Voters Unimpressed by Barry and Mitt's Economic Plans, Greeks Cash Out, Surveillance Bill Blocked: P.M. Links


  • Yeah … Don't count on getting any of this.

    Independent voters, considered up-for-grabs in the political cage match between Battling Barack Obama and Mighty Mitt Romney, are unimpressed by the incumbent's economic policies. They also don't like the GOP challenger's plans.

  • Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) blocked the five-year extension of a law that allows the warrantless interception of communications between Americans and people overseas. He wants a formal estimate of the number of Americans surveilled, and a requirement that surveillance of U.S. residents who were unintentionally intercepted can be continued only with a warrant.
  • The world's four major central banks — U.S. Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan — have created $6 trillion in new money since 2008 in an effort to buy the world back to prosperity. There's no end in sight.
  • Greek voters will pick the politicians who will preside over the country's daunting effort to pay a decade's worth of past-due bills. In anticipation, people are stocking up on cash, canned goods and ammunition. Well … maybe not ammunition.
  • Baby boomers hoping to inherit their way out of debt are likely to be disappointed — Mom and Dad already spent the dough.
  • In an effort to rein-in the shadow economy, Russian officials plan to limit cash transactions to the equivalent of $18,750 or less, with larger transactions requiring easier-to-track electronic transfers. Critics argue the move will inconvenience average Russians, while leaving under-the-table deals untouched.
  • Alaskans are asking why an Anchorage man was shot dead by police after brandishing a stick.
  • In West Virginia, a Concord University police officer was charged with sexually abusing a teenage girl who was under his care.
  • Watch all of yesterday's Ask a Libertarian videos here.

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  1. Mitt Romney: legally Bland.

  2. …Mom and Dad already spent the dough.

    And then some.

    1. I always figured that bumper sticker “We’re spending our kids’ inheritance” was designed by and for politicians and never meant to become public. They needn’t have feared, the public is only now barely catching on.

      1. I figured it was from politicians, and they’d left the “y” off the front of “your”.

  3. The office of the Director of National Intelligence responded that it was “not reasonably possible to identify the number of people located in the United States whose communications may have been reviewed.”

    That might be an indication that it’s too much. How is that data even useful if you don’t have a handle on it?

    1. You’re looking at it the wrong way FoE. You drone the citizens -first-, then go back and find some audio that may or may not be the citizen in question to justify droning him. Gah, I thought you’d have learned something by now!

      1. I think that’s my HR department’s M.O., come to think of it.

  4. Critics argue the move will inconvenience average Russians, while leaving under-the-table deals untouched.

    If you outlaw large cash transactions…

    1. They want to outlaw large trashcan action?

      1. In Soviet Russia can trashes you.

      2. I hope not. My dick is too big for anything but the largest trash cans.

        1. Like Oprah?

    2. In Soviet Russia, under-the-table deals touch you!

  5. Since I can see the PM links two hours before everybody else, I am tempted to just post them myself and complain about not getting a hat tip.

    1. Also, too much “austerity”.

      1. And not enough “Nation-building at home”

    2. This is like the Nazis saying that they lost because they didn’t act evil enough.

      1. Well, I mean if they’d had a more centralized command and control structure…

        1. And slaughtered more of their workforce.

          1. Maybe Europe should centralize under German leadership again…

            1. First reunifying with Austria, then the Czech Republic, then Poland, then Belgium, then the Netherlands, then France, then Norway, then Denmark, then European Russia, then Greece, then Hungary, then Romania, then Bulgaria, then Serbia, then Luxembourg. After that, the rest of Europe will join the Fourth Reich en masse.

              1. What could possibly go wrong?

                1. Nothing. The German government has plans to not attack American shipping, not conspire with the Mexican government to invade the U.S., and not declare war on the U.S. They also have plans not to invade Russia during the winter.

                  1. Those 3 points are pretty much all the Germans need to remember.

                  2. If they managed to take over the governments of Europe and impose actual austerity, they might be able to pull things out of the fire.

                    I can’t even imagine why they’d want to saddle themselves with the US at that point.

                    1. Austerity camps! Hervorragend!

  6. Alaskans are asking why an Anchorage man was shot dead by police after brandishing a stick.

    Because they don’t read Reason?

    1. They thought he was a bear?

    2. No no, the proper response is: Because fuck you, that’s why?

    3. “Used on a highly agitated person, or a person under the influence of drugs, (pepper spray) has been shown to have no effect,” he said.

      No effect? I’m going to call bullshit.

    4. Because cops just want to go home to their families?

  7. Stick = “looked like a sawed off shotgun”

    1. Officer safety! Oh, and fuck you, that’s why.

    2. When officers arrived Tasi was in the front yard, highly agitated and brandishing a 3-foot to 4-foot-long stick.

      However, after officers plugged Tasi, it was determined that it was a 4-foot to 5-foot-long stick of significant thickness.

  8. The innocent casualties of intellectual property. Four year old with genetic defect has choice between $800 worth of iPad and software or $8000 for stand alone system to let her speak. Company with $8000 software has filed takedown notice for Apple app.

    1. Why you trying to make me cry at work?

      1. It is hot in my office, too. My eyes started sweating.

    2. She’s not a ‘casualty’ of that company’s property rights anymore than the homeless are casualties of my property rights.

      1. There’s a difference between duplicating something and stealing something.

        IP suits are merely meant to prevent people with similar but better ideas from making money designated for established players.

      2. No, she isn’t a casualty of that companies property rights. She is a casualty of that company taking away her property rights to do what she wants with her iPad.

        She is in compliance with NAP, and they are not. The libertarian position is clear.

        1. No she is out to violate that companies right to control their intellectual product.

          All property is intellectual property. Opposing IP = NAP violation

          1. Ok. Person A : sitting in their own house, using their own iPad. Person B: charges in with guns “Hey! stop we thought of that algorithm 5 seconds before you did! You can’t do that! We have the moral right to stop you from using your property in the way you see fit, because WE THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!”.

            And you say person B is in compliance with NAP? And person A is the violator? What a strange reality you have created for yourself.

          2. Bullshit. Intellectual “property” isn’t property at all.

            If I copy a CD, what does the person who originally recorded that CD not have that they actually possessed before?

            1. I suppose someone had to turn the idea into something that actually worked, and that software product is the result of that effort. Aren’t we always going on about being entitled to the results of our labor?

              1. The person who creates software can keep the product of their labor. And anyone else who wants to can copy that product. There’s nothing wrong with copying or imitating something someone else has done.

                So yes, people are entitled to the products of their labor, but that does not entitle them to the product of other people’s labor simply because they produce something similar. When an idea is shared, one does not own the idea that now exists in another’s mind. The idea is recreated, more or less, and becomes the property of the new thinker.

                This should be pretty obvious, and it’s why I.P. is just bullshit.

      3. Your property rights have clearly defined boundaries that are largely incontestable. “Intellectual property rights” are vague and subject to the high cost of court interpretation if challenged. That’s before even considering that IP “rights” are subsequent carve-outs of existing property rights, and that limiting implementation of ideas is creating scarcity where it doesn’t exist. Intellectual property is as much a property right as you spotting gold on my property makes the gold your own.

    3. fucking IP.

      so Symantec thought of the idea and someone else actually made it happen for a tenth the price? and our IP defends Symantec?

      fucking IP.

      1. oops. Semantic. just so damn angry.

        lots of support in their blog comments on how to work around the fuckers.

    4. Software patents are bullshit.

  9. So central banks created $6 trillion? The Fed bought real estate and US Treasuries with their portion.

    Good investments.

    1. So why quit at $6 Trillion? More is better right?

    2. Good investments. If you’re retarded.

      1. Private investors are bidding the fuck out of those investments. The 10 yr yield is at historic low bid.

        Meaning inflation is dead and the US is in growth mode.

        1. Meaning inflation is dead and the US is in growth mode.


        2. Private investors are bidding the fuck out of those investments. The 10 yr yield is at historic low bid.

          Also, don’t forget that having the best of a pool of shitty currencies is a lot like winning the special olympics. I mean, would you prefer Euros or USD right now?

          1. That is the plan!

            USD is gaining strength, commodity prices therefore are falling, imports are more expensive, and investors love us again.

            1. That is the plan!

              Wait so the plan is to dilute our currency only slightly less then the rest of the world dilutes theirs?

              Why not simply not dilute ours at all?

        3. Ummmmm…. Private investors are fleeing a volatile equities market and placing funds in treasuries, because they are presumably safer. It doesn’t mean they are happy about it. In fact, inflation is outstripping the yields even on the 10 year, so most investors are accepting negative real rates, trading off instead for the guarantee of repayment. Of course, negative real rates are good for the borrower, the US Government.

          1. You need to also know that the private investors are TARP banks that get even cheaper loans from the US government…then they take that money and buy treasuries.

            Pay zero % on loans then buy treasuries with the money…

            What possibly could go wrong?

            1. The big TARP banks have $1.6 trillion parked at the Fed paying .025%.

        4. So to recount:

          Implement spending cuts like Estonia and your economy will rebound.

          Let your banks fail like Iceland did and your economy will rebound

          Imagine what would happen if you cut spending and let your banks fail…

        5. Meaning inflation is dead and the US is in growth mode.

          Since Palin’s Buttplug (how pleasant) looks like he is bugging out of this issue, I would also like to point out that inflation can’t be dead if the US is in growth mode. Growth = inflation. He no understand.

          1. Not true. GDP has been positive since late 2009 and housing/commodity prices are still falling.

            One reason is that Oil and Gas production is much higher under Obama.

            1. One reason is that Oil and Gas production is much higher under Obama.

              Umm what was the price of oil in 1990 again?



              Demand is down prices are up.

              And according to you production is up.

              There is a word you use when demand is down supply is up and prices rise….it is called inflation.

        6. Private investors were bidding the fuck out of Residential real estate. Prices were at an all time high.

          Meaning real estate could never go down.

  10. Uh, one of these statements conflicts with the other:

    “Troop D commander Major Rodney Campbell says they are waiting for toxicology test results.

    Maj. Campbell confirmed that she was high on bath salts and was not coherent at the time of her death.”

    A woman who had just had surgery to have stents implanted. No chance of any other sort of medication interaction, right? BAF SALTS!!1!

    1. How did Maj. Campbell confirm anything after her death?

  11. So after the “clamp down”, Russia will still be 87.5% more free than us, when it comes to cash transactions? Cause anything over 10K is effectively illegal here, isn’t it.

    1. I once carried $10k in cash for about 10 minutes. I was only going from one counter in the bank to someone’s office to open a CD, but I took my time to enjoy the feeling of having it on me.

    1. So Krugman is arguing that we should tell the banks we’re not paying the debt back and they can go suck a fuck? Cause that’s basically what Iceland did.

      1. That’s exactly what I thought. Keep digging Krugabe. Keep digging.

      2. I think I was one of the first outsiders to notice that Iceland’s heterodoxy was yielding a surprisingly not-so-terrible post-crisis outcome.

        I like how he is the first outsider when everyone at reason looked at this months ago.…..anks-finds…

        They did exactly the opposite of what Krugman wanted them to do. And he is providing the graph that shows how wrong he was.

        Classic that he doesn’t even understand that it proves him wrong.

        1. Look at this post of his.


          The first comment destroys his cherry picked graph.

          It links to this:


          1. That macroeconomics link is horrible:

            The problem with such sort of analysis is that it overemphasizes cyclical movements and ignores a potential growth.

            What the fuck?!?!?

            No! Iceland did good by not bailing out their fucked up banks.

            That is not a heterodoxy. Letting business fail and liquidate when they fuck up is free market capitalism with a capital “C” and capital “FREE”.

  12. Where is Aleck? He speaks leftist retard. You tell me what the hell this means.

    Unions needed to be seen as serving The Public, because they promote better wages, working conditions, and pensions generally, not just for their members. The central role of teachers as working hard to maintain The Public, and hence The Private, also needed to be at the center of the debate. These can only be possible if the general basis of the need for The Public is focused on every day.…..TopOpinion

    1. LA Times quoted in that: “As the president himself readily acknowledges, the simplicity of his Republican challenger’s case lends itself to easy persuasion.

      [Mitt] Romney, Obama told campaign donors last week in Beverly Hills, reminds voters constantly of their unhappiness with the stalled economy. “That’s the essence of their campaign,” he said. “It’s very easy to put on a bumper sticker: ‘It’s Obama’s Fault.’ ” . . .

      Obama’s counter-argument is layered with nuance and complexity.”

      Yeah, “Buh-buh-buh-but Bush…!” is just slathered with nuance. That’s some fucking hard-hitting objective dead tree journalism right there.

      Nuance has really become one of those check-my-wallet words. (Also unsafe-my-Browning, but, you know, eliminationist rhetoric.) Apparently it means “we are going to unload a torrent of horseshit and also be openly smug about doing so” or something of that nature.

      1. “It’s the economy, stupid” did pretty fucking well as I recall.

      2. unsafe-my-Browning

        “Wenn ich Kultur h?re … entsichere ich meinen Browning!”


    2. John,

      You just need to dial up the emoting and dial down parsing the language.

      Allow me to translate:

      It feels good to be part of a primate troupe. I picked my primate troupe over all the others because they make me feel best. My troupe should be the dominant one in the jungle because if we call the shots, then I will feel really good. And, because I am a good guy(tm), all the monkeys will be better off if my troupe calls the shots.

      Does that help?

    3. He seems to worry an awful lot about what would he prefer that people think about unions, and not very much about whether what people actually think about unions is more accurate.

  13. The comments are precious.

    1. Bah.…..4/1478/rss

    2. refer to the link below.

    1. Well you got some like this:

      I believe the “right” the unions are asking for is the “right” to a fair wage, under safe working conditions (or as safe as a barricaded gunman, or raging house fire can be), and the expectation that the contract that they uphold their end of, is also upheld by the co-signing employer.

      I know this goes against the “freedoms” of employers to screw their employees under the disguise of budget issues, when in fact it is poor management that causes most financial hardships. Case in point… Allen Park. But by all means… blame the Patrolman or the Fireman.

      and then you have this:

      Mike Grant – Police fire unions make no sense either. FDR, Walter Reuther and George Meany all understood this. But today they would be branded as Tea Party extremists. That’s just how extreme the Left has become.

      Rather a mixed bag.

      1. Someone should make an effort to attempt to explain the difference between the rights of the union as an organization, and the rights of the workers in a field, and how at times their interests can be at odds, especially when participation in the union is mandatory or close to it.

  14. The Obama enigma: How would a hyper-cautious risk-taker approach a second term?

    To Maraniss, the recurring theme in Obama’s biography is “his determination to avoid life’s traps.” That partly explains Obama’s “caution” and “his tendency to hold back and survey life like a chessboard, looking for where he might get checkmated,” in Maraniss’s words. Jerry Kellman, who hired the youthful Obama as a community organizer in Chicago, told Maraniss in one of the most revealing quotes in the book that his prot?g? “was one of the most cautious people I’ve ever met in my life. He was not unwilling to take risks, but was this strange combination of someone who would have to weigh everything to death, and then take a dramatic risk at the end.”

    Sort of like those twerps in the oncoming left turn lane who don’t turn while I’m 200 feet away with no cars in front of me, but then finally decide to turn right as I enter the intersection.

  15. I’ll take ‘Piss-poor Judgment’ for $100 Alex

    A Montreal high school teacher has been suspended after he showed his class a video police believe depicts the graphic killing of Concordia University student Jun Lin.

  16. The Accidental Scholar

    Seventeen-year-old Jeffrey Warren of Riverside, Calif., won a scholarship from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club, reports: A hush, followed by some giggles, enveloped the Martin Luther King High School gym in Riverside, Calif., when it was announced on senior awards night that Warren was the winner of the scholarship. . . .

    The $1,000 scholarship, one of two awarded annually by the seniors club, is meant for African-American students. Club members didn’t know Warren is white until he rose to receive the award. . .

    After some contemplation, Warren and his parents decided to return the scholarship. They sent an email the next day informing the MLK senior citizens club of the decision.

    How embarrassing for the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club that they accidentally judged someone by the content of his character.…..for-blacks

  17. Yeah Hippies suck as much as people think.

    My hippie date wasn’t interested in leaving the house, cleaning or not smoking pot.…..9W20120612

    1. This is the same link as the China one before. I’m in the mood for some hippie bashing.

        1. OK, these dating disaster stories are priceless.

        2. OK, These dating disaster stories are priceless.

        3. Bahahaha, sounds more like white trash than hippie to me though.

        4. Wow, even I would make an effort on the first date.

  18. For as far back as I could remember, I always wanted to be a gangster: Henry Hill dead at age 69.

    Remember guys, never rate on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

    1. Even in is current state, he has to look better than Ray Liota.

      1. I was reading up on this, and I was shocked to find out that Joe Pesci was a child-hood friend of the guy he played in Goodfellas.

        1. No way. The real Anthony DiSimone was an absolute psychopath. He was worse than even the movie made him out to be. Wow. I didn’t figure that guy had any childhood friends.

          1. Okay, I am wrong. I decided to look it up and discovered that
            1) Joe Pesci and Desimone were from completely different generations.

            2) Joe Pesci’s character was a fictional guy based on Desimone named ‘Tony DeVito’

            3) Joe had a childhood friend named Tommy DeVito who used to play for the Four Seasons.

            1. That’s somewhat different than your original claim.

        2. I have no idea what kind of guy Pesci is in real life, but he manages to play that kind of character so convincingly that either he’s really like that or he’s spent a lot of time around those kinds of guys.

          And because of him we get a hilarious dubbing like this.

          1. From what I’ve read about Pesci, he is a cool dude. Funny, and warm. And a musician. Doesn’t care much about acting. Not a little, angry, Italian psychopath.

  19. China will take swift counter-measures that could include impounding European aircraft if the EU punishes Chinese airlines for not complying with its scheme to curb carbon emissions, the China Air Transport Association said on Tuesday.…..9W20120612

    Go China Go!!

    1. Without Chinese and Indian politicians refusing to go like buffalo over the cliff, the AGW cult might have managed to cripple the world economy.

      I never thought that the Chinese government would end up being the bulwark of freedom on anything.

    2. If you ask me, militant Islam’s a joke when compared to the Church of Gaia.

      1. I can never decide which of the two green religions I abhor the most.

  20. Jamie Dimon basically told the US Senate to go fuck themselves today.

    No one else in banking has the communication skills as that fucker.

    He is approaching Buffett and Soros style respect among real investors (not Free Republic idiots).

    1. He got up and admitted he was completely incompetent and allowed JP Morgan to lose billions under his watch.,

      Jesus, is there any team blue cock you won’t suck?

      1. You are truly an idiot.

        Dimon is a demi-god on Wall Street. Despite the billions in trading losses JPM will report a profit in mid-July. They are the world’s great bank.

        1. No, John, there isn’t.

    2. I still don’t understand why there is an investigation. JP Morgan made risky bets with it’s “own” money. It lost it. Others gained it. Ta da.

      What’s to investigate?

      1. Apparently the Senate was shocked that a company could lose on a $2B gamble. They wanted to investigate because, as one senator said, “What if it was a $50 billion loss?” They want to regulate risk out of finance, apparently. What a bunch of assholes.

        1. “What if it was a $50 billion loss?”

          Then they’d be 1/24 of the way to being the federal government.

          1. Awww, damn. Tulpy you made me smile.

      2. They only investigate when you lose your own money. Steal other people’s money like Corzine did and you are in the clear.

        1. Gee, I wonder when Congress will question Corzine?

          Oh, shit they did multiple times. John is a fucking idiot – why do I read his posts?

          1. Hmm…

            Corzine (D)

            shrike (D)

            Yep, it all adds up.

    3. He’s at the Buffett and Soros level of respect with me, too. Of course that might be a slightly different level.

      1. Why do you hate capitalism?

        1. Why do you hate crony capitalism?

          Fixed for you.

          1. For Rockefeller Republicans like Shrike, crony capitalism is the only economic system they understand.

        2. What josh said.

          Buffett and Soros have mainly profited from being on the profitable side of government distortions of the market. They’re like the sea lions chomping on salmon struggling to enter the ladders at the Bonneville Dam… and they should be treated the same way we treat those sea lions.

          1. Especially that proto-communist Soros.

  21. I’ll just leave this here. Once again, research proves what we already knew.

  22. Bush beheaded on Game of Thrones!!!

    This is kind of fuking awesome by the way.

    We just had to use whatever head we had lying around.…..e=10198555

    It should be pointed out that this makes Bush a Stark…or at least one of Stark’s Banner-men.

    1. It’s not a choice, it’s not a political statement.

      LOL–yeah, right.

  23. Alaskans are asking why an Anchorage man was shot dead by police after brandishing a stick.

    It *was* a pointy stick.

  24. Part 2,389,445 of “Why yes, we actually do understand feminism.”:

    Feminists in the Swedish government propose, yet again, to make men sit when they pee.

    1. That’s fine, so long as I can stand when I shit.

    2. Wrong link.

        1. That is a fucked up site. This should be it.

          1. Motherfucker. Different site then.

    3. Sitzpinkel!

      (OK, that’s German, but same idea. Also if you saw their toilets you would understand the reason for the request. Real men still pee standing up, though. Even in Germany.)

      1. If the floors around most urinals are any indication, real men pee on the floor, too.

        1. I prefer to pee while laying down, for kind of a fountain effect.

  25. The captain of this ship will never hear the words “I think we need a bigger boat.

    For reasonable.

    1. Yeah, but what hauls that ship around?

    2. Look at the little bitty dudes standing on the deck. That is one big bargey shipy thingy.

  26. One more time, just because it’s so hilarious:


    I asked Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas if he was worried about the level of despair at the conference. He replied, “The administration should be worried about the level of despair here.” Like many attendees, he brought up the failed recall election in Wisconsin. The Republicans, he pointed out, sent all sorts of surrogates to the state to campaign for Gov. Scott Walker. “Obama stayed away,” he says. “Why? Because he would be embarrassed if he lost. I’ll tell you what. If he shows that he’s going to fight for the things that I care about, I will fight twice as hard for him.” And if he doesn’t? “Then I’ll vote for him,” says Moulitsas.…..cated.html

    1. Well, he’s obviously a bottom.

  27. Proof of intelligent design.

  28. Time to kick it on up a notch or two lol.

  29. Alaskans are asking why an Anchorage man was shot dead by police after brandishing a stick.

    What, Are they stupid? He brandished a stick.

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