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  1. Gary Johnson says we are six years from a Greek style economic crisis. As if Greek style yogurt wasn’t bad enough.

    1. That’s yoghurt!

      1. Actually, yogurt is a Turkish word, and it’s yo?urt, pronounced yo-urt (the ? lengthens the annunciation of the preceding vowel).

        Or so I hear.

  2. “The Army Corps of Engineers will most likely cut down the treehouse on June 15.”

    That won’t get to the root of the problem.

    1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that pun was horrible.

      1. We’re ignoring Tim, Ken, because of his war-crime level puns.

          1. Pun-tine.

            1. You aren’t even trying anymore.

              1. Meh. Sue me.

                1. We don’t sue expat Canadians living illegally within our borders. We simply expel them.

                  1. Joke’s on you! A Canada-phile does not a Canadian make. Truth be told, I’ve never been to Canada and I would like to go someday.

                    1. Spell hemorrhoids again…

                    2. I read a lot of The British Medical Journal. I also refer to Oxford’s now as opposed to Webster’s. So kan it, Kristen. 😛 Also, ligatures are cool.

                    3. Also, ligatures are cool.

                      Like, duh – everybody who’s anybody knows that!

                    4. When you rent a car in Canada, there is a special tax added for the tires.

                    5. Don’t you mean tyres? (I love that Chrome’s spellchecker draws an angry red line under the word tyres)

        1. Meh. I guess the whole “out on a limb” thing slipped past the pun filters.


          1. That’s not a pun, this is a pun.

            1. No, no, not a pun… what’s that thing that’s spelled the same backwards and forwards?

              1. What does a racecar have to do with this?

    2. They’re definitely barking up the wrong tree.

  3. Let me guess, that first picture is from one of George Lucas’s science fiction movies aimed at toddlers?

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s John Carter. Dope.

  4. Ask a libertarian:

    Was Armageddon a great libertarian movie, or the greatest libertarian movie?

    1. You really want to take this step, dude?

      1. Ask a libertarian:

        Are all libertarians really hipsters in disguise?

        1. No. Just some. The rest are nerds out of disguise.

          1. Me and my new Gorn Captain mask resent that implication.

            1. I’d like a Gorn Captain suit with a Gorn Captain voice synthesizer built in. For work.

        2. Are all libertarians really hipsters in disguise?

          Look in their fridge. If you see mayonnaise bought from some fucking mayonnaise store in Brooklyn, then they’re a hipster. If not, they’re OK.

          1. I fear that’s not the only possible kind of hipster.

            1. There are thousands of them out there.

            2. OK, fine. Anybody with a fixed-gear bicycle? A ukelele they bought as their first musical instrument? A turntable they carry around and listen to in coffee shops? Or an apiary on the roof of their urban apartment building?

              1. I can’t abide urban honey.

                1. Pro L, that has a distinctly . . . racist . . . flavor.

                  1. I meant honey made in cities. Any part of a city. If it’s not in the mountains or a swamp, I don’t want to hear about it.

              2. A roof top beehive, a bike with a six foot tall seat.

          2. Hellman’s. I’m safe. I didn’t think the mayo would determine my qualification for top hat and monocle.

            1. Did you know that there is no Hellman’s west of the Rockies? They change their name to Best Foods! I was shocked, shocked, the first time I realized that.

              1. Really? Is that some sort of Coors thingee?

                1. Make that reverse Coors thingee?

                  1. More like the Hardees/Carl’s Jr thing.

              2. That’s because the people who go to tractur pullz don’t want to see the word hell.

              3. It’s actually the opposite. Best Foods bought Hellman’s in the 30’s, but there was no point in changing the branding since both had such huge market shares in their respective territories.

                1. Is it akin to Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.?

            2. Living along the front range of Colorado, I am fully aware that I stand on the lapping shores of Hellman’s mayo yumminess.

              And fuck you Miracle Whip people.

              1. Miracle Whip is an abomination, sent from the depths of Hell to ruin sandwiches.

                “It is the Broodwich. Forged in darkness from wheat harvested in Hell’s half-acre. Baked by Beelzebub. Slathered with mayonnaise from the evil eggs of dark chicken forces beaten into sauce by the hands of a one-eyed madman. Cheese boiled from the rancid teat of a fanged cow. Layered with 666 separate meats from an animal, which has maggots for blood!”

              2. And fuck you Miracle Whip people.


                1. An affinity for Miracle Whip is proof positive of both impending dementia and Alzheimer’s.

                  Besides, real mayo is Taubes worthy.

          3. You really hate that mayo store don’t you?

          4. Some people think I’m a beer hipster, but they just drink bad beer.

            1. Hipsters drink horrible beer so they can feel ironic.

              1. Yes, but the people I’m talking about drink PBR unironically.

                1. They are not hipsters. They are philistines. You sound like a beer snob, which is perfectly okay.

                  1. Why is it ok for heller to be a beer snob but not me?

                    1. The obvious answer to that is that you are an asshole and he is not. But since being a beer snob is probably your only redeeming characteristic, I suppose it probably is okay for you to be one.

                    2. Let’s get one thing straight, Epi. There is nothing OK about you.

                    3. You know the answer to this question.

                    4. heller’ not an asshole?!? Since when?!?

                    5. Hey Epi, what happens when you pour PBR on deep dish?

                    6. I imagine it’s something akin to crossing the streams, which we all know not to do.

                      You can’t hurt me, heller. I’m immune to your insults, because I know, deep inside, that I am also a beer snob and a pizza snob. I have complete confidence in my snobbery. It is infallible and unassailable.

                    7. So do I, I was just testing you.

                    8. See! Asshole!

                    9. Yeah, Heller is kind of a dick.

                    10. At least I’m not a tool.

                    11. You’re a towel!

          5. I don’t even eat mayonnaise. And I scold everyone I see who orders it on line in front of me.

            1. Try using mayonnaise instead of ketchup when you’re eating fries. You’ll feel very European.

              1. Yeah, fuck that. Last time I was in Amsterdam I got a big ass cone of fries and went with the vinegar.

                1. Ska, you might want to colloquialize that last statement…leads to problems otherwise. “Ass cone”, “Ass-cone”, or “Asscone”? Judges?

                  1. I’m gonna let it slide due to the translation difficulties from Canadian to American. But seriously, ska, when referring to Amsterdam, it can be dangerous to put the words big, ass and cone together in a sentence.

                    1. All I was missing was a reference to Bananas. Then anything would have been possible.

        3. Take. that. back.

      2. United States astronauts train for years. You have twelve days

        1. I wonder just who SpaceX will employ to pilot the manned Dragon missions? For ISS flights, doubtlessly NASA astronauts. But what about other missions, particularly those for private clients (e.g., Bigelow’s orbital hotels)?

          1. Whoever calls “dibs” first?

            1. SHOTGUN!

            2. Or they may put it up for bids. It’s the libertarian way.

              1. For seats, sure. For piloting the spacecraft? I’m guessing that to keep the passengers happy, they’ll use ex-NASA pilots. At least at first. And Russians.

                1. Now who do you think would pay more to be able to say they flew the first manned private space mission? Some NASA schlub, or Angelina Jolie?

                  1. In Soviet Russia, spacecraft pilots you!

        2. I never got that. The test for astronauts should be simple: if you can withstand the g-forces of exit and re-entry, you’re A-OK to be shot into space.
          Face it, we sent people into space that aren’t even smart enough to install a smash-proof mailbox. They’re not (the) rocket scientists. Those guys are in Houston.

          1. It depends on the mission. Use that criteria for Apollo 11, and we either have a crashed Eagle or an abort.

            1. You’re right. Aldrin saved the day.

              1. Do shut up before I let the government know about your pronounced anti-Armstrongian activities.

                1. SIC SEMPER ARMSTRONG!!!

                  1. Ok, maybe death is a little harsh. But seriously, fuck that guy.

              2. Armstrong’ the superhero, Aldrin’s the sidekick. Why do you think he has the name “Buzz”? It’s like Captain America and Bucky.

                1. I’m gonna start calling Armstrong “Woody” again, because he’s the goofy fuckstick to Buzz Lightyear Aldrin.

                  Answer me this: who got the TV spinoff from Toy Story? Hint: it wasn’t the dorky cowboy.

                  1. Buzz role in Apollo 11 was “LEM Pilot”.

                    Do you know what was not in the LEM Pilot’s job description?

                    Piloting the LEM.

            2. Think of the damage to the soundstage!

          2. An improperly secured mailbox is the hallmark of the weak-minded.

            1. Don’t lower yourself to sloopy’s level.

              1. I bet your mailbox is barely attached to its post, ProL.

                1. Aldrin is in Seattle right now, planning to pay your chin a visit.

    2. Dude, they’re banning people for much less.

      1. I propose that we shun FoE for making such a gauche and blasphemous statement.

        1. I say shun and tar and feather! Surely there’s some way to virtually tar and feather a commenter.

          1. I agree with Pro Lib and Epi. It’s the greatest libertarian movie.

            1. Revenge is too tepid a word.

              1. We must be patient, ProL. We must bide our time. He’ll make a mistake, and then we will have him.

                1. Will betrayal be involved?

                  1. Crushing betrayal.

  5. The f—ing people of f—ing Middleborough need to f—ing clean up their f—ing language, OR ELSE!

    “The cursing has gotten very, very bad. I find it appalling and I won’t tolerate it,” said Duphily, a civic leader in the otherwise quiet New England community, which calls itself the Cranberry Capital of the World. “No person should be allowed to talk in that manner.”

    1. Please tell me this statement was met with a resounding “fuck off” a la Ricky from TPB.

    2. There’s nothing funnier than a New Englander cursing (OK, there’s lots of things funnier, but I just love this video)

  6. http://washingtonexaminer.com/…..out/717996

    Young voters disillusioned. Reality is a harsh mistress.

  7. Here’s another question to queue up for “Ask a Libertarian” day:

    “There’s a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?”

    1. a)Is it a private bus or a public bus?

      b)If this were Somalia the roads would be so bad it couldn’t get up to 50 mph.

      c)To (mis-)quote a great movie “They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into… I say let them crash.”

    2. tell my driver to speed up and turn back to the paper.

    3. What do I do?

      (1) Google up the location of the nearest government building next to a highway.

      (2) Park the bus there.

    4. Continue to accelerate to over 85; go back in time; defuse bomb; kiss mother(ewww); save father from lifetime of nebishness; buy stock in Apple.

      1. “Continue to accelerate to over 85; go back in time”

        You can hand in your membership card at the door.

        1. You are correct, sir. My deepest apologies (88 is the number I was looking for.

          I’ll say 10 hail martys as absolution.

    5. Congratulate myself for not riding buses.

  8. A 24-year-old Massachusetts woman who allegedly masqueraded as a teenage boy is facing federal charges for engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a 15-year-old girl who was unaware that the boyfriend she met online was actually a female,


    1. Bieber?

    2. What if she thought the girl was a 25 year old dude that was into role playing too.

  9. I’ll be surprised if it turns out that there is no life on Mars. Granted, the odds against anything but very simple life are very high, but something subsurface seems more likely than not.

    1. Why would you make a statement like that? Do you have any evidence? There’s no water. That’s a severe problem.

      1. But there is water on Mars. You’ve been watching the wrong movies again, Episiarch.

        1. Look, ProL, start the reactor. Free Mars if you’re so sure about this.

          1. I already have. Mars is fully habitable and hospitable to humans.

            Oh, you mean you believe what NASA tells you?

            1. Martian global warming proves that they have an advanced technological society. And that they’re as dumb as our AGW deniers.

      2. There’s no water per se, but there’s plenty of ice. There was even a photograph of some very recent soil erosion. I don’t think the lack of water thing is going to hold up for much longer.

    2. Mars… I can’t believe I’m back on Mars. Three times before, this place almost killed me. I swore I’d never give it another chance to finish the job. Humans got no business being here. No business at all.

  10. So. It has been more than six months since my AM links relationship meltdown and…yes, that’s right, still going strong. But there is a development. I was pushing for the semi-compromise of moving in together to a (much-needed) larger place when my lease was up at the end of February, but when the time came he said instead that he wanted to move out and “support [him]self exclusively with [his] own money for the first time.” Said he felt like he had gone from his mom supporting him to me supporting him and hadn’t become an adult or whatever (he had lived on his own before, but not on his own dime).

    Anyway, as of last weekend he is living in his own place (with a roommate; prior to this he left my place to stay with his parents for several months). I keep going between “you need to struggle through the hard times together” and…much worse thoughts. Is this insanity? Is this just the development that is necessary for anything good to come of anything? He keeps saying things I find totally absurd, like, “This doesn’t change our relationship at all, I just moved out.” Uh, no change?

    Anyway, typing this out I know y’all are going to tell me the same thing as last time: ditch him. It’s hard to see what else I can do (other than suck it up, of course), but it feels incredibly wrong and I don’t fucking want to. (Thanks for listening, peeps.)

    1. In some ways I can kind of see what he is saying. I am a big believer that everyone should live on their own on their own dime before getting married. It is an important part of being an adult I think.

      That said, he already moved in with you. He is committed. This whole thing strikes me as a subterfuge for him not being ready to make a commitment. If he wants to go out and live on his own and find himself, good for him. But I think you should break it off for a while while he does that. Give the whole thing a break for a set time, say a year. Then start over. If you really love each other, things will be better then. If you don’t, you saved yourself a lot of aggravation and started the process of moving on.

      1. (Thanks for listening, peeps.)

        I think you mean “perps”.

        Yeah, I say dump him, too. But I’m a big one for clean breaks.

        1. I agree with RC, I like clean breaks. Your situation is the opposite of a clean break. I’m sure it sucks for you but it really sounds like this guy is not nearly as into you as you are into him. As someone else already pointed out this living on his own is probably just one in a long line of excuses not to commit.

          1. Especially when you consider “living on his own” means living with a roommate.

            To hell with that shit. I’m imagining my live in gf telling me she needs to be independent, so she’s moving to an apartment with one of her girlfriends.

            It just doesn’t make any sense dude. /buntpunt

            1. Well. He is too poor to live by himself.

              Bonus points for his roommate being a girl. I couldn’t care less, cheating-wise (especially what with her being a lesbian), but it doesn’t help the humiliation factor.

              1. You will feel immensely better in very short order if you just end this cleanly, and now.

                1. “I shall be merciful, and quick!”

                  I’d avoid advice from the Internet. That’s my advice. Heck, Episiarch is actually the Unibomber.

              2. I don’t know Nicole, your displaying a pretty high tolerance to douchebaggery here. At least promise to grudgefuck his roommate so we have something else to root for (if things don’t work out well).

        2. But I’m a big one for clean breaks

          Dad told me one time, “Sometimes you have a dog of the breed where you have to chop off its tail. It does neither you nor the dog to do this in a series of small sections.”

          … Hobbit

      2. Just want to tell everyone thanks and if I don’t answer you in particular it is because I am very emotionally reevaluating my life right now.

        God, why the hell do you people want more girls around?

        1. Strength in numbers and there are some aspects of libertarianism that fem libertarians can explain in a more friendly way (and may have more street cred) than us menfolk. It is a matter of perspective or, as Obi Wan said, “A certain point of view.”

        2. They are smaller, easy to take along, eat less, smell nice.

    2. You need to rip off the band-aid. It sucks, but you’ll be happier in less than 3 months. You strike me as a pretty bright, caring woman. It’s a shame you’re letting this asshole deprive you of true happiness.

      Also, I know Groovus is always looking for a woman, and he’s a fucking doctor. Become the next HnR couple and we can begin our dominance of the American landscape.*

      *That doesn’t count the unholy Warty/Epi/SugarFree thing.

      1. You don’t understand our love!

        1. You don’t understand our love!

          Praise Jesus!

      2. Groovus can male-gaze me all he likes but his plans to move preclude your plans for US dominance.

        1. His plan to move is a backup plan. Trust me, he wants to stay here instead of go to the Land Of The Big Babushka.

          I’m setting this thing up. Groovus, you and Nicole both need to e-mail me a picture and some financial statements. I’ll make this thing work.

          1. You forgot the part about the nominal fee.

          2. Leela: [Finally laying down the cards.] How much?

            Bender: Five hundred bucks.

            Leela: [Without batting her eye.] Done.

            Bender: Zapp Brannigan okay?

            Leela: No!

            Bender: Six hundred.

      3. I think Groovus prefers “Love Doctor.” “Fucking Doctor,” while possibly more accurate, just seems crass.

        1. I prefer Groovus, TBH.

          1. And who asked you?

    3. I think it is important for a man to understand who he is. I think one way of achieving that goal is live life alone. Too bad he has a roommate. He still isn’t alone.

      To be able to stand like a man and look at who you are and making it on your own, nothing like it. I dated my wife for 4 years before we got married. And we didn’t live together until we got married.

      It was important for me to have my own space and be comfortable with who I am. It wasn’t a reflection on her. It was my way of affirming myself after a tumultuous divorce. She was patient.

    4. Honey, you need to ditch that zero and get yo self a hero!

      Mhmmmmmm *snap* *snap* *snap*

      1. *laughs imagining heller do a Nihilist head triangle*

        Das’ Right!

    5. what is it about human nature and the desire to hang onto people who either do not wish to be hung onto or should not be, i.e. spousal abusers, serial cheaters, the proverbial bad boy/girl.

      There is some good that will come of this – sooner or later you will realize that he did you a favor. A grown man who trades a live-in girlfriend for a (presumably) platonic roommate for the sake of “economic freedom” or some such is sending a loud and clear message – he’s not nearly as into you as you are into him. Take the gift, have a bottle of wine, throw a couple of things and get it out of your system, the drive on. You, and some good guy, will both be glad you did.

      1. This is easy wareagle: Some people, for irrational reasons known only to them, will opt for the guaranteed bad choice because they know what to expect, v. the rational choice where there may be beneficial uncertainty as the rational choice is unknown.

        1. which, in this case, leads to the obvious, true, and only answer for Nicole – dump him.

          1. Of course, there’s also the fact that it’s the uncertainty of the current situation that is upsetting me (will it turn out well? when will I see him again? what will happen a year from now?), vs. the certain horror of losing everything I (currently) want in life.

            1. Either way. nicole, resolving this will result in emotional fallout. I am no “Relationship Whisperer” by any stretch, but to put my doctor hat on for a moment, I have to concur with the commentariat here: from what you describe, there is no real benefit here to you besides emotional (and that is a very strong human emotion and desire), and I get the very strong read that this fellow is sucking you dry, emotionally and financially. Ultimately, the choice is yours. My detached, dispassionate and clinical take: leave while you can.

              1. You see, nicole? This is the kind of passion and reason Groovus is known for, not only around here but in the greater Tulsa region, some Eastern European capitals and parts of western Canadia.

                Any woman (except Banjos) would be lucky to have him look in her direction and offer to gaze upon her face and body. Besides, he’s a doctor. Do you understand that? He’s. A. Fucking. Doctor.

                1. Knock it off with the pimping, sloopy. I was being serious here and so is nicole. This a real problem and don’t treat it as trivial, please.

                  This isn’t quite a simple as doing a Nash equilibrium or Prisoner’s Dilemma here, though it does lampshade a legit libertarian-esque problem here via comparative advantage and value.

                2. Don’t listen to sloopy, he just want another married couple to play Bingo with.

                  1. First of all, it’s Bridge asshole. Second of all, and this is for Groovus, I was semi-serious. Nicole doesn’t deserve a dickhead like the guy she’s with. And you deserve a lifetime of libertarian bliss.

                    Remember, this is coming from a guy who met a woman on HyR, took her home in less than 3 weeks and married not long after that. There’s a lot to be said for shared ideals and political philosophy. It goes a long way to two people not only being compatible, but to them being happy together.

                    I can honestly say that I never in my entire life thought I would find a woman who shared my ideals and perception of a perfect world. That, a pretty face, a hell of a personality and a Size 2P body with 34-DD’s go a long way.*

                    *Currently 34-F at 13 weeks pregnant.

              2. Creative destruction!

    6. I’ll ask the obvious question that seems to have been missed: have you communicated with him about your surprise/dismay/unhappiness with this turn of events? It sounds like you have, but I gotta ask. And I mean communicate in the ‘I am unhappy with you and here’s why’ sense, not the ‘vague hints of displeasure and annoyance’ sense. Most men (me included) are not real good at subtlety. He may not understand that in your mind this is a deal breaker.

      If you have communicated clearly, and he’s feeding you bullshit about nothing changing, dump his ass. Clean break, give him his shit back, change the locks, and move on.

      1. Yes. He is aware that this is making me extremely unhappy and he feels very guilty about it. “What am I supposed to do when what I feel like I need for myself hurts you so much?” That type thing.

        The problem is that I have clearly demonstrated it is not a deal-breaker. By not breaking my side of the deal. But he knows I sit at home and cry all the time, think he does not value me, etc etc.

        1. Is this one of those situations that you really want us to help you with? Or is this one of those times we’re just supposed to listen and commiserate? I ask because we’re mostly guys here (plus Warty) and we’re MUCH better at the first than the second.

          1. Oh the former. I don’t commiserate either.

            1. OK, then, tough love time. When you say, “He is aware that this is making me extremely unhappy…” you’re wrong. YOU are making you extremely unhappy by choosing to remain in a dead-end relationship. We’ve all done it at one point or another. You’re not giving up anything but a sore scab by breaking up with him. Banjos is dead right about there being plenty of like-minded guys out there.

        2. So he’s making you miserable, knows he is, and doesn’t seem to have any will/desire/capacity to do anything to fix it, or even alleviate it a little bit. I’ll let you draw the conclusions from there.

        3. But he knows I sit at home and cry all the time

          that is the clincher for me. I could not knowingly put someone I claim to love in that spot. If he really needs to be on his own, fair enough; but he should also man up, say so, and include the part where you no longer factor into the plans. But he wants it both ways.

          This is pissing me off the more I read. I get the image of some emo guy who claims to want independence yet has a room mate, claims to want someone yet purposely lets her feel like shit, and he curries sympathy from talking about his tough life.

    7. I would lecture you about supporting dead beat losers, but I have no room to finger wag.* All I can say is that you are a regular on a website infested with single men who would give their left testicle to find a nice woman who shares their philosophy. Post your email address and let the marriage proposals flow forth.

      *I am obviously not referring to sloopy (he insisted that I note that)

      1. My first marriage didn’t work out, so my left testicle isn’t an option. Will the right one suffice?

        1. ^You see what I am saying, nicole?

      2. Does he have approval rights over your comments? Wow, that’s some pre-nup.

        1. It was in exchange for him making me breakfast and dinner everyday. And by everyday, I mean every. single. day.

          1. Ah, slavery. A good perk.

      3. Anybody seen Goldwater lately?

        1. ^^THIS!^^

          1. We’re even from almost the same hometown!

            1. Wonderful! That’ll be 500 bucks.

    8. nicole,

      I write this as someone who has no intention of getting married, and has had that conversation with my current girlfriend (who like yourself, has always wanted to get married).

      From the side of the story presented here, it appears that this guy just wishes to use you. Moving out to support yourself is a noble goal, and is completely undermined by having a roommate. There would have been no difference if he had continued to live with you, and paid half the bills.

      I can’t tell you what to do, and would like you to remember that I’m just some anonymous asshole on the internet. I would recommend looking him over with a neutral eye, and seeing what kind of guy he really is.

    9. It sounds to me like he already broke up with you, but one or both of you doesn’t realize it yet. Move on.

    10. I find guys provide pretty good advice about other guys, so as much as it pains me to say it, I would take what these guys say into serious consideration.


      1. I hesitate to say HnR is really “deciding” this for me…but…well I am about fucking ready to rip off that bandaid. Dammit.

        1. So rip it off.

    11. It certainly does sound like the guy just doesn’t want to commit, for whatever reason or reasons. Personally, as an often-clueless guy, I disagree with the “just break it off” advice, because I hate being caught by surprise. I would say the relationship needs to move forward or die, so it’s time for a clear, calm, affectionate ultimatum. He needs to understand that this is critically important to you. Maybe he does, and it won’t make a difference. Maybe he doesn’t, and this will make him realize he’d rather have you on your terms, rather than not at all. Either way, it gives him a last chance, and clears things up for you.

      Good luck in any case.

      1. If this guy is caught by surprise his cluelessness would be legendary.

        1. Guys are caught by surprise by a woman’s depth of annoyance all the time. And maybe he just needs some pressure to make a decision.

    12. Hey Nicole, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Hope some of the comments here can help you. My advice, move on. From your blog, you seem like a nice, interesting, and intelligent person. You deserve the same. Plus, guys are into the nerdy glasses thing, you’ll do great. 😉

    13. Jeeze, nicole. Quit wasting your time with the loser. You’re a smart, interesting, gainfully employed, attractive young lady with great taste in socks!

      1. Thanks very much. You sir have excellent taste in chicks in their underwear.

        1. I can name all the parts of a book too and I used to collect bibliographies back when I actively collected Americana.

    14. Nicole, last time I would have advised to stick with him because there’s no shame in not being married. Dr. Girlfriend and I have been together going on 15 years and we are both OK with it. But we are BOTH OK with it. We agree that marriage is not something we need right now and we are basically at parity jn our incomes.

      Now, I advise that since you are not OK with the situation, you should probably end it. Give him a chance (if you want to) to man up and give tou what you feel you need. If he can’t or won’t, you have set the expectation and can break it off. It won’t be easy but how many more years do you want this to go on?

    15. I’m going to be brutally honest, I apologize in advance.

      It sounds to me like he moved out because he doesn’t want to marry you and is looking around / on the prowl; but want to keep some sure action going and have you as a fall back option in case he can’t find anyone better (in his mind).

      You should be fully cognizant of this no matter what your decision is. As I see it your options are:

      1)Wait him out. Maybe he won’t find anyone better. Maybe he will come around. But maybe he won’t.

      2) Start looking around yourself, without breaking it off entirely.

      3) Let him know that someone else is interested in you or better that you are dating another person. This will force the issue one way or the other, most likely with him breaking it off but either way it will be done.

      4) End it quick and clean and move on.

    16. So I was right, then?

      My advice still applies.

  11. Living on his own dime is just today’s excuse. Tomorrow it’ll be that he’s paying his own way, but he still hasn’t lived on his own since he has a roommate. You can’t change him. Dump him.

  12. Oh yeah, I probably missed this discussion, but what did you all think of Prometheus?

    1. JW says it’s fucking atrocious.

      1. Episiarch says that JW says that it’s fucking atrocious.

        1. Don’t put words in my mouth!

        2. Pro’L Dib says that Episiarch says that JW says that it’s fucking atrocious.

          1. It was Alien redux with current digital film capabilities.

            It should look good in 3D (saw it in 2D) with all of the holographic displays but keep your expectations a bit low….

            1. I always go for 2D. 3D is distracting as shit.

        3. It’s no Armageddon, then?

          1. There’s help for people like you. Not for you, no, but for people like you.

            1. Patience, ProL. Patience. We will sharpen our knives while we wait.

      2. I liked it alot actually. It had major plot holes and unrealistic characters, but it all made sense in the service of the big picture and wasn’t cringe-worthy. It was very enjoyable to watch and visually impressive. It had alot of style, much like Bladerunner.

        1. Would you say it was Hannibal flawed, or Legend flawed? Think carefully, there’s a big difference.

          1. Hmmm, well Legend was chopped up to hell, the Ridley’s director’s cut was much better. So I’m looking forward to his cut of Prometheus.

            1. Ah fuck it, I’ll just go see it and decide for myself. But I agree with you; not in 3D. I want to watch the movie, not the shit that pokes out of the movie.

              1. But doc says that I say that you say that JW says that it’s fucking atrocious.

              2. It was more than just flawed. It was Scott’s “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. If you can turn off your brain to the constant failures of logic, science, and reason, bad dialogue, wildly inappropriate score, and idiotic characters, maybe you will be able to just enjoy the pretty pictures. I was “meh”, when it was over, but the more I thought about it, the more I grew to despise it. It felt like a movie written by a moron who was trying and failing at being intelligent. Be warned.

                1. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just plain sucked. This movie was definitely flawed, but it was still good.

                  1. Crystal Skull worse than sucked. South Park got that right.

                    I’ll just go see it.

                  2. I give Prometheus 6/10 but Crystal Skull was a 4.5

                    Atlas Shrugged a 3.5

                2. It felt like a movie written by a moron who was trying and failing at being intelligent.

                  So, written by an HyR troll?

                3. When did Kristof start writing movies?

          2. The thing with Hannibal was that Silence of the Lambs totally outshone it. So I would say Prometheus is much more akin to LEgend.

        2. I enjoyed it as well… I would say that it’s good, just not Alien good. That, and the fact the crew was too dumb to live.

          What, a strange little hissing worm thing? It just wants to cuddle, I’ll talk to it like a puppy!

          1. More like a deformed alien cobra. But he WAS a biologist.

        3. “alot” is a non word. “A” and “LOT” are TWO SEPARATE words.

          1. Take “a” and “lot” and shove them up your ass for me, mkay?

      3. So is Armond White going to start loving it now? I bet he is dreading the fanboys hating TDKR.

    2. It really had some potential. I wouldn’t call it atrocious but it left a lot to be desired. Guy Pearce as a hipster douchebag scientist was terrible as was his idiotic partner. I like Idris Elba, but unfortunately his talent was completely wasted. The only cool thing about the movie is you get to learn some stuff about the xenomorphs.

      1. Guy Pearce played (badly) the super-old Weyland, not mohawk dude.

        1. I knew that, I’m not sure why I said he was the scientist. But the point remains, I hated that character.

        2. Pearce was very unconvincing as an old guy — Scott should’ve used a real one.

          1. Real old guy would have been much better younger man wearing an old guy suit.

    3. I enjoyed it. I’ve only seen one movie in 3D and that was awful (latest Underworld flapdoodle). I debated on this one and went for it. I was pleasantly surprised and I thought the 3D was well done and added to the “depth” of the movie.

  13. “The unions have enjoyed a social prestige and power that was not seen anywhere else in Europe,” said Mariano Guindal, a business analyst and author of a book on the pitfalls of the Spanish economic system, The Days We Lived Dangerously. “They were very politicized and were very protectionist of those who had jobs, but they didn’t think about the jobless.”

    Labor cartels are not concerned with those outside of their membership roster.

  14. A Fark thread about unions. Enter at your peril.

    1. Augh …

      I feel like I need a shower and I only read about 10 posts down …

  15. Has anybody else noticed that there is an entirely new cast for Atlas Shrugged II? I’ve never seen anything like this happen to a sequel that is scheduled to be released a scant 18 months after the first film.

    This looks like a decent cast and the director at least has a bit of work behind him. But still, it’s just bizarre.

    1. Atlas Shrugged II: The Wrath of John.

      1. Will there be an actor in a gorilla suit? – I love those…

          1. GORILLA MASK!

            1. TEA BAG!

      2. Atlas Shrugged II: Static Electric Boogaloo

          1. Atlas Shagged.

      3. Atlas Shrugged II: The Slavers Strike Back

    2. The new cast could be a sign of a number of troublesome things.

      1. Only in this case, it looks like a much more qualified cast and crew. Perhaps it is a sign that the producers want to make a better film?

    3. Atlas Shrugged II: Rise of the Dagnys

      1. Or it’s porn–which explains the cast change: Hot Ass Shagged.

    4. Asses Shagged II: Who is Galt’s John?

  16. “recovered since 2012”

    I’m pretty sure we’re still in 2012.

  17. First of all, she’s wrong about being “too hot.” Second of all, her attorney is a publicity whore who doesn’t give two shits about her clients.

    People are fucking stupid.

    1. “The video you are trying to view is unavailable.”

      1. It loaded fine for me. Try this link: http://www.myfoxdc.com/video?a…..Id=7310252

        1. So a women gets set on fire at a gas station, and you say she’s not “too hot”…?

          1. I would love to call Gloria Allred “too hot” just once for that reason.

  18. I listened three times to “Ask a Libertarian” and still couldn’t understand what was being said in the video.

    1. I think it said, “The President is near!”

      1. Howard Johnson is right!

        1. I agree with Howard Johnson agreeing with Sam Johnson!

  19. Apparently Prince George County, MD police are animals.

    I will anxiously await the pending kidnapping, ADW, wrongful arrest, and misuse of police resources charges with the firearm enhancement.

    1. BWAHAHAHAHA…it’s PG County, dude. Of Chaye Calvo fame. And Jack Johnson. PG County is worse than DC in terms of corruption and bad policing.

  20. I assume Jimbo, RC Dean or one of our other Texan residents will be able to get to the parade this guy will be getting.

    “A Texas father caught a man sexually assaulting his 4-year-old daughter and punched him in the head repeatedly, killing him, authorities said.”

    1. Shiner, Texas

      “Great people, above-average beer!”

  21. Now thats what I am talking about dude. WOw.


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