Bath Salts

A.M. Links: Romney claims victory in Texas, Charles Taylor sentenced at the Hague, Assange loses extradition appeal, "Bath Salts" blamed for cannibalistic attack


  • Mitt Romney won the Texas primary. Romney's campaign claims the win secures his nomination despite not clinching the required delegate majority.
  • Ex-President of Liberia, Charles Taylor, has been sentenced to 50 years in jail for his role in Sierra Leone's civil war.
  • The UK Supreme Court has dismissed Julian Assange's appeal against extradition to Sweden where he is accused of sex offenses. 
  • The European Commission has called for a banking union and recapitalization of banks within the eurozone.
  • Poland's Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, said that he expects more than "regret" from the U.S. after President Obama mistakenly referred to a Nazi facility used to process Jews for execution as a "Polish death camp".
  • The Cannibalistic attack in Miami is being blamed on "bath salts", otherwise known as "the new LSD".

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