A.M. Links: Gov. Walker Faces Recall, Syria Expels Diplomats, Clinton Slams Romney, Drug Use Could Cost Georgians Benefits, Obama Picks Up Another Endorsement


  • Gov. Walker is facing a recall election today over a year after passing controversial collective bargaining legislation. Watch Emily Ekins' analysis of the Reason-Rupe Poll on the recall at Reason.tv.
  • A drone strike in Pakistan may have killed al-Qaeda's second in command, Abu Yahya al-Libi. 
  • Syria expels Western diplomats, including those from the U.S, the UK, and France. The move comes after lasts week's expulsions of Syrian diplomats from many Western nations.
  • Bill Clinton claims that Romney would be 'Calamitous for our country'.
  • Georgia's Labor Department is implementing a policy that will mean that Georgians looking for a job who test positive for illegal drugs will lose their unemployment benefits.
  • Raul Castro's daughter endorses Obama.

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