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How Obama saved 20-somethings from the bad economy.



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  1. That stripper is not at all happy about the competition she’s about to get from jobless co-eds.

    1. “Shirley, don’t sue a stripper. Life sued her and she lost.”

      1. I have no intention of suing her.

        And stop calling me Shirley.

        1. “A hospital? What’s that?”

          1. It’s a big building that people go to when they’re sick but that’s not important.

            1. It is if you are under 26, apparently.

          2. PS- You messed it up Dr Love. It should be “A hospital? What is it?”

            1. I hang my head in shame and build my pyre post haste.

              1. You don’t need to make it too big, just high enough to singe the pubes. It’s only an Airplane reference after all.

                1. Watch it, pal! There’s no such thing as “only an Airplane reference!”

  2. It looks like someone is trying to kick that purple marital aid through those tiny uprights.

    1. +69

  3. I like how the big eared individual is half black half white. Needs a dog on a dinner plate, though.

  4. I congratulate Chip Bok on his not terrible offering.

    1. What he said. Reasonable caricature, good central idea, nice jibe in the presidential seal. Didn’t make me laugh, but what does? Could it be that Chip-Bot, like anonbot, is becoming self-aware and able to interact with real people? One day he might even pass the Turing test

      1. Interesting theory; however, this theory will hold water when they start nuking Bok’s illustrated musings with the same extreme prejudice they employ with the noble endangered species, The Anon-Bot.


  5. Fauxbama is planning to save the 20-somethings from the bad economy? What bad economy? I thought we were in a recovery?

    1. The state of the economy depends greatly on Obama’s audience.

    2. You must dissonate your cognate to move forward, my child.

  6. This may be a joke, but there are a scary amount of people that sincerly believe that having a job is being a “wage slave” and believe in movements such as zeitgeist that believe that governments must stop people from working and provide all these things completely for free.

    1. It is no joke NotSure. Nor is it funny.

    2. “Wage Slavery” is just the Left Wing’s way of using an oxymoronic red herring to distract from the fact that they believe in de facto bondage to the state.

      In other words, a lie so big and contradictory that one can’t help but instantly believe it.

  7. I hit submit too fast.

    Fauxbama is like a lying kid….he has told so many whoppers that now, no matter what lie he tells ( meaning every time he opens his fucking mouth ), he ends up contradicting some lie he has told in the past.

    1. As Fauxcahontas would say, “He speaks with forked tounge.”

      1. I think Fauxcahontas would be more likely to say “he doesn’t pay enough taxes.”

  8. “Seal of the First Female” – now that’s funnier than the rest of the cartoon!

    I’ll give this a 1.75/10

    1. I didn’t get the “Seal”. -1 for me šŸ™

      1. Didn’t you know? His Pestilency is the First Transgendered President. I have it on good authority that he is secretly a hermaphrodite, and is truly all things to all people. He’s also a secret Catholic; the same priest that presided over Damien’s birth also witnessed Obama’s.

        Wait…that raven wasn’t in my office a minute ago…


  9. I get it, an Iraqi throws a shoe at Bush, so Americans must be throwing shoes at Obama!


    1. No, I think that’s supposed to be Jill Abramson’s shoe. She was originally scheduled to give the speech at Barnard college, but Obama’s people called and invited him to the slot, so she got the boot.

  10. I also don’t understand the reference to throwing a saxophone. Would that be Bill Clinton being mad at how badly Obama (PBUH) has made the Presidency look, so he’s throwing his sax at Obama, and the “seal” represents the future Reich zum Hillary, der thousanad yaren Reich(sp?)!!?

    I think maybe that’s it…I am confuse.

    HAPPY FRIDAY, REASONOIDS! And Mary Stack, wherever you are…

      1. That’s just not right

  11. Look out, Dumbo!

  12. To quote one of my favorite Reasonoids:


  13. Why is someone throwing a question mark at Will Smith?

    Doesn’t make any sense.

    Needs more labels.

    1. Its a question mark??

      It looks like a giggling purple inch worm to me.

  14. I get it. Seal of the first female is a reference to Obama being gay because he supports gay marriage, right? Right?

  15. Needs more Aborigine.

    1. Is he related to Abbey Nomal?

  16. Previous Chip Bok offerings have at least provided some indication as to what was supposed to be funny. This “cartoon” fails even at that. Maybe I’m just missing something.

    Is the stripper Georgetown student throwing the shoe at him because he forgot to mention free contraceptives?

  17. Nothing to worry about if you’re the Kenyan-born mulatto with only a Masters Degree standing at Eleanor Roosevelt’s podium. That spike heel-shaped drone seems to be defending him just fine by spraying bullets at his detractors.

  18. Is the shoe symbolic? I’m trying to figure out why the need for quotation marks around it.

    1. Yes, they are not smart quotes, which is why Bok’s piece got past that stupid ASCII 50-character limit. Imagine if it had an ampersand.

  19. What’s the deal with the whiteboard illustration behind him, the one with the egyptian serpent hieroglyph and the dotted line? Too cryptic, needs moar labels.

    1. It’s a treasure map that leads to a, quote-unquote, purple question mark. Given the FIRST FEMALE seal on the podium, I think we can figure out what that means. Bok, subtlety, peas in a pod.

  20. Dude that jsut looks like its gonna be really cool. Wow.


  21. Didn’t Obama federalize student loans by taking the private sector out of the student loan market? It occurred early in his term as president and the US was still in its honeymoon period with the dictator. He also made the US Census a department under the executive branch at that time. The chickens are coming home to roost..and we are so surprised now?

  22. Oh gawd, it’s Friday already.

  23. How Obama saved 20-somethings from the bad economy.…..-c-16.html

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