Reason Writers on RT: Lucy Steigerwald Discusses the Propaganda Amendment to the NDAA on RT News


On May 22, Reason magazine associate editor Lucy Steigerwald went on RT News to talk about the Smith-Thornberry amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would lessen restrictions on domestic propaganda in the U.S.. 

About 7.24 minutes.

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  1. When you get challenged on one of your answers, sometimes you just need to slap someone, Lucy. Slap ’em hard. Because that’s just good TV, dammit.

    1. I recommend a balled fist. However, the newscaster is a comely redhead, so Lucy can simply hand her off to me for proper treatment, and avoid any fisticuffs.

      (Though I think Lucy could take her.)

  2. Unfortunately I can’t WTFV at work, but how does Lucy do at being the new TV face of reason? Nick’s a tough act to follow.

    1. Jeez, no pressure or anything, dude.

      1. Hey, it takes balls just to go on TV like that, Lucy. I figure you can handle some pressure.

        1. Oh no you di-unt.

      2. Lucy,

        You may need to pull out “The Jacket” or a smaller version for your next interview.

        1. Or maybe a flashy tie? How about a lip wig?

          1. I can do the flashy tie thing. I already wore a tie for!

      3. At this point, you’re much better with the written word than the soundbite, Lucy, but it’s a process. I’d hate to see how stilted most of us would come across.

        You’ll be casually slaying dragons with an amused smirk (just like The Jacket) soon.

  3. Did anyone mention the irony of castigating US government propaganda on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network?

    1. Ha!

      I just mentioned that below.

    2. Libertarians discussing propaganda on Russia Today for too long might tear a hole in the spacetime continuum.

    3. Hair style works for you there. Difficult given your natural pattern is nothing like that?

      1. BTW, I’m curious because I got the white nappies too.

  4. I’m watching the video now without sound (I’ll hear what’s said later) and around 1:13 Lucy looks like she’s about to push away from the desk and storm out.

  5. The more Reason gets on the airwaves, the better. They should use any facetime they can get anywhere to excellent effect, and nothing that gets Reason’s name out there can be an entirely bad thing…

    That having been said, seeing a discussion about American propaganda efforts on Russia Today sort of bends the issue back on itself, doesn’t it?

    I can see someone asking, “Why is broadcasting propaganda in the U.S. okay when the Russians do it?” When I was a kid during the Cold War, if somebody told me I’d live to see the day when libertarians routinely appeared on a Russian sponsored broadcast, I’d have said they were dreaming.

    Discussing propaganda on Russia today is a bit like making the case for pacifism on the American Forces Network.

    1. If there’s anyplace that needs somebody to make the case for pacifism, it’s the American Forces Network.

      1. The folks at Reason certainly aren’t just preachin’ to the choir.

    2. The thing is Americans have long been exposed to the propaganda of their enemies including Soviet propaganda, but foreign propaganda is less effective than domestic propaganda, especially in a free market of ideas.

  6. How is a force for good not propaganda directed at the American people?

  7. Haven’t we had anti-drug propaganda for decades? What’s new about this?

    1. And the food pyramid!

      Those weren’t brought to you by the CIA. The drug war and the food pyramid weren’t telling us what to think about other governments around the world, etc.

  8. The Penn Jillette video the other day worked so well because Penn wasn’t dispassionate about the subject (Obama/drug war), he was PISSED. In Ron Paul’s best speeches he’s been angry and he shows it. I’m not suggesting Lucy start banging her fist and putting on her best demagogue face, but a little “This is bullshit!” would be helpful. Cavanaugh has his smirk, Gillespie has his snark, and Welch has those very very angry ties. Also, don’t be afraid of the camera, dear. It’s just looking directly into your soul.

  9. I realize that Reason needs to take its TV coverage where it can get it, but you guys do seem to be appearing on the Putin Network a whole lot these last couple years.

    1. Just so you know, If they start going on some other show that doesn’t have hot news anchors, we’re blaming you David.

  10. Really liked your hair during this segment Lucy.

  11. I also approve of the hair. You may keep it.

    1. Oh, thank God. I was so worried you wouldn’t like it, Warty.

      1. LOL

      2. I was so worried you wouldn’t like it, Warty.

        We may never hear from Warty again, as I imagine these words induced a state of catatonic shock.

    2. I give the lady a nice compliment, and then she goes and PWNS me with a glib remark for my trouble. This is why you should never compliment them, kids.

      1. What are you bitching about, loser? At least you got a response…

      2. Sorry, Warty. I’ve become harsh and jaded after making the fatal mistake of reading the youtube comments.

        Which, if it helps, made me love Hit and Run a whole lot by comparison.

        1. Wow, those YouTube guys make me look sane by comparison.

        2. This is all being done because? the Zionist Jews want white genocide.
          blackcrow1x 13 hours ago

          What’s wrong with the Youtube comments? I don’t understand.

          1. My favorite is the one that simply said “TV= MK ULTRA”.

  12. What would this actually mean in practice? Wouldn’t those recruitment commercials already count as propaganda? What else would it include?

    1. The news. So no change there either.

  13. Who thinks we dont have propaganda now? I have my back to the tv right now, my wife is watching NCIS, which portrays navy cops as heroic crime stopping super heros, when in fact they are paper pushing apparatchiks whose sole job is to cover the navy’s ass.

    She loves cop shows and watches more than a few of them. She has no idea how far they are from the truth. It is all propaganda.

    1. This Friday, must see TV. Tune in to watch paper pushing apparatchiks whose sole job it is to cover the navy’s ass on NCIS. Not really feeling it:)

  14. Yeah, while I don’t think the government should be in the propaganda business at all, there’s is no doubt that they already are and that the media is complicit. I would agree with Lucy’s point that I would rather have the obvious in your face “Just say no” stuff then the more subversive behind the scenes obfuscations that they’re moving towards with social media, blog trolling, etc.

    1. Thanks! Not for agreeing but for actually watching and picking out a point I was attempting to make.


      1. You did great:)

  15. Nice job Lucy. Like your Star Trek gang sign there:) Wish you would have challenged her on that Citizens United bullshit. I noticed she quickly asked you a different question after she sneaked that bogus analogy in there.

    1. I was dying to challenge her there, but she did move on awfully quickly. I am still working on the interrupting part of all this.

      1. 🙂 Yeah, i wouldn’t feel too bad about interrupting her next time. Especially after she specifically ask you about the propanda we were using oversea’s and how it was “too good” to not use here. Then when you answered her, she was like “Oh, we’re not talking about the propaganda we use over there”. What? Does she not understand herself when she talks:)

  16. Thats jsut too funny when you really think about it.

    1. Thanks, anonymity bot. You know just what to say.

      1. There’s no such thing as a bad compliment.

  17. I don’t see what the big deal is. Its not like the government is going to say things that are untrue.

  18. Good work getting TV exposure.

    You might give more examples.

    I think the sponsors of this bill actually think this is a noncontroversial goo-goo measure rationalizing the laws and making them more consistent, rather than a big-govt proposal removing the last restraints on the federal propaganda machine.

  19. When Lucy was spelling NDAA, she had that same look one has when they step in a pile of dog shit.

  20. Holy Crackers! How did she let the (yes, very comely) host get away with equating Citizens United with gubment propaganda?! It’s apples to Winnebagos. No comparison.

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