Brickbat: Don't Eat the Yellow Snow


Parents of a student at Manitoba's Walter Whyte School are demanding that the principal and two teachers be fired after their son and another student were tricked into eating moose droppings during a field trip. Superintendent Scott Kwasnitza says staff members have been disciplined after they watched, and did not stop, two adult chaperones trick the Grade 8 students into eating the moose droppings by telling them they were chocolate-covered almonds. He refused to say exactly what punishment they received, however.

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  1. Stay classy Canada!

  2. What the fuck?! How can any teacher think that was acceptable? Then the teacher fellators in the article’s comments want to blame the parents, because the kids didn’t question the authority of the teachers. Can’t have it both ways; blame the parents when the students don’t obey, blame the parents when the students do obey. Thank all the Gods I homeschooled my kids.

    1. Thank all the Gods I homeschooled my kids.


      Don’t worry, we can’t have you teaching your kids all that racist, homophobic, anti-progressive libertard stuff. The feds will soon be on it by banning homeschooling!

      Mugabe/Krugman 2012!

    2. “Everything I know I learned from my mommy!”

    3. It’s Canada. Any child that can not recognize moose droppings will eventually be weeded out of society.

      Having the U.S. for a neighbor, it’s important that they not be gullible.

  3. These eighth-graders are being groomed to obey authorities. Of course, the principal and teachers will not be fired.

  4. Procedures were followed.
    Shit was eaten.
    And nothing else happened.

    1. Procedures were followed.
      Shit was eaten.
      And nothing else happened.

      You win.

  5. I used to work in a wilderness education program. One of the counselors would carry rasinets with him. Upon finding deer scat, he would show it to the kids, and then pretend to eat it. We also used to use the old trick of dipping your middle finger into swamp mud and licking your index finger to claim that mud tasted great.

    Every now and then, a particularly gross and/or gullible child would then attempt to follow suit.

    Good times.

  6. Lighten up, folks. It’s Canada. I mean it wasn’t until recently that they stopped burning moose droppings to make the hydro. You can’t totally abandon a valuable natural resource like moose droppings overnight. These kids should get a science fair award for exploring new ways to utilize this abundant source of fiber.

  7. Government Education at its finest folks.

  8. So the kids have four unrelated adults supervising them, and they turn out to be two sociopaths and two cowards. Talk about bad luck

  9. Those moose droppings were half the price they would have been in the US.

    1. Only because they’re subsidized up the ying-yang

      1. In ‘Merica, moose droppings come in single-serving 5 gallon buckets, and they wash them down with 64 oz. servings of moose piss, and their rascal scooters come equipped with special contraptions to hold their moose scat snacks on the handlebars.

        1. Jesus, don’t tell Michael Bloomberg!

      2. Only because they’re subsidized up the ying-yang

        Actually, subsidized down the ying-yang.


  10. I misread the word moose until I started reading the comments, and I was thinking damn, they must have some huge mice in Canada if their shit is the size of almonds.

  11. Moose droppings are a popular snack in many parts of Canada.

  12. This time, maybe the link will work.

  13. I want to hear about the chemistry teacher at the Walter Whyte school.

    1. +1

  14. Russia shipping arms, including attack helicopters, to Syria. But don’t worry, Russia assures everyone that these weapons aren’t being used against the Syrian uprising.

    So just what is Obama going to do about this? Putin is probably having a big chuckle.

    1. “Send in the drones!”

      1. Nah. If Obama really wants to rile Vlad, he’ll just resurrect that Dobby thing.

  15. Moose Tracks Ice Cream banned in 3, 2, 1, ….

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