A.M. Links: Morsi Wins Egypt Presidential Vote, Six Year Old Among Migrants Caught Crossing Border Illegally in Arizona, X-37b Lands


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    Muslim Brother Mohammed Morsi seems to have won yesterday's vote in Egypt, the conclusion to the country's first free elections. Official results are expect by week's end and the generals currently ruling the country promise to hand over power at the end of the month.

  • The Saudi king saw a second successor to his throne buried in Mecca over the weekend. The 89 year old king will now likely name the 76 year old defense minister, Prince Salman, as his successor. Half of Saudi Arabia's population is now under 25.
  • The death of an inmate at the Richmond City Jail in 2010 from a heat-induced heart attack has yielded a $10 million lawsuit against the Virginia city and the sheriff's office. An inmate previously died in 2008. The ACLU called conditions in the jail "punishing."
  • Deputy sheriffs in Maricopa County apprehended fifteen people illegally crossing the border, including a six-year old girl apparently no one in the group claimed. Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered a majority of the violators to be held in the county jail, but handed the six-year-old over to federal immigration authorities.
  • The lawyer who threatened to sue the web comic The Oatmeal on behalf of FunnyJunk.com is apparently now suing The Oatmeal on his own because that web comic's owner, Matthew Inman, raised nearly$200,000 for the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society (the attorney is also suing them, and the company that hosted the fundraiser) as part of his response to the attorney.
  • The Air Force's X-37b, a secretive space plane, successfully landed on Saturday after remaining in orbital flight for more than a year. The plane's mission and payload are classified, though the exercise was considered a test flight. Another launch may be scheduled for the fall.
  • Meanwhile, Liu Yang becomes China's first female astronaut in space as the Shenzhou-9 took off into space this weekend.

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