Nick Gillespie on Varney & Co., Talking Eduardo Saverin, Greek Bailouts, & Why NATO Shouldn't Exist Anymore


"This is the gesture of a nation in decline."

That's me, talking about Sen. Charles Schumer's attempt to tax Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin on Fox Business' Varney & Co., the fast-moving and always-edifying business show. The topics also Greek bailouts, the NATO summit, and calls for a "Robin Hood" tax on financial transactions.

About four minutes. Go here for more.


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  1. Something’s not right… something’s missing… is it the bikie rapist moustache? No, it’s not just that… this will drive me mad for hours

  2. The color is right, but something is wrong…

  3. I know you are kinda young but NATO kept us from becoming Communist. The threat still hangs over us like a Damocles’ sword. Have you been paying attention to Russia recently? There is a new threat you might have heard of called radical Muslims, who will take care of them?

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