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  1. No response yet from Krugman.

    He’s still trying to figure out how to delete Ilves’ tweets.

  2. A growing number of lawmakers are alarmed that Congress’s do-nothing posture ahead of the year-end fiscal cliff could provoke a massive voter backlash and economic catastrophe if they don’t start laying the groundwork right now to cut a deal.

    The others are afraid of the massive voter backlash if they do cut a deal. Election year!

    1. (And they all should be afraid of the voter backlash caused by anything crafted in the shadows.)

    2. Why is passing a budget the only thing the government sees being undone and not a one of them seems to get to “Something’s got to be done!”

  3. On Wednesday, Hollande’s government presented a draft decree at a cabinet meeting that reverses the retirement age to 60 for those who enter the workforce at 18 or 19 years old and have contributed long enough to the pension system. The right to retire at 60 was long seen as a pillar of France’s social benefit system.

    A pillar is usually used to prop something up, not speed its collapse. Hollande isn’t alone in his short-sighted stupidity. Plenty of Frenchies voted for this.

    1. If they could get it down to forty, is there any reason I can’t retire in France? Without actually moving there or anything?

      1. You think those sweet French pension bennies are going to be available much longer the way they’re going?

        1. Sure, the Germans will pay them.

    2. See old Hollande has the right idea, if only he can get all those old geezers to quit bogarting those jobs there will be plenty of jobs for the kids.

      People really believe this stuff. Really.

      1. The Scrooge McDuck moneybin theory of capital accumulation. Rich people just hoard their money instead of trying to use it to make more.

        1. Actually. it’s the old canard that if we subsidize retirement for geezers we’ll make their jobs available to young’ns.

          Not exactly the same thing.

          1. The Scrooge McDuck…

            Actually. it’s the old canard…

            En Francais, canard means “duck”.

            /high school French

        1. And my axe!

  4. alt text: Come Mr. Bigglesworth!

    1. alt-alt-text: I don’t expect you to talk, Mr. Ilves. I expect you to die.

      1. +1

    1. They should take that twat-for-hire on the road.

  5. Texas highway raises minimum speed signs to 85.

    1. Nobody tell John.

  6. When you play the Game of Thrones you either win or you shell out $30K and buy this life-size replica.

    1. I am more in need of an iron love seat.

      1. “Hey baby, why don’t we come back to my place where you can sit on a sword?”


      2. But people will try to kill you so they can claim it for themselves. I personally wouldn’t mind letting Emilia Clarke have it if I could sit next to her.

    2. The show has diverted from the books enough now, it’s as if George Martin had a 2nd chance to write the series

      1. ****SPOILER ALERT****

        On the season finale, has there been a thread around here that I missed where someone explained why the Stark boys had to abandon Winterfell? And why was it burned in the first place? I thought it was surrounded by Rob’s bannermen. When the Iron Islands fools turned over Theon (presumably), the immunity deal would certainly be voided by setting the place on fire on their way out the door.

        1. This was answered in the book but apparently won’t be answered till next season on the show.

          1. YOU AND APATHEIST BOTH KEEP YOUR WHORE MOUTHS SHUT WITH YOUR SPOILERS. But thanks because it was bugging me. I thought maybe I was missing something. I’ll wait for HBO to spoon feed me the explanation next season.

        2. Bran and Rickon abandoned Winterfell because it had been burned, and because they were still presumed dead and safer presumed dead until they reach the Wall.

          Not sure if the show addressed this, but in the books, Rob’s bannermen actually get routed outside Winterfell when one of Theon’s men returns with villagers who sneak attack and beat Rob’s forces. In the books, Theon’s men don’t sell out to Rob, but rather Theon’s sister commands them to abandon Winterfell.

          1. Lock it down! I stopped reading your comment at the point where you tell me about the books. I will assume what you wrote will be told to me in moving picture form next season. I will also assume you called me a handsome devil toward the end of your comment.

            1. Well, the show has already deviated from the most significant portions of that spoiler. Theon never sent his guy out to get villagers to fight for him, so that’s a red herring. The only thing I really revealed was what Theon’s fate was and why Winterfell was abandoned and burned, and the show may very well re-interpret that.

              1. I don’t remember it that way from the books as what you describe anyway.

            2. My reply was spoiler proof. Jesus people, it’s obvious that he hadn’t read the book yet.

              1. I spook easily on spoilers. I don’t know if I’m going to regret watching the show before reading the books. At this point I guess I could start reading the first two.

                I got the Blu-Ray of Season One and it had a lot of interesting extras like the history of the First Men and the giants and the Andals and whatnot that my brother claimed were not even really covered much in the books.

                1. No spoilers: I saw Season 1, then read all 5 books and now am watching season 2. It’s still good and the small changes keep it interesting. I think there were clues on hbo since Bolton told Robb that his bastard would help re-take Winterfell and you could see Bolton questioning Robb about his girlfriend (now wife) and unhappy with Caitlin letting Jaime go.

          2. Cannot….unread. Although screw it, I probably won’t remember this information come next April when the show returns.

  7. Krugman is likely beside himself. And that is a large pair.

    1. He’s likely preparing a one paragraph blog entry about why debates on Twitter are pointless. No matter, as long as he tells the left-wingers what they want to hear he’ll always have a job at the NYT and synchphantic supporters.

    2. Like that fuck cares. Most people couldn’t point out Estonia on a map; for all their pretensions and internationalist aspirations, NYT readers might as well be reading about Middle Earth when Krugman references foreign countries: Estonia is a one-off villain in their little fantasy that they probably won’t remember a week from now.

      1. Just an anecdote, but shocking enough to repeat: my lefty MIL once said “I know they speak Portuguese, not Spanish, in one of those South American countries, but I don’t know which one.” So yeah, geography and foreign affairs may not be their strong point.

      2. For the Baltics, just remember: alphabetical from Russia west. Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania.

  8. Who’s ready for the Euro Cup?

    1. I’m certainly ready for more naked feminist protesting of it.

    2. I’m picking Germany to win.

      1. REally? I hope so. I am tried of the Spanish winning everything.

        1. I’m just happy to have some soccer to watch. The premiere league was fantastic this season and trying to watch the mls afterwords just doesn’t work for me. Though I am excited to get out to the Dynamo’s new stadium.

          1. In the day and age of satellite the MLS doesn’t stand a chance. If you were a basketball fan living in say Germany, what would you do, watch the NBA on satellite or watch some crappy German league full of guys who couldn’t make the NBA? Same with MLS. Why watch that when you can watch Champions League or EPL?

            1. Not only does MLS stand a chance, but in a generation, it will be able to compete with EPL, Bundesliga, and the sort for players.

              Recent ESPN polling shows soccer as the #2 favorite sport (behind NFL) for the under 30 demo. MLS is starting to get television time on networks, and the games are starting to sell seats too. The quality of play in the MLS is heads and shoulders above what it was only 5-10 years ago, and will continue to advance.

              No shit, if I had the money to spend right now, I’d buy an MLS team in a heartbeat. Its growth potential is obscene.

              I just can’t wait until soccer really takes off stateside so we can start kicking some Euro and dirty SurAmericano ass in the internationals.

              1. MLS is getting better and I could see if surpassing the SA, the Mexican league and possibly some lesser European leagues but the top Euro leagues are getting better (and richer) as well. No way it catches up to the big 4 anytime soon.

                And really the gap in the quality of play is huge still.

                1. Fair enough. But as the game grows in popularity here, the demand for quality play in the states will grow as well, and the money that follows with it. On top of that, a generation growing up to love soccer will also become a generation of Americans more inclined to participate and make a career in it, and a lot of them will take the opportunity to stay in their native country. The quality gap is still massive now, and will be for the foreseeable future, but in a generation’s time, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see some of the MLS teams be able to match up toe-to-toe with EPL’s finest.

            2. John, you haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re talking about, as usual. European club basketball is pretty huge in several countries, complete with large crowds that don’t need a “hype-man” to get people to give a shit.

              And if MLS doesn’t stand a chance, then why are they growing and pushing their attendance numbers up continually? And why do they have a package on DirecTV like everyone else?

              1. No way in hell MLS ever competes financially with the EPL or the MFL. Remember, the MFL is by far the richest league in the Western Hemisphere.

                On the field, the gap will gradually narrow, but as long as teams here can’t carry 40+ players on their books, they will never be able to hold up over multiple competitions to teams of greater pedigree.

            3. Never mind them, come out and see the 2 seasons undefeated (which happens to coincide with when I was coaching them) Miller Tire Blue Devils in the Warriors Football Club, Pee Wee Div.

              1. Two seasons undefeated? Damn that’s awesome. What, you got some young looking 20 year-olds playing for you?

                1. In 2010 we drafted very well (hardly any of that due to me) and our HC’s experience in special ed helped with some players. In 2011 I think it was largely the players winning to please the new HC and his bro-in-law; we were tied in one game that year.

          2. See the QPR / Man City game?

            1. Sure did, I dvr every game on FSC and ESPN2 and then watch a couple of them. That shit was crazy.

        2. Spain is on a 2 tournament winning streak.
          I just want England to lose all 3 games by an embarrasing margin.

      2. Bold prediction. Although they’re certainly one of the better squads, they’re stuck in a hell of a group with only Denmark looking weak (relatively). Portugal and Nederlands could easily emerge from that one.

        1. Portugal always sucks in big tournaments. Netherlands depends on if RVP keeps up his hot streak. Germany is young and good. They’ll be even better in 2014.

  9. Just because the emails say “fast and furious”doesn’t mean that they were referring to “fast and furious”.

    1. Maybe they were talking about the movie instead? /sarc

  10. An Australian scientist hs found a way to prevent mosquitoes from spreading dengue fever. He infects mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria, which prevents the insects from carrying dengue, and then releases them into the wild.

    …and then all the gorillas will freeze during the winter!

  11. Paul Krugman in desperate need of soda ban; cat upset about losing front porch.

  12. Mr. Tuccile… that picture and alt-text are the combo of the year. Well played, sir… well played.

  13. Krugman is not handling the transition to old age very well. He’s gone from a Nobel Laureate to a fat, pathetic douchebag who hides his quivering chins behind a beard and shrilly screeches at anyone who disagrees with him.

    1. That beard means he was there in the 60s.

      1. Or that he has no chin.

  14. Is life without plastic bags even worth living?

  15. Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to Operation ‘Fast and Furious’


    He said the Attorney General’s near.

    1. Lots of Vin Diesel fans at the DOJ.

    1. Been doing that for a while. The Philippine MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) has been a target in the GWoT for some time now.

      1. I think the government ought to leave Philippine MILFs alone.

        1. Or send them over here. I don’t know Tagalog, but I doubt that matters much.

          1. My blog addresses the issue

            1. I can’t look away!

      2. the GWoT

        Shouldn’t that be the Total War Against Terror (TWAT)?

      3. Has any group been fucked harder by the pornification of search engines than the Moros?

        1. Everyone named Santorum who is not related to the PA piece of crap ex-Senator.

  16. http://www.slate.com/articles/…..tics_.html

    Gail Collins thinks Texas is horrible. And worse it is growing in economic power.

    1. You mean the 2nd most populous state in the Union has a proportionate effect on the nation’s politics and culture?

      That’s unpossible!

      1. The best part is her total lack of self awareness. Texas is horrible, but its economy is good and people keep moving there. Maybe Gail it is not so horrible?

        1. It’s horrible because it’s a state that has low taxes, low regulations, and a generally small government mindset and is thriving while the People’s Republic of California is faltering.

            1. Served her right!

            2. The JP dismissed her conviction after realizing he couldn’t be re-elected if he let it stand.

        2. More like, Texas IS horrible, in many, many ways, but its economy is SO good that people keep moving there ANYWAY, and dealing with all that horrible.

          Meanwhile the out-migration numbers from objectively beautiful Progressive Paradise California make it look like there’s a large-scale evacuation going on.

          1. Kind of funny isn’t it? Texas is hotter than hell, a good part of it is a fucking wasteland, another good part of it has storms the likes of which God has never seen, the other part has hurricanes. Yet, people keep moving there and moving out of California which is damn near paradise on earth.

            Why could that be?

            1. There is no place nice enough that Progressive polices can’t turn it into its own sort of hell?

              Greece is objectively a pretty nice place, too. People chose to live there thousands of years ago already, back when there was plenty of real estate to be had.

              1. Greece is spectacular. So is Argentina. Argentina should be as rich as the United States. It actually was at the turn of the 20th century. Then the socialists sunk their fangs into it.

                  1. Tarran,

                    Imagine if Cuba had fallen along with Eastern Europe and had become like Estonia only it was 90 miles away and everyone there spoke English and Spanish. Cuba would have an immigration problem coming from the US.

                    1. I doubt they would consider it a problem.

                  2. Cuba and Japan had the same per capita GDP in 1950.

                1. That last sentence is way off. Peron and the military coups ruined Argentina, and neither were socialists.

                  1. Yes they were. Peron was a fascist. He believed in central planning and “economic independence” and every other goof ball leftist economic idea of the 20th Century.

                    1. But… but… but… fascists aren’t socialists! They’re racist right wingers! ;@

                  2. Governments since Peron (who was a fascist) have alternated between fascism and straight socialism, neither of which is known for being “hands off” economically.

                    It’s rated #156 in the Index for Economic Freedom.

      2. Maybe we can counter some of California’s more noxious influence.

        1. Bountiful resources and gorgeous weather and geography, but they wont be satisfied until they have what North Koreans have.

          1. They could have had it all, but the desire to meddle was just too strong.

    2. Someone alert Ken Schulz…… I’m about to use the “K” word!

      1. I have a Warty signal and a Dunphy signal, but no Shultz signal.

      2. I probably shouldn’t try to imagine what the Shultz Signal looks like.

        1. It looks pretty much like this.

          1. Right on, boss!

    3. I read that yesterday, then I read the comments section and barfed. I believe that one said the state was a homophobic redneck wasteland around the island of Austin. Yet here I am sitting in the first major city with a lesbian mayor and crazy fuck Sheila Jackson Lee as my congresswoman. These people don’t know jack about shit.

      1. It is amazing how isolated and stupid they are isn’t it?

        1. They aren’t isolated enough, alas.

      2. Don’t forget the whole “home of one of the largest gay pride festivals in the country (which is a blast BTW).

        I continue to hope that people think Houston is a hell hole. It keeps them the fuck out of here.

        Oh, and unfortunate that SJL is your Congresscritter; that’s just gotta suck…or be wildly entertaining, depending on how you look at it.

        1. I’m literally across the street from Culberson’s district. I’m used to crazy congress critters, I’ve voted against Culberson, Lamar Smith and SJL in my short voting career so far.

      3. And my hometown has had as many Jewish mayors as NYC, only unlike NYC, they were Jewish women.

        (Dallas, in case you were wondering)

    4. So, according to this stupid cunt everything bad that has happened the last 25 years is all Texas’ fault. Un-fucking-believable.

      And I just loved this little gem: The model had certain flaws, such as the assumption that every state could scrimp on higher education and just build a large professional class by importing people who went to college in other states. Right, because it’s not like Texas has state funded universities. Nope, The Univ. of Texas, Texas AM, Texas Tech, Texas State, and all the other smaller state schools are just figments of your imagination. Also, apparently people from Texas don’t go to college. Again, I must have just imagined going to college and getting a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

      Texas presidents have led the country into every land war the United States has been involved in since Vietnam.

      Newsflash: George H.W. Bush was born and raised in Maine, not TX. He moved there later, you stupid cunt.

      California has more people, but it’s hit a bad patch and it’s struggling.

      Let’s not even bother stopping for 5 seconds and asking ourselves why that is. Nope, it’s just a “bad patch”.

      God what a cunt.

      1. My alma mater is UTA and a few years ago the architecture school was ranked the second best in the south. Fuck this bitch.

      2. Grenada doesn’t count?

      3. George H. W. Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts and grew up in Massachusetts and Connecticut. I’m sure he spent vacations in Maine because his grandfather had a house there.

  17. http://www.jammiewf.com/2012/w…..shian-jab/

    White House butt hurt over Limbaugh “Barrack Husein Kardashian” remark.

    Don’t these people get the idea of not lowering yourself? Is it a good idea for any President to care much less respond to something a radio host says? How thin skinned does the Big BO have to be to, given all of his problems, be worried about a Rush Limbaugh remark?

    1. If I were Barry, I would be more concerned over the fact that I told a group of potential political donors that my wife doesn’t deep throat.

      1. Was he saying that or was he saying she just won’t give any oral?

        And yeah, I think I would be concerned about the ass whipping Michelle is no doubt going to lay on him for that remark.

        1. Dude, wookies don’t spank.

          They rip people’s arms off.

          And if she pulls them out at the joints, there’s nothing to tourniquet. He’ll bleed out faster than you can say “Alienating the Poles.”

        2. Actually it’s worse. The full context makes it clear he was referring to his wife “not going all the way down” on Ellen DeGeneres.

          The blogosphere has been all a-buzz over a joke Obama made Wednesday at a Beverly Hills fundraiser with supporters of the LGBT Leadership Council. (The L.A. Times called it a “gathering off [sic] the ‘who’s who of gay Hollywood”). The quip was about Michelle Obama doing push-ups on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ but it was interpreted as a crack about oral sex.

          “I want to thank my wonderful friend who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in pushups ? (laughter) ? but I think she claims Michelle didn’t go all the way down. (Laughter.) That’s what I heard. I just want to set the record straight ? Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well. (Laughter.) So she shouldn’t feel bad. She’s an extraordinary talent and she’s just a dear, dear friend ? Ellen DeGeneres. Give Ellen a big round of applause.”

          1. You are right. Wow. Why would he say that? Were Michelle and Ellen getting it on and BO just let it slip? Am I reading that right?

            1. Considering the jokes he’s made about gays before, it’s clear Obama hasn’t gotten past the sophomoric view of homosexuality that most teenage boys have due to lack of life experience and comfort about their own sexuality.

              And yet, most LGBT folks will worship at his altar with the fervor of zealots.

              1. Considering the other side is still debating wether they want to kill us, or just throw us in jail, is that really that suprising?

                1. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, yes?

                  1. I’m not saying it’s a good idea. I’m just saying it shouldn’t be a suprise.

                2. Stormey,

                  The voices in your head don’t count. Last I looked no one on either side advocates killing gays.

                  Sorry but saying you can’t get a permission slip from the government to get married isn’t the same as shooting you.

                  1. Sorry but saying you can’t get a permission slip from the government to get married isn’t the same as shooting you.

                    Actually, I believe the most recent proposal was to put us in death camps and let us starve to death.

                  2. Some people might suggest that letting someone get marries is morally equivalent to shooting them, even.

                    1. I have friends who have implored me, “If I ever start thinking about getting married again, please shoot me.”

                      And I know exactly what they mean.

                3. Who’s debating that, again?

                  Seriously, I want links to mainstream Republicans from the last, say, 5 years, saying that they want to imprison or kill homosexuals.

                  Not that Republicans haven’t said a whole lot of stupid things, but I’m pretty sure we won that particular fight.

                  1. How about the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform?


                    Homosexuality ? We believe that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown
                    of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the
                    fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by
                    the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle in our public
                    education and policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We are opposed to any granting
                    of special legal entitlements, refuse to recognize, or grant special privileges including, but not limited to: marriage between
                    persons of the same sex (regardless of state of origin), custody of children by homosexuals, homosexual partner
                    P – 14
                    insurance or retirement benefits. We oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out
                    of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values.
                    Texas Sodomy Statutes ? We oppose the legalization of sodomy. We demand that Congress exercise its authority
                    granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.

                    1. WTF do you care if people you don’t like think your lifestyle is presentable or not? No one says they have to like you. And they are the last people on earth you should care if they do.

                    2. We are opposed to any granting of special legal entitlements, refuse to recognize, or grant special privileges including … custody of children by homosexuals … We oppose the legalization of sodomy.

                      Yes, why would I care that someone wants to take my children and throw me in jail?

                    3. You said there was a “debate” — presumably, between people. Wrangle up some of these folks. That same document also says some stuff about fiscal responsibility that Republicans by and large don’t give a damn about.

                      Find me some mainstream Republicans.

                    4. So you’re saying no Texas Republican politician is mainstream?

                    5. I’m saying the document you cite ain’t mainstream.

                    6. It’s the document that was voted on by the Texas State GOP as representing their views. Rick Perry ran on that document in his last gubernatorial race. Unless you’re going to argue that the Texas State GOP is not a mainstream organization, it is a mainstream document.

                    7. I’m still looking for the “kill ’em” section…

                    8. As bad as that is, especially the part about “opposed to any granting
                      of special legal entitlements, refuse to recognize, or grant special privileges including, but not limited to: marriage between persons of the same sex (regardless of state of origin), custody of children by homosexuals, homosexual partner P – 14 insurance or retirement benefits.” (have they ever even looked at the 5th and 14th ammendments?), but I don’t see anything in there about putting gays in “death camps” and letting you “starve to death” (those were your own words).

                      Like I said, not granting equal rights under civil law is pretty fucking terrible, but come on, this isn’t some plan to implement a gay “final solution”.

                    9. By that I was referring to the recent widely publicized sermon by Pastor Charles Worley calling for precisely that.

                    10. Then Pastor Charles Worley is clearly a dumbshit, but until he gets elected to higher office, it’s just words. Words that will come back to bite him in the ass were he to ever run for office. Even TX isn’t so backwards as to actually elect someone like that governor (I hope).

                      IOW I wouldn’t worry too much about that shitstain ever gaining any actual political power.

                    11. I think a more interesting question than why gay people don’t like republicans is why they don’t like libertarians. Is it because many gay people have jumped on the socially progressive bandwagon (which has been co-opted by Team Blue, for the most part), and see libertarians as being essentially allied with republicans?

                    12. I think part of the problem is that a lot of libertarians spend too much time apologizing for bigots.

                      The upstream thread is a good example. To suggest that calls for the legal repression of homosexuals aren’t still mainstream in parts of the GOP is ridiculous, yet there they are, arguing that the sky really is green.

                      And it’s not even a case of “well yes they are bigots, but they have a right to have that viewpoint”, no, it’s an outright denial that the bigots even exist.

                      When you spend time arguing things that are obviously false, people tend to assume, rightly or wrongly, you’re just as wrong about other things.

                    13. Dunno about Texas, but he could still be a state representative in Mississippi:


                4. You know there’s more than one side, right?

            2. Ann Althouse shows the clip on her blog and it would seem it wasn’t intentional.


              1. What a dork. A few weeks ago, a guy told me that Obama was the suavest motherfucker on the planet. He was serious, too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                1. Maybe he was a racist guy who can’t tell the difference between Billy Dee Williams and Barry?

                  1. He was thinking of Barry White.

                  2. The Barack Obama Story starring Billy Dee Williams.


          2. What the fuck?

          3. Jesus Christ. It isn’t as if he hasn’t said any number of questionable things, but that is quite the eyebrow-raiser.

          4. It’s going to hurt but I’m going to step in and defend the fucker. He was obviously talking about cheating at push ups by not going down all the way. I don’t see this as a dirty joke at all.

            1. Yeah, I gotta say this sounds completely innocent. He was teasing her for cheating is all.

              1. I agree with you, but on the tape it sounds like everyone in the room took it the other way. Their was hysterical laughter for a few moments that interrupted his speech.

          5. I despise BO as much as the next person, but why the hell should any grown person get a blowjob reference out of that, unless they have the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old?

            He’s clearly joking about Michelle cheating on her pushups by not going all the way down to the floor, not sucking him off. What an infantilized society this is.

            1. Then use some Right Guard or something.

        3. Was he saying that or was he saying she just won’t give any oral?

          No, he just meant that his cock is so huge she can’t take it all. For confirmation, just ask Chris Mathews.

          1. No, he just meant that his cock is so huge she can’t take it all. For confirmation, just ask…Shriek…

      2. Would you want that shovel-face anywhere near your junk?

        1. Not even with Rachel Maddow’s dick.

      3. what? I missed that. thank god.

  18. You would think that with Socialists thing for workers, they would actually want them to work.

    Or is Hollande’s another silly idea to reduce unemployment, like the 35 hour work week?

  19. http://minx.cc/?post=329895

    I had no idea about this. Apparently Tom Barrett was one of Obama’s earliest and most vocal and important supporters for President. And he runs for governor of Wisconsin and didn’t get so much as a phone call.

    1. He got a tweet, which means he’ll still be voting for Obama in November.

    1. That’s no moon…


  20. It appear that after stinking it up in economics, Krugman is now pursuing a career in bounty hunting:


  21. So I went to The Blaze today (coworker emailed me a link), and I found this story. Then I found the comments. I almost feel sorry for these people.


    1. Wow. You are not changing those people’s minds no matter what you say. But it would be nice if they would at least grasp reality enough to understand that only 2% of the population is gay. So the chances of them taking over the military is pretty slim.

      1. I’m assuming based on that article and the “hero” flap from Memorial Day weekend that the heterosexual people who sign up and get a uniform are more heroic than the homosexual ones?

      2. He may be small, but he’s wiry.

  22. I would love to hear the President of Estonia call Krugman a “stupid, sniveling little cocksucker!”

    President Al Swearengen. I like the way that sounds.

  23. Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks

    Now this, goddammit, is how you do a P.M. link!

    1. That guy is dead! Head shots only! One per zombie!

      I’m surprised he doesn’t know that!

      1. No stupid. Two in the head makes sure their dead. Never just shoot them once.

        1. Rule #1: “Cardio.”

          Rule #2: “The Double Tap.”

          Rule #3: “Beware of Bathrooms.”


        2. Ideally. Inpractice I’m sure it also depends on how many there are, and if they’re slow or fast moving. C’mon John.

        3. It’s a .45 (and the AR if things go bad)….if he doesn’t flinch one is enough.

    1. That is just a reminder to anyone who was entertaining the idea that wherever they lived was weirder than Amsterdam. Not a chance.

    2. I heard this guy on the radio.
      He went on a rant about how roadkill means civilization sucks.

    3. Don’t give Krugman any ideas, before you know it he will turn Mr. Bigglesworth into a full-blown drone able to attack austeritarians around the world.

      1. HAhAHAHAH! I love how security moves in to protect the dude from the super-dangerous dildo.

    4. 2 lazy.2 click is it a quadrotor

    5. I’ll be in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks for a day or so before sailing on a Norwegian cruise.

      Besides the coffee shops, this is the only thing I want to see. I can’t imagine anything better than getting stoned to bejesus and then watching a dead flying cat.

      1. I heard foreigners can’t legally buy pot in coffee shops anymore.

    6. I resisted when I first heard of this, but couldn’t resist a link from a HyR commenter. When I first heard of it, I assumed the cat, in rigor mortis, had itself been turned into the propeller.

  24. Krugman is a cat person. I should have known.

    1. Of course he is. Because he’s a pussy…

    2. He’s like Ozymandias: he has two pet ligers and is plotting to usher in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity by destroying large portions of the US and its global competitors.

      1. And he thinks faking an alien invasion would be a perfectly acceptable way to trick everyone in the world into doing what he knows is best for them.

  25. Alt-text: “You’ve made me very angry Mr. Ilves, and when I get angry Mr. Biggleworth gets upset. When Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people DIE!”

    1. “…When Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people‘s currencies DIE!”

  26. I decided to share this story with you guys after all the hilarious, in-depth ones you’ve shared with me. Please try to overlook or disregard how I learned the information I have and just appreciate the “WTF!” factor. I found out recently that my ex is sending pictures of me to online dating profiles of swinger couples seeking another couple, claiming we’re an item looking for some fun! When my ex and I were dating, I was aware that he had previously been very active on online dating sites (note: this is not how we met). He does not own his own computer (uhh, *red flag*) and at one point got his email account locked and called me to unlock it, therefore revealing pages and pages of past online dating website’s emails with updates of new matches. Now, these weren’t your typical plentyoffish.com messages; they were “adult friend finder” searchers and the like. I tried to overlook this since we had been together for about six months by that point (stupid move number 2), plus he clearly hadn’t accessed any of them since we had been together.

    When we broke up, I went back on his email to delete all the risqu? photos I had emailed him over the course of our relationshit. He also didn’t have a smart phone, so I was safe knowing he hadn’t been able to save the pictures anywhere. (I know, never send naked photos, mistake number a million with him). So the evidence was gone.


    1. He’s a real keeper and she’s not much better. These two deserve each other.

  27. “Rescuing” this from an earlier thread, ’cause it’s just too blamed good to be lost in the shuffle:

    Morrissey: Obama ‘Useless,’ Just ‘A Set of Teeth’


    That’s like having the Starland Vocal Band calling you a “a whiny little pop-bitch,” isn’t it?

    1. That is about like getting your manhood called out by Micheal Cera.

  28. I wouldn’t normally dare speak for my whole state, but in this case I feel comfortable saying Texas is very happy to have Gail Collins’ contempt, and we hope all her readers share it, because we’ve already got way too many New York and California douchebags down here, thanks.

    Also, Paul Krugman and other NYC dwellers of his type seem like cats, themselves, to me. I thought about this when OMG THAT HUGEST HURRICANE TO HIT THE US SINCE KATRINA (if, you know, you ignored Ike, but that didn’t count because it only knocked Houston offline for a few weeks and come on, it’s not like Houston is signficant or anything) was headed towards the Upper East Side and all those co-op and condo dwellers were sitting there ready to get washed out and I was thinking – those people can’t last 2 days without water or electricity, could they? What would become of them without doormen and elevators and take out and all the other stuff that you have to go without in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane? They can’t drive anywhere. They can’t stockpile anything. They’re way too fat to walk more than a few blocks and with no power, there will be no subways. What if looting breaks out? They’re not armed. There won’t be anyone around to stroke and pet them and tell them how smart they are. Yeah, they have opposable thumbs, but other than that, they’re as dependent on other people for every single thing they need as any cat is.

    Sorry. Off topic.

    1. That is not fair to cats. Any self respecting house cat can hunt its meals if it has to. I like the cat’s chances under those circumstances a lot better than I like Krugman’s.

      1. Cat could live for a long time on Krugmans carcass.

        Probably wouldn’t care for the taste much.

    2. As a Houstonian I laugh at people who get scared of hurricanes. Bunch of pussbags.

      1. Floridian here. Anyone who runs from less than a Category 4 is a pussy. Anyone who stays for a Category 5 is an idiot. It is acceptable to leave and visit friends in other parts of the state or surrounding states for a Category 4, but under no circumstances should you “evacuate”.

        1. Agreed, but by the time these things hit Houston, they’re around Cat 3s and unless you’re in a trailer on Galveston Island, you shouldn’t be going anywhere. I was raised 7 miles from Galveston Bay. We don’t leave.

          A friend of mine who was living in NYC at the time was telling me about a few years ago when some hurricane came within 300 miles of the place. She said people were seriously talking about needing to leave. She was in awe of the stupidity.

          They’re fucking idiots.

    3. What if looting breaks out? They’re not armed.

      After Ike, the police cordoned off my entire neighborhood. No one in or out for a week (I managed to sneak in and out a few times). There were so many people firing guns it sounded like the 4th of July for a while. I just said “fuck it” and went to open carry.

      1. We have a generator, which we left going 24/7 in the back yard. Windows stayed open all day, whether we were home or not. We weren’t the only ones who did this and, AFAIK, there was no looting in our Meyerland/Westbury-area neighborhood.

        I agree about the Cat 4/Cat 5 thing except when you’ve got a young kid.

    4. Before you get too full of yourself, I was once in Dallas when they had half an inch of snow and everyone was acting like it was the start of the apocalypse.

    1. wrong link
      don’t click on it

    2. real link

      1. I look forward to reading the original link when I get home from work.

        1. *barf*

    3. Sorry to say, those are not vaginas.

  29. Bob Welch, early Fleetwood Mac guitarist, passes away

    1. He was part of Fleetwood Mac 2.0, after the “Green Manalesha” blues-band era and before the girls. As soon as I saw your note his “Ebony Eyes” solo tune ran in my mind, it was a popular AOR tune in the 70s.

  30. Another Krugman slapdown courtesy of another Baltic country (this time Latvia).


    1. Old Town in Riga is beautiful.

  31. Ran some numbers on Estonia’s GDP numbers. Gov’t spending as a % of GDP fell from 30% in 1995 to 18.6% in 2011 (although spending in absolute dollars increased by 30% over that same period).

    Estonia’s GDP more than doubled from 1995 to 2011 (+110.16%), while the non-governmental portion grew even faster (+144.47%). Since beginning austerity in 2009 GDP has increased by just over 10%, while the I+C portion has gone up 12.5%.

    I’ll upload my excel sheet somewhere, and all the numbers are in real terms (indexed 2005 Euros) from the Estonia Statistics site I linked to earlier.

  32. A thought just occurred to me minutes ago while I was making a medallion of pork sandwich: Remember how the FTC made them stop calling it Hollywood Diet Bread? Said it was misleading because it was just like regular bread, but thinner slices, so fewer kcal/slice. But…what’s misleading about that? That’s what dieting to reduce is all about, eating less. Since people mostly use bread for sandwiches, same no. of slices = less energy, hence “diet”. Just like Bloomberg with his 16 fl. oz. soda thing.

    Some people were also bugged that it was from Hollywood, Fla. rather than Hollywood, Cal. So what, you don’t want thin ladies on the beach as much as you’d want them in movies?

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