Wisconsin Vote Nudges Presidential Race, Ray Bradbury Passes Away, Greece Is Going Broke: P.M. Links


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  1. …Obama also has to look over his shoulder as Bill Clinton happily undercuts his talking points and policy positions.

    Clinton is in heaven right now. Clinton gets to stand in front of cameras and stick it to Obama, reminding everyone how better things were when he was in the White House. Obama can’t do jack about it because he needs the fundraising, while Clinton doesn’t need a thing from Obama.

    And the whole show is the most transparent thing you’re going to see coming out of Washington. It’s going to be the best part of the campaign.

    1. Clinton was a bag of shit, too, but he wasn’t a political ignoramus like the current president is.

      1. And bubba loves nothing better than reminding BO of that. Bubba has never exactly been a gracious winner. God do they deserve each other.

        1. Clinton is generally beloved by non-wingnecks. Dumbya can’t even get invited to a GOP Convention now.

          1. Clinton never won more than 50% of the vote and failed to get his VP elected despite leaving office with a good economy. Bubba was never beloved, not even by his own party, a good number of whom abandoned him by voting for Nader in 2000.

            You really are the most appallingly stupid person on earth aren’t you?

            1. I liked the second term, when he was completely neutered by the temporarily reform-minded GOP. At least he was power-hungry enough to try to “win” by becoming a Republican president. Good for a laugh when Democrats try to laud him.

              1. Will you try to pass Dumbya off as a “Democratic president” for all his big-spending huge deficit ways?

                1. He did have a Democratic Senate for the first two years and a full Democratic Congress for the last two.

                  And no one spends like Obama. Again, are you planning to kill yourself when he looses this November? Please Shrike?

                  1. Regardless, any sane person and definitely any fiscally responsible person would prefer Clinton over Bush.

                    1. This is true. I would be thrilled if the government would withdraw to its Clinton-era boundaries.

                    2. Regardless, any sane person and definitely any fiscally responsible person would prefer Clinton over Bush.

                      Only with a Republican Congress. With a Democratic Congress, Bush would be better than Clinton.

                      Praising someone for being obstructed by others from achieving their goals is damning with faint praise.

                2. Well duh! Have you been asleep or something? Only the neocons still view Dumbya as a conservative icon.

            2. Bubba was never beloved, not even by his own party, a good number of whom abandoned him by voting for Nader in 2000.

              Well, technically, it’s not “your” voters “abandoning” you when those voters choose someone from a different party. That’s like someone claiming later this year in November that I, and all the other LP voters, “abandoned” Mitt Romney by voting for Gary Johnson.

              You can’t abandon someone or some party you weren’t with in the first place.

              1. Oh some people will surely be claiming that.

              2. Protofeed, when they leave the party and vote for someone else, they have abandoned you. And yes, those voters who voted Republican in 08 but vote for Johnson this year, have abandoned the party.

                1. John, you have the causation backwards, and assume the various political parties have ownership of those who vote for their candidates.

                  If someone voted for Obama in 08 because they believed he would do various things, and then he did the opposite, the voters likely don’t view it as them abandoning Obama or the Democratic party, but rather as Obama or the Democratic abandoning them.

                  And if someone who considers themself an independent not affiliated with either R or Ds, but votes for a D one election cycle then for an R the next, how the fuck is that person abandoning something they never joined?

                  1. Protofeed, if you voted for Obama in 08 and don’t know, you have abadoned him. That doesn’t mean you don’t have good reasons. But it doesn’t change what happened. The liberals who voted for Nader abandoned the Democratic party in 2000. That is a statement of fact not a value judgement.

                    1. John, your premise assumes that the party rightfully owns your vote.

                    2. No it isn’t.

          2. Clinton is generally beloved by non-wingnecks.

            Now, yes. Back in 2000? If the left liked the Clinton administration, W would never have made it to the White House.

    2. Any time politicians sandbag one another, it’s good. Especially within the same TEAM.

      1. The best kind of warfare is internecine warfare.

      2. Bubba is the Zap Brannigan of politics.

        1. Kif, I have made it with a woman. Inform the men.

          1. Stop exploding, you cowards!

      3. someone on bloomberg tv last night said the clintons and obamas were the hatfields and mccoys of the dem party…maybe some truth to that afterall.

    3. I’m getting some popcorn ready.

    4. Yep. No way they’re giving the First Black President the Cory Booker treatment.

  2. Don’t Rye for me Argentina…

    1. ouch

    2. You’re a fucking monster.

    3. Everyone, ignore him. Let’s start a grass roots, de facto ban.

      1. Agreed. This crime is beyond anything ever seen before at Hit und Run. It calls for draconian punishment.

        1. Crap, I used up all of my draconian punishment thrashing sloopyinca for his defilement of the magnificence that is Neil Fucking Armstrong yesterday. Guess you were right to save some.

          Seriously, I need to meet Neil Armstrong. I mean, the guy was the first human to walk on another celestial body. His name may outlast this country’s in history. It’s that big of a deal. And sloopy shat all over that.

          1. Yeah, but what’s the name of the first human to get punched in the face on camera by the first human to walk on the moon? That’s the name for posterity.

            1. (Change one of those firsts to second.)

            2. As far as I know, Armstrong has punched no one. The second guy to walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin, slugged a guy.

              1. Uh, can we stay on focus here and discuss shunning the-punner-who-we-do-not-name?

                1. I told you, I’m out. You have my proxy.

          2. I’m beginning to doubt your commitment to The Neil. Your thoughts betray impurities by suggesting that Buzz is stronger and more manly.

            I should speak to the others about your weakness and what should be done about it.

            1. Don’t be absurd. Buzz is merely Neil’s enforcer.

              1. He is the infector! And he has infected you with his ways and thoughts! He has corrupted you!

                We’ll vote as to whether to cast you out tonight at 7 PM. Light refreshments will be served.

                1. I’m totally Armstrongian in mind and body. While I acknowledge Buzz for his fine poses while Neil took all of those pictures and for his ability to slug those who offend Neil, Neil is the center of my Moon landing philosophy.

                  1. We’ll know just how devoted your to the One True Neil after the tests are applied.

                    As soon as Brother Warty procures a duck, we can begin.

          3. His name may outlast this country’s in history.


            10000 years after America is a footnote in history, Neil’s name will still be known.

            1. I was being polite to Neil’s home nation.

          4. Fuck Neil Armstrong.

            1. Heretic! Heathen! The Saturn 5’s cleansing fire will rid you of your demons!

              1. Neil prefers “Saturn V.”

                1. Excellent. You passed the written part of the test.

                  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must prepare the hard vacuum chamber for the 2nd part of the testing.

            2. I pronounce you anathema and unclean. You are cast out and may no longer visit Ohio, look at the Moon, or be an American citizen. And no astronaut food, either.

              1. No Tang for you!

                1. Of any variety. Neil is merciful, but even the Moonwalker has limits to his tolerance.

                  1. Neil Armstrong probably doesn’t believe Tang should be produced by a private company.

                    1. No, no, we mustn’t take Neil’s comments about SpaceX seriously. He’s merely using the bulliest of bully pulpits–himself–to provoke Musk to greater heights. Like putting men on Mars.

      2. You sow the seeds of your own destruction.

        1. You are not of the body.

    4. I guess they can’t call it Buen-oats Aires anymore, amirite Tim?

      1. Another blasphemer! Shun hum!


        2. I guess those farmers really told the government to go shuck it.

          1. I won’t forget this.

            1. What? Argraintina?

    5. So much for their grain energy economy.

  3. Forgot to repost this in the AM links: http://wearyturtle.tumblr.com/…..ne-with-my
    [quote]Jenn here. I just got off the phone with my mother. My parents are forcing me to go back to college. It’s really unfair. They said that if I don’t go back to school they’ll stop paying for my apartment, bills, and other living expenses. It’s unfair because they said the same thing to me about five months ago except instead of going to school it was seeing a therapist and taking medication. I’m currently doing both of those things so the school thing came as a huge surprise. Apparently they were planning it all along. My mom said the next step after school would be for me to start working. I’m so angry that my parents have basically been planning my life behind my back and are forcing me to go through with their plans by threatening homelessness.[/quote]

  4. dammit.

    Jenn here. I just got off the phone with my mother. My parents are forcing me to go back to college. It’s really unfair. They said that if I don’t go back to school they’ll stop paying for my apartment, bills, and other living expenses. It’s unfair because they said the same thing to me about five months ago except instead of going to school it was seeing a therapist and taking medication. I’m currently doing both of those things so the school thing came as a huge surprise. Apparently they were planning it all along. My mom said the next step after school would be for me to start working. I’m so angry that my parents have basically been planning my life behind my back and are forcing me to go through with their plans by threatening homelessness.

    1. Can you translate this?

      Jenn. 22. Cisgendered. Transabled. Pansexual. Aromantic. Asensual. Demiplatonic. Turtle/tortoise in a past life. Member of a multiple system. Gainer. Fat activist. Transfat activist. Vegan. Feminist.Trying to become more aware of and take more responsibility over my privileges. Trying to learn. Trying to accept. Trying to correct. Trying. Faltering. Trying again.

      1. Big fat 22 yo white girl with daddy (possibly mommy) issues, unable to find boyfriend, is now willing to fuck lesbian / transgender in desperate attempt to deal with her massive leftist guilt complex and self-esteem issues.

        1. You sir have some wicked code cracking skills. I was still working “cisgendered”!

      2. Aromantic: turned on by smells

        1. I’m interpreting that as a-romantic, as in the opposite of romantic. Kind of like “aromatic” except for that pesky “n”.

        2. Is that real? I assumed it meant she had no interest in romantic encounters.

          1. I think she is a romantic with a grungy keyboard.

      3. Spoiled, crazy chick. It seems her parents were enabling her and finally had enough.

      4. You left off “puppeteer.”

        1. That would explain her aversion to risk, but little else. She sounds more Jotoki than anything.

      5. OK, I see what singletism/ multiplism etc is. She thinks she shares her body with another being, in her case, Justice: JUSTICE. 25. Genderqueer FAAB. Pansexual. Objectum Sexual. Gender neutral pronouns. PoC. Anti-racist. Animal Rights. Eating disorder recovery. Organic raw vegan. Firm believer in the right to remain educated.

        1. I bet she’s a gender studies student.

        2. No no, didn’t you note that Justice says “I am not one of Jenn’s headmates. I am a singlet with my own body.” She actually has a friend!

          1. Oops. I am kind of confused, I guess… _

          2. I find it hilarious that it’s the libgirltarians who are leading the Othering here.

            1. That’s because they aren’t real women, obviously.

        3. “Justice”

          This reminds me of the fat bitch who gets on my bus two blocks after me. She has a tattoo on the back of her neck that reads “JUSTICE VIRTUE”.

          This bitch cannot walk past me (while I’m sitting in my seat) without smacking me with her purse. And I lean far away from the aisle. So far in fact that I suspect the people I sit next too wonder, “Why is this asshole leaning into me?

          One morning, there were no seats left when I boarded the bus, so I stood in the stairwell by the back door. I’m the only person standing when this bitch gets on and what does she do? She stands right next to me smacking me with her fucking purse the whole fucking rest of the ride to downtown.

          Fucking. Fat. Bitch.

      6. John is roaming around Craig’s List personals for another twink to play with.

        1. Please go away.

        2. Please stop posting here.

      7. Turtle/tortoise in a past life? What the fuck?

        1. Maybe she thinks she was the World Turtle, so she’s happy about all the weight she’s lost since that life?

      8. Given the Occupado vibe she puts off, I’m guessing that “Aromantic” is a typo.

    2. The end is nigh

    3. And this too? The whole second paragraph is just baffling.

      I feel like it is the least they can do to at least take care of me? especially after I have had to suffer at the hands of their singlet privilege for so long.

      Singlet privilege?

      1. In examining the whole passage, my context clues have gleaned that singlet is a reference to being a singular individual, whereas this Jenn character fancies herself some sort of renegade schizophrenic, forced to live multiple personalities in simultaneity. Apparently, not being a deliberately unbalanced piece of parasitic human refuse now passes for privilege these days.

        I really hope reality bitchslaps this person in his/her face and she offs herself from her inability to adjust.

        1. Good for her parents for at least stopping the enabling. And shame on them and no doubt the school system that enabled her for so long and allowed it to get this bad.

          1. Look, this is Mary’s Stack’s older daughter. we really shouldn’t be surprised.

          2. No, shame on her parents. They’re treatment is looking like a degenerate gambler, who stares as a 10/2 offsuit, sees a two come up on the flop along with two face cards, and decides they’re going to limp in to see the turn, and then the river after one of the face cards pairs on the board.

            They’re chasing a losing hand all the way down the crapper. TEH STOOPIT is too strong with this one; they ought to simply fold and concentrate their finances on something more worthy, like hookers and blow.

        2. FYI Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder are two different things. For one thing, Schizophrenia is real and affects about 1% of the population. Its sufferers might hear voices, can be paranoid and delusional, and/or have unusual emotions, but all in one personality.

          Multiple-personalities is a make-believe diagnosis that was popular for awhile but pretty much fell out of favor once Roseanne Barr claimed she had it.

      2. Singlet is someone that “only has one person inhabiting their body.” I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

        1. Well apparently she makes mention of a toddler and a flying dog. Perhaps she spends some time living as these other personas?

        2. One word: Kuato.

          “What do you want, Mr. Quaid?”

          1. “Start the re-actor…”

            1. “Free Toshi…”

        3. I knew you would know. No one speaks retard like you.

          1. Where is Alack anyway, he is the Retard Whisperer.

            1. Yeah, I had to look this nonsense up.

        4. Anonymous asked: Being transethnic is to imply that all Japanese behave/look/believe the same way. It’s to put millions if not billions of people into one whole generalization and saying that this is what you believe you should have been. There is a difference between appreciating and loving the culture and another thing being borderline if not racist, by assuming that a race all behave in a certain way.

          Toshi answering. I am dictating to Jenn. I feel as though I should answer this question since I am Japanese. Jenn does not think that all Japanese people look and act the same. However, when I was teaching her about Japan, everything I told her seemed to touch something deep inside her. She does not know what it was/is but it made her question her true ethnicity. She is not currently identifying as transethnic, she is just exploring ethnicity and what it means to be transethnic.

          grim-dork asked: but you have a headmate that knows Japanese… when you don’t? Sharing one intelligence can only go so far, can’t it?

          Toshi here. I am dictating to Jenn. I do not speak Japanese. Please do not assume that all Japanese people can.

          1. Anonymous asked: seriously if toshi can teach you about japan she is at the very most a first-generation american citizen w/ japanese parents? she has to know at least some basic japanese if she’s able to teach you about her country…

            Jenn here. Toshi didn’t mention it in our introductions because he is very shy and easily embarrassed but he is actually deaf mute. He gave me permission to make that fact about him public because it has now become necessary to do so. He communicates telepathically as both a sender and a receiver.

          2. Toshi here. I am dictating to Jenn. I do not speak Japanese. Please do not assume that all Japanese people can.


        5. As a singlet?
          It is assumed you exist.
          You will be legally recognized as a person.
          You have a reasonable expectation that people will see you as a unique and individual person.
          You won’t be told that you need to stop existing as an individual to be?

          As far as I can understand, a singlet is someone that doesn’t have multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder).

          It’s like “cis,” an attempt to name baseline behavior or existence like it was a disorder in of itself. MPD/DID is insanely rare, a collective name to people who don’t have it is moronic.

          This is a subset of the “neurotypical” nonsense. We don’t need a word for “doesn’t have anything wrong with their brain.” It’d be like saying non-diabetics have “oxusbetes.”

          1. What did you fucking call me?

            1. Oxusbetes? Hmmm. Well, the “betes” is obviously a corrupted form of “bates”, which is short for “masturbates.”

              “Oxus” is Latin for oxen. Therefore, he’s saying that you masturbate castrated bulls.

              1. I was using the Greek oxus for “sour”, you unlettered brute.

                1. Sure you were. If you were using Greek, where are the Greek letters? Besides, “sour masturbater” makes no sense.

                  1. Actually, it does. Think about…Max/Edward.

                    1. Okay, in the narrow, specialized sense that makes sense only to trollchologists, yes.

              2. “Therefore, he’s saying that you masturbate castrated bulls.”

                That must take awhile.

                1. There may be deeper meanings here.

          2. When i was reading about this on a thread last night, my first thought, where is Sugarfree to explain it! Thanks.

          3. SugarFree, it’s not Jenn’s fault you are such a self-hating diseased person that you don’t even want to other the rest of us with such an awesome word.

            1. LOL. OK, that one actually caused a tea snort.

            2. “Diseased” is an othering word. I consider myself “glucose intolerant.”

              1. Is that similar to what happens when the blind develop super hearing and start fighting crime in Hell’s Kitchen? You compensate by developing a deeper appreciation for steak gristle than anything glucose processors could possibly understand or experience?

              2. How dare you other glucose in that way.

              3. Not “differently metabolizing”?

                1. That implies otherness and inferiority.

              4. We don’t take kindly to intolerance round these parts…

      3. She’s a self-hating wrestler.

      4. Maybe they always wore singlets around the house, and wouldn’t buy her one cause she’s a fat-ass.

      5. She has “otherkin,” which means that…well, I think it’s supposed to be different from dissociative identity disorder…she thinks that there are multiple entities living inside her. Note “entities,” as apparently one of them is a flying dog? Anyway…her parents are privileged because they are just single entities in single bodies.

        1. Otherkin is when you think you’re a fantasy creature like a dragon or something.

          1. Yeah, when Avatar came out, lots of people said they were Na’avi Otherkin.

          2. Is a flying dog not a fantasy creature?

            1. Isn’t it a brand of beer? This “Jenn” thinks she’s a beer?

              1. Sounds like a Raging Bitch to me .

                ABV: 8.3%, 60 IBU. Good for what ales you!

            2. Perhaps she watched The Neverending Story a few too many times as a child.

              1. She could have PTSD from being forced to watch The Neverending Story III

            3. Depends on how much cough syrup you drink.

    4. I can probably handle school but I am definitely unable to work. My parents don’t understand that I’m not always in control of my body. A toddler and a flying dog CANNOT do work intended for an adult human

      Then starve. And I will laugh as you starve and celebrate Darwin’s wrath on your piss poor excuse for humanity. Fuck you.

      1. She’s clearly mentally ill, sudden. Not just a little bit crazy, but apparently multiple personalities. That’s pretty debilitating. I pity her parents. Hope they’re not bankrupting themselves with her.

        1. Yeah, it sounds as if her parents are at the end of their rope. I, too, pity them.

        2. I don’t think she necessarily is. I think she is a spoiled brat who has been enabled and fed a bunch of nonsense all of her life. Those writings strike me as pathetic. But they don’t strike me as mentally unstable. There are too many logical connections going on. For example, she sees and understands the analogy of someone in her situation to a toddler (assuming she really is disabled). If she were truly mentally ill, her mind wouldn’t make such sensible analogies.

          She is basically a lazy faker.

          1. Well, I thought she was saying one of her inside-people is a toddler.

            On the other hand I found it interesting that she says “I” this and that and “my mother.” Not “we” and “our.”

            1. Another good catch. Someone with genuine MPD would not speak that way.

              1. Aren’t people with true MPD generally unaware of the existence of their other personalities?

                1. Yeah, I just checked wiki and I was remembering correctly. When someone MPD goes into another personality state, they experience it as a blackout period.

                  1. The ditz has talked herself into believing she has multiple personalities, at least partially because she knows she needs some damn good excuses for being so utterly worthless.

                    1. She hasn’t talked herself into shit, she’s just hoping other people will feel sorry for her.

            2. Also, the post where she writes for “Toshi” she says “Toshi here, I’m dictating to Jenn.” An authentic MPD would have Toshi completely subsuming all aspect of identity, including physical function.

              This one is such a fraud.

              It is transparent grievance-mongering. She is trying to identify herself with as many narrow and barely identifiable communities as she can in order to get herself the queen of grievance title or to simply define herself as an individual by constantly defining herself down to the most irreducible collectives she can. This is what the logical extension of collectivism is, when the mind of a collective tries to come to terms with themselves as an individual, the only way to do so is by defining themselves down into the most minute, even if invented, categories.

          2. Can we still sympathize with her parents? Your inner flying dog wants to synpathize with her parents. Don’t hold him down.

            1. I would be worried about cops shooting my inner flying dog. Thank God I don’t have one.

              1. Only when they raid the house of your inner drug suspect. Without a warrant.

            2. Sure, but they might bear some responsibility for raising this lazy fraudulent troll.

        3. Bona fide schizophrenics don’t invent flying dogs as personalities or claim to be a Japanese guy names Toshi who then vehemently rejects the “racist” notion that all Japanese Americans should know some rudimentary Japanese.

          This one is a fraud, 100%. She’s adopted this idea of singlets vs. multiplets as yet one additional victim-class to add to her growin quiver of grievance-hording.

          1. I had to laugh at the Japanese thing. If she’d actually ever dealt with any Japanese people she’d learn all about what they think of “transethnicism.”

  5. http://marginalrevolution.com/…..ssion.html

    People are suggesting we need to use TARP to bailout Spanish banks. If Obama did that, I really would think he wanted to lose.

    1. But think of the possibilities…one Ring to rule them all!

    2. TARP was used up long ago. The last few dollars went to Fannie Mae coupons (bond payments).

  6. I feel safer already.

    It can also fly at 65,000 feet at approximately 150 knots and carry up to a 450-pound payload, thanks to a 150-foot wingspan and two 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engines that give it 300 horsepower – 150 from each engine.

    1. So the fat pandemic has even reached our spy planes. Obviously it has drank too much sugary fuel and needs to cut back.

      1. I’m developing a drone fuel by bath salts. Face recognition software optional.

        1. Why not fueled by bath salts and human flesh?

  7. The Wisconsin vote is a clear mandate for whatever agenda Walker’s paymasters want to impose.

    1. Elections are like that. Suck it Nando.

      1. Elections have consequences.

    2. Whatever the citizens of Wisconsin want to impose; well, yeah-uh.

    3. God damn you are a retard.

    4. Nando: Still a moron.

  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cul…..laims.html

    English will soon die out as the world’s most dominant language and be replaced by ‘machine translation’ that allows people to communicate via hand-held devices like iPads, Nicolas Ostler, a leading linguist has claimed.

    1. Sounds okay to me. If I have a universal translator, what do I care what language people actually speak?

      1. As we all know from Star Trek, all universal translators in the galaxy translate to English.

        1. Bah, they translate into a complex sound pattern that your brain then translates to English.

          1. No, I distinctly hear Kirk speaking English. And the Klingons speaking English. And Balok speaking English. And the Horta writing in English. “NO KILL I” is English, right? Just bad English.

            1. After the Hortas joined the Federation, they were mercilessly mocked on Vulcan blogs as poor grammarians.

              1. NO BULLY I

                1. Vulcan mockery, not tempered by the slightest trace of empathy, is the most vicious in the Alpha quadrant.

                  1. “Remember, doctor, I have no ego to bruise. But you do, bitch!”

        2. It could translate Darmok into english, but it still didnt make sense.

          Not sure how the fuck the translator pulled that off.

          1. Any sufficiently badly-written science fiction is indistinguishable from magic.

          2. That happens all the time with real life translators. I have a lot of Korean friends on Facebook that post in Korean. If I copy their status and paste it into Google Translate it produces disjointed nonsense in English.

            1. DO NOT WANT

            2. How do you know it wasn’t disjointed nonsense in Korean? After all, your source is Facebook.

        3. In fact they even translate accents, from the Unification I episode. The Romulan waitress was remarking that Data had a weird accent.

      2. Meanwhile the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different cultures and races, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.

        1. L.L. Zamenhof: History’s greatest monster.

    2. Sort of like Marvin Minsky and human-equivalent computer vision pattern recognition.

    3. Nicolas Ostler is an idiot.

  9. From another “Greece is running out of money” story:

    During a surveillance trip on the resort island of Santorini, Mr. Maitos said he and two colleagues observed a gas station owner insisting on cash-only transactions to avoid declaring taxes. When confronted, the man lashed at them with a bullwhip while cursing the state for taking his money.

    I wish more people reacted to tax collection this way.

    1. NO SHIT

      However, I understand the IRS recently hired thousands of new goons and purchased a buttload of combat shotguns.

      1. Yeah, the IRS rearms its “customer service representatives” on a fairly regular basis.

    2. That is fucking awesome!

    3. Indiana Jones: The Last Gas Station.

  10. Are the Greek protests turning anarcho-capitalist? From the link:

    “During a surveillance trip on the resort island of Santorini, Mr. Maitos said he and two colleagues observed a gas station owner insisting on cash-only transactions to avoid declaring taxes. When confronted, the man lashed at them with a bullwhip while cursing the state for taking his money.”

    1. Funny you brought this up. I was going to ask the Hit Runners if Greece might be a socio-economic petri dish for the Lew Rockwell anarcho caps. My thought: too many variables, including the major one that Greece is dependent on tourism, and that most of the public sites are no doubt govt owned.

      1. Ass, cash or gas, nobody rides for free.

        They said our ideology is too complex to put on a bumper sticker. There you go. Convinced me years before I ever delved into Man, Economy and State.

        1. Hmm. Nobody rides for free. has a certain . . . Iron . . . tone to it.

          1. You sit on a throne of lies.

        2. I remember that better as “ass, grass or gas, nobody rides for free” and it was intended as a message to hitch-hikers.

          1. You’re memory is correct. I blame my faulty memory on my greed. With cash I can buy my own grass, or a pizza.

  11. “Today, Sen. Rand Paul spoke on the Senate floor to introduce an amendment to the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 (Farm Bill) that would address the issue of Pakistan’s imprisonment of Dr. Shakil Afridi for “treason” against Pakistan. Dr. Afridi provided key intelligence to the United States leading to the death of Osama bin Laden and risked his own life to help the U.S. military find and kill its most-wanted terrorist.

    “The amendment would strip the government of Pakistan of all U.S. foreign aid until Dr. Afridi’s recent 33-year prison sentence is overturned and he is allowed to leave Pakistan. Sen. Paul has also introduced an identical bill to this amendment and a second bill that would grant Dr. Afridi U.S. citizenship for his efforts.”


    1. So someone in the Bush admin may or may not have outed the identity of a CIA agent, though no harm came to that agent and Scooter Libby ( what the fuck kind of name is Scooter for a grown man??) went to prison for it.

      Someone in the Obama administration outed an entire intelligence operation being conducted by one of our allies and a key operative is now in a Pakistani prison where he probably will not survive. No doubt others unknown to us have been tortured and killed.

      It is a good thing the MSM is all over this and calling for heads to roll.

      1. I forgot to mention that the entire operation in Pakistan is now a wash and our ally is pissed.

        I can just see captain zero with a smirk on his face putting his hand to his lips and saying

      2. What evidence do you have that someone in the Obama administration outed this guy?

        (No wingneck sites, please)

        1. Could you please give a comprehensive list of wingneck sites so we know which ones to avoid?

        2. Is that….shit…all over you? Take a bath…geez.

      3. So someone in the Bush admin may or may not have outed the identity of a CIA agent,

        We know who leaked – Richard Armitage, from State.


      4. Libby didn’t go to jail, Bush commuted the sentence.

  12. Freakishly fertile soil is about the only thing that keeps Argentina from Haitian-level development. It sure isn’t quality of governance.

    1. Actually Argentina used to be one of the top ten wealthiest nations in the world. Then socialism happened.

      Seriously, whenever someone points to resources as the key, they’re wrong. Culture matters more then anything else. Japan has no natural resources, Africa is full of valuable minerals. But look who’s better off.

  13. S is for Space. And Supermassive blackhole. One of which is apparently being ejected from a galaxy to roam about the universe. Article at space.com

    1. We sheltered that black hole in our galaxy for long enough. It’s time for it to make it in the real world.

    2. S is for Space

      It is also a collection of short stories from Ray bRadbury, which is where i thoguht the comment was going.

      1. yes. It was my lame attempt to post a story about space in honor of the ray bradbury reference…without repeating the comments on the entire thread dedicated to him earlier in the day.

  14. One thing that irked me today was when the radio news reported about the stock market going up today, they mentioned as possible causes, what sombody or other might have done in Europe or what the Federal Reserve might do. Not a peep about what just happened in Wisconson!

    1. Why should they concoct a nutty conspiracy theory?

      That is for Reason HR to do.

      1. Nope, the recall results couldn’t possibly be an indicator to the market that the electorate realizes that we need to get our fiscal houses in order. That’s just crazy talk.

        1. OK, if the market is an indicator then it loves Obama since the SP 500 has risen the most while he was President than any other in history.

          1. That’s funny since the peak of that index was 1561 in October of 07. A rise of 700 points from 2002. I forget, who was the shitty president we had then?

    2. I’ve always wondered how they know what caused the market to go up. Either they’re doing a seriously intense amount of research on the trading floor and analyzing the vast amounts of data that would produce within a few hours, 5 days a week… or they’re just making shit up and presenting it as fact.

      1. They are making shit up and presenting it as fact. The rise in the market today was not based on fundamentals or an improving economic environment. It was based on technical indicators (computers triggered the buying based on pre-set technical signals).

  15. No, seriously, guys. Fusion powered rockets are only 25 years away.

    1. An even more radical propulsion concept. Can’t get more at the root than this:

      Egyptian Teenager Creates Next-Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System

      Read more: Egyptian Teenager Creates Next Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


      1. Ah, false vacuum power. Its been conceived before. If he’s come up with a way to actually test it, it would be progress. However, this has always seemed to me like trying to build a heat engine out of glass of water at thermal equilibrium. Yes, particles are always evaporating (and condensing in statistically equal numbers), no, you can’t selectively steal that energy.

  16. Acetometaphin is bad for your liver, therefore we take too many painkillers.

    Gee, how about, IDK, prescribing more opiates so people don’t have to eat handfuls of tylenol?

    1. First, they’d have to take out the acetaminophen out of the opiate painkillers.

      1. the internet can tell you how to do that.

  17. In Time Magazine’s latest issue, they provide the hard-hitting investigative journalism that blogs just don’t have the resources for with a multi-page section on just how dreamy Joe Biden is and that he’s the “Obama re-election campaign’s secret weapon”.

    1. I thought that said “Last issue.” I was momentarily encouraged.

  18. Since shrike someone mentioned trolling around on Craig’s List: I offer this link as relevant to your interests

    1. “DO NOT take the secret level skip.”

    2. Holy shit. I just… wow.

    3. Dude, that link leads to this even more awesome link.

      1. The Zelda one?

        1. Click the link, or you’re gonna start eating that trash can.

          1. LOL. I stand corrected.

            1. By Kitty Glitter, the author of:

              Sherlock Holmes: A Strange Case of Dicklessness

              Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes’s son track down Jack the Ripper with the help of the douchiest horse ever.


              Bad Lieutenant: Pussy Blood

              A smear of pussy blood comes to the aid of a bullied teenage girl but might end up crossing the line and going too far for its own good

    4. *headsmack*

  19. The drug use aspect of the South Beach Cannibal continues to become more vague.

    “preliminary toxicology report from Eugene’s autopsy revealed Eugene, 31, had been smoking marijuana near the time of the incident.

    Investigators had hoped the initial tests might lead them to quickly identify other drugs Eugene might have taken which could have caused such psychotic behavior, but the law enforcement official said it will now be at least two months before all the lab work will be completed.”

    So right now, we have reefer madness confirmed, but no bath salts.

    1. Investigators had hoped the initial tests

      That means they tested for “bath salts” and didn’t find anything. So instead of admitting they were idiots for saying it in the first place, they’re gonna wait a few months til everyone “knows” it was bath salts and then hope like hell no one cares enough anymore to ask.

  20. Bleach enemas cure autism!

    Uh-huh. Cool story, bro.

    1. At times like these that I understand the appeal of carbombing. And sterilization.

      1. …and genocide.

        There is no hope for us.

        1. Yeah but it’s going to be funny as hell while we crash!

  21. And here’s a bunch of womyn who are just so oppressed by people constantly offering them sex.

    1. Click through, you gotta click through…

      Suny Jojo
      Living with Herpes is really hard, especially when you are a single. According to a report from the largest Herpes singles dating site HerpesSupport.net, 98% of its members who used to be on a general dating site to find the love and support were rejected by others. That could be the reason that why HerpesSupport.net is so popular and now has more than 650,000 members.

  22. I read me some Bradbury in the day and one word comes t mind about his books: dismal.

    1. The Martian Chronicles is one of the funniest books ever written.

  23. Estonia bitches!!!


    1. Estonia’s achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider that it was one of the countries hardest hit by the global financial crisis. In 2008-2009, its economy shrank by 18 percent. That’s a bigger contraction than Greece has suffered over the past five years. How did they bounce back? “I can answer in one word: austerity. Austerity, austerity, austerity,” says Peeter Koppel, investment strategist at the SEB Bank.

      1. Debt at 6% of GDP and they are running a surplus. I see a lack of debt payments in their future.

        1. The President of Estonia (or whatever they have) should call into the Dave Ramsey show after they make the last payment. 🙂

    2. Estonia: The new Somalia.

      1. I imagine Krugman shaking his head and tut tutting like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.

        1. I prefer to imagine Krugman as the guy who got bitten in half on the shitter.

  24. Bummmer about Ray Bradbury. My favorite story was Here-There Be No Tygers.

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