Brickbat: Beer Run


Former Edinburg, Texas, police officer Gilberto Montezano has pleaded guilty to official repression after taking a beer-filled ice chest from a driver during a traffic stop last year. He was sentenced to 18 months probation and a $500 fine. In 2010, Montezano was involved in a chase against traffic that ended with the suspect crashing into another vehicle, killing three of its occupants. That chase did not end his law enforcement career. Stealing the beer did.

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  1. No double standards.

    1. He stole beer!! Nuf said.

  2. Nothing else happened.

  3. pleaded guilty to official repression

    What a brutally honest name for the crime

    1. Maybe they’ll start being equally as honest about what they call abusive cops, like sturmtruppensoldaten.

    2. It’s official oppression, not official repression. Still brutally honest.

      1. “Oh, what a giveaway THAT was! Did you see that? Did you see him represssin’ oppressin’ me?!”

        1. “Come see the violence inherent in the system!”

  4. Police suspended Montezano without pay after the Texas Rangers opened the official oppression case in May 2011, the chief said.

    It’s little known that GWB gave his former baseball team investigative powers through the PATRIOT Act.

    1. No, no. The baseball team is just where the original Texas Rangers keep their ringers until needed for the FOP softball tourneys.

  5. Should be interesting to see how that all works out. WOw.

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      1. Just post it here…someone will figure it out for you.

  6. Gilberto Montezano

    With a name like that, I’m going to guess that Mr. M is a WHITE hispanic, like George Zimmerman. Cause that’s the only way he could be repressin’ or oppressin’ someone else. Amirite?

    no racist

  7. Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems.
    -Homer (the greek one, I think)

    1. Not the one that who made Babe Ruth famous?

  8. In fairness, after a stressful car chase that killed three people and endangered god knows how mnay others, he was stressed out and needed a drink.

  9. Where I grew up, seizing the beer in lieu of issuing a violation was par for the course, and well-known.

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