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A.M. Links: Democrats Losing Hope in Obama, Greeks Stocking Up on Canned Food, Tropical Lakes on Titan


  • what, me worry?

    Democrats are starting to fear President Obama may lose. Maybe they didn't see all the polls showing Obama tied with Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and generic Republican. Still, it's only June. Except the perception (gut feeling?) looks like it's cutting into fundraising.

  • An NYPD cop was indicted in the killing of Ramarley Graham. Officer Richard Haste shot Graham as the teenager was flushing the small amount of marijuana he was chased into his grandmother's house for down the toilet. He faces charges of first and second degree manslaughter. Neighbors, meanwhile, are suing the city for trauma. Victory in the drug war is just around the corner!
  • Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the former president of Tunisia, was sentenced to life in prison for suppressing protests during the Arab Spring, and I guess not for all the other shitty things he did? Irrespective, the decision was made in abstenia, the former dictator is in Saudi Arabia.
  • Greeks are stocking up on canned food ahead of an election between their tweedle dee, tweedle dum parties. Many expect Greece will exit the eurozone no matter the results of Sunday's election.
  • Tropical hydrocarbon lakes were found on Saturn's moon Titan in new images sent by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
  • The Human Microbiome Project released findings of its census of microbes like bacteria, viruses and amoeba that live in the human body.
  • Matt Cain pitched the San Francisco Giants' first perfect game, striking out 14 along the way.

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  1. Game of Thrones uses W's head on a pike.

    No big deal, but imagine the uproar if that was Obama.

    1. There's nothing more American than wanting to see politicians' heads on pikes.

      1. Odd that is has never actually happened then.

        1. It's American to WANT to see their heads on pikes. It's also American to not actually do it.

          1. Actually doing it would be pretty brutal and barbaric. It would almost lower us to the level of the politicians.

            1. It would almost lower us to the level of the politicians.

              Or worse...the French.

    2. it was just some head they had lying around...rriigghht.

    3. It's not like he was using it.

    4. So brave.

    5. The only problem I see here is that Obama wasn't up there too.

      1. You can't spike an empty skull.

        1. That's what soiled straw is for.

      2. Perhaps that is being reserved for future use as a chamber pot

        1. Maybe Yolo will be ordered to clean it...

      3. Yes, isn't he the current symbol of oppression?

    6. There just aren't a lot of Summer Islanders in Westoros... it wouldn't fit the lore.

    7. "It's not a choice, it's not a political statement," Weiss and Benioff say.

      I don't really care either way id it was polically motivated or not, but...

      "I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert."

      1. That brings up an interesting question: If your shit started to smell like rainbow sherbet, would you taste it?

    8. As far as I know, no black people have made an appearance in Game of Thrones.

      1. There was one, a pirate Captain who's contribution was a lot of talk about how he wanted to rape the queen. Great moments in TV racism, right there.

        1. Well to be fair that's exactly what he said in the book.

          Besides, if anyone deserves a good raping, it's Cersei Lannister.

          1. He actually said pretty clearly that he did not want to rape her.

            He wanted her to be willing.

            He said so in the book and on the show.

        2. Was he on Weed?!!

      2. Then there was the "richest man in Qarth" who wanted to marry a white woman, but it turns out he was really broke.

      3. Arya's 'dancing' teacher Syrio Forel was black.

        Also as mentioned before Daxos is black as well as Salladhor Saan.

    9. I guess that makes King Joffrey a stand-in for Barack Obama.

      Makes perfect sense.

    10. No big deal

      Actually i think it is kind of awesome.

      I noted yesterday that this makes Bush a Stark.

  2. More taxes coming to Mass?

    documents released by the state and federal government indicated that Patrick's administration is considering a statewide tax on miles driven, a transfer of debt from the ?MBTA to the state's books, and the use of projected casino revenue to pay for transportation.

    But what does that mean?

    This might clear things up.

    1. Basically, Boston is a fucked up place where "need" and "justice" dictates state taxes and spending. So Taxachusetts has a state government that is awash in money which it wantonly gives out in exervises of inefficiency, wishful thinking and most often, outright graft.

      AS I said in another thread. The moment the higher education bubble bursts, the economy here is going to implode like Houston after the collapse of the oil industry there in the 80's.

      Unlike Houston, the Democratic machine will grind up any goslings before they can grow to start laying golden eggs and feed them to industries like sustainable or green energy that suffer from congenital disorders that will kill them before puberty.

      1. It pains me to read this and know it's true. I love the state, its people (ok, not all of them), its great history and all that, but the politics is mind-exploding insane.

    2. Does it mean that more Massholes will move to NH, and then try to turn NH into Mass?

      1. That's what Californians did to Colorado. Then again, judging by Rick Santorum's success in CO in the primary, it's not like the place wasn't fucked up in other ways already.

        1. Around Denver and Boulder I understand this to be true. However, once you get into the hinterlands I beleive it is very conservative.

          Was skiing in Telluride a couple of seasons ago and met a guy who moved to Montrose from NYC. He was shocked how conservative it was.

          1. You mean people didn't give a shit how much salt you used or whether you owned, possessed, and used firearms? Shockingly conservative!

            1. That, and I think this particular refugee from the Upper West Side was appalled at all the church-going.

      2. Already in progress.

    3. All they want is all we've got.

  3. hypothesis: gay men have slutty moms!

    1. This is an evolutionarily reasonable hypothesis. If homosexuality is genetic and its expression in females is hyper-fecundity then the fact that males with those genes don't reproduce is negated by the extra offspring of the females with that gene set.

  4. claim: Barry's gonna legalize the herb!

    1. Oh yeah, how's he gonna do that? Executive order?

      1. Yes? Doesn't the executive branch get to set the scheduling of a controlled substance?

        1. IIRC, you're correct in that the FDA controls the scheduling of drugs.

        2. Not the president specifically but I believe that the actual schedule of drugs is set by some arcane process involving the DEA, FBI, HHS and FDA and since they are all executive branch agencies it is possible Obama could push through a rescheduling of Marajuana without Congressional approval.

          That said there are treaty obligations which we have agreed to which may prevent it too so I'm not really sure if it would work.

          1. some arcane process

            The headless chicken wheel of decisions, right?

            1. I am to disturbed to find that I want to know more about this.

              Specifically: exactly how does one determine at which of a myriad of radially-arrayed, TOP MEN-planned solutions a headless spinning chicken, upon coming to rest, has, uh... pointed?

  5. I'm not sure who Amy Willerton is, but damn!

    1. God Bless You for pointing that out. Damn indeed!

    2. What a porker!

      1. That comment makes you look fat.

    3. Her assets are well placed.

  6. Homeless guy finds money, allowed to keep it! (cops give it up after city council votes to allow dude to keep it)

  7. Likelihood Obama loses = zero. Unless Romney wins the trifecta in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, he's not making it.

    1. Or picks up electoral votes in PA, Michigan, Wisconsin etc.

      1. I had to go the three blocks from my decent neighborhood into the City of Philadelphia yesterday to re-register my car in Pennsylvania. All of the little businesses around had Obama posters up (I was across the street from Concerned Black Men, Inc. and "The Church of Broken Pieces", by the way).

        I can't imagine the folks in those neighborhoods have had their situations improved, but for some reason they still have their "Martin Luther King - I have a Dream 1968:Barack Obama - I am the Dream 2008" posters up.

        1. Before anybody says "RAAACIST", my decent neighborhood is also mostly black.

          1. Sure, and I'll bet some of your best friends are black too.

            1. Actually, it hasn't turned out that way.

        2. I am the Dream

          How is that little witticism not patently offensive?

    2. Seriously, that's nonsense. The economy alone will kill Obama. He's obviously unsuited for the office and commits gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. Romney's only better in not having Obama's history of suckiness, but he benefits mightily in not being Obama.

      1. All that is true and logical, ProL, but that just means it doesn't apply in the electorate's thinking. i really do think that at best all that will matter is the single issue most important to the FL/OH/VA electorate (which may be a different issue in each case) - not the aggregate. On aggregate Obama is nicer and without a specific issue voters go for nice.

        1. I'll be shocked if Obama wins Florida. We're very sensitive to the economy down here.

          1. Housing / construction and tourism are obviously, huge industries here. We're all aware of how housing is doing, and I'm sure most can guess at how tourism is fairing in a prolonged recession.

              1. I don't see him winning VA either. He barely won it in 08, and there is no Obamamania anymore. OH is always weird, the conservatives there are are often pro-union for some retarded reason.

                Honestly, it's the same question being posed that is always posed in reelection campaigns: Are you better off now then you were four years ago? Who can honestly answer yes to that question?

          2. I was planning an RP write-in but might go with GJ in the fall.

            But I'm in MD - like pitch freaking midnight TEAM BLUE - so it's all just dust farts. We're still paying for the cases Poli-Lube? O'Malley went thru to get a Piece of TOTUS.

  8. Soccer team doesn't kiss soldiers' asses. Big whoop.

    1. They have bigger problems if they cannot beat Guatemala...

    2. If you are trying to market your second rate sport, you might want to take your opportunities to win fans where you can. The biggest reason why Soccer will never be a big deal in the US is its fans.

      1. As in, it has none?

        Well, we'll all need something to watch after football dies because of the concussion lawsuits.

        1. It has a small group of fans. And they are the worst sort of elitist nerds. One the one hand they are total assholes to anyone from the outside taking an interest in the sport. On the other hand, they constantly whine about how their sport is unpopular. They are the worst sort of "I listened to that band before they were famous and still good" kind of dorks.

          1. So, they're typical soccer fans. Although, the US is the only country in the entire world that isn't crazy about soccer.

            1. It is not a bad sport. I watched a bit when I was in Europe. The biggest problem is that for any sport to be interesting you have to have a rooting interest. And if you don't grow up around a sport and get initiated to a fan base, it is really hard to get a rooting interest later. The EPL is great soccer and sport. But when you don't care who wins, it is bound to be boring.

              1. So chose someone.

                Im a fan of Everton. I chose them at age 24.

                I chose them based on watching 1 game...I thought the fans were great, considering the situation (teetering on edge of relegation). I knew nothing about them at the time, but I chose them. Then I learned their history and I realized they chose me. They fit the pattern of almost every team I care about:

                Long glorious history
                Little to no recent success
                1 Great season every 20 years or so
                Endless frustration

                1. As a Cubs fan, I sneer at your endless frustration.

                  Poor baby.

                  1. Yeah, I think you would need to be an Aston Villa fan or something.

                    1. I think you would need to be an Aston Villa fan or something.

                      Or if you like beating the shit out of people and smashing stuff, Millwall.

                    2. Nobody likes you. (Not that you care, of course.)

                  2. And Cubs fans shouldnt be frustrated, they know the result in advance.

                2. It is not that simple for me Rob. I have tried that and just can't get into it. Soccer for me is like swimming or track and field. Once every four years when there is a national rooting interest I will watch it. Otherwise, I just can't get into it.

                  1. Im enjoying watching Euro 2012. There have been some great matches. And the gawdawful England-France game.

                    If you CHOOSE a rooting interest, then you have a rooting interest. Its tautological.

                    1. The Poland / Russia match was awesome. Too bad about the scuffles.

                  2. I just can't get into a sport that allows some of its biggest matches, or any matches for that matter, to end in a tie. Also, quit calling scrimmages "friendlies." Every time I see something soccer related I think of the King of the Hill episode where Bobby and all the football players quit and play soccer because the soccer coach is easy on them.

              2. That's easy. Just pick a team for some random reason and root for them. Eventually sports-fan instincts kick in and you become a loyal fan after a couple years.

                1. That's easy. Just pick a team for some random reason and root for them.

                  That always works for me. Unless it's the Cowboys vs. the Giants, then I am rooting for the terrorists.

                  "Fight for old DC"

                2. That is true Mo. But I just am not interested enough in soccer to put forth the effort.

              3. And if you don't grow up around a sport and get initiated to a fan base

                Tribalism 101. Works the same for religions and every other identity-groups.

          2. It has a small group of fans. And they are the worst sort of elitist nerds. One the one hand they are total assholes to anyone from the outside taking an interest in the sport.

            The NHL has this problem too. I love it when I'm in Newark and I see locals rocking Devils gear, but too many sneer at the new blood's ignorance rather than educating them.

            There's also the issue that basically nobody likes the current NHL. The old timers think the league is too soft and, owing to the preponderance of stupid penalties, akin to baseball in its flow. The newer fans think that scoring needs to be juiced by the league and, raised on the professional media's hyperventilating over any injury in sports, still think that the old timey aspects of fighting and hitting are much too dangerous and need to be reigned in by more and harsher penalties. Then there are the non-fans that can't wrap their heads around the fact that you're supposed to be watching the play rather than the puck.

          3. There are a lot of soccer fans here in California. But it's basically Europe, so it probably shouldn't count.

        2. Rugby. Plenty of hits, but no armor to let you lead with your head. Faster pace than football (both types) too.

          1. League not Union though. Union is a boring series of kicking the ball OOB.

          2. Can't get over the ban on the forward pass and blocking. Everything I watch it I just get frustrated thinking "hit that guy" and "just throw the fucking ball".

          3. Rugby is perhaps the most superior of all team sports, except baseball.

          4. Rugby is the only sport other than football that I will watch no matter what teams are playing.

      2. Glad to see the human tendency to tribalism is alive and well here at Reason.

        1. Would that all tribalism were channeled into sports.

          1. because the riots after basketball games are so awesome.

            1. Don't forget hockey, like in Vancouver last year.

    3. Just another example of why soccer is the most unAmerican sport, second only to Buzkashi.

      1. Yes, but I bet a PPV Buzkashi event once every two years would clean up. We seem to ignore soccer even at World Cup time.

        1. Kinda like synchronized swimming and the Olympics

        2. Uh, the ratings say differently.

  9. The Human Microbiome Project released findings of its census of microbes like bacteria, viruses and amoeba that live in the human body.

    So we're still going to have incomplete information on the antagonistic libertarian microbes?

    1. The census takers were threatening them with antibodies if they didn't cooperate. But some of those questions on the form were just too personal and not of any relevance.

  10. I'm done.

    1. Come back Shane.

    2. Fork you very much.

  11. Maybe they didn't see all the polls showing Obama tied with Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and generic Republican.

    I'm told an incumbent president should be ahead at this point or it's doom. A downward slide in any case can't be good for him.

    1. Not necessarily. At this point in 2004, Kerry was winning by a couple points.


  12. The Human Microbiome Project released findings of its census of microbes like bacteria, viruses and amoeba that live in the human body.

    Please, God, don't let any of them be on the Endangered Species List, or we're all in big trouble.

  13. Each of us is home to about 100 trillion microscopic life forms ? a figure that's about 10 times higher than the number of cells in the human body. In a 200-pound adult, these organisms can weigh a combined 2 to 6 pounds.


  14. Mickey Klaus explains why the Democratic Party is hopeless. It has become totally incapable of honest self examination.

    But even a mild round of self-critical competition?let alone the traditional orgy?will be hard to mount in today's media environment. As everyone knows, much of the engaged left has effectively hived itself off in MSNBC world, where the typical show features a liberal host, and a guest who agrees with the host, and another guest who agrees with the first guest. Even in the printosphere, when Obama screws up Jonathan Chait or Michael Tomasky are there to explain why the screw up isn't really such a screw up and actually hurts Republicans in the long run.

    In other words, we already know why Obama will have lost. He'll have lost because he wasn't populist enough, he demoralized his base, he didn't pursue single-payer, he foolishly tried to win over swing voters instead of registering new voters, he was too nice to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow and both her guests will nod sagely.


    1. How uninteresting. You realize that someone like David Brooks could write the exact same column about the Right Wing and Fox News, right?

      1. He deals with that issue. And Kaus is a life long Dem and real no kidding liberal BTW.

        P.S.: I suppose this phenomenon is symmetrical?if Romney loses, Erick Erickson will say he was a RINO. Except it's not symmetrical, because the MSM is already sponsoring its own competing GOP/Romney recrimination?he's a captive of Tea Party crazies, unyielding on immigration amnesty, etc. We're unlikely to see a similar MSM pushback to the "he forgot about Osawatamie" explanation from on the left. (Thomas Edsall can only do so much.)

      2. You realize that someone like David Brooks could write the exact same column about the Right Wing and Fox News, right?

        Not if he was familiar with Shepard Smith and Alan Colmes, he couldn't.

        1. Not if he was familiar with Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher, he couldn't.

          1. Greenwald, I'll grant you. Everything I've seen from him for about the past 18 months is critiquing the admin and asking why lefties support him.

            But Hamsher (who I always see as Hamster, BTW) is a fucking idiot. That moron doesn't bolster any point you're trying to make, unless it's 'some lefties are functionally retarded'.

          2. I have no idea what that is supposed to demonstrate but am gratified to find us now in agreement.

          3. Greenwald is only critical on civil liberties and the war. HE is a total brain dead leftist on every other issue. Greenwald will say exactly what Kaus says lefties will say, Obama just wasn't socialist enough.

            1. So what, was Randian suggesting that he had countered my point by bringing up Greenwald, who swings both ways politically and Hamsher, who is an unequivocal Lefty, both of whom have occasional guest gigs on MSNBC, CNN and Fox?? I am confuse.

              1. It seemed that your point was that Alan Colmes and Shepard Smith prove that the Right does not reside in an echo chamber. I brought out two Leftists who are also frequently outside of the lockstep with the Democratic Party. Just pointing out that this is a boring observation that off-the-reservation TEAM members make about their own sides.

                1. Oh, I see. OK. Surely though you would understand how one would be led to believe by the positioning of your Greenwald/Hamsher comment that you were "just" doing something else.

                  1. What would that be? I was setting up a parallelism. In short, it seemed to be the point was "David Brooks could not write the same column if he was aware of Alan Colmes (who, by the way, is not on Hannity anymore) and Shephard Smith", and I said, "Well, Kaus wrote the column in the face of Hamsher and Greenwald"

                    1. OK, whatever. Let's give the dead horse a respite.

    2. Mickey isn't related to Santa. Kaus, no 'l'.

    3. Yes, the cocoon of Fox News does not really exist for conservatives then?

      And I thought no one watched MSNBC?

      Talk about projection.

      1. First dipshit, Kaus is an actual liberal and life long Democrat. Second dipshit, they are the same isn't an argument. Maybe the Republicans are just as hopeless? Who knows. Whatever the answer to that question is, it has nothing to do with the question of whether the Democrats are hopeless.

        I can never figure out if you are just so dishonest or really this stupid.

        1. To the last sentence, I think the answer is yes and yes.

        2. You idiot. There is no such thing as a standard issue Democrat. Will Rogers commented on it long ago - that he does not belong to an organized political party since he was a Democrat.

          Groupthink and conformity is a right-wing phenomena and you illustrate it perfectly.

          1. Group think only occurs on the Right. That is fucking comedy gold. Almost as funny as your evidence for it coming from a guy who has been dead for 80 years.

            Look Shreek, this is not the DU. People here actually have brains. Your shit doesn't sell here you fucking moron.

          2. Retards are retarded.

          3. You idiot.

            I hear this in the voice of Ren.

            1. That is a good point. If you read Skreek's posts to the voice of Ren they are almost bearable.

              1. I always hear the voice of Ding-A-Ling, whenever I read his gibberings. (... and, yes, I realize I've just dated myself, here.)

            2. +1, now I will forever too.

            3. "They all think I'm crazy, but I know better. It is not I who are crazy. It is I who am mad!"

              1. Shriek has Space Madness? That would explain an awful lot.

          4. Hey Shriek

            Why, because someone bashes the left, do you assume they are right leaning?

            Are you really that fucking stupid? Do you have the slightest fucking clue what a libertarian is?

            1. Or even if they are right leaning, that they are so unselfaware they can't understand their side is hardly perfect.

            2. It is pretty unbecoming that every time Shrike says something nasty about the right wing, we all feel the need to leap to the right wing's defense. Just because shrike is stupid doesn't mean we need to become Republicans.

              1. No Randian. Just because you don't like the right wing doesn't make it okay to make stupid and untrue points about it. People slam on the right wing all the time on here. And when they make a valid criticism people agree with it. Shrike gets slammed on because his points are stupid and dishonest.

                Being fair and honest in your criticism does not make you a Republican. It just means you are not a hack.

                1. It doesn't matter what the idiot says, he's just a troll and should be ignored. Responding at all--even with insults--is its version of winning. Same goes for the few other pathetic creatures that have slipped under the bannination net.

                2. No, John, I have seen people who should be against Republicans contort themselves to prove Shrike wrong.

                  1. I think it's more hatred of shrike than team loyalty.

                    1. T - I know, but the hatred of shrike should not translate into Republican homerism.

                    2. I know, but the hatred of shrike should not translate into Republican homerism.

                      Translation: Don't let the calling out of an Internet troll take away your libertarian purity. Nothing is more important than maintaining the true libertarian groupthink.

                      Why don't you and Ken get together and form a little club for scolds.

                  2. I haven't. And would be interested to see some links to what you are talking about Randian.

          5. Groupthink and conformity is a right-wing phenomena

            Liberals really beleive this. They honestly beleive that they are supra-, advanced humans and have evolved beyond normal human tendencies.

            It is because of this that left-wingers find it so easy to round up the 'others' and dispose of them.

          6. Groupthink and conformity is a right-wing phenomena and you illustrate it perfectly.

            Aren't you precious.

          7. Needs more Shrikefag.

      2. I was wondering when Shriek would show up with his daily dose of 'tard.

      3. Despite the existence of Fox News, it's much harder for anyone on the right to live in an ideological cocoon, because the mainstream media, NPR, the public schools, etc., all lean left.

    4. Basically they expected Barry not to be a politician. But if he loses it's not because he's not a politician, it's because he's a lousy politician.

  15. An NYPD cop was indicted in the killing of Ramarley Graham.

    Translation: Cop gets paid leave awaiting trial where he will be found not guilty.

    1. Translation: Cop gets paid leave awaiting trial where he will be found not guilty.

      I sure hope an indictment means he's no longer collecting pay. Anyhow, here's a cute tidbit from the article:

      "As Haste left the courtroom after posting $50,000 bail, dozens of officers applauded him."

      1. darn that pesky rule of law. he gets a TRIAL!!!! dern those librul juries 'll just let him go, darnit.

        fwiw, not sure about NYPD , but some agencies will still pay leave while indictment is on, others have automatic leave w/o pay given an indictment

        considering the old saw that "you can indict a ham sandwich", indictments are often political tools and not very meaningful as to evidence.

        granted, a substantial # of cops (vs. average defendants) will testify at both their grand jury (if given notice) and their trial

        not that correlation = causation, but two things i have noticed with cops trials, is that cops tend to testify FAR FAR more often than the average defendant, and get tend to be found not guilty more often as well.

        when a client is guilty as fuck, lawyers will recommend against them testifying. translation: lawyers usually recommend against clients testifying

  16. The last few innings of a no-hitter or perfect game may be my favorite thing in sports.

    1. Unless the umpires fuck it up, then it's among the worst things in sports.

  17. retailers say consumers are stocking up on non-perishable foods like pasta and canned goods

    So, if the government would simply put a "Eurozone surtax" on pasta and canned goods ....

    1. No, its the ATMs fault!

  18. http://dailycaller.com/2012/06.....alifornia/

    Maryland to be the next California. I was reading this and it got me to thinking about the Gulf states. The Gulf states oil bounty was a curse and a blessing. Because there was so much free money floating around for so long, there was never any need to develop mature political or economic systems. The money papered over all of the backwardness.

    In a way California and Maryland are the same. California has Hollywood the silicon valley. Those are not free money. But they are similar to oil in the sense that they both make a lot of people rich nearly over night. Not that I begrudge a actor making $20 million a movie or some dot.com billionaire. They made their money fair and square.But the way they made it prevents them from really understanding what the real world is like. It is almost like winning the lottery or them finding a few billion dollars in oil on your land. It doesn't really produce level headed or realistic thinking. Maryland has the same issue with federal employees and NGO and contractors. They have this huge source of money coming out of Washington. And a bunch of people who make it that don't live in the real world. It is really no surprise that both states have squandered their wealth and have totally dysfunctional and backwards political systems. The natural checks on this kind of thing that exist in other states, doesn't exist in those places.

    1. Ad Massachusetts to the mix...

      The moment the higher education bubble pops, Boston's economy is going to implode.

      1. Higher ed and hospitals. Those are the two businesses that just couldn't leave.

      2. I've called Maryland, California East, for about 2 decades now. Good to see everyone else catching up.

        1. Yup. Where being governor doesn't mean running for re-election, like it does for every other politician. Being the MD Gov means running for Prez2012.

          Great work if you can get it.

          1. *running for Prez2016

    2. The O'Malley administration has made raising taxes on the "rich" a high priority. In the most recent special session, O'Malley and his allies redefined "rich" to include individuals earning just $100,000 annually

      Keep your eye on O'Malley as he enters the 2016 presidental race. The man is a master of talking at length and saying absolutely nothing, so he's probably a contender.

      1. Carcetti is such an asshole.

      2. He is the contender. The Dems have been grooming him for a 2106 run - assuming that Obama would automatically win re-election.

        1. I think the Clintons would disagree with that.

        2. Holy shit he will be older than Ron Paul by then.

        3. But how does this guy appeal to anyone in the middle? He has done nothing except raise taxes for almost six years. I'd bet Cuomo is more of a rising dem star than this guy.

        4. Now that's planning ahead.

      3. $100,000 in Maryland?


        I have 4 kids and looked into moving to the DC area, I determined I needed at least $95,000 a year just to meet minimum living expenses and not live in a gang infested hellhole. No money for vacations or expensive cars, no extravagant meals out and only very rarely eating out at all, hell at that income we wouldn't even be able to afford a babysitter for my wife and I to have a date night once a month and he calls $100,000 a year rich?

    3. Illinois has both of them beat. At least Cali is/was paying it's bills with IOU's. Illinois is just telling it's vendors "Fuck you, that's why".

  19. As part of the efforts, the Central Intelligence Agency and State Department?working with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other allies?are helping the opposition Free Syrian Army develop logistical routes for moving supplies into Syria and providing communications training.


    I'm sure we can take the CIA at its word. "Developing logistical routes", "providing communications training", that's all they're doing, I'm sure.

    Incidentally, helping the Free Syrian Army by way of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar isn't necessarily a bad thing. ...in my personal opinion.

    1. Incidentally, helping the Free Syrian Army by way of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar isn't necessarily a bad thing.

      We don't belong there Ken. We don't need another useless civil war to throw our money at.

      1. I think the Saudis pony up the cash, the Qataris some people and the Turks turn a blind eye to the whole thing. I bet all the CIA is doing is handing over signal intel, imagery and maybe some droning, just for fun.

        1. Any involvement more than none is going to cost something.

          1. Cut the drone budget in Yemen?

          2. Yeah, but it is possible that the results of what we're doing could be worth more than the cost.

            And it's not costing very much. We're probably not about to start supplying arms since the Saudis and especially the Qataris are doing that already.

            If we can give the Free Syrian Army intelligence, by way of our satellite and other resources, telling them how to avoid death squads, etc. and help them coordinate themselves? That's probably not costing us very much.

            And let's face it, losing an ally would be a huge blow both to Hezbollah and, especially, Iran. You don't want to get into a direct conflict with Iran? This is what one of the other options looks like.

            This is the way we won the Cold War. The enemy of my enemy is my friend means we might make friends with Iran's enemies like maybe we wouldn't otherwise.

            The friend of my enemy is my enemy makes the Assad regime of particular interest to us. I'm not talking about bombing them or invading the country with U.S. troops. And I'm not buying the slippery slope argument about how this will necessarily drag us into direct war, either.

            I'm certainly not buying the argument that if we just minded our own business, Iran wouldn't present a security threat to the U.S. anymore That way lies appeasement.

            1. Ken

              It is EXACTLY these types of actions that leave us with more enemies to fight down the road. You can't predict the future.


              STAY HOME!

              Who do you think WE are? What gives us the right to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations? How would you react if they did the same to us? How can you call yourself a libertarian when you obviously have no concern with completely disregarding the NAP?

              Iran IS NOT a threat to the US. Never has been. Never will be. We can eliminate the entire country in under 30 minutes.

              1. It is EXACTLY these types of actions that leave us with more enemies to fight down the road. You can't predict the future.

                Can we predict the future of inaction here?

                ...as Russia sends in helicopters and other hardware and Iran continues doing whatever the hell it is those evil mullahs are doing in Syria?

                I'm not sure you're square with the fact that the Syrian people started this rebellion whether we wanted them to or not. This isn't Iraq, where we're initiating the hostilities.

                We can take advantage of our enemies' weakness while their own people are rising up against their dictator, or we can stand by and do nothing. ...and the likely result of doing nothing is fairly predictable.

                Who do you think WE are? What gives us the right to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations?

                Self defense.

                Alliances have been among the most effective means of self-defense throughout the history of the world. Such alliances won us World War II and the Cold War. Such alliances kept us safe during the Cold War.

                Because alliances are such an effective means of self-defense, there are things that can be justified in the name of building and maintaining an alliance that might not be justifiable otherwise.

                And, again, we're not picking this fight. The people of Syria picked this fight with their dictator. We're just picking a side as Russia and Iran pick theirs.

                1. That's a nice WARBONUR you've got there, Ken, or are you just happy to see the slaughter?

                  1. Are you just happy to see the slaughter?

                    You're aware there's a slaughter that's been happening in Syria for 15 months--even without our limited involvement--right?

                    And just so you you know, those helicopters the Assad regime just got aren't for spreading fertilizer.

                2. Ken

                  Why, in the name of Zod, would we care what happens in Syria?

                  For the past 70 years the unintended consequences of our interventions have been as bad or worse than if we hadn't intervened at all. Let them fight their own battles and let the chips fall where they may.

                  The way to end conflict is to become economically entangled/interdependent with EVERYONE. NOT by poking a finger in people's chests.

                  Trade with everyone and become militarily involved only as an absolute last resort and then only as a defense against aggression. And have a strong enough military to deter any act of aggression against you.

                  The only reason to have a military is so you don't have to use it.

              2. It is EXACTLY these types of actions that leave us with more enemies to fight down the road. You can't predict the future.

                Lies. America has fewer and fewer enemies-and they are weaker-because of judicious use of proxies.

                1. FOADIAF!

                  From where do you derive this right to pass judgment and deal out life and death?

                  Killing, other than in self defense, is immoral. Period!

            2. The enemy of my enemy is my friend means we might make friends with Iran's enemies like maybe we wouldn't otherwise.

              This all seems vaguely familiar, but like we're picking a different team this time.

              1. I'm not saying it's always in our best interest to make a friend like that. Strategic blunders are still possible.

                Certainly, trying to make a friend of Iran so we could support the Contras wasn't in our best interests. Having said that, maybe the only way the Soviets could have survived longer was by way of expansion, and denying their ability to expand throughout the world is part of the reason why we won the Cold War the way we did. They might have collapsed in the end anyway, but expansion would have let them persist for a lot longer than they did.

                Anyway, I don't think making friends with the Syrian people as they rise up against their dictator is like trying to make friends with the Mullahs at all.

            3. Ken's right it is definitely our business to cut Iran's femoral artery. I don't think we really to do anything. Assad cannot win this fight.

              1. Ken's right it is definitely our business to cut Iran's femoral artery. I don't think we really to do anything. Assad cannot win this fight.

                Man, there's nothing quite like a weekend warrior with his silk underwear lodged in his ass-crack shouting loud and proud about the joys of war.

                1. Oh noes! A personal attack.

                  I know you are but what am I?

                  Is that what I'm supposed to say?

                  1. Is that what I'm supposed to say?

                    You could if you wanted to, but I was referring to Cytotoxic.

      1. First, we'll send in some Special Forces guys as advisors. And after that fails, we'll generate an international incident. We just have to hope they don't have the fight of the Vietnamese.

      2. They could be invaded by penguins

          1. I am honoured and terrified

  20. A police officer was indicted Wednesday in the death of an unarmed drug suspect, the first time a New York City officer has faced criminal charges in a fatal shooting since a groom was killed in a 50-shot police barrage on his wedding day in 2006.

    And how did that turn out?

    1. darn that pesky rule of law. darn them librul juries. better we string em up now, cooter!!!! see some real street justice.

    1. Wow. It's one (small) step up from saying they're stinkypants

    2. We also know ComSymps are homosexuals, deviants, and otherwise mentally deficient.

    3. They do suffer from problems. They are sympathetic to evil.

      1. And so we need to bomb the shit out of a whole bunch of people, because that is good and holy. Neocons are fucking morons.

  21. Swedish counterfeit coins mock king's whoring around


    1. What's the point of being the king of Sweden if you can't have a little fun every once in a while?

      1. "...love affairs, wild parties with Swedish models, and connections to the underworld."

        Its good to be the King.

        1. Swedish models?

          Sweden is already like a factory for smokin' hot chicks. He's partying with models, who are so hot, they make other other Swedish chicks want to dress like them?

          They shouldn't be making fun of him. They should give him a Nobel Prize for something. Lifetime Achievement Award for Keepin' it Real.

          You know what they should do? They should put him on a coin! I see what the coinmakers were trying to do--they were just trying to give credit where credit is due.

          1. Never gonna happen. Like the King of Sweden would drone the Middle East into oblivion.

            1. But if there were a Nobel Prize in Monogamy, he'd certainly be considered.

              1. Thread winner to Citizen Nothing.

          2. If I were the king, that's pretty much all I would do. The country runs itself better when the rulers let everything go.

            1. If I were the King of Sweden, and I couldn't party with all the Swedish models? I'd try to figure out what it was I had to become in order to be the guy that can party with the Swedish models, and then I'd try to figure out how to become that.

              P.S. Swedish models!

      2. It's good to be the king.

        1. Obvious joke is obvious, I s'pose.

        1. it's so funny, we all had to say it together. Next time, let's work on the harmony part a little harder.

    2. "It's good to be the king."

      From several Mel Brooks movies.

    3. While Mattsson is unsure of who is behind the prank and can't remember which shop she picked up the change, she has her suspicions.

      "Maybe it's from someone who doesn't like the King," said the 72-year-old

      Brilliant detective work, Benedict Cumberbatch.

      1. "That's some good policin', Lou"

    4. mocks, or celebrates?

  22. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered a review of whether training and tactics were sufficient in the street narcotics division, where Haste worked. The division differs from full-time narcotics police, who are more specialized. Haste had been on the force for four years and in the unit just weeks before the shooting. He had never before fired his weapon in the line of duty.

    Kelly said some adjustments were made to the unit after the review. An order was put out codifying requirements officers needed to meet before going into the unit, but he didn't specify what the changes were.

    Admitting you made procedural changes based on an incident is admitting culpability. I would think that helps the civil suit.

  23. Karl Rove: Obama's Health-Care Opportunity
    If his reform is struck down, he can pivot to the center and reclaim some of the aura of 2008.

    1. Rove thus ensures that Obama will do nothing of the sort. Every so often Rove does something smart. I assume that's when W has time to give him orders.

  24. http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes......rones-dvd/

    HBO apologizes for using Bush head on a stick in Game of Thrones. So much for that whole civility thing. And I am sure they will be doing the same with Obama real soon.

    1. I love this - "We made this clear to the executive producers of the series who apologized immediately for this inadvertent careless mistake." If you're going to be a wanker, at least own up to it.

      1. How do you "inadvertently" do that? I could respect them if they had just said "fuck yeah we did it".

    2. The producers continued: "In the DVD commentary, we mentioned this, though we should not have. We meant no disrespect to the former President and apologize if anything we said or did suggested otherwise."

      I'm going to believe them that it was unintentional, at least on the part of the producers. They themselves brought it to light in the DVD commentary, and not in a bragging "look what we got away with" way. I have the Blu-Ray and will listen to the commentary myself just to see.

    3. All they had to do was not brag about it. No one would have been the wiser, but they were just so proud of themselves.

      1. The left is superior. Never forget that. That's why they find it so easy to round up non-conformists and dispose of them.

  25. Cain's Game Score: 101

    Breaking 100 is insanely rare.

    1. Hasn't he always been one of those players that advanced metric guys/sabrematricians have had a hard time explaining? That he outperformed his peripherals a number of years in a row?

      1. Yeah. Wasnt really aware of this until you mentioned it, but the Baseball Prospectus 2011 mentions it (2012 wasnt within reach of my desk).

        He has a consistently abnormally low BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play). We need Voros to pop into this thread, it was his work on BABIP that showed its basically out of the pitchers hands.

  26. Henninger: Would Harry Truman Blame Paris?
    Here's pro-growth advice no one in Europe will take: Stop listening to the IMF bleeders and the Obama spenders.

    Ours is the age of small men.

    Europe is in the grip of a financial plague wiping out a generation of wealth and opportunity for millions of its citizens and threatening the world's economies. Does anyone believe that JFK's Treasury secretary, Douglas Dillon, would, like Tim Geithner, wave toward Europe that the solution "is in their hands"? Or that former Secretary of State Dean Acheson, the architect of NATO, would have been as screamingly silent as Hillary Clinton is now? Or that Democratic President Harry Truman, who appointed George Marshall, would blame Madrid for tanking his re-election prospects in Milwaukee?

  27. From today's Prudie

    In the past two years it's become very apparent that my son "Ben," who is now 8, is probably gay.

    Jesus. Talk about forcing kids into gender stereotypes. Unless he's started wearing leather undies or drilling a glory hole in his bedroom, then there's no "probably" about it yet

    1. Well, the lisp and designing her outfits are kind of a giveaway.

    2. At 8 I would hope he is innocent and asexual. We are the most over sexualized society in history. Every single act is ascribed to some kind of sexual desire.

      1. Um you might want to go back and study some history then, say maybe Rome or Venice circa 1550.

      2. CHRIST, the historical ignorance... it burns

        1. Only because you are a moron Dunphy. Sure people always had sex in the past. Often more than we do. But no one defined themselves and others by sexuality the way do. And that point went right over your head.

          1. Perhaps you should google some the proclivities of the Borgia families. I'd say you could watch the TV series Showtime is doing right now but honestly I highly doubt that even a cable network could get anywhere near as outrageous as they were.

    3. Unfortunately, ifh, his last name is "Dover".

    4. Twenty years from now, he'll wake up next to his husband and suddenly realize that he's a straight man who was forced to deny his true self.

    5. I've worked with some gay people in the past. Called them friends.

      Being gay isn't all leather briefs and glory holes, you know?

      It's also about musical theater and interior design!

      Seriously, I'm not sure how you can look at an 8 year-old and come away with the idea he's gay without projecting some seriously stereotypical stuff about gay people onto him--stuff that a lot of gay people would find really offensive if they really thought about it.

      It's hard not to picture the parents saying something like, "You should how he lights up when we put on a Judy Garland CD".

      1. And how much do you want to bet his parents are hipster yuppies who are just dying for the street creed of having a gay son?

        1. Yeah, it's like in that thread the other day, where people were worried about parents doing tests on their kids to see if they're gay--and then aborting them for it. How that might weed all the gay people out of the gene pool...

          I suspect there are a lot of liberal yuppie types who might be more likely to go the other way with that technology--if and when it exists.

          They'll just keep trying until they finally get a gay one.

          1. You need someone in the house who knows how to properly cook plantains.
            No gay.

            1. Slice and deep fry. Make plantain chips. Was that so hard?

              1. i prefer pan fry in butter, no deep fry

        2. And how much do you want to bet his parents are hipster yuppies who are just dying for the street creed of having a gay son?

          I'd just love to take a look in their fridge and see jar after jar of Empire Mayonnaise. It's almost a fucking lock that they bought the 'Brooklyn Gift Pack" for themselves.

          1. Alright sloopy, what really happened between you and Empire Mayonnaise? Did they overcharge you on one of your orders? Did they leave the jar of cranberry-nutmeg out of your last 24-pack order? Did Banjos' boobs shrink a little when she ate some?

            1. Did Banjos' boobs shrink a little when she ate some?

              Even worse, did Sloopy's?

              1. Capt. Sloopy vs. Moby Mayo.
                From Hellman's heart I stab at thee!

                1. Hahaha! All you bastards (apologies to IFH) have a good laugh at my expense.

                  But mark my words: when they come for you, I will be long gone, riding the high seas on my sailboat with Banjos and the brood in tow...feasting on meat and mustard.

                  Enjoy your hipster-dominated hell, suckers!

                  1. I live in Houston. My hispters serve wild game sausages out of a converted gas station. I'm not worried about an artisanal mayonnaise invasion or whatever the Brooklyn fucktards are doing.

                    1. Damn, T, that looks good. I might have to put that on the menu during my next trip to the ol' stompin grounds.

                    2. They had a booth at Texas Beer Fest. I was sold, and have since been back.

                2. Damn, CN - that was prize-worthy.

  28. the decision was made in abstenia

    Is Abstenia one of those new countries that came out of the old USSR? And what do the Abstenians care about Tunisia anyway?

    1. what do the Abstenians care about Tunisia anyway?

      They import Tunisia's two main exports: pretty young boys and olive oil

  29. White House: No Pollard release

    The White House said Wednesday that their position on releasing convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has not changed, despite pressure from both U.S. lawmakers and top Israeli officials.

    "Our position has not changed, and will not change today," press secretary Jay Carney told reporters. "I will simply remind you that Mr. Pollard was convicted of very serious crimes."

    1. Fuck Pollard. But it would be just like Obama to try to salvage the Jewish vote by letting that scumbag out of prison. I still would not be surprised if come about October he does it.

  30. Tropical hydrocarbon lakes...

    Maybe we could get BP to run a pipeline back to earth?

    1. Dunno. BP would probably leak water into the things.

  31. Big Sugar Wins in the Senate

    Today we have yet another example of Republicans and Democrats teaming up to protect a special interest at the public's expense. A few hours ago the Senate voted 50-46 to kill an amendment from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) that would have phased out subsidies and supports for the sugar industry.

    1. That is the most corrupt thing in American politics. Big Sugar just bribes Congress for one vote every few years. Assholes.

    2. So you will simultaneously subsidise the sugar industry and pay for Federal bureaucrats to tell you not to eat so much goddamn sugar. Got it

      1. Surely you've noticed Americans aren't particularly rational by now, ifh.

      2. This is why some votes are kept quiet.

      3. And also concurrently enact laws fixing the price of sugar above the price of corn syrup, thereby assuring that the sugar industry has a smaller market share. That's only because ADM's lobbyists give better bribes, of course.

    3. Those mother fuckers.

    4. I didn't think it was possible for Shaheen to advance sensible legislation.

      Stopped clock and all that.

    5. First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.

    6. That's a closer vote than I would have expected, so maybe there's some hope of getting rid of that subsidy in my lifetime.

    7. looks like Rubio voted the wrong way. What a fucking asshole that guy is. "Tea Party" my ass.

      I would post the link but it contains ampersands which are apparently fucking banned. That is stupid and needs to be fixed. But here are all Team Red guys who voted wrong:

      Barrasso (R-WY)
      Hoeven (R-ND)
      Isakson (R-GA)
      Risch (R-ID)
      Johanns (R-NE)
      Roberts (R-KS)
      Blunt (R-MO)
      Rubio (R-FL)
      Chambliss (R-GA)
      Cochran (R-MS)
      Thune (R-SD)
      Crapo (R-ID)
      Enzi (R-WY)
      Vitter (R-LA)
      Moran (R-KS)
      Wicker (R-MS)

      These guys are all scum and should be primaried.

      1. Crapo? Well what do you expect?

  32. OT: I finally watched Atlas Shrugged yesterday, on PPV. I thought it was actually pretty decent. Too bad they're changing the entire cast for Part II.

  33. Simple tips to follow to be funnier than any man could ever be:

    Use CAPITIALIZATION, italics, Eeeeeeeellooooooooogateeeeed woooooooooooooords, and !!!!!!!!! whenever POOOOOOSBILE!

    Remember, like a hooker, she gets paid to do this, so she must be so much better at it than you possibly ever could be.

    1. Um, whaaaaaat?

    2. It's all about pure bodily fluids, man.

    3. you go girl!

    4. I was gonna post the story that she uses as a takeoff point for burning her strawmen and didn't. But I'm pretty interested that the PM of Hungary wants to be devoid of all Roma and "Jewish" genes (whatever that means). So Is he hoping to be, like 30% Roman, 30% Macedonian, and 20% Russian and 20% Mongolian?

      1. and 99% labrador retriever

  34. OK wow that makes a lot of sense dude. Wow.


  35. Gallup Daily tracking indicates Barack Obama is receiving less support in the 2012 presidential election from some of the white subgroups that gave him the strongest support in 2008. These include non-Hispanic white registered voters who are 18 to 29 years old, female postgrads, and the nonreligious, among others.


    Female postgrads? Does Jezebel know about this?

    1. These include non-Hispanic white registered voters..

      So, in other words, all those who've become racists.

      1. Here's the thing -- they've already proven (to themselves) that they're not racist by having voted for him before. Now they're free!!!

        1. You joke but I think this is very true. I suspect that even in the polls now, Obama's level of support is exaggerated due to a Bradley Effect.

  36. Ah, the tropical lakes of Titan, where the sun never sets on anything warmer than 120 below zero.

    1. Sorta like the Obama recovery.

  37. Jobless Claims Up, CPI Down: Time for the Fed to Step In?

    Another government report on Thursday pointed to persistent weakness in the labor market as the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week rose for the fifth time in six weeks.

      1. Don't we have enough boats name after her?

        1. Yes. That is why they are naming the next round of hyper inflation in her honor.

    1. IN all seriousness. If there was a pill that made me motivated to work out every day, I would take it.

      1. I'd rather just have a pill that would make me look like I work out every day. Oh wait, it's called heroin and not eating.

        1. I would take that pill too. But not if it made me a junkie.

          1. The whole junkie thing was made up by Hollywood. Trust me, John, you should start taking heroin in large doses. You'll look and feel great in no time.

            Who else thinks John should start shooting heroin because it's actually gonna do him so em good? Anyone?

            /I keed!

            1. Kieth Richards did it for 10+ years. He says the whole trick is making sure that after you come off it and go back on to take your first dose like you have never taken the stuff before in your life. But still, no thanks.

              1. Also, he found that sleeping upside down will add ten years to your life. Some say that's why Keith cannot be killed by conventional weapons.

              2. this is correct, in that a substantial #of overdoses are people who build up hyoooge tolerances, quit (for a while), then regress and shoot up, not realizing how their tolerance has eroded back to humn levels

    2. As someone who has felt compelled to work out at points in my life, I can confidently say that people who feel compelled to work out are usually not fun to be around.

      1. This?


      2. That's ridiculous. I've always been compelled to...


      3. many people who feel compelled to work out are literally addicts.

        i'm a former cardio bunny (distance runner, swimmer, etc.) and the drive is there largely because of ENDORPHINS

        which means


        your body produces rather strong opioids substances and workout addicts are often at least partially needing their daily fix.

    3. Its called Dexedrine.

    4. I misread "work out" as just "work". Too lazy for all this reading shit.

  38. Officer Richard Haste shot Graham as the teenager was flushing the small amount of marijuana he was chased into his grandmother's house for down the toilet.


    1. And it is manslaughter not murder. Just what would a cop have to do to get charged with murder? Gas an entire block?

      1. Shoot a K-9.

      2. Gas an entire block?

        Not even that. 11 murders and 60 homes destoyed and not a single criminal charge.

        1. I forgot about that. Nukes maybe.

      3. Just what would a cop have to do to get charged with murder?

        Kill a politician maybe? Or a judge?

        1. That would probably do it. That is like a mobster killing a made man. Okay to kill the proles. But if you are going to kill a made man, you better have a beef and you better have a sit down with the bosses before you do it.

        2. or there would have to be actual evidence that would convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt

          damn that pesky evidence, rule of law, and jury system!!!

        3. are we buying into the reasonoid myth that cops never get charged with murder?

          fantasyland, reason style

      4. "Just what would a cop have to do to get charged with murder?"

        Shoot a woman twice in the face at point blank range, then five more times in the back as she tries to run away.

        1. Why the hell did he do that?

          1. Fuck you, that's why.

        2. Apparently it's not the first time he's been a sterotypical asshole cop either.

      5. there would have ot be evidence that a prosecutor reasonably believed would result in conviction - iow he could proove each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury.

        that's a tought burden, considering juries have sympathy that even when shit hits the fan, we pay cops to place themselves in such deadly force situations, and that most "bad" police situations do not have the mens rea for murder, and are rightly charged with manslaughter

        what OFTEN happens when prosecutors OVERCHARGE with murder, instead of manslaughter is acquittal.

        for those proseecutors more interested in actual justice and getting a conviction vs. political grandstanding, manslaughter is far more often the appropriate charge

    1. Dammit. Replying to Bee Tagger.

      1. With a broken link, no less. Maybe nobody will notice the monumental failure.

        1. Working as intended. The actual link works in the reply (I think, youtube is blocked by firewall).

  39. Former Democratic Party chairman Don Fowler faulted the Obama camp for not laying more blame on Republicans for the slow economic recovery.

    But failed to explain how doing so could be humanly possible.

  40. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/.....ember-2008

    More people fall off of unemployment rolls than at any time since 2010.

    1. It's called a "recovery," you wingrightnutpigsack!

      1. It is horrible what is happening in this country. Unemployment is pretty much the worst societal evil you can have. Millions of people who want to make an honest living can't. That liberals can deny it is a problem and not care just shows that all they give a shit about it power.

        1. With so many people about to lose their unemployment benefits in the midst of the most dismal economic non-recovery since the Great Depression, I believe that at the last minute before the election there is going to be a political compromise: Congressional republicans will agree to extend the unemployment benefits for another year, and in exchange Block Yomomma will agree to extend all of the Bush tax cuts for another year. Look for this to happen in the last week of October or the first week of November.

          1. Sadly that is probably a good bet given our current political class.

        2. It's not a problem as long as we pay unemployment benefits forever.


  41. Sad-Beard the Kinda Pirate: Devaluation is Good Austerity! Take that, greedy fucks with bank accounts! How dare you try and save!

    1. Look how it worked out for Argentina and Mexico. Then look at what a horrible pig pen Estonia is. Devaluation is the way to go baby.

      God I hate that retarded little fucker.

      1. Yglesias is to economic theory as the late Irene Ryan was to Penthouse's "Pet of the Month."

        1. "J-E-E-E-E-D! That Drysdale varmint is cleanin' out our vault again! Get your gun and let's git down to the bank!"

          I consider this a suitable solution.

      2. It would really be totally awesome if they could throw in price inflation and massive unemployment too. That should fix the economy in no time.

    2. Thsi is one of the more solid reasons for holding precious metals and durable goods instead of cash.

    3. I'm much more bullish

      I misread that as "I'm much more bullshit" and was temporarily pleased by his honesty

    4. If you can get a low fixed-interest rate loan you should probably borrow, borrow, borrow now -- and pay it all back with devalued currency later.

    5. The amount of stupid in that article and in the comments following it is staggering.

    1. You have the dark heart of Satan for even looking at that much less inflicting it on the rest of us.

    2. Self-pleasure? At least someone got pleasure from this.

      Once again you show that you are a bad man Mr Free.

    3. What's with the little baby singlet hanging on the line behind her? Is this some kind of fetish I am unaware of? How is this in any way 'hot'? Why am I even asking these questions? You are indeed e-vule.

      1. What's with the little baby singlet hanging on the line behind her? Is this some kind of fetish I am unaware of? How is this in any way 'hot'?

        You know what would really be hot? Casey Anthony doing the same shoot.
        (Too soon?)

    4. I dunno, dude. Her desperation makes it kinda hot.

      1. *you* like this

        I am so glad someone else said it first!

      2. The lap dance is better if the stripper's crying.

    5. She'll be doing full penetration within a year, 18 months at the outside.

      1. Not even that long.

        If God truly exists, it'll be a lesbian scene with Amy Fisher.

        1. Nah. All girl three-way with Amy Fisher and Casey Anthony.

          Then within a year it'll be an orgy with all three of them, plus Tonya Harding, Drew Peterson, and Anthony Weiner.

          1. That's exactly what we need: "Washed-up Celebrity Orgy!"

      2. Her porn name will have to involve the word "canyon."

        1. Chief Runningwater: You mother is what we Native Americans refer to as "Bear With WIDE Canyon".
          Eric Cartman: What do you mean?
          Chief Runningwater: She is "Doe Who Cannot Keep Legs Together".
          Eric Cartman: Huh?
          Chief Runningwater: Your mom's a slut.
          Eric Cartman: AY!

  42. "Matt Cain pitched the San Francisco Giants' first perfect game, striking out 14 along the way."

    If the team backed him with 3 runs every time he pitched, he'd be headed for the HoF.

  43. It's funny that Titan is bubbling over with fossil fuels, without any, you know, actual fossils....

    1. did they say "fossil" (did not follow the link).

      Hydrocarbons (which fossil fuels are a type of) can form anywhere there's carbon, hydrogen, and energetically favorable conditions.

      As carbon and hydrogen exist pretty much everywhere in the universe where matter aggregates, all you need is the conditions. Like some sunlight and an atmosphere that doesn't automatically oxidize and breakdown the newly formed hydrocarbons.


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