A.M. Links: Scott Walker Begs to Differ With Mitt Romney, American on No-Fly List Has to Cross Border on Foot, Kelly Ayotte VP Speculation


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    Scott Walker distanced himself this weekend from Mitt Romney's assertion that Walker's victory Tuesday meant Americans didn't want to hire more teachers, firefighters and cops. "I think it's slightly different. I think in our case what they wanted was people who are willing to take on the tough issues, not only here in Wisconsin but across the country," Walker said on CBS' Face the Nation.

  • Kevin Iraniha, an American studying in Costa Rica, was forced to walk back into the United States because his name is on a no-fly list. "Basically, he was told he could not fly," his brother said. "They didn't give him any information". Perhaps the no-fly list ought to be handled on terror Tuesdays like the kill list? More due process-y.
  • Lauryn Hill explained on Tumblr why she didn't file taxes from 2005 to 2007. "When I was working consistently without being affected by… interferences [such as over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitation] I filed and paid my taxes. This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family," she wrote.
  • The European Union is prepared to lend 100 billion euros to banks in Spain in a bid to prevent the country from becoming the next Portugal Italy Greece. "The issue, however, is there is still a lack of detail about where the money's coming from, which is crucial. The market will treat it with some caution until they see how it will be funded," said Edmund Shing, European head of equity strategy at Barclay's.
  • The commerce secetary John Bryson was involved in a felony hit and run over the weekend, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, which says Bryson rear ended a Buick and then hit it again as he drove off.
  • Freshman New Hamsphire Senator Kelly Ayotte's the latest target of Romney VP speculation.
  • Ask a libertarian is back, tomorrow! It's like a challenge, video below…

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  1. Ask a libertarian:

    If you could be any kind of tree, would it the kind that had to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, or would a simple watering suffice?

    1. You should be on a no-fly list for asking that question, Fist.

      1. Don’t be such a weakling. He must be sent to Guantanamo for his insurrectionist rhetoric.

        1. Gitmo ain’t big enough to hold ALL of us, Res.

          Escape From New York had the solution: Wall up Manhattan, and put all the “criminals” inside.

          1. Ah, geez, I hate hate NY. Couldn’t we wall up Virginia instead?

          2. Good idea, but wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to just wall up D.C.? Lower transportation costs that way.

            1. Dog, but do I ever love this idea: wall DC in and newver let those fuckers see the light of day again.

              1. Oh, no. I’m not paying for a dome and a wall.

              2. Wall it up and then fill it with milk. Why milk? Because it will be full of fruits, flakes, and nuts. Like a giant bowl of cereal.

                1. Raw milk, and pasteurize it after filling it up.

                  1. Walling up DC? Hey, let’s make it a huge above-ground pool, and let the pig-fuckers swim the rest of their lives.

    2. There is unrest in the forest…

    3. What a lazy tree, sitting around waiting for someone else to water it.
      Leeching off the taxpayer watering can!

      A real libertarian tree would be a plant that could find and acquire its own food.

      1. A real libertarian tree would be a plant that could find and acquire its own food.

        It would still be a real libertarian if it:

        * had a special skill to sell for food; or
        * could persuade others to give it food; and
        * rocked a top hat (a monocle might be a bit hard)

        1. Ser Appletree?

        1. Everytime I watch the Perseids or other meteor shower I always think I’m going to go blind because of that movie.

        2. +1 Spore Counter

        3. Yes! I was trying to remember what they were called.

      2. “A real libertarian tree would be a plant that could find and acquire its own food.”

        You mean… a regular tree?

        1. That’s so heterodendronormative of you.

          1. You’re right.

            Besides, libertarians can’t be trees since trees are solar powered.

      3. I shall not be, I shall not be moved;
        I shall not be, I shall not be moved;
        Just like a tree that’s planted by the waters,
        Lord, I shall not be moved.

    4. …the trees are all kept equal…by hatchet, axe, and saw.

  2. “$100 billion euros”

    No. No. Bad. Stop. No. That is a dollar sign. “$100 billion dollars” is merely redundant, but “$100 billion dollars” is an abomination.

    1. It’s such an abomination I couldn’t even force my morning fingers to type it: “$100 billion euros”

      1. Give it a few more weeks before the euro achieves parity with the dollar.

        1. I’m hoping the euro collapses entirely, so we won’t have to worry about symbolism when discussing it.

          1. ?=0, huh? If they keep this up, it will come.

            1. but think how cheap those European vacations will be!

          2. I’m hoping the Euro collapses so that when I go to Europe in a couple of weeks, shit is cheap for me.

      2. It’s been fixed, making you look the fool now.

        1. Without so much as a tip of the hat!

          1. Tip of the top hat?

          2. “generally unremarkable commenter Spoonman.”

            1. “presumed Soundgarden fan Spoonman.”

    2. No no. It’s a unit of measure like foot-pounds or barn-parsecs.

      1. barn-parsecs?

        I actually know what a barn is and that still breaks my brain. Although it might be appropriate for measuring the volume of a string (string theory type).

        1. BTW, does anyone else think of Avogardro’s number as 0.602E24?

        2. My old boss and I were on a work trip (both physicists) and were killing some time at the hotel bar trying to invent new units of measure. Not sure which of coined it but always thought it was a good one.

  3. as Lawrence explained I am taken by surprise that anyone can make $7071 in one month on the computer. have you seen this webpage makecash16Com

    1. Registration Fail. The squirrels should be beaten.

    2. I am taken by surprise that anyone can make $7071 in one month on the computer

      What a pleasingly precise sum. And I like the use of “taken by surprise”. Apart from that, you suck. Bring back anonbot!

      1. If it was $7071 euros I might try it.

      2. “$7070 per month, sure. Anyone can do that. But $7071?! Quelle suprise!”

  4. How Do You Put a Nation on a Diet?

    For decades, people have treated obesity as a personal failure. They blame individuals and families for eating junk food and choosing television over exercise. But experts in this country and other industrialized nations have increasingly recognized that obesity is caused mostly by social and environmental factors that limit people’s ability to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise. Our modern society, with its enormous and diverse food supply and its host of labor-saving technologies, stacks the deck against them.

    etc, etc…

    1. Good God, the stoopid is strong at the NYT.

      Then again… water is wet.

      1. Speaking thereof:


        It’s still amazing how many people fail to use the word “racist” properly.

        1. That’s due to racism.

        2. Sounds like people are getting their excuses entrenched by the time November rolls around.

          1. Using a dictionary entry properly = racism.

            Especially if you use the entry for “racism”.

    2. Progress, growth, variety — all bad things, because the stupid subjects can’t think for themselves.

      Drop dead, NYT, you fucking fascists.

    3. For decades, people have treated obesity as a personal failure.

      Gee, I wonder why?

      1. Because they weren’t enlightened enough to know about “social and environmental factors that limit people’s ability”. I mean, the envrironment forces me to eat twinkies for breakfast. I have no choice!

        Wait, I had a can of v8 and a Larabar. Hmmm. Maybe society and the nevironment aren’t all powerful. Or else I have superhuman abilities!

        1. All that false consciousness, you don’t even know you don’t have a choice. It’s therapy time for you.

        2. Super T!

        3. I was almost certain that my Corn Beer and Jolly Rancher Diet was mandated at the federal level.

          At least, that’s what somebody told me.

          1. Sounds like you’ve been drinking too much 4Loko.

            1. That’s what it takes to have a body like this, Mo *struts skinny white guy stuff*

              Admit. You’re envious.

          2. What on earth is Corn Beer?

              1. Pretty much any adjunct lager other than Bud.

        4. It was so humid when I left the apartment this morning that I just had to get something deep fried.

          /Paula Deen

    4. A nice big, long, protracted military struggle should do the trick.

      1. I’m holding out for the alien invasion m’self.

    5. limit people’s ability to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise

      If only we were free to gambol etc, etc…

      1. Nike, Adidas, Wilson, Pepsi (Gatorade), Coke (Powerade), etc. are all no doubt shocked to learn that their multi-million dollar ad campaigns designed to sell equipment and hydration to highly active people are complete wastes of time.

        1. Don’t conflate equipment with exercise. Also, gatorade and powerade are essentially flat, salty sodas.

    6. experts

      TOP. MEN.

    7. How Do You Put a Nation on a Diet?

      Stalin did put Russia on a diet in the 30s.

      Mao did it in the 50s to China.

      Pol Pot got the 70s Kampuchea so slim down.

      Haile did it in Ethopia in the 80s.

      1. No yo-yo dieting for North Korea. They’re in it for the long haul.

      2. And Mugabe in the 00’s.

  5. Steven Malanga: State Politicians and the Public Pension Cookie Jar

    Legislators in dozens of states have crafted retirement perks that are even more generous than those of their government employees. As states and municipalities confront the crushing cost of pension promises, these elected officials are being asked to rein in a system they benefit from.

    Illinois residents recently got a glimpse of the double standard at work when they learned how former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley had gamed the system. In early 2011, as he was ending his 22-year tenure, Mr. Daley complained of the growing cost of government and warned that rich pension benefits for public workers might sink Chicago’s budget. But he didn’t mention that he had exploited the system he was criticizing to boost his own final retirement package to $183,000 a year.

    1. $183,000 a year?

      What a slacker.

      CA has cops and prison guards pulling down bigger pensions.

  6. Older, Jobless and Forced onto Social Security

    But after losing her job as an executive assistant at an advertising agency in 2008, she searched fruitlessly for full-time work and exhausted her unemployment benefits. For a while, she strung together odd jobs and lived off her 401(k) retirement and profit-sharing accounts. Then, this year, with her savings depleted and no job offers in sight, she reluctantly applied for Social Security.

    A sad situation, to be sure. On the other hand, if your entire 401(k) and life’s savings lasted for only 3 years, you were probably in trouble no matter when you chose to retire.

    1. Pre-2007: at my old house, the neighbor across from lost his job.

      A few months later, he’s driving a brand new Saturn Vue. And then he’s digging out his front yard, building a retaining wall with different levels of bricks and plants.

      It turns out he got a second mortgage on his house. The guy worked as an accountant! After 18mos of being unemployed, he got a job with the government – somehow fitting.

      1. That’s the best time to do home improvements. Sucks to do it while working.

    2. Experts say that environmental factors discourage people from saving money. It’s not their fault. We have evolved to spend every penny and then rely on the government to bail us out. It’s science, you know.

  7. Some bitch from the Jersey Shore got herself arrested.


    John would…

    1. WTF is that? It’s like something out of the LOTR trilogy. Where’s she hiding her war hammer and dwarven armor?

    2. Thoae shorts? Those shoes? With those legs? She’s definitely wasted

    3. Careful! Deena was forced to steady herself on a giant model pig as she made her way into the bar


      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..z1xUwpYkDh

    4. The Jersey Shore: reason #1,273 why the rest of the world hates Americans.

  8. which says Bryson rear ended a Buick and then hit it again as he drove off.

    That’s easy. Obstructing justice. Next?

    1. I can just picture him rear-ending the car for the second time, yelling “Stop resisting!”

      1. or a John Kerry-esque “Do you know who I am?” *backs up, rams car again*

  9. The President on Growth
    An instructive Friday press conference.

    If the President really wants to help state and local governments, he’d campaign with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for pension reform. Or he’d join Mayor Chuck Reed in San Jose to praise that city’s voters for passing a reform referendum this week. Both mayors are Democrats.

    The fair if depressing takeaway from Mr. Obama’s press conference is that he continues to believe, despite three and a half years of failure, that more government spending is the key to faster growth and that government really doesn’t need to reform. This is how you get a jobless rate above 8% for 40 months and the weakest economic recovery in 60 years.

  10. Katharine McPhee at her sister’s wedding.


    I would…

    1. Any relation to Nanny McPhee?

      1. No idea. Here’s a place to start looking. http://google.com

        1. Nevermind, it was a joke.
          But: you’re welcome.

          1. You totally Splenda’d that link.

            1. Oh well. I’m sure you’re familiar with http://www.lmgtfy.com anyways.

              1. A sarcastic asshole like me? Of course!

    2. Until she drank a beer and gained five ounces. Then you would think she was fat.

      1. John wishes he was in Jersey.


      2. She would gain 12oz from the weight of the beer alone.

        1. A beer weighed (at least) 16 oz. 20 in England.

  11. Romney guilty of his own Solyndra!

    Romney-Backed Konarka and Its Organic Solar Cells File for Bankruptcy

    And in a bit of Solyndra-tinged irony, Konarka had even attracted the winner-picking Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, whose administration had provided a $1.5 million state loan for the Lowell, Mass.- based firm from a $15 million green-energy fund that the candidate hoped “can become a major economic springboard in the renewable energy sector,” according to a news release at the time.

    —-Greentech Media


    The only saving grace is that it was only a $1.5 million loan Romney gave the company, but the principle is still the same as it was in Solyndra.

    Not even a politician with an outstanding record in private equity has any business trying to pick winners and losers with taxpayer money.

    It wasn’t okay when Obama did it. It wasn’t okay when Romney did it either.

    1. No it is not. But it is a lot better if Romney would at least admit it was a mistake. Obama thinks Solyandra was a great idea and is telling his supporters that he wants to do more. That is a big difference.

      1. How was it a mistake? The loan was paid back and there was no possibility of corruption since Mitt wasn’t in office when the loan was approved. It’s not remotely like Solyndra.

        Romney isn’t Ron Paul. I agree. I wish it were otherwise but he’s never said he opposes govt backed loans in general.

        1. “The loan was paid back”

          Who says the loan was paid back? Do you have any documentation of that?

          “There was no possibility of corruption”

          What makes you think corruption is what we’re complaining about? You think the problem with Solyndra was corruption? The problem with Solyndra was that Obama was using taxpayer money to try to pick winners and losers–like government could ever be good at that. Like that’s a perfectly legitimate function of government or perfectly legitimate use of the taxpayer’s money?

          It’s not. It’s not a legitimate function of government when Obama does it, and it’s not a legitimate use of taxpayer funds with Romney does it either.

          And corruption doesn’t have anything to do with it.

          “Mitt wasn’t in office when the loan was approved.”

          Greentech Media and the Boston Herald both seem to be saying otherwise.

          A Bay State solar panel developer that landed a state loan from Mitt Romney when he was Massachusetts governor has gone belly up ? a day after the GOP presidential hopeful ripped President Obama’s green-energy investments.

          —-Boston Herald


    2. on a side note, the “great recession” of 07/08 has been very interesting, revealing so much douche-baggery from both sides of the aisles. It has also laid bare the fundamental weakness of our tired old republic.

      What will history write about this era some 100-200 years from now?

      1. “The Stimulus kept it from getting too bad.”

        Then on to the story of the 2020s.

        1. Hopefully the history of the 2020s is the beginning of the real space age.

          1. Hopefully the history of the 2020s is the beginning of the real space age...

            …free from the surly bonds of Neil Armstrong’s influence.

      2. A footnote probably. The 1873 crash was a hell of a lot worse than this. And few remember it.

        1. I’m not so sure since the 1873 crash eventually corrected itself. Can the shaky system – like the Euro experiment – be saved? There are so long term effects like our national debt that were laid bare by the recession. The measures to correct this – if any – will have some future impact.

          1. That is true. I think this is the beginning of the end of the post war order. So, I guess this might remembered differently.

    3. This has been covered already.

      Main differences from Solyndra:

      1. The loan was paid back long before the firm went bankrupt, so absolutely $0 of taxpayer money was lost.

      2. The head of Konarka wasn’t a campaign donor to Romney, and Romney wasn’t the one who approved the loan anyway, so there’s no corruption angle.

      But I know it’s close enough for anti-Romney hacks.

      1. Meh. We’ve spent the last 4 years criticizing Obama. It’s Romney’s turn now.

        1. Right — we stop criticizing BO right when it matters.

          Plus, there were a few Reason bloggers in the tank for BO in 2008 too. So it hasn’t been 4 years of criticism.

    4. Didn’t Reason do a story on this and point out that 1. The loan was approved before Romney took office, and 2. The loan was paid back?

    1. No, no, no. See the Board of Directors is totally satisfied. If I were a donor who was actually interested in the credibility of the organization, I’d be pissed. Like, calling the boardmembers once a day pissed.

  12. Syria’s death squad.


    1. Warty has got some explaining to do.

      1. Are you calling me an Ay-rab?

  13. Rattner: The Euro’s 11th Hour

    But recognizing the risks of euro disintegration ? articulating the costs of a breakup is easier than explaining the benefits of remaining together ? Ms. Merkel has recently been signaling that Germany’s opposition to aiding the weaker countries could be relaxed.

    In essence, she (like the voters of Greece) is playing a huge game of chicken. She wants the weaker countries (including even France) to clean house before loosening German purse strings.

    If that happens, Germany would be well advised to back short-term financial rescue actions similar to those the United States undertook in 2008.

    1. German leaders ought to be traveling around Europe starting speeches with “You remember that little misunderstanding 70 years ago?…”

    2. Oh, Rattner. He was on Morning Joe doing everything he could to explain away Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” comment as a meaningless verbal slip-up but then attempting to crush Romney for his firefighter comment. What made it all the more galling was that it came immediately after Halperin took the high road by saying that both Obama and Romney’s comments are not worth focusing on.

      1. Halperin should have distracted the audience by calling everyone involved a dick.

  14. The 10 Most Terrifying Guides to Sex
    #8. Paying for Sex: The Gentlemen’s Guide to Web Porn, Strip Clubs, Prostitutes Escorts — Without Humiliation, Job Loss, Bankruptcy, Infection, Bloodshed or Incarceration

    1. I sent a copy to my congressman and my city council. Maybe now they’ll be too busy to screw me!

    2. There’s a guide on the internet to masturbating using Keds. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, Cracked ain’t gonna help.

      1. AKA Saturday Night at Warty’s:

        #10. The ToyBag Guide to Erotic Knifeplay

        1. Obviously rule #1 is that even a fake knife never goes below a man’s belly button and above his knees in such situations.

    3. “Infection”

      I know a lot of the guys here find Kate Moss to be hot, but think about that for a moment.

    4. “Infection”

      I know a lot of the guys here find Kate Moss to be hot, but think about that for a moment.

  15. Jennifer Aniston’s got a thing for Vaseline…


  16. A perjury rap, too?
    New questions for Jon Corzine

    But, as former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey Pitt says, “Whether the particular statement is perjurous depends not only on the truth or falsity of the statement but also on whether it misled Congress to its detriment. I think Corzine does run a risk that his statements ? although carefully scripted ? might ultimately be deemed perjurous in light of the trustee’s report.”

    Bottom line: A serious prosecutor might well be able to make a case. Good thing for Corzine that all the federal prosecutors now work for his pal, President Obama.

    1. Corzine is off the hook. The trustee (Giddens) found all $1.6 billion. JPM had a good portion of it and returned $600 million last week.

      You wingnecks will have to gin up a new fake controversy

      1. You’re only saying Corzine is innocent because he’s on your Team. If he were a Republican, you’d be calling for his head.

        1. Corzine’s career is finished due to incompetence. Who gives a fuck?

          Only you Bushnecks do out of desperation to get to Obama.

          1. I failed to vote for EITHER Bush, you stupid bastard. That makes three times, I did not vote for a man named “George Bush”.

            Try again, you stupid bastard.

            1. BTW, how could anyone claim to be a fan of Barry Goldwater, yet support Obama?

          2. “Only you Bushnecks do out of desperation to get to Obama.”

            What? What does…. I don’t even…

      2. your team cock-sucking ability must be well-honed by now. Does it pay well or it just for pleasure?

        1. Reason Mag hates Obama but doesn’t dream up worthless bullshit to try to pin on him.

          That is for Fox Fake News, World Nut Daily, CNS, and the other right-wing hack sites you Bushpigs find.

          1. Are you SURE we go to those websites, shrike? Do you have the ability to read our browser caches?

            Go back to DU, you stupid bastard.

            1. The NY Post is a Murdoch tabloid, you idiot (see above). They published the lie that Buffett owes a billion in back taxes (you won’t see it in the WSJ).

              Buffett should sue their asses off.

              1. I don’t read the Post, you stupid bastard.

              2. Thanks for your adding your unique brand of retard, Mr. Buttplug.

              3. The IRS does say Berkshire Hathaway owes a billion in taxes and Berkshire Hathaway has been fighting it for years, so it’s a bit much to call it a “lie.”

                1. Fake shrike makes more sense in one word than his current persona of “Hillary’s Strap-On”.

      3. Hard to link to the voices in your head isn’t it Shreek?

        1. He does what his hero Barry (Obama, not Goldwater) tells him to do, John.

          Then… he projects.

          Then… he sucks Team Blue cock.

      4. The trustee (Giddens) found all $1.6 billion.

        Finding it isn’t the same as having it. From what I can tell, there’s still over $300mm that is still not in the trustee’s hands.

        1. True, but counterparties have it, not Corzine.

          1. What difference does that make?

        2. More importantly, what kind of accounting that “loses” $1.6B meets SEC standards for non-prosecution?

          Sorry, but something is still very fishy here. And the DoJ is playing dumb for a political crony.

      5. I love that anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a Bush supporter.

        It must get lonely in that head of yours.

        1. Lonely? There’s gotta be at least 100 voices roaming around in there.

  17. Parties await Supreme Court ruling on health care

    If the court strikes down just part of the law, Republicans will push to repeal the rest of it, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said last week. He proposed no specific replacement, though Republicans have discussed pushing through several limited reform bills rather than sweeping legislation to match Obama’s.

    “I think at the end of the day this backfires for Republicans politically,” Democratic strategist Christopher Hahn told The Washington Examiner. “They have no plan, because this has been all about demagoguery.”

    1. The plan is to do nothing.

      There’s no need nor desire on the part of the people to replace it with anything.

  18. Left Party wants men to pee sitting down

    Apparently it’s cleaner and more efficient

    1. It’s possible that men there are constantly erect. It doesn’t seem like a bad suggestion in light of that.

      1. They might be, but to little effect, at least according to the woman with a sex bunker in the woods:

        “I think it is because many are afraid. Sweden is not really such a free country when it comes to sexuality,” she told Aftonbladet, while conceding that she would make sure to tidy up after herself next time.

    2. Fucking sitzpinklers. Also, reminds me of this depressing little movie featuring Tom Waits and Abraham Benrubi.

  19. Kevin D. Williamson – Detroit: The Moral of the Story

    The Left’s answer to the deficit: raise taxes to protect spending. The Left’s answer to the weak economy: raise taxes to enable new spending. The Left’s answer to the looming sovereign-debt crisis: raise taxes to pay off old spending. For the Left, every deficit is a revenue-side problem, not a spending-side problem, and the solution to every economic problem is more spending, necessitating more taxes. The problem with that way of looking at things is called Detroit, which looks to be running out of money in about one week. Detroit is what liberalism’s end-game looks like.

  20. Only in Russia:


  21. Ayotte seems reasonably attractive, has a family and didn’t go to an Ivy League School. If Romney chooses her, the hen party in the beltway media will no doubt start eating the furniture. Will Sullivan have a new vagina to obsess over?

    1. no doubt start eating the furniture

      Do you think they’ll start with the carpets?

  22. To the guys who tagged their teacher “Way to go!”


    1. To the three smart enough to keep their fucking mouths shut and play dumb — this is how you continue to get laid!

      1. “A married man will keep your secret
        a single boy will talk about you

        A playin’ man will keep your secret
        a quiet man will talk about you” – Hey Lolly Lolly

    2. To the guys who tagged their teacher “Way to go!”

      They had a teacher named “Way to go!”? Her parents were odd folks.


  23. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..-testimony

    ATF whistleblower site members not buying Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ testimony

    “‘This man needs to be impeached, prosecuted here in the states then handed over to the sovereign nation of Mexico for terrorist crimes against the Mexican people who died because of his failed attempt to push more gun control’ he concluded.”

    1. Moire idiocy. So “the left” planted gunwalking programs back in Bush era 2006 to wage a secret war on guns?

      FF = another wingnut birther bullshit nontroversy.

      1. Go you are fucking dishonest little bastard. We have only had this conversation about a hundred times with MNG. Wide Reciever was a one time program that was designed to intercept the guns before the border and stopped as soon as they lost track of a weapon. Fast and furious was a totally new program that was specifically designed to let the guns get to Mexico and never tell the Mexicans they were coming.

        Do you ever get tired of sucking team blue cock?

        1. of course he never gets tired. He’s a team blue call boy. It’s just who he is.

          1. Team Blew Boy?

            1. Team Blue Fluffer?

      2. Coming from a left-winger, that’s a fuckin’ laugh riot you just posted, shrike.

      3. God damn you are really ratcheting up your Demfagery.

  24. http://online.wsj.com/article/…..3866f.html

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped into a black church in one of New York’s highest-crime neighborhoods to defend the police policy of street stops that has stirred outrage.

    He told worshippers at the First Baptist Church of Brownsville that the policy “should be amended, but not ended.”

    Instead, the mayor said police are being retrained to conduct the stops with what he called “civility.”

    Bloomberg said the NYPD is working with community groups so they aren’t treated in the rough manner Bishop Gerald Seabrooks said sometimes includes slamming young men against walls.

    City officials have said the program helps to bring down crime. Critics say it’s racial profiling. Most of those stopped are black and Hispanic men.


    Welcome to NYC.

    1. Civility. That means they say please before they frame you for having drugs because you are a black guy in the wrong neighborhood. Bloomburg is the upper east side white liberals’ guy. And he is conducting a policy policy right out of the Jim Crow south. And the New York Times and his rich white liberal supporters think it is just great.

    2. Bloomberg said the NYPD is working with community groups so they aren’t treated in the rough manner Bishop Gerald Seabrooks said sometimes includes slamming young men against walls.

      That’s the most ridiculous sentence I’ve read in a long time.

      Mayor Bloomberg is working towards reeducating cops not to unnecessarily slam people into walls?

      I thought they already taught that in cop school!

      I bet the boys at the precinct think listening to Bloomberg is hilarious.

      1. I am quite sure the NYPD has a multi million if not billion dollar training budget every year. In the months they spend at the academy, they just never got around to “don’t slam people’s heads into walls”.

        1. Give them a break. It’s more important to spend that time on dog shooting practice.

      2. According to Terry v. Ohio, Stop and Frisk is only justified if the cop has a reasonable belief that the young people of color suspect under question is carrying a weapon. Like a bulge or “furtive” (ie: attempting to conceal one’s actions) movement. How does one ever plausibly deny that they were not moving furtively?

        It’s nothing more than Walking While Black (Brown, Poor, Having Corn Rows, etc.).

        1. Ugh.
          “How does one ever plausibly deny that they were not moving furtively?

    3. Does it bring down crime? I seem to remember something about crime being at 60’s levels.

  25. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-…..-accidents

    Commerce Secretary John Bryson is being investigated by law enforcement officials for allegedly causing two traffic accidents over the weekend.

    1. They should put that in AM Links. Oh hang on…

    2. I especially like how the cops said they didn’t arrest him because he was being treated at the hospital. I wonder if that trick would work for me if I were drunk driving.

      And how the commerce department said it happened because he “had a seizure”. MAYBE that could explain the first crash, but you’re not talking to people and then driving away if you’re in the midst of a seizure.

      He was drunk or on drugs for sure. And dollars to donuts the popos didn’t test for either like they would for us little people.

  26. Lauryn Hill explained on Tumblr why she didn’t file taxes from 2005 to 2007.

    Her career is going so poorly at the moment that even the IRS is like, “who?”

    1. I actually feel a bit bad for her that she completely dropped off the radar–she’s got a legitimately good, distinctive voice that shouldn’t have been pigeon-holed in hip-hop hell. Her talent is miles ahead of black-girl-wannabes like Adele.

      1. Gangsta rap won. People like her lost.

  27. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..ut-permits

    VA: Va. AG says 18 year olds may keep hidden guns in cars without permits

    In Virginia, like most states, adults aged 18 and over may own and openly carry firearms, including handguns, in public without any need to register their guns or obtain a permit to open carry. But in a little noticed attorney general opinion last month, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) issued a formal opinion on concealed carry in which he said that

    “provided the handgun is properly secured in a container or compartment within the vehicle, persons who may lawfully possess a firearm but have not been issued a concealed weapons permit may possess, in a vehicle, a handgun that is loaded and the handgun may remain within reach of a driver or passenger under such conditions. It further is my opinion that, . . .


    Bloomberg’s vagina clenches up. Chaos ensues. Will he be sending the NYPD in to investigate?

    1. Fuck yeah. FL needs this.

      1. Second Amendment. The entire US needs this.

    2. KY is similar but only applies to glove box.

      Of course, the other option is to have it on the dash or on the seat, because in plain sight also isnt concealed.

  28. http://www.heraldtribune.com/a…..?p=1tc=pg

    Reconsideration of SYG law. *Sigh*.

    1. Based on the reporting, we just have a shitty quality of judge in FL and they can rule in favor on a whim. I think they need to reconsider the mechanism for immunity to prosecution. I suggest that, if found innocent, the state’s sovereign immunity be removed and states attorneys be vulnerable for civil damages such as attorney’s fees, loss of wages, and harassment.

  29. Castro regime endorses Obama for president!

    John probably shouldn’t read this–becasue it’ll probably give him an aneurysm.

    “I believe that Obama needs another opportunity and he needs greater support to move forward with his projects and with his ideas, which I believe come from the bottom of his heart”

    —-Mariela Castro


    Summary of the article:

    –The Cubans are holding an American hostage, but Mariela Castro was given a travel visa to enter the U.S. anyway.

    –The Obama Administration has refused to grant or yanked visas for less than this Castro is guilty of, but they granted her visa.

    –The reason the Obama Administration granted her visa was because she was invited to speak to a group in San Francisco about LGBT rights. Mariela Castro is a sexologist who believes in equal rights for LGBT.

    –Although Mariela Castro believes in rights for LGBT, she is also an adamant and vocal defender of the status quo in Cuba–she apparently doesn’t believe in rights for anyone else BUT LGBT.

    1. Cuba also is horribly racist. Afro Cubans are treated even worse than the rest of Cuba. Funny how Catro’s boot lickers here never notice that.

      1. No time for that. Castro’s celebrity apologists are to focused on the wonderful healthcare that’s free for everyone.

        1. And they’re apparently good on rights for LGBT, too!

      2. I thought they only hated Puerto Ricans.

    2. Have the Cubans stopped putting teh ghey in concentration camps? If not, then I would say Mariela’s position must be quite nuanced:

      No rights for anyone in Cuba.

      Rights for gay people everywhere else.

      No rights for straight people.

      1. She runs the “Cuban National Center for Sex Education”, which among other things, fought for and won free sex reassignment surgery for Cubans and free hormone replacement therapy. It also gives them a right to get identification papers in their new gender…


        I think that’s just the way it works in a long time dictatorship like Cuba. If the daughter of the dictator wants something, then she gets it. It could have just as easily been animal rights or recycling.

        I think this is why so many traditionally marginalized groups on the left secretly find totalitarianism attractive. They look at what most people think, and if attitudes that go against them are predominant, then democracy isn’t necessarily the most attractive option.

        It was like that for Jewish people in Russia back in the day. If you live in an antisemitic society, maybe people being free to do as they please doesn’t seem like a great idea. Maybe the czar seems better. Then when he falls, the idea of a classless, raceless, society might seem like a better idea, too. …better than the idea of people in an antisemitic society being free to do as they see fit.

        I think it’s like that for people in the Castro here in the U.S., too. I’m sure they look at Mariela Castro and think, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone like that with all that power here in the U.S.?”

        1. See, I learned something here today.

        2. I look at this totally different than you, Ken. This looks like some goofball program that is designed to erase homosexuality in Cuba (which the Castro regime abhors). By granting free gender reassignment programs, the government helps people “correct” their “unnatural” urges of being attracted to someone of the same sex.

          This is no better than political education, it just lets people choose it before the government tries and convicts them of crimes against the state.

          Enlightened, my ass. This is a repressive strategy being touted by a government that has always been hostile against gays.

          1. Oh, I’m not singing the praises of Castro’s program either.

            It could be just like them extoling the virtues of their own universal healthcare program–even as the reality is that their people are suffering from the lack of healthcare.

            But they’re being praised for their efforts, apparently, here in the U.S.

            Incidentally, this is why Wikipedia isn’t a very good source of information on dictatorial states. I mean, it would be incredibly naive to think that the dictatorial states in question aren’t contributing to the Wikipedia article in some fashion.

            How likely is it that the Chinese aren’t contributing anything to articles about Mao, the communists actions during World War II, Falun Gong, etc.? I’m sure this is the same thing.

            Mariela Castro is a propaganda machine.

        3. Maybe the czar seems better

          That is exactly the dilemma Jews faced in Tsarist Russia in the late 1800’s. The Tsar wasn’t particularly anti-semitic. And he didn’t initiate or allow pogroms. He was a fucking bastard, to be sure. But he didn’t allow individual rights, including the rights of peasants to kill Jews. So the authoritarian power of the Tsar afforded the Jews protection, as long as the Tsar wasn’t a rabid anti-semite. Jews in Poland, and other Eastern European countries didn’t have that same level of protection.

          Many Jews feared the new politics in Eastern and Central Europe that were developing at the turn of the century because they new that left to their own devices, the peasantry would have the power to pogrom at will. As it turns out, they were right (Nazi Gemany, et al).

          A strong central authority can maintain “protection” for an insiders’ pet project. In this case, it’s LGBT rights in Cuba.

          1. And if that’s true, then we libertarians should make it our mission to do what we can to encourage people not to discriminate, etc. against marginalized groups.

            If Libertopia happened tomorrow, minorities need not fear discrimination from this libertarian. The reason I don’t discriminate against people has nothing to do with fear of the law.

            Likewise, these minority groups should understand, too, that some of the resentment they experience may be attributable to their own sympathies for authoritarian tactics.

            Resentment against authoritarians is just one step removed from resentment against the minority interests that support authoritarianism.

            1. Resentment against authoritarians is just one step removed from resentment against the minority interests that support authoritarianism.

              Right Ken. You are en fuego this morning. But it’s hard to argue against the Rev. Sharpton and Jackson, SPLC, ADL, LGBT groups, ADA, and any other group that seeks protection from an authoritarian government. All of these separate groups lobby and jockey for more central authority, even at the expense of their members’ individual liberty. Shameful. But that’s identity politics for ya’!

  30. Personal anecodtes of douchey cop behavior: an ongoing series.

    Took my family to dinner at the local brew pub over the weekend. My kids (two boys under 6) asked to taste Daddy’s beer. Daddy complied.

    Enter a stranger who walks in from another part of the restaurant to plant his arms at my table and say “Are you giving those kids beer? Do you have any idea how illegal that is?”

    My response “What are you going to do about it?” He pulls out a badge. “OK, so do something.” He then proceeds to stare down my wife. I tell him if needs to talk, talk to me. Unless he’s going to do something, walk away.

    He leaves. But relaxing evening out is ruined.

    Just thought I’d share. hope you had better weekends

    1. Awesome responses from you. That’s how people talk to law enforcement in Justified

      1. That’s how people talk to law enforcement in Justified

        Not quite – Abdul would have had to ask if this had anything to do with the bad blood between his kinfolk and the cop’s, and then slept with him

      2. I knew I was on safe legal ground because letting your kid taste beer was the textbook example of “de minimis non curat lex” in law school. While i never got to read his adge, I could tell it wasn’t the local cops. It may have been federal or a sherrif–but neither have jurisdiction over a crime like that. He’d have to call the local cops, and he’d have to be willing to testify at a hearing. And I’d still get it thrown out under de minimis.

      3. I do not agree. Abdul’s action could cause the brew pub to lose its liquor license. And I say this as someone who everyone knows hates the fucking cops.

        1. Every state I’ve ever lived in allows parents to give alcohol to minor children. Or minor spouses, for that matter. The brewpub can’t serve the children, but if you buy the beer and give some to your kid, it’s not a TABC violation.

          You may be in for some fun with CPS if somebody complains, but that’s another subject.

        2. To be fair, if the waitress complained on those grounds, I’d have complied politely. I’m letting my kids taste beer, not looking to get a third party in trouble.

          Also, I have since checked my state’s law. Under the state law, it’s legal at home to provide alcohol to your own minors, but not in public. Still, i think the “de minimis” defense would ultimately win the day.

    2. I got pulled over by some shitbag from the FBI CT Task force last winter because I had the nerve to gun my motorcycle in front of him. He had no authority to pull me over. And he made this big show about how he was telling Maryland not to renew my license because my motorcycle was registered in Texas. Just a complete shitbag. Little did he know I know several of the big wigs at the FBI Washington CT Task Force. They were quite surprised to learn that one of the MPP officers on the task force was driving around in an FBI SUV pulling people over. I think ruined his day.

      1. Asshole pulls over asshole. Big fat hairy deal.

        1. You are such an angry little man.

          1. I have no love for assholes on motorcycles.

            1. The motorcycle/asshole ratio is very high.

            2. Neither do I. But that is the funny thing. I wasn’t speeding. I went from zero to forty after a light on a pretty much empty street. The speed limit was 45. He couldn’t have written a ticket if he had had the power. He was just being a dick because he was bored. I am anything but an asshole on a motorcycle.

              1. “It’s good to be the King.”

              2. You are an asshole. You ride a motorcycle.

                That makes you an asshole on a motorcycle.

                1. Again, you are such an angry little man.

                  1. You are still an asshole. And you ride a motorcycle.

                    asshole + motorcycle = asshole on motorcycle

                    1. And you are a loon sarcasmic.

                  2. Again, you are such an angry little man.

                    Not angry. Just tedious.

          2. Especially the “Look at me! I can make loud noises!” assholes on motorcycles.

            1. I ride a BMW that has quiet pipes. Assholes with pipes say it sounds like a sewing machine.

              1. Pussy.

                1. Because I am willing to pay for a motorcycle that will do anything and will last forever? Much better to buy a Harley with its patented lawnmower technology. And you were telling Kirsten to buy a BMW the other day.

                  Again, you are such an angry little man.

                  1. Because I am willing to pay for a motorcycle that will do anything and will last forever?


                    1. You have turned into a libertarian version of Shreek sarcasmic. Calm down.

      2. ” I pulled over some shitbag, “John” let’s call him, for gunning his motorcycle in front of me. He called my boss and got me a reprimand so I put him on the no fly list, the terror watchlist and canceled his passport,license and froze his bank accounts. The NSA intercepts all his calls and emails, and gives me a list of cable porn he’s ordering. I think I ruined his day.”

        1. Nope. doesn’t work that way.

          1. I sure hope not.

          2. Too bad.

    3. Excellent work.

    4. Do you have any idea how illegal that is?

      “Fortunately, my law school taught me how legal it is.”

    5. No idea where you are, but in many states that is legal.

      Wisconsin is the only one that is really up front about the law. But many others have clauses about parents serving their children.

    6. Personal anecodtes of douchey cop behavior: an ongoing series.

      I went to the Ink-N-Iron Festival here in Long Beach last Saturday. I was part of a large group, and I didn’t know about half the folks in our group. One of the guys was a Federal Marshall, and turns out he was really nice and cool. He had an enlightened view about drugs, liked punk rock, and wasn’t a dick to people. I’m no cop bootlicker, but I found one that was pretty ok.

  31. Burned out, out of money, out of ideas? seduced by salaries, comfy offices, book deals, old lefty cash and minor celebrity status, some of the most prominent early heroes of our leaderless uprising are losing the edge that catalyzed last year’s one thousand encampments. Bit by bit, Occupy’s first generation is succumbing to an insidious institutionalization and ossification that could be fatal to our young spiritual insurrection unless we leap over it right now. Putting our movement back on track will take nothing short of a revolution within Occupy.


    So the whole point of OWS was to get a few losers jobs in the professional left. “Seduced by salaries and comfy offices”. LOL

    1. As if someone would be seduced by crappy pay and a broom closet with a wooden chair.

    2. Bit by bit, Occupy’s first generation is succumbing to an insidious institutionalization and ossification that could be fatal to our young spiritual insurrection unless we leap over it right now.

      That statement right there reveals how pozzed the whole Occupy movement is. There’s nothing spiritual about turning American urban areas into giant outdoor homeless shelters.

      If you want spiritualism, start a church. If you want to change the financial structure of the country, metaphysical mysticism has nothing to do with it.

  32. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..er-scandal

    Suddenly, Holder embraces ‘Bush did it too’ defense in ‘gunwalker’ scandal

    “Yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, in which Attorney General Eric Holder was once again questioned about the ‘Project Gunwalker’ scandal, featured something of a reversal on Holder’s part. This time, he repeatedly tried to dodge culpability for his DoJ’s ‘gunwalking’ as part of ‘Project Fast and Furious,’ by pointing his finger at the Bush administration’s ‘Operation Wide Receiver’ and other, similar operations. …” …

    1. Cornering a rat always leads to these kinds of results, Res.

    2. ‘Operation Wide Receiver’

    3. Okay, then. Fair enough. Prosecute the Bushies who were a part of the scandal as well.

  33. http://www.rr.com/news/topic/a…..ing_Speedo

    “A Utah police officer fired for dropping his pants and flaunting a green Speedo during a ‘Princess and the Frog’ birthday skit at a school function wants his job back.” …


    Fire cops for flaunting nuts, administrative leave for capital murder. Wonderful.

  34. http://foxnewsinsider.com/2012…..nk-robber/

    Was It Lawful for Colorado Police to Stop and Arrest Every Adult at Intersection to Find Bank Robber?

    “Police in Aurora, Colorado stopped every car and handcuffed every adult at an intersection in order to find a bank robbery suspect. Police Chief Daniel Oates said, ‘The law is clear that investigative detentions are lawful for a reasonable period of time.’ Judge Napolitano disagrees, saying, ‘You can only be stopped if the police can articulate, can state, some suspicion about you and that can only be for a brief period of time.'”

    “In this specific incident, the judge says these were not stops by police but were arrests.”

    “Napolitano concluded, ‘We fought wars against governments who arrested groups of people until they got their person. We don’t do that in America.'” …

    1. But Officer safety.

    2. As much of a clusterfuck as that situation was, the article is hyperbole. The Denver Post reported that 19 cars were stopped, and not every single person from those vehicles was put in cuffs.

      The criticism about detaining everyone at that intersection is legitimate, though, given that no one’s life appeared to be in any immediate danger.

      1. Detained en masse is unacceptable, too.

  35. Hey, there’s an armed maniac nearby and the police just handcuffed and made me sit on the sidewalk. Boy, do I feel safe.

    1. How many other targets did they handcuff?

      1. Hmm, I got 40 civillians and one armed robeer. Do I let him go to make sure there is no gun play that may kill a civillian? Do I hold everyone and hope he doesn’t suddenly cut loose? Or (3) Do I handcuff everybody and the robber still got away because I was wrong about there being a robber here in the first place? Hmm…

  36. Lauryn Hill explained on Tumblr why she didn’t file taxes from 2005 to 2007.

    I think if she’d just said, “because I didn’t make any money” no one would have had a hard time believing her.

  37. Fucking liberals in Dallas are apoplectic about this:


    I was shooting guns in the Cub Scouts before I was 8. God damn we are a pussified society.

  38. Settlement reached in Otto Zehm case. Spokane admits to responsibility for his murder. Cop who killed him inexplicably still not charged in state court or sentenced in federal court after being convicted over seven months ago.

    There will be no justice for Otto Zehm. His murderer will not face justice or be held financially responsible for his death. But there will be more training for the cops who kill people. And there will be more taxpayer money confiscated to cover up their misdeeds.

  39. Being a model is dangerous work. (Don’t bother John. They’re all way to skinny for you.)


    1. They all look like teenage boys. They are just your type.

      1. You’ve got some odd-looking teenage boys where you come from.

        Very odd.

        No wonder you like fat chicks.

  40. Child Endangerment isn’t a big deal unless you’re one of the proles.

    Bonus points for a wife sporting a horribly stereotypical British nose/mouth combo.

  41. Lauryn Hill explained on Tumblr why she didn’t file taxes from 2005 to 2007.

    What the fuck is a “Lauryn Hill”?

    1. Some has-been entertainer.

      If she’s smart, she’ll host a fundraiser for Obama, do a little bundling, maybe a free concert for one of Michelle’s little projects. Bang, audit gone.

  42. No offense to our resident Penguin, but it appears penguins are horny little perverts.

    “For instance, Levick noted the penguins’ autoerotic tendencies, and the seemingly aberrant behavior of young unpaired males and females, including necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks, non-procreative sex and homosexual behaviors. “

    1. I’m reminded of what my aunt once said about Montana: “There’s not a whole lot to do in the wintertime but drink and fuck.”

      I’m guessing when you live in Antartica and can’t drink, the conclusion is obvious.

      1. “Where men are men, and sheep are scared.”

  43. rejected pop culture’s “climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism.”

    Yeah, that’s not Pop Culture, Babydoll… that’s the IRS knocking on your door.

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