Obama Says Private Sector is "Fine," Pentagon Asks After Its Gifted Guns, No Relief for Bradley Manning: P.M. Links


Here are those light anti-tank weapons the code-enforcement folks want for solving that nagging unpermitted structure problem!
  • After getting slapped up, down and sideways for his comment that the "the private sector is doing fine," President Obama clarified that he meant what he should have said, not what he said.
  • House Democratic leaders are staring down lawmakers from their own party who want to hike the cost of labor from a minimum $7.25 per hour to an even ten bucks. Econ 101. Seriously.
  • The Pentagon is a bit curious about what happened to all of those guns, aircraft, and armored vehicles it has given police departments in recent years, and has — temporarily — halted the program while it does a bit of an audit in 49 states (New Hampshire gets a pass).
  • With Bradley Manning the U.S. government's current two-minute-hate target, it may be no surprise that a military judge refused to dismiss any of the 22 charges he faces over leaks of government secrets.
  • The TSA heard from the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee that it should work harder on improving its really, really awful image. Among the suggestions? Give preferential treatment to prominent people.
  • Latvia, yet another country to defy Paul Krugman's Keynesian wisdom and, instead, slash government spending, is enjoying solid economic growth — 5.5 percent last year. (HT The Immaculate Trouser)
  • Chicago cops tasered an eight-months-pregnant woman during a dispute over a parking ticket.
  • Zombie Max ammunition marketed by Hornady as appropriate to "make dead permanent" is flying off the shelves after recent reports of face-eating and other socially inappropriate and potentially undead behavior. Yeah, it's real. (HT Ben the Duck)

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  1. Why not raise minimum wage to eleventy billion/hour?

    1. I like the way you think.

    2. No no, per minute!

      1. ugh, I don’t wanna manage timesheets on a minute-by-minute basis.

        1. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to do it for long.

          1. Universal Unemployment, aka Obamament.

        2. It all converges to (infinity sign). What’s the problem?

          1. *whips out L’Hopital Machine*
            Sign error. It converges to -?.

            1. Someone wants to get technical…

    3. You may wonder why Jackson used 1968 as his benchmark. Unsurprisingly, that was the inflation adjusted high water mark.

      I’d also like to know why Blago is in prison for soliciting a bribe and the above Rep. Jackson isn’t for offering one that got rejected.

    1. Do something obnoxious and embarrassing when the visitors olympic bigwigs are in town to guarantee they dont like Toronto.

      1. Skinner: Wait, wait; we have one more act. Patriotic comedy stylings of Bart Simpson
        Bart: Thank you, thank you. So, you’re from Russia huh?
        Russian: Da.
        Bart: Ya drunk yet?
        Russian: [depressed] Da.


          1. But it’s such a cheerful and inviting place!

    2. There’s always some civic booster out to get the Olympics but as the comments tend to show the people are becoming increasingly aware that it’s a bad deal.

      Orlando-Tampa-St Pete did an Olympic bid back in 2000 or so (for the 2012 Games if memory serves). IIRC they lost out to Chicago for the American contender and they in turn lost to London.

      To me not getting the Olympics is like being shot at and missed. Anyone in his right mind would be relieved.

      1. I’d rather not even play Russian Roulette.

        1. Joshua: Greetings, Professor Falken.
          Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.
          Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

      2. People seemed to think I was joking when I said I would move away if Chicago got the games (but it was for 2016, not 2012). I was very much not. Total horrorshow.

        1. Are they trying again for 2020 or is that the end for Chicago’s bid?

      3. I was relieved. We’re having enough of a cataclysm coming in August.

        1. What’s happening in August?

        2. Agreed. The last thing Orlando needs after the city shelled out to rebuild the Amway Center for the Magic is an Olympic Games to encourage them to rebuild the Citrus Bowl.

  2. A bright outlook from the CDC.

    According to the CDC, suicide accounts for 13 percent of all deaths among youth and young adults aged 10 to 24 and is the third leading cause of death for that age group.

    I wonder if there’s a reason for all the doom and gloom.

    1. I cut myself just to feel something!

      /emo kid

    2. Even more interesting: in that age group there is 100 suicide attempts for every completed suicide.

      1. Nothing’s sadder than displaying total incompetence at trying to escape your own incompetence.

        1. Not as incompetent as it sounds, as 90 of them are merely bids for attention.

    3. I wonder if there’s a reason for all the doom and gloom.

      Racism, duh.

  3. What’s funny about the zombie max ammo is it’s just made with Hornady V-max or A-max bullets with green tips instead of the regular color packaged in a cool box. It’s really just a cool collector’s item kind of thing. I know a few people who have received it as funny gifts feom friends or family. It’s a clever marketing idea.

    1. I saw it at Cabela’s here in Texas last week and wondered what the hell that was all about. Might have to pick up a box now.

    2. The thing is, if anyone is buying it because of the recent weird attacks, they’re stupider than dirt. So there seem to be a lot of really, really stupid people out there.

      I mean, OK, pick up a box for kicks, but it’s Hornady niche ammo. It’s expensive.

      1. No one ever went broke capitalizing on stupidity.

        1. Well, all of us are if you define what politicians do as capitalizing on stupidity.

      2. Yeah. It’s a great novelty but if you think it’s been tested out on real zombies you’re a loonie’s loonie. I think people are just buying it to show as a bit of a joke to friends.

      3. So there seem to be a lot of really, really stupid people out there.

        I just think you hate poeple in general.

        What is so wrong with believing in stuff?

        People believe in stuff…get over it.

        1. Are you just trying to prove Epi’s point?

          1. His point is to simply call all people stupid and then to stop thinking about it.

            He doesn’t even process it as fact. More like a denial really.

            “Human nature is not innately superstitious and religious they are instead stupid!!” or some such bullshit.

            1. He didn’t say all people were stupid. He said people buying this ammo because of the recent, weird attacks were stupid. They are stupid.

              1. On the other hand, does any of us really question whether Epi simply “hate[s] people in general”?

      4. My wife bought me a box when the zombie story came out. I asked her what it was for.
        “So you can protect me.”

        I almost joked back ” yeah, but what if you become a zombie?”, but I decided to keep my mouth shut.

        1. My wife and I agree that whoever turns first get a bullet in the grape.

          1. My wife and I agree that whoever turns first get a bullet in the grape.

            Always hard to talk about, but really, that’s something that should be written into your vows.

    3. The guy at a local sporting goods store told me that the Hornady Zombie ammo is flying off the shelf. He also said it’s made on the cheap since it was initially a gimmick. That being so the outer jacket is thin and the round expands much faster than their standard ammo. Much bigger exit wound and much more lethal for varmint hunting; as well as zombie hunting one would assume.

    4. It’s a clever marketing idea.

      Well that and like 80% of the population believe in angles.

      1. I have a protractor that proves their existence. What do the other 20% believe in, Reimann geometry or some such nonsense?

        1. clap clap clap.

        2. angels

  4. Global Internet tax suggested by European network operators … is proposed for debate at a U.N. agency in December

    The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations.

    1. If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

      Good God these UN fuckers are some of the dumbest shits on Earth. Do they honestly believe they can tax the internet without seriously hamstringing e-commerce? Let’s take the one thing that actually still seems to be generating wealth and tax it, that’s a good idea.

      A one way trip to Mars is starting to sound better and better just to get away from these assholes.

      1. Mars doesn’t make any sense. The asteroid belt does.

  5. Notice that Obama isn’t saying that the private sector isn’t doing fine. Apparently recovery just requires more government employees.

    1. This is because in his mind, the mere existence of a private sector means it is faring better than he would like.

      1. Shut up, Len, you’re dead.

    2. US corporate profits are at an all time high: http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~ad…..spearn.htm

      Maybe slack-jawed Bushnecks are not doing well.

  6. SEC looks to make electronics more expensive.

    Congress sought to address the issue through the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which included a requirement for companies to disclose conflict minerals. Last year, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) opened a public debate about whether your next phone should include this disclosure — but Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington is critical of the process.

    1. Conflict minerals….I was wondering when that shit would hit the mainstream.

      virtually anything mined outside the US, Canada or Europe is a ‘conflict mineral’. Another excuse to artificially limit yet another resource.

      1. And to make people in developing countries even poorer.

  7. I love the idea of TSA giving prominent people a pass. Seriously, if only we had the right people flying commercial in this country, things would be a lot better.

    1. Something tells me that what they mean by “prominent people” are government bureaucrats, congress critters and their staffers.

      1. Don’t forget George Clooney!

        1. Or the Kardashians.

          1. No way a Kardashian makes it through screening without a grope.

    1. This one time, at a climate change protest…

      1. One of my favorite movie moments.

    2. Since I’ve already outed myself in another thread, yes, Flutes guy is a facebook friend of mine, due to our having been in the same teenage social set 35 years ago. Seriously, if you want to see some of his nuttier stuff, the links are in the comments on Bailey’s latest post. Apatheist, however, mined that particular gem.

      1. Yes hat tip to xenia via Daily Kos

        1. Thanks; seriously, I wasn’t looking for credit, just giving people more chances to amuse themselves. Or kill themselves, whichever.

          1. I like the cut of your jib xenia.

    3. Yep, they blow alright.

  8. http://diehipster.wordpress.co…../#comments

    Hipsters now doing urban bee keeping. My fucking God are people stupid. They don’t even make decent foodies. Honey is only as good as the nectar the bees can get. The best honey comes from bees raised around fruit orchards depending on your taste. I can’t imagine how nasty the honey would be from city bees foraging for nectar from weeks growing through sidewalks.

    1. I can’t wait for organic diesel soot flavored honey to show up at the local co-op.

      1. and New York now has a problem with giant swarms of bees thanks to these retards.

        1. Hornady will have to market “Bee-Max” ammo…

          1. Flamethrower, FTW!

            1. Shake: I think you hid my flamethrower, because I make poor decisions with it!

              1. “No, no, no, I understand, I understand. I’m just gonna go, I’ll be back in a few. You uh, you think that the gun store is still open?”

            2. “I don’t know what it’s called, I just know the sound it makes when it taked a man’s life.”

        2. New York now has a problem with giant swarms of bees thanks to these retards.

          This would have not been a problem if they had not outlawed weasel (honeybadgers) farms in apartments.

          1. Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit.

      2. You can’t always be stuck in traffic behind a diesel spewing monster truck. This will remind you of the good times.

      1. Thank you for the reminder about how bad an actor Nick Cage is.

      2. You know, every time I see Nick Cage in that movie I have to sigh. The original Wicker Man was a pretty good movie, but it had sexily evil (or evilly sexy) Christopher Lee in it (and also naked Britt Eklund). It’s a perfect example of how a Hollywood remake butchers a perfectly good movie concept beyond all redemption.

        1. In retrospect, it’s funny how prudish society has become compared to the 70s

    2. John, sincere thanks for this link. Diehipster will now be one of my daily visits.

      1. I am in the “check it once in a while” camp, but it’s always got something good.

    3. I think urban honey is actually pretty great, at least the stuff from my neighborhood in Philadelphia. There’s an unnaturally diverse assortment of plants and trees in the area so the honey has a very complex taste. I would suggest you not knock it until you’ve tried it, or whatever.

      1. Personally, I gots no beef with urban hipster honey.

        These are people trying to set up a little business, after all. I wish them well, and hope their foray into entrepeneurdom opens their minds.

      2. I thought the urban farming movement was centered around Detroit?

        1. Except that Detroit is no longer urban except in a post-apocalyptic sense.
          Hmmm, I’ll be Hornby ammo is popular there…

    4. I like how the guy in the NY Post article tries to explain bee swarming by comparing it to teenage sex. Now if only he’d mentioned a bird…

    5. With any luck, one of these morons will “whimsically” import some killer bees to Williamsburgh.

    6. People are allergic to bee stings.

      People get stung then they die.

      1. It’s OK; the hipsters are also selling artisan epi-pens made from “donated” syringes and adrenaline extraced from free-range ocelots.

      2. People get stung then they die.

        … and Darwin marches on.

        Bees are part of “The World”. Bees in NYC are probably a good thing more than a bad thing.

        … Hobbit

    7. Actually, I imagine the bees get most of their forage from garbage cans….coke cans, fruit waste etc.
      also, most of the particulates in honey are from the bees feet…tracked in from wherever they have been foraging.


    8. I like Florida’s Tupelo honey and sourwood honey from up in the Appalachians. Don’t know nothing about hipster honey.

      1. I’ve eaten Tupelo honey since I was a kid and it’s the bees’ knees. I want to try Saw Palmetto honey.

  9. Genetic disorders are a blessing on the world.

    With this new genetic test giving parents and society the ability to map the genetic code of their unborn baby, it is no doubt that abortions will rise. Scared mothers and fathers will be told that aborting their baby is the compassionate choice and that you can always try again if you didn’t want a girl with red hair, freckles, and a higher than normal chance of developing breast cancer. The justifications for these genetically-discriminatory abortions will be limitless.

    How many of these people will, at some point in the future, rail about how much sicker people are and blame it on their pet issue?

    1. genetically-discriminatory

      Where does it end?

    2. Although you have to give them props for identifying red hair as a genetic disorder.

      1. Sexy, sexy genetic disorder.

        1. We all know about sexy redheaded women, but do any women find redheaded men sexy?

      2. It’s because of the soullessnesss thing, isn’t it? ISN’T IT??!!!

      3. I have a feeling my little girl is going to come out with red hair. Hopefully she’s a daywalker though.

        At least that’ll mean she has a soul.

  10. With Bradley Manning the U.S. government’s current two-minute-hate target, it may be no surprise that a military judge refused to dismiss any of the 22 charges he faces over leaks of government secrets.

    So it is your position JD that the judge is crooked? Do you have any evidence of this? If not why is the government being angry at Bradley relevant to the charges standing up?

    1. I’d say what’s more relevant about the government being angry is the refusal to release anything to his defense team. Let’s face it, dismissal of charges is a long shot in most criminal cases, not just this one.

  11. I can’t wait for the hysteria the first time somebody kills a cop with the anti-zombie ammo.

    1. “The green tip allows it to penetrate body armor! These are cop-killer bullets!”

      1. See my post above. It’s more likely that they will be less able to penetrate body armor.

        1. Yeah, I wasn’t being serious, dude. I was mocking the Teflon cop killer bullshit from the 80s.

          1. I knew that. I just wanted to self reference. Sadly, though the first time this ammo is used to shoot a cop the media will blame the manufacturer. So it’s nice to know that when they try that numb nut line of reasoning, as they surely will, that they are truly full of crap.

    2. I’m not sure I understand your comment. If an officer were to be shot by anti-zombie ammo, he must’ve been a zombie. Right?

      1. True. Because, [ObamaFace]as we all know[/ObamaFace], if any suspect is shot by anti-criminal ammo, he must have ben a criminal. Right?

        How could any cop argue against that?

  12. Latvia. Now there’s a country with some cool hats.

      1. End the Fez.

        1. Fezzes are COOL!

  13. “It’s absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine,” the president said while sitting alongside Philippines President Benigno Aquino in the Oval Office. “That’s the reason I had a press conference. That’s why I spent yesterday, the day before yesterday, this past week, this past month and this past year talking about how we can make the economy stronger. The economy is not doing fine…”

    “Whoever said the economy is doing fine was an absolute idiot.”

    So they floated this narrative out there that the public sector economy, not private, needed help and it didn’t go over. Lesson learned, I suppose.

    1. the president said “if you look at what I said this morning” what he was specifically addressed was that “we’ve actually seen some good momentum in the private sector. That has not been the biggest drag on the economy.”

      Wait. Did he just admit government is the problem?

      1. Government not spending enough is the problem.

    2. Is this guy for real? Seriously, is that Kaufman? Come on, Andy, enough is enough.

      1. Am I the only one who would be OK with Jerry Lawler as president as opposed to this clown?

    3. “That’s the reason I had a press conference. That’s why I spent yesterday, the day before yesterday, this past week, this past month and this past year talking about how we can make the economy stronger.

      Obama’s committed to making the economy stronger no matter how many fund raisers it takes.

  14. Jacques Villeneuve lets out 5 minute rant against Quebec student protestors


    “It’s time for people to wake up and stop loafing about. It’s lasted long enough,” Villeneuve told reporters Thursday. “We heard them. We listened. They should stop. It’s costing the city a fortune. It makes no sense.”

  15. Injury ends Triple Crown bid for Canadian-owned I’ll Have Another

    1. Pity, although that horse is going to spending a lot of time in the breeding shed for the rest of his life, so I imagine he’s okay with it.

      1. Prove to me that the horse didn’t injure itself intentionally.

  16. Among the suggestions? Give preferential treatment to prominent people.

    Whatever makes the lines shorter, I suppose. Although forcing decision makers into longer lines would be better for everyone in the long run.

    1. This would be an ingeniously evil move on their part. You would no longer see complaints and videos from celebrities or politicians like Rand Paul. When the rest of us complain, nobody listens anyway.

  17. Why not give military rifles to the CMP? So they can distribute them to the people who ought to have them – civilians.

    1. They’ve already scheduled a shitload of M14s for destruction even though conversion to semiauto is dirt cheap and they would fly off the shelves if the CMP got to sell them.

      I don’t have any idea what the CMP’s future is. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for M1 Garands and M1 carbines now and getting premium prices.

  18. First hat-tip! *swoons*

    1. is your screen name a Jeeves Wooster reference?

    2. Congrats on the hat-tip, by the way.

      1. It’s a both a Jeeves reference and a reference to D Brooks’ pants-ironing inspired mancrush on Obama.

        1. To wit:

          “That first encounter is still vivid in Brooks’s mind. “I remember distinctly an image of–we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant,” “

        2. got it. I thought of the “crease” thing when I saw it. But then I thought, naw, Jeeves.

        3. There are other people in the world who read Wodehouse??

          1. The real question is are there other people in the world who have read any Wodehouse beyond Jeeves and Wooster?

            You can get every novel he wrote before 1922 from both NOOK and Kindle for about five bucks for the lot.

            Among other things the collection includes the first Blandings Castle story.

  19. Get ready to call in sick and tell your wife to fix you a sandwich: Skyrim is coming out with a Vampire-themed expansion pack.


    1. I am so disappointed in this.

      I probably won’t get it.

      Though I think the Game kind of sets up lame post-game DLC.

      After finishing the game My toon can literally kill whole cities now without any trouble…one would expect the only add-on content would have to be over the top godhood like game play. Sad really. I would have much preferred tying up some of the loose ends that the main story left behind.

      In fact the two ending hinted that it would. Wasn’t the dominion supposed to come down hard on Skyrim? Also weren’t we promised as the anointed “dragon whisperer” that our hero would become king?

      What the fuck happened to all that?

      1. ***Spoiler alert***

      2. In classic Bethesda fashion, they did wind up with ways to wind up as a nigh-unkillable god.

        I played it pretty straight, eschewing the potion stacking that lets you create instant-kill weapons, and still wound up with a set of gear that was overpowered.

        I’ll give the DLC a look, though. Damn, that was a good game. I agree that the end of the main story line was pretty anti-climactic. Hopefully, they’ll have a “Kill the Dominion” DLC.

      3. Ugh. I have been waiting and waiting for an expansion and it’s fucking vampires? Not. Cool.

        And yes, joshua, I too would like to be king. Queen. What the fuck ever. And bring on the Thalmor. Or a whole new area of the map. I guess it’s cool that there will be crossbows. Sigh.

        1. Or a whole new area of the map.

          I saw a video review on G4…I think there is a new area…but it look like godhood vampire land.

          No idea how extensive it is.

        2. By a show of hands, who doesn’t want to go slaughter the entire Thalmor nation?

          1. go slaughter the entire Thalmor nation?

            Now that is Godlike post-game DLC I would pay for.

          2. I am so down for that shit.

            1. I’m playing through as evil now and have been killing those pompous asses at every chance. I’d welcome an expansion that gave me the opportunity to do it on a more systematic basis.

              1. That would be glorious. Pro Lib for Bethesda VP!!

              2. I always play as good, probably because I’m a girl or some shit like that (kidding, for all you ladies who play as evil), but I still kill the justiciars whenever I see them. And it doesn’t seem to matter. That’s actually something I’m not crazy about–do you really play as “good” or “evil”? There don’t seem to be consequences for stuff like that that isn’t directly part of a quest.

              3. I’m playing through as evil now and have been killing those pompous asses at every chance.

                I thought I was playing good by killing them….

    2. Considering how much time they’ve had to work on it, this sounds pretty weaksauce. We’ll see, I guess.

  20. “You get a conservative voter making eight bucks an hour at Wal-Mart ? he or she is not going to say, ‘I don’t want 10 because I’m conservative,’ ” Nader said. “They know they’re grossly underpaid.”

    Maybe the “conservative voter making eight bucks an hour at Wal-Mart” has an inkling that if the minimum wage is raised to ten dollars he might just lose his job. I mean, maybe he’s tried getting a job paying ten bucks and has a pretty good idea why he can’t get them.

    I wonder if Ralph Nader really believes Walmart will just start paying someone an extra two bucks an hour rather than looking around to see what they have to do to keep their labor costs the same with fewer employees getting higher wages.

    Typical “lets just make a law to overrule reality” thinking.

    1. We should deny them Obamacare too, since they’re conservative and opposed it.

      The sooner they die off, the better it will be for the race as a whole. /Sanger

    2. That was pretty much my take on that stupid, stupid line.

      “I’d rather have a job at $8 an hour than no job at $10 an hour.”

  21. In one version of the weapons to LEOs story, it said that 800 LE agencies in the state of Illinois had gotten material from the program. A little research turned up that Illinois has 102 counties and roughly 300 cities/towns. Even being generous, that is about 400 LE agencies too many.

    1. I think you underestimate the potential threat of raw milk from Illinois’ farmland.

    2. Interesting. Do campus police get shit like this? Are they considered LEOs? I hear tell that the U of C police is the second-largest force in the state, after the CPD. Of course, there is significant overlap in personnel between the two.

      1. I heard back in the day through a friend on the PSU campus police force that they had several MP5s and M16s in the armory.

      2. as usual, the answer is – it VARIES from state to state.

        i went to police academy with several harvard PD cops. it’s a REAL pd. they own some rather um… interesting property in boston that sees a lot of street crime, etc. and on any given night harvard PD has more cars on patrol than many small town PD’s

        in california and WA, they have the EXACT same academy training standards, etc. as other cops and are just as much police as “real” police.

        UW police dept is a pretty good police dept.

        campus cops tend to, in my experience, also be better educated than the average cop, and many use their jobs as ways to get reduced tuition, etc. many campus PD”s allow campus cops to attend a certain # of classes on duty and being a campus cop can offer a # of financial incentives for cops to pursue graduate degrees while on the force.

        campus cops definitely get less respect amongst the public, and probably amongst most cops, though

      3. see my post below, but here’s a big hint

        some campuses have ‘campus security’.

        if you see that word, they are almost always NOT leo’s

        they are private security, just like any other private security force, with the same powers.

        if they say “campus police”, they usually are full fledged LEO’s

        many have a ‘dept of safety’ or some other such weasel words, since ‘police’ rubs many leftists the wrong way, and they feel better with a ‘dept of public safety’

        in my experience, most state universities and colleges have full fledged LEO’s

        1. Dunphy that is interesting info re: “security” vs. “police.” And relevant to my life as I see what is apparently “the real thing” all the time.

          1. it would probably take a few seconds on The Google(tm) to find out if your local campus has full fledged LEO’s or not.

            i went to UCSB and UC cops are all full fledged POST certified.

            again, it’s kind of a tough gig, because you don’t get respect from the know it all students as “real cops”, you often get an admin that is exceptionally political and even your fellow cops may not give you the full respect you deserve.

            at UCSB, the UC cops patrolled the campus and the SB County sheriff patrolled Isla Vista (which is where all the off campus housing, bars, etc. was.

            the UC cops would often team up with SB Sheriff’s for foot (bicycle) patrol in IV.

            i worked in concert production, so i routintely worked with campus police on security issues for concerts.

            it seemed that many campus cops chose the job for the educational bennies.

            1. Yes, so the U of C has real cops. But what I don’t understand, at all, is their jurisdiction. I can’t figure out why they should have any jurisdiction over anyone not associated with the university who is on public property or private, non-university-owned property.

              1. My guess is their jurisdiction extends out from the university a ways.

                Probably includes any associated commercial district with the U and plausible student housing (greek houses) and any area between facilities…for example the area between the main campus and stadium.

                Their jurisdiction is probably also situational and crosses over local police jurisdiction.

                They are cops. Universities need cops. Their main distinction is probably funding. ie the university writes a big check to pay for them rather then the city.

                1. according to wikipedia, it’s actually the opposite.

                  UC cops are amongst the few agencies with statewide jurisdiction…

                  The UCPD is one of several police agencies in California having a state-wide jurisdiction and authority (other examples include the California Highway Patrol, the California State University Police Department, and the California Department of Fish and Game). UCPD officers, like most California police officers, are empowered by section 830.2(b) of the California Penal Code, giving them authority as duly sworn peace officers throughout the state of California.[1] As specified by Section 92600 of the California Education Code, their primary jurisdiction extends to the campuses and properties owned by the Regents of the University of California, as well as lands within a one-mile (1.6 km) radius of those campuses.[2]

                  it’s usually easier to google and find out than conjecture…

                  1. actually. let me correct myself. at least according to wikipedia, “most california police officers” have statewide power.

                    most likely ((oops, i didn’t google) the limited authority cops might be ones like certain housing or hospital authority cops, etc.

              2. again, it varies state to state, but i would suspect that all postqualified LEO’s have statewide jurisdiction in cali.

                IMNSHO, every state should have a post, most DO, and every post certified officer should have statewide powers.

                for example, in many states, this is not the case. in MA, the laws are antiquated and many cops have no jurisdiction outside their city

                this creates a host of case law problems

                for example, i was sworn in the neighboring towns as a “special” but not towns farther away. the jail was a few towns away. if i was driving through one of those towns and i saw a DUI, for example, i could stop it without being sued (probably) under the CC function, but the case would be nolle pros’d, since i had no authrority to stop them

                and if they ran, i’d have no authority to pursue, most probably , since the stop was technically not valid in the first place

                dept’s should set policies about what kinds of stuff officer should not do outisde their jurisdiction, just like they should have policies about what they do off duty, but imnsho, all certified police officers should have statewide powers.

                many agencies in states that xdon’t work this way, use mutual aid compacts and the “special” officer status but it’s a poor system

                bad guys should not be able to commit a crime in an officer’s presence and the cop unable to do something merely because he is 5 ft outside his city. that’s ridiculous imo

  22. “…the private sector is doing just fine…”

    After looking at this story


    I can see how captain zero has zero touch with reality. I imagine his entire world is completely insulated from reality much more so than his life before being prez.

  23. When Rand Paul wasn’t busy endorsing Mitt Romney he found time to vote for the $969 billion Farm Bill.

    1. I don’t think I like the sound of that. It’s not a bill to cut subsidies by a trillion, is it?

      1. Did he vote for the Farm Bill or to attche the hemp legalization amendment.

        If it was just the amendment it’s strategicallt smart. The farm bill will pass with or without his vote. He can vote against the full bill but still be assured that hemp will be legal.

        If he voted for the bill itself it displays a little more cynicism. Maybe he figures since the farm bill will pass with or without his vote he might as well go along to get legal hemp.

        1. What will be do with the legal hemp? Make a rope to hang himself a little more with his Libertarian backers?

        2. He voted for cloture. There are a lot of greedy welfare chiselers in KY who vote Republican

        3. I don’t think the inclusion of hemp subsidies had a damn thing to do with it.

    2. But you think he made the only sensible call by endorsing Mittens. So what about this farm bill? Was that the right decision too, because, he didn’t have a choice? (:

      1. I didn’t say he should endorse Mittens, only that a sitting Snator usually endorses his party’s nominee for president. 8 Senators voted against the farm bill.

        1. I just don’t agree. I think he should have kept quiet and not endorsed anyone. Sure, he couldn’t endorse GJ unless he is planning to leave the GOP. But endorsing Romney is just going too damn far.

    3. 8 Senators voted against it, including Jim DeMint of course. 90 for it, including young Doctor Paul.

      1. Sad day when I have more respect for DeMint, who I always considered a SoCon, that for Rand Paul, who I always considered a Libertarian.

        At least DeMint had the balls to endure a grueling interview by Welch and Gillepsie. Time to call on Rand Paul to come here and explain his endorsement of Mittens. If he fails to show he shall hence forth be known as the fucking pussie coward named Curly Sue. Yeah, that’s mean, but I don’t care.

  24. After getting slapped up, down and sideways for his comment that the “the private sector is doing fine,” President Obama clarified that he meant what he should have said, not what he said.

    I liked Carter’s crisis of confidence speech more then Obama’s. It was at least truthful and didn’t try to deny the obvious by force of will. It was also more thoughtful and interesting.

    Has Obama ever made a speech that informs anyone about anything? Sure he speaks well but all the meat of it is disjointed headlines. His speaches also seem to have no point of view. There is no story about where his thinking is coming from. I mean i know where he is coming from but I have to look that up. I know where Carter is coming from because he tells me where he is coming from in his speech.

    Oh by the way this was Obama’s Crisis of Confidence speech…you know the one that is pointed too a few years from now as the reason why he lost the election.

      1. How can you stand to watch that? Such smug condescension, like we as a nation need to be told that our pursuit of material goods has left us empty inside. No wonder he lost.

        It’s not so much that Obama is more honest that Carter, he just doesn’t have the balls to talk to us like that, since he saw what happened to Carter.

        Furthermore, I’m not sure he’s being so honest. He blames people for saving less, knowing that inflation is in the double digits. Later, he blames inflation on that fact that we use too many resources. Of course, he knew it had to do with how much money was being printed and refused to stop.

        Perhaps Obama is being more honest, because by his feeble tone, is admitting that he doesn’t believe the shit he is saying.

        1. I think carter believed the stuff he was saying.

          1. Carter is a total pacifist. I think he was born without male hormones.

            Obama, you cannot really be sure who this guy is. The only thing I am sure of about him, is that I don’t trust him, and I don’t like him. Oh, and he’s a self righteous jackass.

          2. Yeah, it seemed clearer where Carter was coming from than with Obama.

            However, scolding the country for not saving more while inflating away their savings is pretty bullish. People say the guy was clueless, but I wonder if that’s not letting him off the hook.

            Regardless of what one may think of Reagan, one can’t think we would have been better of with four more years of that condescending scold.

            1. Actually, Carter tried to rein spending in. As with Reagan his efforts were overruled by the Democrats in Congress.

              Also, remember it was Carter that appointed Paul Volcker.

  25. President Obama clarified that he meant what he should have said, not what he said.

    Ah, he misspoke. Should have known that ultimate of political bullshit speak was coming.

  26. “The private sector is doing fine.”

    “Um, sir?”

    “Uh, aah, darn it, uh, what I meant to say was: it’s absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine.”


  27. Dude really is making a whole lot of sense man, I mean like wow.


  28. Argh.

    The problem with Obama’s comment is nOT that he said the private sector is doing fine. It is that he followed that up by saying the real problem is that the PUBLIC sector wasn’t hiring enough people. He was complaining that state and municpal employees were getting laid off and blaming the unemployment numbers on that.

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