A.M. Links: Sheriff Asks for Independent Review of Seth Adams Shooting, George Soros' Euro Warning, Gaydar Real


  • oh my

    It took 47 minutes to get Seth Adams, the unarmed 24-year old shot four times by a West Palm Beach sheriff's deputy, to a hospital fifteen miles away, records released by his family's attorney show. The sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, has now requested an independent review from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Immediately after the shooting, Bradshaw said "there's only two witnesses here: the suspect and the deputy. And the suspect was not able to be interviewed. Why he decided to assault the deputy? We may never know that."

  • An NYPD officer has been charged with official misconduct, offering a false instrument for filing, falsifying business records, making an apparently sworn false statement, perjury and making a punishable false written statement. The officer, Diego Palacios, appears to have straight-up lied when he arrested a Brooklyn man. Palacios claims the man tried to run him over but security video completely contradicts that.
  • Former Republican presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter will soon be a former Congressman too. The 5-term representative from Michigan dropped his write-in bid for re-election. His name was removed from the ballot after most of the petition signatures were found to be fraudulent.
  • George Soros claimed in a recent speech that Germany had three months to "correct its mistakes and reverse the current trends," which point to the disintegration of the EU.
  • Johan Santana delivered the Mets their first no-hitter in franchise history on Friday, against the St. Louis Cardinals, leaving the San Diego Padres as the only major league baseball team without a no-hitter. R.A. Dickey followed with a complete game shut-out on Saturday  and the Cardinals didn't earn a run against the Mets until the eighth inning of Sunday's game.
  • New research suggests gaydar is real, but not all that accurate. 

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