A.M. Links: Scott Walker Begs to Differ With Mitt Romney, American on No-Fly List Has to Cross Border on Foot, Kelly Ayotte VP Speculation


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    Scott Walker distanced himself this weekend from Mitt Romney's assertion that Walker's victory Tuesday meant Americans didn't want to hire more teachers, firefighters and cops. "I think it's slightly different. I think in our case what they wanted was people who are willing to take on the tough issues, not only here in Wisconsin but across the country," Walker said on CBS' Face the Nation.

  • Kevin Iraniha, an American studying in Costa Rica, was forced to walk back into the United States because his name is on a no-fly list. "Basically, he was told he could not fly," his brother said. "They didn't give him any information". Perhaps the no-fly list ought to be handled on terror Tuesdays like the kill list? More due process-y.
  • Lauryn Hill explained on Tumblr why she didn't file taxes from 2005 to 2007. "When I was working consistently without being affected by… interferences [such as over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitation] I filed and paid my taxes. This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family," she wrote.
  • The European Union is prepared to lend 100 billion euros to banks in Spain in a bid to prevent the country from becoming the next Portugal Italy Greece. "The issue, however, is there is still a lack of detail about where the money's coming from, which is crucial. The market will treat it with some caution until they see how it will be funded," said Edmund Shing, European head of equity strategy at Barclay's.
  • The commerce secetary John Bryson was involved in a felony hit and run over the weekend, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, which says Bryson rear ended a Buick and then hit it again as he drove off.
  • Freshman New Hamsphire Senator Kelly Ayotte's the latest target of Romney VP speculation.
  • Ask a libertarian is back, tomorrow! It's like a challenge, video below…

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