A.M. Links: Protests in Quebec and Cairo, Romney slams Obama over Solyndra, France expels Syrian ambassador


  • The government of Quebec resumes talks with students after over a month of protests against a tuition fee increase of 80%.
  • Protests and vandalism swept Cairo after it was learned that Mubarak's former premier, Ahmed Shafik, would face off against a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the upcoming runoff election. Protesters sacked Shafik's headquarters chanting, "Where is the revolution?"
  • Mitt Romney's campaign has released a web video attacking the President's support for Solyndra and other green energy initiatives.
  • France is to expel its Syrian ambassador in a bid to increase pressure on al-Assad's government after the massacre in Houla.
  • Three Spanish savings banks will vote today on a proposed merger amid Spain's worsening debt crisis. The vote comes soon after the Bank of Spain predicted a continuing recession in the second quarter.
  • NATO claims to have killed Al Qaeda's second in command in Afghanistan.

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