Fewer Choose Choice, Not-Obama a Popular Candidate in Democratic Primaries, Zimmerman Witnesses Change Stories: P.M. Links


  • School choice is back on the agenda, as Mitt Romney makes vouchers a plank in his campaign platform.

  • Fewest Americans ever say they're pro-choice on abortion, finds Gallup. Just 41 percent pick that description now, compared to 51 percent in 2006. (But support for gay marriage is up to 53 percent.)
  • While he's certain to be the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama is  consistently bleeding support to unknown challengers and "uncommitted." In the Arkansas primary, an obscure lawyer took 40% of the vote.
  • Careful, critics of the Obama administration! The White House is taking a lead role in picking targets for drone attacks.
  • Across the country, Ron Paul-inspired libertarian activists are running for office and seizing control of local and state Republican organizations.
  • Deterred by complexity and costliness, the vast majority of eligible small businesses are simply ignoring a federal tax credit intended to subsidize health coverage for employees.
  • At least four key witnesses have changed their stories about what they saw the night George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, potentially hurting Zimmerman's self-defense case.
  • Cops can't turn traffic stops into excuses for open-ended questioning and searches, says the Delaware Supreme Court.
  • Have a heart! Israeli scientists reprogrammed skin cells into stem cells that generate healthy, beating heart muscle cells.

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