A.M. Links: Muslim Brother Leads Egypt Vote, Hollande Visits Afghanistan, China Reacts to U.S. Human Rights Report


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    The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi appears to be leading former Mubarak Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq out of 13 candidates as ballots in the first round of Egypt's presidential elections are counted.

  • Newly elected French President Francois Hollande visited soldiers in Afghanistan. He intends to withdraw France's 3,500 troops by the end of the year.
  • According to China's Xinhua state news agency, the United States latest annual human rights report ignored "the obvious achievements made by China in protecting its citizens' rights and freedom" and "groundlessly slammed China for continued 'deterioration' in key aspects of its human rights situation in 2011."
  • City cars in Youngstown, Ohio will be equipped with GPS devices to monitor city employees' movements and starting next month city employees will have to clock in and out too.
  • The family of an unarmed man shot to death by a cop at a traffic stop earlier this month is suing the Jacksonville's Sheriff's Office. Cops claim the man had crack cocaine in his socks, but surveillance video shows him complying with police orders.
  • A Nebraska man using the moniker "Dr. Don Dough" won't be allowed to hand out flyers as part of his planned HyperTextPsychoDrama during President Obama's visit to the Iowa state fair, a federal judge ruled.

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  1. Today, I am First of Etiquette.

    (Remember John Hannah.)

  2. Pron for John


      1. John's dream girl gets out of the house!


        1. At least it is a girl.

          1. No it's not. That's a fucking land whale.

        2. Large dust sheets and tarpaulins were put up outside her home in Aberdare, South Wales, so the operation could be conducted in private. 'This is not a freak show,' said a police officer

          as he chewed his lip and pretended to cough.

        3. 63st teenager

          63st = 882lbs, and she's only 19? How the fuck is that even possible? Why didn't her parents make her put the fork down at some point? Good fucking God I hate other people.

          1. Maybe she ate them?

    1. These aren't that bad. Its when large women try to wear skinny girl bikinis that the fail happens. Number 3 is close. The secret is not to have a "dunlap".

    2. I LOL'd. The picture is gold.

      Megan Fox

    3. It's a good thing they described them as real women so I know they're not robots or dolls.

      1. If you aren't overweight, you aren't a real woman. Just, like, a mirage or something.

  3. http://www.politico.com/news/s.....76736.html

    Joe the plumber makes one of the most self evident statements in human history, calls Joe Biden asinine.

  4. Kylie Minogue is still hot!


    1. "Kylie Minogue"? Don't you mean "Nicki Minaj"?

      1. Nicki Minaj

        I'll be glad when that thing goes away.

      2. You can tell the difference because Kylie actually looks good in that dress instead of having stuff falling out all over the place in an unattractive manner.

    2. OK, nice figure, but WTF is that "dress." Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

      1. I'm OK with that.

  5. So, Egyptians are helpin' a Brother out?

  6. Live feed of the SpaceX Dragon attempt to dock with the ISS. Projected time for docking is 9:10 EDT.


      1. Son of bitch! try this too.

        1. you clearly stopped channelling your inner nerd too soon

          1. My nerdgasm had me typing one handed. I'm not as good at that as I used to be.

    1. Capture time pushed back to 10:40am EDT due to lighting conditions.

      1. I wasn't clear on whether they were going to fly in close and wait, or postpone the close rendevous as well.

        1. I think they're proceeding with the move to 30m, but the grapple has to happen in full light.

          1. Just realized I'm at home and I have NASA TV on DirecTV so I don't need the internet video feed. Derp.

      2. It's all being filmed on a set in Borehamwood, right?

        1. I dare you to say that to Buzz Aldrin.

    2. They just updated the *estimated* capture time to 10:40 EDT.

      1. Still before I woke up.

      2. Damn East Coast Bias.

    3. Dragon holding at 30m.

      1. Anyone else think it would be awesome if someone at SpaceX had rigged a spring launcher that would propel a bunch of plushie facehuggers into the ISS when they open the hatch?

        1. Yes. Now that you mention it. This must become a tradition. I suggest you submit it to SpaceX immediately.

      2. Looks lile they're going to attempt capture in the dark. At least beginning in the dark.

    4. Dragon is go for capture.

      1. High five for capture!

    5. "Houston, Station, we got us a Dragon by the tail."


  7. Cops claim the man had crack cocaine in his socks

    That's clear and present danger right there. Shoot away boys!

    1. Don't forget he "had to" stop for ChapStick. If *that's* not indicative of something, I don't know what is!

  8. The De Facto Spouses of Quebec

    Somewhere in North America, there is a place where little girls don't give the slightest thought to what kind of wedding dress they'll wear one day. A place where young men have never heard the expression: "why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?"?because the milk is always free. A place where no one asks an unmarried couple expecting a baby if they're getting hitched.

    This place is the province of Quebec. The French language spoken here is no guarantee for romance. Couples are practical, and lovers treasure their individuality. Quebec has become one of the least marrying places in the world, thanks to the institution known as "de facto spouses," But now, thanks to a bizarre legal case entangling a Quebec billionaire and his de facto spouse , the freedom to un-marry is under threat. More than 1 million Quebecois in this kind of relationship may soon be automatically married by the state, against their will.

    1. I believe every jurisdiction in Australia has legislation to this effect. It enrages me beyond words that people who deliberately decide not to marry still have these obligations imposed upon them by a paternalistic government. And don't get me started on family provision laws, which allow courts to rewrite your wills if you weren't sufficiently generous to your spoiled yuppie children

      1. And don't get me started on family provision laws, which allow courts to rewrite your wills if you weren't sufficiently generous to your spoiled yuppie children

        Doesn't give you a lot of incentive not to spend every last bit of your money before you kick off.

        1. I told my mother (i) she could disinherit me and I wouldn't challenge it and (ii) she's old and can afford a raging drug habit, so have at it! Both suggestions have mysteriously been rejected so far

          1. It's kind of weird. People of that generation have a "thing" about making sure there's an inheritance, as if it is an obligation or something. I view it as something that would be nice to do, but I don't feel that I would have to, as a matter of obligation, sacrifice and scrimp and save to make sure there's something to leave.

          2. Honestly, once one's children become established adults, say, 25, the idea of an inheritance makes less sense. Although I know a family whose tradition is to pass on assets from grandparent to grandchild, which is a much better strategy in this age of longevity.

      2. Unless I have misread the article, all that is happening here is that Quebec common-law spouses (spice?) now have the same obligations concerning spousal support as those in the other nine Canadian provinces.

        Quebec is the only province in Canada where spousal support payments are not recognized by law for de facto spouses.

        As usual, it sucks that a court can simply order a legal change like this.

  9. ...once Dough entered the fairgrounds gates he would be leaving the city of Des Moines and "was no longer on public property but had rather entered 'private state property' (direct quote) and was therefore subject to the State Fair Board's restriction."

    And the state does not like trespassers on its private property.

  10. http://pohdiaries.com/obamas-a.....ing-email/

    This is just unbelievable. These people are just gangsters.

    1. I notice that they ran like cockroaches when he asked to get their names and positions in writing.

    2. Thanks a lot, John! After reading that, I didn't need coffee! 8-(

      ** resists various urges **

    3. At that point I asked them to be specific as they were wasting my time. I stated that I pay for agents' salaries and that of the police officer and they have bigger fish to fry.

      Actually, no they don't.

    4. You realize that this has as much evidence for it as Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek visiting UFO witnesses, right?

      Some guy says it happens and has no names. Apparently he doesn't have the badge #, name, license plate number of the police officer, either. Or the license plate number of the EPA guys' car. Yet just like in the UFO case, people who want to believe lap it up like gospel.

      1. Red light cameras reduce accident rates. No, really. They do.

        1. I've never said that. A few anti-RLC zealots have argued thusly, though:

          Rear end collisions are just as dangerous as head-on and T-bone. No, really. They are.

  11. 63 stone teenager cut from her home. Her mother complains that promised help from the NHS - from free gym membership to a personal trainer - had not materialised.


    1. So many objectionable things in one article.

    2. Not enough free stuff

    3. I have to say, I am with John on this NHS issue. These people pay for the services via their taxes. If they aren't getting it, they have a right to bitch about it. Having said that, someone as heavy as the woman pictured would not be able to make use of a gym membership in any case. I don't know if a trainer would have helped or not, perhaps.

      1. Actually, if you RTA, she spent 9 months in fat camp in the US at a rate 3,600 BPS/month where she lost 18 st. Then she returned and got a gym membership, but quit because it was a 2 mi round trip walk. She also got some kind of controlled food plan that she quit b/c of the small portion size.

        Fuck this fat bitch. At some point, NHS or no, you have to help yourself.

    4. What's 63 stone in real units?

      1. I think it's 14 pounds, so 882 pounds

        1. you guys use imperial measurements, but not stones? Hmmm, curious...

          1. We're not pro-imperial, we're just anti-metric. Any system conceived by the French is suspect.

          2. We rarely measure anything by the hogshead, either.

            1. not even during happy hour?

              1. Every hour is a happy hour when you have enough moonshine.

                1. Speaking of which,I procured some black cherry shine of recent, and, holy fuck is it good.

                  1. My apparatus for purifying water by heat has arrived, so I hope to be able to procure some shine of my own within the next few weeks.

          3. We're contrary like that. 😉

          4. We use lbm. Which happens to equal lbf at sea level gravitational field on earth. Stone is an older weight unit with no specific grav field requirement. Defined only as 14 lb.

            1. Actually the official mass unit of the US system is the slug = 32.174 lbm. Similar to the newton mass being 1/9.8 kg.

              1. No engineer I know ises the slug. Well, maybe civil or mechanicals do, but most Chem Es use lbm or kg.

                1. Not since school. The department I went through was militant about using units at random. Slug, lbm, kg, whatever. And test problems might have all three used. Their theory was if you had to read an old PFD or procedure, you'd better not fuck it up because of conversions.

                2. I was in Canada when they went metric and there was a debate on what unit to use in crane lifting capacity tables.

                  It was finally decied that although us eddicated enjunears knew what Newtons were it was not likely that the crane operaters and ironwokers etc who also had to use them had really ever been trained to distinguish between weight and mass.

                  It was finally decide that the tables should be in kilograms. To my mind itt was a good decision since the whole bullshit thing of using newtons in civil engineering really seemed to me to be a needless complication. We weren't rocket scientists after all.

          5. Actually, we mostly use avoirdupois or US customary units. Imperial units are a bit different in some areas as they changed a bit after the US became independent.

          6. Yes, Australia! We also aren't all descended from criminals either!

        2. You'd think that around 400lbs, you might get the idea that there's a problem.

          1. I know right? I can understand letting yourself get pretty fat but I do not get how you can let yourself get to 800lbs, I mean that kind of weight gain doesn't just happen overnight.

            1. I mean that kind of weight gain doesn't just happen overnight.

              You must not believe in miracles.

      2. 63 * 14 pounds = 400 kg

  12. fair-imposed litter rules ban the distribution of "any type of circular or flyer" on fairground property.

    I suppose the Iowa state fair uses smartphone e-tickets for admission to its carnival rides.

  13. Germans are incapable of being happy


    1. Based on how the recent election in Greece went, this could either be Hitler's or the Jews' fault.

    2. "I wish there was a word to describe the pleasure I feel at viewing misfortune."

    3. If only they were as lazy and unmotivated as most of the rest of their European brethren. Then things would really be great!

    4. They are a stoic and practical bunch, generically and sterotypically speaking.

      Although, I wonder if they are secretly laughing their asses off watching their neighbors self-destruct and practically begging to "save" them.

      1. Diese Stadt hat Angst vor mir. Ich habe ihr wahres Gesicht gesehen. Die Stra?en sind verl?ngerten Dachrinnen und die Dachrinnen sind voll Blut und schlie?lich, wenn der Schorf ?ber die Kanalisation, alles Ungeziefer wird ertrinken. Der angesammelte Schmutz von allen ihren Sex und Mord wird sch?umen ?ber ihre Taillen und all die Huren und Politiker werden aufblicken und rufen: "Rette uns!" ... und ich werde herabsehen und fl?stern "Nein!"

        1. They didn't want Germany's help back in the 40's, they don't get it now.

        2. I would pay to see the results of your Rorschach testing.

        3. ... und keine Eier!

        4. You got it all wrong, the watch men are down in Switzerland.

      2. They are a stoic and practical bunch, generically and sterotypically speaking.

        Most Germans I have met (and since the spousal unit's mom is 100% Deutsche I have met a lot of them) are exactly like that. There's a reason they make good engineers. The ones I have talked too are actually apprehensive about the possibility of Eurozone going away. They like the convenience.

        1. We have had four girls from Germany as au pairs for our kids over the past six years or so. They've all been reserved (to varying degrees - being late-teens/early twenties they do love to party), dependable, polite, respectful, and responsible.

          We have also had their parents and siblings visit, including in one case grand-parents, and they've all been the same. I am looking forward to a grand tour of Germany when my kids get a bit older.

      3. The Krauts I encountered in Turkey were anything but stoic and practical. But then again, that was Krauts on Holiday.

    5. Joy is der veakness.

    6. Germans at metal festivals are very very capable of being happy, and very capable of being drunk.

    7. I'm sure being the wage slaves to the Eurozone is very stressful.

  14. Cops claim the man had crack cocaine in his socks, but surveillance video shows him complying with police orders.

    They were ordering him to "put this crack cocaine in your socks."

    1. What if he did? How do you get from that to it is okay to shoot the guy?

      1. If the video the sheriff's department has matches the witness description of events, I don't see how it can be anything but murder.

        1. It is a cop. So it is always a tragic accident. Expect him to get a couple of years for involuntary manslaughter.

        2. Cops are legally incapable of committing murder.

          1. Once they put on the uniform they become agents of The State. Since all crimes are crimes against The State, how can The State commit a crime against itself? It can't. Therefore cops are incapable of committing crimes.

  15. She can tackle me whenever she wants to.

    1. I feel dirty being aroused by anything have to do with a "Real Housewife" of any persuasion.

  16. Woman drags cop with arm in her car door, and he doesn't kill her!


    1. He'll never make retirement with that kind of attitude.

      1. Maybe he thought he saw a dog that needed shooting and got distracted.

    2. Obviously the cop needs more training.

    3. How does this cop expect to use up all his administra...I mean, vacation time? Use it or lose it!

    4. Of course not. Thats just an excuse they use for murder.

      When actually dragged, they get dragged.

    5. Soucy was charged with seven offenses in connection with the traffic stop, including reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and refusal to submit to arrest.

      For some reason it makes me sad that this is something that can be charged.

  17. Barone: Cocooned Liberals Are Unprepared for Political Debate

  18. Holland Visits Afghanistan

    In other news, France pays Albania a visit.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering about the geophysics of that myself.

  19. http://patterico.com/2012/05/2.....terrorism/

    This affair with the blogger and the leftist terrorist is pretty damned disturbing.

    1. Disturbing? Yes. Surprising? No.

      1. What is amazing is that a convicted terrorist has recieved millions of dollars from mainstream leftwing causes. And no one seems to care. It is getting to the point where the only way to deal with someone like this is to just shoot him in the head and dispose of the body and be done with it.

        1. Honestly, it is like a real life version of Cape Fear, starring Robert Stacy McCain.

    2. Yeah, if they'll sic the state onto you to steal your money, using it as their hitman isn't that much of a stretch

  20. Obama's America: EPA Officials Visit Man For Sending Email

    Keller asked the agents for business cards that they had previously promised him and they were miraculously out of business cards. The two agents, who had driven four hours from Raleigh, North Carolina for this encounter with Mr. Keller, left via the back staircase as quickly as they had appeared without supplying Larry Keller with their contact information. He also states that the agents had parked blocking his driveway and that the local police officer had parked in his neighbor's driveway.

    1. John beat you to it.

    2. Without corroborating evidence (license plate numbers? Badge number of the local cop?) I don't buy that guy's story.

      The EPA probably gets all sorts of hate mail, and as the article states they probably got a ton of backtalk from the administrator's "crucifixion" comments. I really don't think they have resources to send agents to harass everyone who sends them an email they don't like.

      Plus, they would already know whether he's been arrested in the past, so why ask him if the answer is no?

  21. Half of Detroit's Streetlights May Go Out as City Shrinks

    As it is, 40 percent of the 88,000 streetlights are broken and the city, whose finances are to be overseen by an appointed board, can't afford to fix them. Mayor Dave Bing's plan would create an authority to borrow $160 million to upgrade and reduce the number of streetlights to 46,000. Maintenance would be contracted out, saving the city $10 million a year.

    I never go into Detroit. Nearby Ann Arbor? Yes.

    1. Sounds like that place could use Lee Van Cleef and Snake Plissken.

      1. what place couldn't?

    2. Just wondering what percentage of those "broken" lights were shot out.

    3. Obama is blitzing PA (and probably other swing states) with a commercial trumpeting that "what happened in Detroit can happen across America."

      I believe it.

    4. I wonder why they never talk about Detroit on those "Pure Michigan" commercials?

  22. Could a Romney/Petraeus Ticket Be a Game Changer?

    However, there is someone who holds high national stature and also happens to be an IBWG (Incredibly Boring White Guy) and who, if he agreed to be Romney's running mate, might actually qualify as a "game changer."

    That person is David Petraeus.

    1. The only advantage that pick would have is that it would prevent obama from attacking the VP choice. How could Obama attack Patreaus when he made him head of the CIA?

      1. Gives Romney the freedom to spend all his time talking about the economy because nobody is going to believe that Petraus will allow him be "soft on terror".

      2. How could Obama attack Patreaus when he made him head of the CIA?

        Easy. You are talking about Obama here.

      3. The evil Republicans forced him to make that selfish racist head of the CIA. Pretty easy.

  23. Dough filed his lawsuit along with a request that it be allowed to take place under a pseudonym, since "the root dispute between plaintiff and the federal government which has precipitated his petition for a redress of grievances involves a matter of high confidentiality and secrecy. Public disclosure of plaintiff's real identity could result in plaintiff and/or his family members being placed in imminent physical peril."

    This is so much worse than anonymous blog commenting. New York lawmakers, get him!

    1. It's probably Biden.

  24. Noonan: Mitt Romney's Moment
    The GOP nominee explains why he thinks America is at an 'inflection point.'

    1. Interesting. Noonan is the ultimate presidential weathervane. If she's for Romney, I'll have to re-evaluate my thinking.

      1. Yeah. And the other great weather vain of our age, Colin Powell has said he is "uncommitted". That definitely goes against the whole "Obama is going to win for sure" conventional wisdom.

      2. Might want to take another look at your Intrade buys as well.

    2. Ick. I hear that term all the time from VC investors. Investor-speak is not the way to go for this guy.

      "America is at a crossroads"
      "America is reaching a decision point"
      "America has a chance to choose hope over fear"
      "America is about to enter the viewer voting phase to see who returns next week".

      See? Easy, Mitt. Retard.

      1. "Ick. I hear that term all the time from VC investors."

        Is that what it is? A remnant from the business calculus classes they had to take? It just strikes me as an odd idea to try a linguistic crossover with.

        "Turning point" is a lot more trite, but it seems like for the point they are trying to make, also more accurate. Or else he's trying to make a much more complicated point and I'm missing it.

        1. Yeah. We frequently get "what's the next inflection point for this business?" or "How much money would it take to get to the next inflection point".

          Also: "value threshold". "exit opportunity".

          I actually would like to hear a candidate use "exit opportunity", come to think about it.

    3. I read that as "infection". As in the venereal kind

    4. An inflection point is just a point on a curve at which the curvature changes sign. So what?

      1. "America needs to make a concave-down choice."

        "America: our second derivative is positive!"

        1. IF you're at an inflection point, your second derivative is zero.

    5. Is this a common term to use in non-mathematical discussions?

      I'm not sure I've heard it used outside of math, or at least not used very often. Am I wrong?

      1. Yeah, one of his speechwriters is probably digging deep into the thesaurus to avoid sounding cliche.

        Someone should ask Mitt whether he will be a convex president.

  25. The facts about the growth of spending under Obama

    Carney made his comments while berating reporters for not realizing that "the rate of spending ? federal spending ? increase is lower under President Obama than all of his predecessors since Dwight Eisenhower, including all of his Republican predecessors." He cited as his source an article by Rex Nutting, of MarketWatch, titled, "Obama spending binge never happened," which has been the subject of lots of buzz in the liberal blogosphere.

    But we are talking about the federal budget here. That means lots of numbers ? numbers that are easily manipulated. Let's take a look.

  26. Kristof: She Has a Pimp's Name Etched on Her

    We think of branding as something ranchers do to their cattle. But it's also what pimps do to women and girls they control across America.

    Taz, a 16-year-old girl here in New York City, told me that her pimp had branded three other girls with tattoos bearing his name. When she refused the tattoo, she said, he held her down and carved his name on her back with a safety pin.

    1. Amazing! Its like Nick Kristof just discovered that female teenage runaways get abused and taken advantage of.

      I do kind of wish he'd quit jerking off in public about it.

      1. And considering the number of faked stories like this over the years that have appeared in major newspapers, I take it with a large grain of salt.

        Even if Kristof isn't making it up, the girl certainly may have been.

        1. I assume Kristof is, because I can't see him actually risking anything to go talk to those icky street hookers. And anyway, it's the Narrative that matters (And the omnipresent shots at NYTimes competitor Backpage.com), not the details.

    2. The level of blind, uncritical sanctimony in the comments is absurd:
      "RachelNYC FLAG
      I'm so tired of the arguments for legalizing prostitution that always pop up here. They are always from men, and usually from men who have paid for sex and are justifying it to themselves, and they always make some claim about how "this nation has a hang-up about sex."

      I don't believe people should be allowed to sell their kidneys, either, because I think the potential for exploitation would be huge. That doesn't mean there will be no market for black market kidneys, but it's surely a better world than the one where poor kids felt obligated to sell their kidneys to pay for college, for example. That doesn't mean I have a "hang-up" about medicine. I don't believe people should be allowed to be prostitutes -- and for the same reason. The potential for exploitation of the poor and desperate is simply too great. Do we really want to hand wealthy people control over poor people's bodies?"

      No, some of us want to take away rich peoples' control over poor peoples' bodies, and give people the ability to make their own choices, while Rachel prefers to shove her head further up her own ass while people die waiting for "Free" organs and human trafficking and abuse continue to be exacerbated by the status quo.

  27. Fulfilling the dream of so many men forced to sit through High School Musical, Nicole Kidman pisses on Zac Efron in their new movie.

    But, I ask... was she method?

    1. Honestly, I can see better looking women do all this on the Internet today. Why would I pay to see this?

      1. Because it's romantic or something.

        1. Yaaawn.

      2. I can see better looking women do all this on the Internet today

        Yes, but they didn't hone those skills on Tom Cruise

        1. You always find the full half of the glass, don't you? I'll smile all day thinking about Tom Cruise straining to get it up while Nicole pisses in his face.

          1. It was part of his daily training regimen as an actor.

    2. Look at meeeee!

  28. The despicable Barack Obama actually wants to deny the posthumous awarding of Purple Hearts to the victims of the Fort Hood massacre, simply because he doesn't want to admit that it was an act of terrorism.

    Mr. President, you're nothing but a worthless, lowlife piece of garbage, and I wish so much I could tell you that right to your face.

    1. You'd be disappeared to Guantanamo before the "President stands up to Terrorist" headlines were even written.

  29. The family of an unarmed man shot to death by a cop at a traffic stop earlier this month is suing the Jacksonville's Sheriff's Office. Cops claim the man had crack cocaine in his socks, but surveillance video shows him complying with police orders.

    I ask again: Has the video EVER corroborated the cop's claims of why he had to shoot and kill the crazed, drug-addled terrorist, out to kill America's children?

    1. whoa

    2. That is Bette Midler and I claim my $5 prize for spotting it

    3. Yeah, about as surprising as this:

      Dr Sheldon Cooper comes out.

      1. One day, I'll not be so quick with the links.

        1. My father never watched that show and just judging from the commercials with Parsons thought it was a show based on a bunch of gay men rather than it being about physicists.

          1. I majored in physics in college and, honetly, it was difficult to tell the difference sometimes. While the group I ran with talked about music and football and girls, there really are a bunch who're basically "What's your favorite Jupiter Moon? Io? Well, me, I rather fond of Europa."

            Of course, I'll bet that they all have jobs now. *sigh*

        2. How can he "come out" now? He's been in a relationship with the same guy for about a decade. He's been "out" a while.

      2. That show is an insult to real nerds. Also, it's an insult to anyone who has good taste.

        1. I've never watched it. All the ads and clips I've seen made it look like it was a writer's view of scientists--i.e., completely unrelated to actual scientists. I get enough misunderstanding of my lifestyle in real life, thanks. Don't need to have it pounded into my head by "entertainment."

          1. My wife works for a major medical research department. And she says most of the researchers are right out of that show.

            1. As an MIT alum, I actually find it sort of a documentary of life in my dorm room. It's disconcerting to watch for me.

          2. The show is actually really funny. It's really about socially inept characters, which the writers just chose to use the "nerdy scientist" archetype for.

            1. Yeah, I enjoy the show, and I find it almost eerily reminiscent of my buddies from Colorado School of Mines.

        2. The show would be so much better if it had believable dialogue with some sort of natural flow. It's just 22 minutes of quips and one-liners.

    4. I find her really annoying.

      1. ...speaking of stunners.

        1. I like some of the food network people. Just not her.

          1. The comment wasn't about you; it was about the notion that someone might find her really annoying. Myself, I can go with it until I get to the oh so individualistic mismatched socks.

          2. She describes her food techniques as "cute". Such as, "Oh, this will look so cute when your guests unwrap it from the paper at the table."

            First of all, its called plating. Secondly... cute? How about taste good? How about "Will look delicious" or "Nice presentation"?

            God I hate that woman.

          3. I like some of the food network people.

            Really? FN has, bar none, the worst and most inept personalities in the history of media. Alton Brown is the only decent one I can think of.

            Try WETA Create for some real, actual cooking shows.

    1. Saw this last night. Seriously, moral scolds need to be beaten to death with a dead baby.

    2. Where's the masturbation scene in the original book?

      1. I thought it was only masturbation when you do it to yourself.

        1. Good luck ever getting a hand job.

  30. Them Muslims really annoy me at times.


    1. not cool anonbot, not cool

      1. To be annoyed by Muslims sometimes? What's particularly uncool about that?

          1. Every last one on the planet? I don't know; he didn't specify. Maybe yes. Happens to Christians and Jews all*the*time - occasionally justified there as well. You're allowed to be annoyed by anything you choose. It's a very libertarian concept.

            1. There is nothing more annoying than being amongst NY pedestrians in a rain storm during rush hour.

              1. There is nothing more annoying than being amongst NY pedestrians in a rain storm during rush hour.


  31. City cars in Youngstown, Ohio will be equipped with GPS devices to monitor city employees' movements and starting next month city employees will have to clock in and out too.

    I guess Youngstown will finally know just how many of its employees are involved in transporting drugs through NE Ohio into PA.

    1. They will also find out where the most popular rubtugs; are.

    2. The Cuyahoga River jenkem trade alone probably accounts for 50% of the miles.

  32. Short person with facial hair explains politics.


    ... Hobbit

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