected to pay.

  13. One can only assume that North Carolina doesn’t require dash cams in cruisers. Or will we see the video once it surfaces? The objective truth is a terrible thing when it comes to justice…

    1. I’m sure that any footage that contradicts the officer’s story was lost or destroyed.

  14. Barney Fife finally got his loaded gun, eh? I wonder how far from the town that inspired Mayberry this traffic stop occurred. I have often daydreamed about a “Return to Mayberry” that would show us how Sheriff Andy would deal with modern law-enforcement challenges as well as the increasing militarization of police. Could it be a situation comedy? Or would it turn darker and dramatic, as “Lou Grant,” did when that character left the Mary Tyler Moore show? I’d pay extra for premium cable, if they could import the channel from a parallel universe where THAT show were on the air. Or better yet, Sheriff Andy teams up with Harry Callahan in the feel-good, buddy cop movie of the year!

    Oh man, don’t get me started…

  15. These stories are getting more common. It’s part of the wave of militarization of the police in this country. Machine guns, flack jackets, APC’s, combat boots. It’s turning into a banana republic with a trillion dollar budget.

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