Tiananmen Square

Billion-Dollar GOP Effort, Former Beijing Mayor "Sorry" About Tianenmen, Visa Law Strands Indiana Student in Mexico: P.M. Links


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  1. Underground chemists’ ability to quickly synthesize new drugs has wildly outstripped the government’s capacity for banning stuff.

    I blame Huey Lewis.

    1. I want a new duck
      Not a quail or an owl
      One that won’t molt too much
      One that won’t smell too foul

      1. One that won’t smell too foul fowl.

        C’mon, man. That was too easy.

        1. I couldn’t remember if Weird Al went explicitly for the spelled out pun or left it to the imagination in the lyrics.

  2. It’s 3:16 PM ET. Do you know where your P.M. links are?

  3. After a dollar he handed to a disabled panhandler touched the ground, John Davis was charged by Cleveland police with littering, and socked with a $344 fine.

    The City of Cleveland is a more persisent pahhandler.

    1. I thought that littering money was OK. Around here a lot of signs say “$1000 fine for littering”. I keep expecting to see other signs that say “Even finer to litter larger sums.”

      Maybe only littering $1 isn’t so fine.

      1. nice πŸ™‚

    2. How can a $1 bill be littering. It isn’t trash or paper. If I drop my keys, am I littering? What if I don’t pick them up immediately? I’d love to go to court on this one.

  4. Independent groups supporting the Republican party plan to spend $1 billion on the 2012 presidential election…

    Obama pretty much guaranteed in 2008 that no candidate will ever again take public financing and all that comes with that.

    1. And the MSM who had previously declared that McCain was the great “maverick” for supporting campaign finance abandoned McCain and declared that Obama dropping out of public financing was a smart move and praised him for it.

    2. Also the billions spent this campaign should be enough to keep the politicians, their flunkies and the MSM from feeling the effects of the bad US economy. Good times are a rolling if you are involved in the political economy

  5. Pollsters are including Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in presidential polls

    An oversight that will soon be corrected.

    1. It makes perfect sense for Democratic pollsters like Zogby and PPP to include Johnson, as all signs indicate that he will likely pull more from Romney’s contingent than Obama’s. I’m still a bit surprised by that, but I guess Obama’s gay marriage “evolution” took away one of Johnson’s big advantages in the minds of the Obama contingent.

      1. That and most liberals don’t actually give a shit about civil liberties, executive power or wars.

        1. Nor do conservatives about limited government, free markets or individual liberties.

          We all know these things are completely dependent upon which party is in power, and that the other side will use these “principles” for pure political gamesmanship.

  6. Hey, remember how Spielberg changed E.T to remove some swear words and digitally replaced FBI shotguns with walkie-talkies? Well it looks like he may have learned that fans don’t like that. New trailer for Blu-Ray release restores original movie. If only George Lucas could be so persuaded.

    1. No news yet about the world release of that other Spielberg movie, Something Evil, on DVD?

      Just in case you don’t know, it was a TV Movie made back in ’72. Scared the hell out of me when I was a young lad.

      1. Does it have a happy ending? Because that dude seems to think everything should which is why a lot of his movies go off the rails at the end.

        1. Re: A serious Man,

          Does it have a happy ending?

          You can watch for yourself.

      2. To be clear, I was 4 years old back in ’72. I watched that movie dubbed into Spanish back in (I believe) ’76 and scared the hell out of me. Yes, even in Spanish – those dubbers were really good at what they did.

        1. even in Spanish – those dubbers


        2. 44 years old? Shouldn’t your name just be “Mexican”?

    2. So “penis breath” and “terrorist” are back. Get ready for the protests.

    3. Didn’t that DVD release include the original, just on a 2nd disc?

    4. If only George Lucas could be so persuaded.

      Preach on, bro!

    5. Have you seen the Coppola Restoration of the Godfather?

    6. Oh, good, restoring the lost hippie-terrorist connection.

  7. uses a legal-calendar to keep track of key dates and did not take into account that this is a leap year

    “Our hands are tied.”

    1. That’s *her lawyer’s* legal calendar. Sounds like this lawyer might get herself sued for this little error.

      And score one for the luddites.

      The article suggests she was illegally brought into the US at age 4. It also says her father is a naturalized citizen. Why didn’t the father’s status go to the daughter? Were her parents unmarried?

  8. Pollsters are including Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in presidential polls ? a sign that they anticipate the former New Mexico governor may shake up the race.

    He’s starting to have more traction. Maybe there’s hope after all, huh?

    1. It’s the media’s way of getting him enough support to spoil Romney’s chances and re-elect the anointed one. NTTAWWT, er, at least not like it would make a difference either way which of the empty suits were to swear in on 1/20/2013.

    1. I’ll presume the cash he got from selling shares on IPO day help make up for his paper losses.

      1. Yeah, to me this seems like a completely arbitrary figure, although it knocked him out of the richest 40 people in the world list.

        1. IIANM, he also sold a big chunk of his company to private investors before the IPO – so he’s even less less rich.

    2. So, while he never really had that money in the first place, for tax purposes, it’s a pretty good loss for him, right?

    3. It ain’t a loss until you take it.

  9. Former Lost star turns out to be Twitters most literate user:

    FAN: Holla at Matthew Fox and tell him to get a twitter I beg of you.
    MONAGHAN: He beats women. No thanks. (1)

    FAN: I know it was wrong but what?! What about all those good times you had together?!
    MONAGHAN: How do you know we ever did? You don’t know either of us. He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often. Not interested. (2)

    FAN: Spreading an accusation that EVEN eww-TMZ didn’t make? How classy. Hope Matthew Fox sues you for defamation.
    MONAGHAN: An accusation is when you “claim” someone did something wrong. I know. But hey little fan girl maybe want to get slapped.
    MONAGHAN: And it’s very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth. (3, 4, 5)

    Plus, Mila Kunis is getting fat πŸ™


    1. More on Tubby —


      1. Those are definitely some pretty unflattering pics of her. Maybe she is putting on weight for a movie?

        1. I fear the worst. She has stopped smoking pot, snorting coke and being a party girl that all young, attractive women can look up to as a role model.

      2. Wow, she looks like an ex-GF of mine in this pic. I think she looks very good still.

      3. Geez, she is starting to look like her alter-ego Meg Griffin. Just needs the little hat.

      1. GDI. More women who don’t know where the fuck their vagina is. 😐

    2. Plus, Mila Kunis is getting fat πŸ™

      And being scalped by that guy won’t much improve her looks either . . .

  10. U.S. and European stocks plummeted as American home sales dropped, Greeks seemed poised to elect a radical-socialist party and Spain teetered on the financial brink.

    I was told this morning by Fox and Friends that housing prices had bottomed out. Are you implying I was *gasp!* lied to???

    Say it ain’t so, Shoeless!!!

    1. The entire real estate industry has been claiming for the last 6 years that RE prices have bottomed out and someday they might even be right.

      1. Not until the government stops artificially keeping home prices high.

    1. I think she is evil. Also dumb. But evil.

    2. Is it ok to call this chick a cumb dunt?

      And then some. This woman belongs under the prison.

      1. Better punishment would be to put her in Brian’s old cell for an identical length of time.

        1. Better punishment would be to put her in Brian’s old cell for an identical length of time.

          You mean toss her in with the general population at the prison where he did his time? I think spending 62 months as a human toilet would certainly reinforce the notion that what she did was wrong.

    3. She begs for supreme, ironic justice.

    4. “Is it ok to call this chick a cumb dunt?”

      I am checking the Rules of propriety according to Ken, and….uh….no, its not.

  11. Irish mathematicians solve ancient problem; much confirmation by experiment anticipated

  12. A popular 18-year-old Indiana high school homecoming queen and salutatorian likely won’t be able to deliver her graduation speech in person this weekend because she is stuck in Mexico on a visa technicality that could ban her from the United States for three years.

    But it’s only bad because she is the homecoming queen and salutatorian. Any other student that this happened to would just be SOL I presume.

    Why does it have to be that the stories are only sad when it’s the popular girl that gets shafted by the government? Just like it’s a sad story about this girl because she’s an honor student.

    1. But it’s only bad because she is the homecoming queen and salutatorian.

      Not to mention a hottie.

      Any other student that this happened to would just be SOL I presume.

      We all crawled from under a rock as far as the MSM and middle Americans are concerned.

    2. Just like mass deaths always call out the women and children separately…like there are not kids with dead dads. Or wives with dead husbands.

    3. The honor student was working 2 jobs while going to school. I don’t care that she was an honor student; I care that she was punished for busting her ass for herself and her family by a moron judge.

    4. Because honestly, we should be giving them priority. She is an immigrant only in the strictest sense, tried to follow the law without disrupting her studies and is extremely likely to be a productive citizen. Likewise, the honor student status of the jailed girl matters because it demonstrates that she wasn’t neglecting school at all.

      It’s not that we should have separate laws for the good and bad students but that we should take context into consideration. For both, they were at least trying to do the right thing.

      But I wish people would get this: the state not only doesn’t care about you, it outright needs to demonstrate its force by making examples of real, flesh-and-blood people. I’ve had to go through a shit-ton of immigration processes, and let me tell you, I did everything as soon as possible, and I’m glad I did. It’s currently ambiguous whether I can leave the country for my grandmother’s funeral to reenter. Well, I’m not leaving. Depending on the good sense and humanity of even the infinitely better Japanese bureaucrats is too stupid to contemplate seriously. US bureaucrats? Dumbest fuckers on the planet. Just don’t.

  13. Obama re-defines term “militant”

    Great article by Greenwald


    1. Which begs the question…Why didn’t we bomb the crap out of that pakistani military academy in the vicinity of Bin Laden’s house?

    2. all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants”

      As much as I dislike Greenwald and find his tears over Obama yummy, he has a point. You can’t redefine combatant to mean any male over 18. First, that makes no sense. Women can and have been fighters too. Second, you legally have an obligation to at least try to figure out who is a civilian and who is not. You can’t just designate everyone as a combatant.

      That is appalling and illegal.

      1. Wait, so it’s legal to blow them to shit in an undeclared war if they’re collateral damage, but it’s illegal to declare them as combatants after the fact? WTF, John? Did you get your understanding of the Conventions off the back of a cracker jack box?

    3. Hey, that Peace Prize isn’t going to polish itself, ya know. It needs the blood of militants for the shine to really come through.

      1. I hear the Decider-in-Chief carves a notch on his Peace Prize for every raghead he kills.

        1. That be one notched up piece of shit by now.

      2. I have a strange feeling that if Obama set up “polish death camps,” in America, he would still be able to keep his peace prize.

        1. Anything short of joining the Republican Party.

          1. Prize Committee: Today we will be asking President Obama for his Peace prize, due to his warmongering and murderous policies against innocent foreigners and American citizens

            Reporter: He was doing that while he was a Democrat, and you didn’t seem to have a problem.

            Prize Committee: Yeah, but he was a Democrat then, so it doesn’t count.

    4. Counterterrorism officials insist this approach is one of simple logic: people in an area of known terrorist activity, or found with a top Qaeda operative, are probably up to no good.

      Guilty until proven innocent, which gives the “militant” just enough time between when the order is given and the missile arrives, to prove their innocence.

      Hey commentariat! Quit your whining! How many of you edited the Harvard Law Review? (H/T to musTARD)

  14. Representative Artur Davis has finally gotten fed up once and for all with the post Clinton drift to the far-left of the democratic party and left it, which is certainly going to make it tougher for the liberals to claim that there are no moderate republicans, and the republicans are the main problem.

    1. Hahaha, if only. I’m quite frankly amazed at the sheer volume of things I read about how nowadays Republicans are the MOST EXTREME RIGHT-WINGERS EVER.

      I do hear Europeans bitching about the Democratic Party drifting rightward, though, heh.

    2. Davis was the sole member of the Congressional Black Caucus to vote against Obama’s healthcare reform legislation in 2010.

      Guy has some serious balls.

    3. It won’t be any harder. The media will ignore this.

  15. Apologies if you’ve seen this one, but the doublethink in the comments is priceless to behold. If you pretend you’re on a pro-life website and substitute “need an abortion” for “pay child support”, the comments are identical.

    1. Haha. I love it.

      “Of course if they could do that, the entire human population would freak the hell out because FINALLY it would be men who had to remember to take their pills every day, etc.”

      My daily list:
      1. Take birth control pill
      2. Tell every chick I meet who I find in the least desirable that I’ve taken my birth control pill

      1. I think this will work for you!

  16. Greeks seemed poised to elect a radical-socialist party

    Oh hell yes. Do it, you morons. H.L. Mencken would be loving this.

    1. The Greeks aren’t far away at all from a period of French Revolution type madness. Once they realize electing socialists will do absolutely nothing to help them, the blood will be flowing in the streets.

    2. How odd. I had this notion that it was socialism that got them into this mess. Must’ve been wrong.

  17. Those are some depressing items in today’s PM links.

    Here is hoping that that which is unsustainable is unsustainable.

    Honestly it is our only hope.

    1. If something can’t go on forever, it won’t … except for those rare occasions when it does anyway.

  18. The Atlantic clutches its pearls at the thought that people who purchase their own health insurance directly don’t value mental health or maternity care.

    “The authors dubbed this category “tin” coverage, and people who fell into this group paid an average of $4,127 in out-of-pocket expenses each year, but people with the most health problems paid over $27,000 every year. People in this “tin” category did not have benefits like mental health coverage or even maternity care. “

    1. It is all about shifting costs. If you notice they are generally concerned about mandating coverage for things that affect groups that tend to be liberal. God forbid women pay for their own damned maternity care without shifting the cost onto older people and single males who will never use such coverage.

      1. One of my friends from high school is reposting all kinds of tripe from MoveOn.Org on facebook.

        Her latest is one berating the U.S. for backwardly not mandating 50 months of maternity leave to employers.

        I really want to ask her why she wants to make it harder for women to land jobs. Having engaged her after the “EVIL REPUBZ WANT EMPLOYERS TO SNOOP IN FACEBOOK !!!11111!!!” concern trolling bit they were peddling, I know it will be beating my head against a wall.

        It’s a shame – she was one of the smartest girls in the school too.

        1. I know it will be beating my head against a wall.

          Yep. Unsub her or block the post, as I do.

        2. The wife wanted to see what an ex-girlfriend my mom likes to drop into conversations looks like so I looked her up on Facebook. Incredible, actually, but then I discovered she has gotten political in the worst possible way, an Obamabot.

          1. I discovered she has gotten political in the worst possible way, an Obamabot.

            Bullet dodged, eh?

            1. Bullet dodged.

        3. 50 months, what country demends/forces that?

          1. Isn’t that just about the time it takes for kids to enter kindergarten?

            1. 4 years and 2 months, so wouldn’t that be pre-school?

          2. 50? Why not 500? He must hate his mother.

            1. Obviously it is for the children, so one should ask why America hates children?

    2. People in this “tin” category did not have benefits like mental health coverage or even maternity care. ”

      So “tin” = non-crazy people who are not going to have a baby anytime soon.

      Why the fuck is Maternity care included in insurance coverage at all???

      The only poeple who are going to voluntarily pay for it are people who plan on having a baby. Why would you sell insurance to people who plan on collecting on it.

      1. Presumably, one would sell maternity insurance coverage to women who were trying to have babies, and sell maternity service coverage to women who found themselves pregnant. The maternity insurance would be discounted as not all people who are trying to get pregnant, do.

        OR, you could sell a maternity deductible plan to women/families who came up pregnant in which they paid for standard services and were insured against atypical and costly events.

        You know, in a marketplace where payment and services weren’t completely disaggregated by the government.

        1. No, you couldnt.

          Insurance really only works for accidental events that cause a loss; that aren’t predictable for individuals, but are statistically predictable for a group.

          Infertility insurance, for example, could work. But pregnancy insurance won’t.

          1. I think the second one could work, perhaps not as explained, but you’re basically buying mother/fetus catastrophic event insurance and paying out of pocket for normal services. Kind of like my high-deductible health insurance plan. The first $5k every year is on me, but I get the BCBS negotiated rate when I go to the doctor.

    3. Don’t worry. The good news is that all those people will have a gun pointed at them soon and they will be prevented from buying what they wanted.

      1. The sad thing is, you are not being sarcastic:

        “The good news is that their coverage levels will have to go up under the Affordable Care Act.”

  19. Ok, these comments are even funnier. Anytime they do street harassment, it becomes a place to “bragsplain”. “Three guys told me I have beautiful eyes today. It’s just so rude and harassing… privilege…powerdynamics… And it happens ALL THE TIME.”

    It’s almost always either a bragsplain or some guy jumps in and asks for clarification and then I’m reminded of that SNL short on sexual harassment with Tom Brady.

    1. My Turkish grandmother used to do this.

      She’d go on and on about how in her youth she couldn’t go shopping without men following her/propositioning her. She’d go on and on about how outrageous it was.

      It was exactly like listening to a sport fisherman talk about the size of the fish he caught.

    2. God bless those sad sack beta males who go on there asking genuine questions and get torn to shreds anyways.

      1. It’s even better when a mangina goes on, puts in like 30 mea culpas and apologizes for his sex, then the women, unable to find anything objectionable in his post, will proceed to put words in his mouth to bitch about for like 30 posts.

  20. You know who else decided who would play in Poland?

  21. Chen Xitong, mayor of Beijing mayor during the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre

    Your translator is skipping.

    1. Which will be the excuse the Communist party gives on why he “apologized.”

  22. If we all vote for Gary Johnson, and Romney loses the election by a percentage equal to or less than the percentage Johnson gets, will the Republican party have learned its lesson and begin adopting a more libertarian platform?

    1. Was Bush II’s party less hostile to small government types than Bush I?

  23. See, porn makes people depraved

    “The public broadcaster also said Magnotta posted videos online of himself torturing kittens, and once dated serial killer Karla Homolka who was convicted in 1991 of manslaughter following a plea bargain in the rape-murders of two teenage girls and her sister.

    Several websites describe Magnotta as a washed-up porn star and hooker, and say that he has denied ties to Homolka.”

  24. Sweden’s new gender-neutral pronoun: Hen

    “or many Swedes, gender equality is not enough. Many are pushing for the Nordic nation to be not simply gender-equal but gender-neutral. The idea is that the government and society should tolerate no distinctions at all between the sexes. This means on the narrow level that society should show sensitivity to people who don’t identify themselves as either male or female, including allowing any type of couple to marry. But that’s the least radical part of the project. What many gender-neutral activists are after is a society that entirely erases traditional gender roles and stereotypes at even the most mundane levels.”


    1. “The Swedish Bowling Association has announced plans to merge male and female bowling tournaments in order to make the sport gender-neutral. Social Democrat politicians have proposed installing gender-neutral restrooms so that members of the public will not be compelled to categorize themselves as either ladies or gents. Several preschools have banished references to pupils’ genders, instead referring to children by their first names or as ‘buddies.’ So, a teacher would say ‘good morning, buddies’ or ‘good morning, Lisa, Tom, and Jack’ rather than, ‘good morning, boys and girls.’ They believe this fulfills the national curriculum’s guideline that preschools should ‘counteract traditional gender patterns and gender roles’ and give girls and boys ‘the same opportunities to test and develop abilities and interests without being limited by stereotypical gender roles.'”

      1. Ah, ah,
        We come from the land of the ice and snow,
        From the men are men and the women also.
        The hammer of bureaucracy will shape our kids’ attitudes,
        To keep them bored, say with one accord: Androgyny, I am coming!

    2. You know, to be honest, I’m actually a bit uncomfortable when writing or speaking about an unknown person in English, which isn’t as gendered as many languages in any case. Good writing demands using words like “man/mankind,” and “one” or “that person” is just a terrible substitute for “he/she.” My best teacher of English was a staunch feminist but insisted everyone use masculine pronouns in neutral situations because it was easier and more historical, but I haven’t heard similar advice since high school.

      At the least, it’s distracting to think about such mundane issues just to avoid the appearance of chauvinism.

      That said, this could very well go the way of “womyn,” which at this point just means “bull dyke.” Never offend society’s sense of irony.

  25. After a dollar he handed to a disabled http://www.lunettesporto.com/l…..c-3_8.html panhandler touched the ground, John Davis was charged by Cleveland police with littering, and socked with a $344 fine.

  26. Here’s an Illinois state rep who might have a big future in going viral.

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