Public School Psychologist: "Young Black Thugs who won't follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!"


Your daily reminder that Americans need more choices when it comes to educating their children

A civil rights organization that has been issuing complaints about the Jefferson Parish school system's treatment of black and special education students is adding to its grievances by spotlighting racially incendiary comments posted on the Internet by a school psychologist in Jefferson. The comments under scrutiny appeared on and Twitter.

The school psychologist, Mark Traina, has worked with alternative schools and in central administration with the process of referring children to those campuses. Traina argued on Monday that his online opinions are well-reasoned and that they do not reflect on the way the school system operates.

His posts on Twitter, also using his real name, are more heated, including a January comment that, "Young Black Thugs who won't follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!"

In a March comment about an article on a violent incident in New Orleans, he wrote, "Quick someone call David Duke before the NAACP gets here!"

Remarking in March about the Republican presidential primaries, he wrote, "I grew up in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana—I am a Wallace Man at Heart!"

Via Radley Balko's Twitter feed.  

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  1. I didn’t know that Slappy! was a psychologist; I’ll be damned!

    1. Don’t be silly. Slappy absolutely refuses to use Twitter and Facebook, because they may have been founded by or employ Jews.

      “Did you just drop a hard ‘J’ on us, dude?!?”

      1. I kinda miss White Power Bill. His love for the White Race was so pure and innocent, you know?

        1. Who are guys talking about?

          1. Slap The Enlightened! with his link to American3P, a White Supremacy group.

        2. What about Dick Hoste? Or whatever his name was?

          1. Best. Name. Ever.

            Yeah, Dick was fun to wind-up. There was this one thread when I hounded him with quotes from his own blog and he said I was making them up.

            1. “Dick Hoste before he dicks you.”

          2. True story, I once knew a guy named “Dick Knabb”. Now that is a great name.

            1. Let’s not forget the greatest of all NASCAR drivers, Dick Trickle.

              Seriously, if your last name’s “Trickle” you should probably go by Richard.

              1. I dunno, I kind of like the “Yeah, my name’s Dick Trickle. What of it?” swagger.

  2. Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated.

    Sure, sure, but what about the young white thugs? Or the hispanic thugs? Or those slanty-eyed Chinese thugs? We’re gonna need a lot of needles.

    1. “There is no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers; here you are all equally worthless!”

      1. I love that quote.

  3. Jesus. “A Wallace man?” As in an opportunistic asshole who would gladly climb to power by squashing the civil rights of millions? (George Wallace wasn’t particularly racist in belief, but became the posterboy for segregation after getting “outniggered” in his first failed run for governor of Alabama. Which is a great argument for him being the ultimate scumbag racebaiter and completely amoral. IMO, no different from analagous Nazi officials who didn’t personally hate Jews, but were happy to oppress the shit out of them to climb the Nazi ladder.) Ugh. What an offensive little man.

  4. This is the 60s we’re referring back to. Not that long a time ago. I’m sure there are plenty of segregationists-at-heart still out there. If he’s one, who gives a shit?

    Either way — public education, eh?

  5. I am sure he has union protection and is impossible to fire. Sorry black parents, but union money uber alles.

    1. Why are you looking to annihilate Mississippi working families? There are probably one or two gay union teachers there, too. Are you a homophobe also? And a sexist. And a closet racist yourself. Huh. Workers of the world, unite!

    2. Actually saying something bad about minorities is one of the few things that CAN get a public union employee fired.

    3. no john, he’s administration. swing n a miss! go tribe beat detriot…again

  6. The only school psychologist I ever had a run-in with was a grade-A moron. This is two.

    1. I know of a third. It may be a job requirement.

      1. The only one I was familiar with personally was a colossal asshole. I can imagine him taking all of five minutes to convince a younger kid to hang himself with a rusty wire.

  7. 1) I’ve never understood why a school needs a psychologist on its payroll. One of those things best outsourced to maintain the appearance of objectivity (oh yes, Little Billy has ADD/ADHD/dyslexia! No, I’m in no way trying to justify my job by misdiagnosing children!)

    2) “I’m not a racist. I’m a realist.” has been the battle-cry of the limp-wristed racist since Progressives were citing cranial bumps as evidence that every black person ever was inferior to every white person ever.

    1. and after 64′, those progressives morphed into the new gop in the south

        1. Clever use of squirrels. A+

      1. and after 64′, those progressives morphed into the new gop in the south

        Which is why the Democrats continued to hold the House of Representatives for the next 30 years.

        Fucking dumbass.

      2. Nope. You’re still the racist party promising free shit based on race.

      3. And modern racial quota systems (“affirmative action”) are championed by who exactly?

  8. My parents got divorced when I was in the 6th grade. This didn’t really affect me all that much, but I was already a bit of a fuck-up in school (because I was so profoundly bored) so my teacher got with the principal and decided that I needed to meet with the school psychologist.

    The morning of the meeting, on the school bus, a friend asked to borrow a piece of paper. I had trouble getting it out of my backpack for some reason and when the paper came loose it cut me across the eye, leaving a deep abrasion on my cornea. Of course, being a little kid, I didn’t tell anyone.

    I spent all day rubbing at my eye, until it became bloodshot, swollen and generally horrible-looking. When it was finally time for the meeting late in the afternoon, my eye was hurting so bad that I really couldn’t do anything but continue to rub at it. I was distracted and kind of withdrawn while she was talking to me. She got snippy about me rubbing my eye, so I told her about what had happened.

    She called me a liar and said I was only rubbing my eye to get back at my parents through self-harm. I got so pissed, I said nothing for the remaining 20 minutes or so, despite her working up to yelling at me for ignoring her.

    I showed my mother my eye when I got home, and she got some medical attention for me. When she asked how the meeting went, I told her. She and my dad, in a rare show of cooperation, tore into the principal and I had never had to go see the school psychologist again.

    1. Cool story, bro.

    2. I hope you lost the eye.

      1. I got to go see Rammstein last night *swoon*


        1. I wanted to when they were in town a few weeks ago, but I was feeling too poor at the time. I heard it was awesome.

          1. They use a lot of fire, fireworks, special effects, etc. I’ve never seen a band that had to bring three flame-throwers to a set before.

            I hadn’t listened to anything past Reise Reise, and can’t figure out why I stopped. One of my absolute fav bands.

              1. Oh yeah, naked tits alert.

      2. Pirate SugarFree!

        1. “Aye, the hot pants!”

  9. His posts on Twitter, also using his real name…

    I love freshly thawed Troglodytes that have attained rudimentary access to the Internet yet learned little to nothing else about contemporary society. Theirs is a special kind of comedy that knows no equal.

    1. Maybe he truly believed what he was saying was groundbreaking research that the world would coalesce around. Maybe he thought twitter was some kind of science journal to write 140 character bits of your research for peer review. Seriously, he signed his real name to crazy, racist shit and called it well reasoned. You need to be a special kind of asshole to do that. Even people who know nothing about the internet wouldn’t do that with their real name.

  10. “I grew up in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana – I am a Wallace Man at Heart!”


    Oh, wrong Wallace.

  11. Black homicide rates in Louisiana are insane actually.…..baton.html

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