Obama Says Private Sector is "Fine," Pentagon Asks After Its Gifted Guns, No Relief for Bradley Manning: P.M. Links


  • After getting slapped up, down and sideways for his comment that the "the private sector is doing fine," President Obama clarified that he meant what he should have said, not what he said.
  • House Democratic leaders are staring down lawmakers from their own party who want to hike the cost of labor from a minimum $7.25 per hour to an even ten bucks. Econ 101. Seriously.
  • The Pentagon is a bit curious about what happened to all of those guns, aircraft, and armored vehicles it has given police departments in recent years, and has — temporarily — halted the program while it does a bit of an audit in 49 states (New Hampshire gets a pass).
  • With Bradley Manning the U.S. government's current two-minute-hate target, it may be no surprise that a military judge refused to dismiss any of the 22 charges he faces over leaks of government secrets.
  • The TSA heard from the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee that it should work harder on improving its really, really awful image. Among the suggestions? Give preferential treatment to prominent people.
  • Latvia, yet another country to defy Paul Krugman's Keynesian wisdom and, instead, slash government spending, is enjoying solid economic growth — 5.5 percent last year. (HT The Immaculate Trouser)
  • Chicago cops tasered an eight-months-pregnant woman during a dispute over a parking ticket.
  • Zombie Max ammunition marketed by Hornady as appropriate to "make dead permanent" is flying off the shelves after recent reports of face-eating and other socially inappropriate and potentially undead behavior. Yeah, it's real. (HT Ben the Duck)

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