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Volusia County, Florida, officials are defending a nurse who withheld a student's inhaler from him during an asthma attack. They say the school did not have an up-to-date medical release form signed by Michael Rudi's parents. But they say they can't explain why no one called 911. Instead, school officials called his mother, who arrived at school to find Michael on the floor gasping for breath with the nurse standing over him.

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  1. “Now calm down. The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine.”

    1. This is America typical: go by the book when the book is wrong. Supervisors defend dangerous conduct.

      9-11 general strategy: cooperate with hijackers, take them where they want to go. Don’t blame airline security, invade muslim countries.

      I am proud to proclaim that I hate the American sheeple.

  2. Calling 911 wouldn’t have made the stupid policy better. The EMTs get there to see the dipshit school nurse holding the only reason they had to be called out of the kid’s reach, and their job is what? Run the kid to hospital in order to give him the meds she holding? Take him out to the truck to give him an inhaler they surely have out there? Take the inhaler from her, walk three feet and hand it to the kid?

    What bureaucrats need is oversight by The Office of Ironic Punishments. I’ll run it and not ask for a dime of compensation.

    1. What bureaucrats need is oversight by The Office of Ironic Punishments. I’ll run it and not ask for a dime of compensation.

      Waterboarding would be the perfect ironic punishment for these particular bureaucrats.

      1. You know who else put paperwork over people?

        1. Mayor Bloomberg?

    2. Calling 911 wouldn’t have made the stupid policy better.

      No, but it would have been nice to see the EMTs give him an inhaler and her a bollocking

      1. If “bollocking” means removal of her professional qualifications, I’m all for it. If it means “kick her in her lady balls” I’m for that too.

        1. It actually means to tell someone their limitations and deficiencies in the strongest possible terms. So it’s a metaphoric kick in the bollocks. But an actual one is warranted here too

          1. You guys need to learn to speak American.


        2. If “bollocking” means removal of her professional qualifications, I’m all for it.

          Oh, I can pretty much guarantee that she’ll be up for review over this. If not fully revoked, her license will at least be suspended, which is worse than it sounds. Once your license has been suspended very few places will ever hire you. At least with RNs, it might work a little different for LPNs (AFAIK all school nurses in Florida are LPNs; they can’t afford RNs).

      2. I’m not a violent person at all, but I’d be in jail now if that were my kid. As soon as I got my kid breathing again this moron would have a forearm right to the jaw, then once on the ground, 2-3 good kicks to the ribs. I wouldn’t telegraph it either, it’d be pure cheap shot.

        1. Finally, a courageous comment.

  3. Procedures were followed

    1. Proper procedures:
      1.remove gun from holster
      2.shoot nurse repeatedly to insure painful death
      3.repeat step #2 with defending officials

  4. If the nurse wasn’t so lazy she would have driven him to the next school district over and dumped him there. Let someone else violate their internal policy.

  5. My oft suggested remedy for our country’s ills of taking back the education system from top to bottom by purging it of morons is just a fantasy to make myself feel better. The truth is, there is no one to replace them with, as the majority of people are morons.

    But then again, seals can be taught to clap, dogs and dolphins to jump through hoops and chickens to play pianos, so maybe if we just replaced the policymakers and those who decide on curriculum……*sigh* nevermind. * bangs head on table *

    1. This isn’t about morons. This is about obedience to rules, regardless of the harm done. The problem is the lack of moral character of the American people.

  6. “That’s the Alliance for you – making sure everyone is interfered with or ignored equally.”

  7. Even if “procedures were followed,” the nurse or someone apparently talked to the mother. Not sure why verbal permission couldn’t have been sought at that time. I agree with IFH that the EMT’s should have been called if only to clock the “nurse” a good one.

    1. Not only that, but FL has a Fault-Free law which absolves virtually anyone of any wrong doing if they were trying to help someone yet somehow failed.

      1. What about someone who has the means to help but instead stands idle, watching a child gasp for breath on the floor?

        1. Following policy is more important than a child’s life.

          1. As defenders of the education establishment know, students are just an annoying afterthought.

            1. The education system would work perfectly – if not for the students. They keep gumming up the works.

      2. Thanks–had been going to point out that this might have been (unfortunately justified) fear of lawsuits. But MLG points out it wasn’t. Just (lack of) fear of stupidity.

    2. I would think it’s likely the mother would have tried to give verbal permission but the nurse refused.

  8. If the mother paid higher education taxes the schools could afford chairs and the nurse wouldn’t have to stand over the boy.

  9. Procedures were followed.

  10. I heard this story a while ago on Boortz. I’m inclined to agree with him; if I were the high school student, I’d have assaulted that nurse. If someone is keeping me away from drugs that would save my life, I consider that an assault on me, warranting self defense.

    1. Amen brother, That bitch nurse would have been gasping for air right along with me until the po-po pulled my hands off her fucking throat.

    2. How would assaulting her do any good? The kid is gasping for breath, which means he does not have the strength to overpower her.

      1. Hopefully rigor will cause the bitch to die. Plus, if I assault her the stupid cunt will drop the fucking life saving inhaler so I can live. Fuck that cunt.

  11. OK wow I never thought about it like that before. WOw.

  12. “But they say they can’t explain why no one called 911. ”

    Because its wasn’t in the written policy to call 911, instead the policy was to call the parent. They followed policy and so its fault of whoever wrote the flawed policy.
    If the nurse had called 911 it would have violated policy and she could have been fired. If she was the sort of person to violate the written policy then she would have just let the kid use the inhaler in the first place.

    1. and she could have been fired.

      Hahahha, that is funny.

    2. Agammamon, it is your fault for using the flawed policy to excuse dangerous behavior by a caretaker. Hang your head in shame.

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