"I think it's a little bit too disturbing for young kids. I think the PG-13 is an indication of the seriousness of the film, but I'm over 13 now."  

'"GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on taking his grandkids to see The Hunger Games, CNN, March 26

"Honestly, I think it's not totally unreasonable to regulate something as potentially dangerous as having flying robots slinging tacos over people's heads.…On the other hand, it's a little bit ironic that that's the case in a country where you can be killed by drone with no judicial review."  

'" Star Simpson, co-founder of the concept-phase food delivery startup Tacocopter, Huffington Post, March 23

"Mitt Romney has changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen."  

'" former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), MSNBC's Morning Joe, March 28 

 "It's nothing but thinly veiled Social Darwinism."  

'" President Barack Obama on a plan by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to cut $5 trillion from projected spending over 10 years, April 3