A.M. Links: White House Leaked Bin Laden Details, U.S. Easing Burma Sanctions, Greek Tragedy Continues


  • don't fear the repo man

    Leaks to two New York Times national security reporters about operational details of the bin Laden raid actually came from the White House, one of the reporters explained at the opening of the Counter Terror Expo in Washington, as the national security reporters also explained how sensitive they were to government and military requests to sit on stories that could harm ongoing operations.

  • The United States is easing sanctions on Myanmar, allowing the export of financial services and investment into the country known as Burma until the army took over in 1989. The special envoy will also be elevated to the status of Ambassador. Some restrictions will remain. "The United States remains concerned about Burma's closed political system, its treatment of minorities and detention of political prisoners, and its relationship with North Korea," President Obama said in a statement.
  • Greece has found a government to lead it, into next month's repeat elections.
  • The leader of the far left party leading in the polls for that election, meanwhile, said it wouldn't be in the European Union's best interests to cut off funding to Greece. SYRIZA's Alexis Tsipras predicted, in fact, that the euro would collapse if Greece withdrew from the currency. The country's credit rating was downgraded further into junk status by Fitch's.
  • The House Appropriations Committee approved a marked-up 2013 State Department funding bill that would re-instate the "Mexico City policy," prohibiting NGOs who receive U.S. aid from providing or promoting abortions.
  • TED, the non-profit dedicating itself to "ideas worth sharing," was accused of "censoring" a talk by a venture capitalist about income inequality and job creation it opted not to post online. TED called the censorship accusation misleading, panning the contents of the talk, and releasing the video.

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  1. China has a stealth jet fighter.


    1. I view this as a bigger problem for Japan than for us.

      1. I view this as a bigger problem for the Philippines than for us.

      2. If it's a problem for Japan, it's a problem for us.
        Treaties and all that.

        1. Truman's decision was a problem for Japan's allies in WWDeuce, but it was a bigger problem for Japan than for their allies.

        2. Sure sure, but if we don't have any actual money to fight a war with it'll be much easier to pull back to Hawaii. Japan can pound sand.

          1. if we don't have any actual money to fight a war

            Since when has that stopped our politicians from bringing home the bacon to the defense contractors that exist in every district?

            1. True, it hasn't. But if we ever actually get into a full-on shooting war with China I think we might find our strategic flexibility severely limited by the current state of our finances. Given that, it might be a wiser course to cede a certain amount Asiatic hegemony over to others - and if Japan wants to be a part of that equation it had better get its shit together quickly (this won't happen).

      3. I view this as a bigger problem for Japan than for us.

        The commander of the US Seventh Fleet might argue that with you were you to give him a jingle at his office in Yokosuka.

        1. I'm sure he would even if it is only to ask for a lot of expensive new toys under the Pentagon Christmas Tree.

        2. The Commanding General of the Third Marine Division - based in Okinawa and Guam, would also have a different opinion.

          1. I question the wisdom of having any marines based in Okinawa, but they can be easily ferried back to Hawaii.

      4. I view this as a bigger problem for Japan than for us.


        China used to be more worried about Japan.

    2. Prototypes in the early trial phase, it will still be a 5 - 7 years before they are in squadron level service and it remains to be seen just how many of them China can afford to field.

      That said it does show that America's era of guaranteed air superiority through technological dominance is rapidly closing.

      When the F-15 was created it took the rest of the world 25 years to develop Fighters which could match it, The F-22 will be dominant for less than 10

      1. Absolutely correct Rasilio. Our technological superiority has been dramatically diminished when compared to the rest of the world, as our economy has become more and more hamstrung with government interference.

        It now takes 20+ years to develop and field a new fighter and most of that is a direct result of government (Congressionally mandated) regulation. Congressional regulation of the acquisition system makes it nearly impossible for these systems to come in on time and under budget, and yet when they overrun, Congress blames the acquisition system.

    3. Good for them. Now they're only ~30 years behind us.

  2. Kid sent home from school for putting on blackface.


    1. 'When other students are offended by something, it is the principal's role that the educational environment is safe for all students,'

      Handily the stupidest utterance anywhere in the last 24hrs.

      1. stupidest utterance anywhere in the last 24hrs.

        This is the first time the winner of that award hasn't started with "Let me be clear..." in a while.

        1. Or "Can I call ya Joe?"

    2. When other students are offended by something, it is the principal's role that the educational environment is safe for all students

      So, they will be eliminating mediocre teachers and bad grades then?

      1. I was always offended by assistant principals getting up in my business. I guess those are going away, too?

      2. So, they will be eliminating mediocre teachers

        It is to be hoped that at the least they will be eliminating the syntactically clueless one that created that sentence.

        1. It is to be hoped that at the least they will be eliminating the syntactically clueless one that created that sentence.

          I'm pretty sure there is a clause in the NEA union agreement that specifically addresses and protects clueless principals from this. There is a food chain here, Le Francais Icicle.

    3. Not bad Eric Holder get-up.

    4. He said the student is near!

      1. What'd he say?

  3. The evil core-pour-ray-shuns are getting into space travel, and they're doing it cheaper than the government! OMFG!


    1. When corporations do something that we think the government could do more cheaply, they are padding their prices to make more profit because they are greedy.

      When corporations do something more cheaply than the government did, they are cutting workers' wages to increase their profit margins because they are greedy.

      I see no contradiction here.

      1. You'll go far with that attitude, tovarich.

    2. This article was pretty straightforward news reporting.

  4. I'm not sure who Audrina Patridge is, but damn!

    1. Who designed her bikini top - Coco Chanel?

    2. Former Dancing with the "Stars" "star".


      1. I think she was also on one of those "girls running around on the beach" shows.

    3. MTV "reality" tv star of The Hills.

    4. Mind the gap!

  5. I see that old whackadoodle Jeremiah Wright is back in the news again, talking to people and still whining about how his adopted son tossed him aside like a piece of trash for political purposes. He must be seriously bitter in order to be injecting himself in like this again.

    1. Wright is the black version of Fred Phelps.

    2. Yeah, some unauthorized biographer is claiming that the Obama campaign tried to pay off Rev. Whackadoodle to stop preaching until hizgrace could get himself elected.

      There are also allegations that the O-tards test marketed negative Wright ads to focus groups and the reactions were so negative, they went out and applied direct pressure on media outlets to stifle anything about the relationship.

    3. I see that old whackadoodle Jeremiah Wright is back in the news again, talking to people and still whining about how his adopted son tossed him aside like a piece of trash for political purposes.

      Aren't Democrats in general feeling the same way? (as they pull the lever for four more years)

  6. Oh, and Kate Moss is still hot!


    I'm done.

    1. The Daily Fail was pretty slim pickings today.

      1. I see what you did there, Demonica Archiva...well done.

        You've earned a Kewpie doll and a MALE GAZE!

    2. It's amazing what makeup and photoshop can do for a girl.

  7. Calling it "censorship" when your video doesn't make the cut when TED has thousands of others to sort through pushes the envelope of douche-bag political hackery...and until 12 hours ago, I didn't even know who Nick Hanauer was was.

    Wait to go, Hanauer. Way to go.

    1. *"Way to go,"

      1. Wait to go is exactly what he didn't want to do!

    2. The worst publicity is no publicity. Like a character in Pro-wrestling, it doesn't matter if the fans like you or hate you, as long as they know who you are and they care about your success or demise.

    3. Listened to video

      Hanauer is a hack. He cites lots of statistics and inadvertently touches on some true things but has some idiotic conclusions with no obvious relationship to reality.

    4. For as much of a faptangle as TED is, their linked response was very reasonable and gained them points in my ledger.

      1. This. I presumed from the start that TED was just another lefty mouthpiece, since just about everything media-wise is, and was pleasantly surprised after watching one to see otherwise. That they go out of their way to avoid the usual TEAM stupidity, gains them major mojo with me.

        1. It still is mainly by technocrats for technocrats, but the science tech at the heart of that cratism can be fascinating.

          1. The one I watched recently had segment that completely deconstructed the need for Top. Men. You rarely see anything in the popular media that doesn't tow the ALL FOR THE STATE party lion any longer.

            1. Which party has the lion? I was not aware of this, but that's the one I'm voting for.

              1. Only the best parties have lions. Just don't give the lion any booze. It's incredibly difficult to tow a drunk lion.

  8. " the export of financial services and investment"

    We're sending Vampire Squid to Myanmar? Haven't those people suffered enough?

  9. Prepare for sarcasm: Is This Feminist?

    Prepare for people not understanding when they are being made fun of: PROBLEMATIC!

    1. The best part is the first reply: The commentator talks about how they author of the blog makes a valid point about how one can take Feminist deconstruction too far to create a new kind of "gender fascism". They write about this for three paragraphs.

      Then they add in an edit about how now they don't know how to feel because the blog was written by a man.


      1. Er, in the Jezebel link, I mean.

        Also, I have to give some credit to the commenter who said she doesn't care who made the blog, since it's funny. I look forward to her being ostracized.

        1. A team is being dispatched as we speak to go burn a wooden vulva in her yard.

          1. Thank you for that image

            1. I do what I can, Scruffy.

          2. Since you asked. Or even if you didn't.

            1. That's one hell of a yeast infection.

            2. I think I dated her briefly in the late 80s.

              1. who, the yeast infection? You're a bold man, if bad, Mr Free

                1. No, furry, I dated a firecrotch.

            3. I'm trying to figure out the dunce cap.

              And who would want to hang that in their house?

              1. She's a dunce because she dared to remove the sacred hair of womanhood. Pubic hair is the only way anyone could possibility distinguish a little girl from a empowered woman, so she is being punished for trying to appeal to pedophiles.

                1. Yes yes but frankly I find DATY more fun without wading through a thicket of pubes.

                  1. Then you are pedo, Restoras, only interested in sleeping with little girls. It's the only possible explanation for an innocuous preference.

                    1. If you don't approve of every choice an individual woman makes, then you hate all women. Unless she is not a progressive liberal, in which case SHE hates all women automatically.

                2. She's out there in some of the worst child whore houses in America doing God's work.

            4. "Since you asked. Or even if you didn't."

              There's a cream for that.

          3. That's offensive to womyn everywhere, burning the sacred symbol of the sisterhood.

    2. This woman is texting a friend about her date. IS THIS FEMINIST?

      Frankly, it's appalling that you think we might endorse antiquated, stereotypically feminine behavior like "texting your friends about your dates," or "telling your friends about your dates," or "having friends." However, this particular woman is texting her friend to say that her date was Zorgon, the All-Powerful, and that after their date he teleported her to a glowing void dimension in which there was no space nor time, only unlimited free wireless. So, we're fine with it. This woman is REPRESENTING FEMINISM. For now.

      I'm not 100% sure this one is sarcasm. Unlimited free wireless is becoming more rare than free birth control.

    3. This is good, SugarFree. Almost as good as when I brought microaggressions here, which, incidentally, sucks since the remake.

  10. Leaks to two New York Times national security reporters about operational details of the bin Laden raid actually came from the White House

    So a grand jury will be called to investigate this, right?!

    1. Well maybe but hopefully Jake Tapper will make Carney squirm.

      1. Unlikely, they have updated Carney-Bot's verbal evasion routine sans a squirm subroutine.

        1. There. Right there. That is some funny shit.

    2. Nah, they know who the reporters were talking to. The leakers have been renditioned to a black site in Khazakhstan. It's all good.

  11. Cheer up Reasonoids! After tonight, we may be closer my (and your) dream of the Lakers and Heat both being out of the playoffs in the second round.

    I wonder if Stern has the officials of those games on a conference call as we speak.

    1. It's truly incredible how James is capable of almost completely disappearing late in big games. I sure don't remember Michael Jordan being held to only six points in the second half of too many playoff games in his prime.

      1. That's because Jordan was the real deal as opposed to a whiny pathetic narcisstic "look at me" douchebag.

        Nothing gave me more joy than to see the Mavericks kick their asses in last year's finals.

        1. Too bad we got swept by the fucking Thunder this year. I was sooo disappoint.

    2. Here's what's ruining my schadenfreude, though: at least the Heat are interesting to watch. The rest of the East are so boring and that's even considering the fact that Rondo is maybe as much fun to watch as Nash was in his prime.

      1. I blame Derrick Rose's ACL. God, that pisses me off whenever I talk about it.

      2. I want to see what happens to Lakers fans when the improbable Celtics-Clippers final becomes a reality. And yes, that's not likely seeing as the Clippers are gonna have one helluva time getting past the Spurs and the SuperSonics Thunder. But just thinking about it is delicious.

        1. The only chance the Clippers have of getting past the spurs is Duncan having a heart attack and falling on Parker.

    3. How long before the NBA folds?

    4. Indiana-Oklahoma City? Yeah, no way in fuck the refs let that happen.

      Still, fuck the Lakers, and fuck anyone who would rank Kobe even near Jordan.

    5. The NBA playoffs are going on? People watch the NBA?

      1. I'd rather watch soccer than the NBA. Less boring.

        1. I'd rather watch golf than the NBA. I'd rather watch bowling. Or curling.

          1. I find curling to be strangely mesmerizing.

          2. WTF? Curling is awesome. Not as awesome as sumo wrestling but awesome nonetheless!

          3. This. I'll take test cricket over the NBA.

            1. ODI's are a blast, but test cricket? I'd rather go on a date with an New York hipster than watch test cricket.

              No wait. A New York feminist, vegan post-op M2F hipster who doesn't drink or smoke.

          4. And I get accused of frostbackitis! Curling? Cricket? Feh.

            (Sumo is admittedly awesome, especially when one of those yokozunas land in the audience).

    6. Indy vs OKC would be ratings gold!

    7. Since Kevin Durant was obviously the MVP, my schadenfraude would be complete. [elided 5000 word rant about being a consistent player on a small market team shouldn't put you out of the MVP race.]

      1. Durant's an offensive force, but he shouldn't win and MVP until he learns how to play defense.

        1. He's been a decent defender for 2 years. When you're one of 3 offensive threats in your team's entire rotation, you don't have to be DPOY to win MVP.

    8. Personally I'm hoping for a Spurs/ Celtics or Spurs/ Pacers final. As long as it's the most boring ass possible matchup imaginable. The schadenfreude will be down right tasty.

    1. I can see their point. Conversation doesn't belong on public transit!

      1. I've seen many confrontations on Metro-North trains against passengers talking on cell phones or listening to music too loudly; we now have a quiet car on peak hour trains.

      2. You joke, but I fricking HATE people talking to me when I am clearly trying to read on plane or train. Microagressions! When people talk to me on plane or train it makes me feel annoyed and put upon, as if they are trying to make it my responsibility to entertain them until they are no longer bored. This HURTS ME.

        1. I'm with you on this. I hate it when people feel the need to make small talk. I'm just too polite to tell them to fuck off.

          1. Me too - this is why I've worn out several iPods.

          2. I've found that the older I get, the less I give a fuck about social conventions and being "nice" to fuckheaded strangers.

        2. I hate it when people who know each other talk on the train. It's mostly tourists. They don't seem to realize they're the only ones talking while everyone else is reading their papers and passive-aggressively (and micro-aggressively) shooting them hostile looks.

          1. Haha, Kristen, you are one of the few people who agrees with me on this. I send out tons of "this is not socially appropriate" looks, but I mean, you can't expect drunken suburban Cubs fans to understand what they mean, I guess. Especially not the kids.

            Whenever people complain about how allowing cell phones on things like planes would be so bad because of the conversation, I'm like, uh, yeah, let me know when you're not allowed to talk to the people who are actually here and maybe I'll care.

        3. This is why I always have headphones on, even if no noise is coming out of them. It wards off those kinds of assholes.

        4. Hah! As a person of Scandinavian descent, I was not actually joking.

          On public transit, I wish people would other me a little more. Sometimes it seems like they're trying to same me. Or whatever the opposite is.

          1. There is no opposite of othering. There's just slightly less othering.

        5. Jeez. So much hate. I suggest investing in some noise canceling headphones.

        6. My "best" experience of being conversationally put-upon on a plane was when the jackass next to me (who was a GIANT and taking up half my seat to begin with) asked why I was on my way to NYC and I got to tell him it was to go be with my grandfather who was dying in the hospital.

          Would you believe he then actually wanted to talk to me about my grandfather? I'm like uh, no, this is when I sit here quietly and do my best not to cry the whole flight.

      3. Jesus Christ. You people wouldn't like being around me in public then. I talk to people in elevators, on planes, in waiting rooms and the occasional subway.

        I draw the line at urinal conversations, though. That's gay.

        1. I talk to people too. And then they run.

        2. urinal conversations have their own artistry, no? Christopher Eccleston once stood next to a guy at a urinal with the cheery words "Room for a little one?"

          1. Here's one for soccer fans. I was at a pub in Queens after Ireland beat Italy 1-0 in the 1994 World Cup. It was at least 1:00 am and the place was rocking. I'm standing at a urinal taking a piss and a loudmouth Mick behind me starts pissing on my foot. I told him to stop pissing on my foot, only to receive a slap upside the head by another patron followed by the words, "That's Liam Brady." I said, "Well, Liam Brady better stop pissing on my shoe or I'm gonna bash his fucking head in."

            You ever see those movies where someone says something in a bar and everything stops and everyone just stares at him in horror? Well that's what happened next. Fortunately I escaped alive.

            1. Bravo! Liam Brady was pretty accurate in front of goal, but obviously anything smaller than a goal mouth causes him problems. Anyway he played for Arsenal so fuck hm.

              1. Gooners!!

            2. Cool story, sloop.

        3. As if it's just the talking that would be a reason to not want to be with you in public.

        4. I'm not a huge talker unless I have something to talk about, but I do often enjoy conversations with strangers who aren't complete idiots.

          Though I generally draw the line at urinal conversations too, I do have a certain respect for people who just don't care and do it anyway.

        5. Didn't you say you were an E the other night, sloopy? This is the problem with Es.

        6. You can say stuff at the Urinal. You just can't have a conversation. No eye contact, you just yell something loudly at the wall, and either somebody laughs, or yells something back, or they don't.

      4. I just turn the opaqueness on my monocle up, and people tend to get the message.

    2. lol

      Brits will die out soon, even British men don't want to touch with your women
      - Truth, Hurts, 18/5/2012 13:57

      1. Q: Why do British men like British women?

        A: They remind them of their horses.

        1. when I was a young lad, I thought plenty of the gals on the Benny Hill show were great looking. Age and experience has tempered that opinion.

          But still, Louise English

          and Diana Darvey

      2. "The most beautiful women in the world are the ones a man encounters immediately after leaving Britain."
        -- Trevanian, The Loo Sanction

      3. But the accent is so sexy.

  12. If they proceed with unilateral action on their side, in other words they cut off our funding, then we will be forced to stop paying our creditors

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Wo.....z1vE5wHyyg

    I think he's overplaying his hand here.

    Sure, the EU is worried about contagion. The EU is worried the markets will start punishing Portugal or Spain if the EU cuts off its funding for Greece--if the markets think the EU might cut off others likewise.

    However, the EU is also worried that Portugal or Spain will use the threat of defaulting on its bonds to force continued funding from the EU, too.

    If Greece (or Spain or Portugal) refuse to make the budget cuts, then the EU could just cut off their funding and let them leave the EuroZone, too.

    Sure, the EU would be left holding a bunch of worthless paper if Greece (or others) defaults, but if it reissued that debt as new paper to cover those losses--once Greece, for instance, was no longer in the EU? That paper would be priced in much stronger Euros--if the EuroZone were minus Greece.

    This new Greek leader isn't making it more likely the EU will continue their funding without Greece having to make the budget cuts, he's making it more likely the EU force Greece out of the EuroZone.

    1. I think at some point Germany is just going to tell everyone to fuck off and if they don't like then maybe they'd like to discuss it with the Neu Wehrmacht?

      1. As I recall, wasn't that basically why Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait?

        Way oversimplified...

        The Kuwaitis helped finance Iraq's disastrous war with Iran, and when the notes came due, and Iraq's economy was devastated from the war, Iraq tried to renegotiate terms. Iraq was rebuffed by both the Saudis and, especially, the Kuwaitis. So Saddam said, effectively, "Fine, you want us to pay back your loans right away? We'll make the payments with the gold bullion in your bank vaults", and then he invaded Kuwait.

        I don't think Germany would go to war over this, but if the EU can't buy enough time--'cause the markets won't give it to them? They'll eventually take the default hit and let a country like Greece go twist in the wind. ...which would be destabilizing to say the least.

        Greece could end up more like Cuba was.

        1. I don't think Germany would actually go to war over this either, but I do think the rank-and-file German citizen will not tolerate transferring their hard earned wealth to a bunch of lazy PIGs (I'm excluding the Irish because I don't think they are lazy). Eventually this will translate into a German government that represents this view, politicians loving power and all that.

          1. You're right.

            Merkel's party keeps losing every provincial election they hold--because of what she's already done.

            If she does any more, she's gonna lose this next election for sure.

    2. They cannot legally force Greece out of the Eurozone. So Greece's negotiation positition is inherently strong.

      1. Sure they can!

        They just refuse to continue funding so that Greece has to leave the Euro and float its own currency to stay afloat.

        This guy is working on burning Greece's last bridge. It doesn't take a vote or some constitutional procedure to get Greece out of the EuroZone. If the EU cuts off Greece's funding, Greece will be forced to make more severe cuts than what's being proposed--and all at once--or leave the Euro.

        It's as simple as that.

    3. This whole Greek charade is really about Spain and Italy. If the EU cracks down on Greece, Spain's bonds go even further in the crapper, and Italy isn't far behind. The EU can afford Greece, but they can't afford the other two.

      1. My point is that if the EU doesn't crack down on Greece, then the other countries will see what they can get away with in terms of avoiding austerity, too.

        Rewarding bad behavior can't possibly be the solution.

        1. There is no solution. The EU is trapped.

          Crack down on Greece - Greece exits and Spain and Italy start coming apart at the seams.

          Bail Greece Out - Spain and Italy demand the same treatment. I can't see the Germans going for that.

          1. Scenario 1: Crack down on Greece - Greece exits and Spain and Italy start coming apart at the seams.

            Scenario 2: Bail Greece Out - Spain and Italy demand the same treatment.

            If Scenario 1 is going to happen anyway? Then doing Scenario 2 is almost pointless.

            The only reason to do Scenario 2 is time. They say time is money, but I'd rather more time than more money. If the EU can buy themselves some more time, somehow, their economies could start to slowly improve. It's a faint hope, but it's the only one that doesn't involve Scenario 1.

            When they go to church for show? More time is what they really pray for.

            Italy's Armageddon. If Italy defaults, the collapse of the EuroZone may be the least of their worries.

            It's a good thing we can never work ourselves into this mess here in the U.S.--since we're so very precious. But Jesus sprinkles our currency and our debt with fairy dust, so our overspending has no negative repercussions. Nope, can't happen here!

      2. If they don't crack down, Spain and Italy are not going to ever get better either.

  13. Greece has found a government to lead it, into next month's repeat elections.

    Greece, the cradle of western civilization. No wonder they're shitting the bed.

  14. Technocrats meet in Russia for grand vision of neo-humanity


    I'm not sure which is worse, the luddites or the people that think a singularity scenario will bring about a technocratic utopia.

    1. Bailey bait.

    2. Seriously, if it doesn't include a cyborg soviet, I am disappoint. Singularity Sky already covered this.

  15. don't fear the repo man

    Funnily enough I just digitised that soundtrack. If the next alt-text is about the Young Gods, then it's officially woooo, thpoooooky!

    1. The Young Gods

      I saw 'em live in Kalamazoo back in '90-ish.

      1. I think I saw them in '96 here in Sydney. Music to spontaneously combust to.

        1. strangely enough, Kalamazoo, MI - where I was living at the time - had a short run of visiting Aussie bands:

          like Lubricated Goat

          and Feedtime

          and King Snake Roost. I think I lost plenty of hearing that year.

          1. that is our gift to you. As is this - more of Lubricated Goat than most people will ever need

            1. How do Australians feel about 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?

              1. Amusement and apathy in equal measure. It's a nice question whether his work as TOFOG beats his previous musical incarnation as Russ Le Roq, and one I have no interest in discovering the answer for.

                I do enjoy a laugh at the fact that we've exported a total antipodean boofhead and you lot lap it up and make him a megastar.

                1. I do enjoy a laugh at the fact that we've exported a total antipodean boofhead and you lot lap it up and make him a megastar.

                  Two words:

                  Kylie. Minouge.

                  Care to explain that abomination, IFH? The USA sent that goofy wench packing but good.

                  1. Kylie is poptastic, except when she's shit. And she inspired Nick Cave to bash her head in

                    Seriously, I think you guys have a bit of a Europop problem. ABBA is still a joke or threat over there. It seems a rare American who can acknowledge that they're one of the greatest pop bands ever.

                    1. You obviously haven't talked to many gay guys in America.

                    2. Kylie bonks wombats. Robbie Williams has more talent that she does, and he has none, the Yobby proto-Chav. He's pathetic, and another who failed beautifully to crack into the USA market.

                      ABBA is beyond awesome, they are my second favorite group of all time, along with ACE of BASE. I know my Europop, sister. Oh, and Jason Donovan is a yonky git! How you like them apples!?

                    3. I'd rather watch Lene Alexandra than Kylie.

                    4. I know my Europop...

                      you a Sophie Ellis Bextor fan then, doc?

                    5. you a Sophie Ellis Bextor fan then, doc?

                      GAWD YES! That woman can sing! And the heart, it flutters!


  16. Why do you guys waste time at the Daily Fail when The Sun has Miranda Kerr looking SFW (barely)?

  17. Ha! Even Grantland admits that Nixon and Obama are alike:


    I have very mixed feelings about Bill Simmons. When he talks about any thing other than sports (and sometimes when he talks about sports) I am reminded that he is from Massachusetts, and therefore dumb.

    1. He desperately needs a good editor. First, he should be completely forbidden from writing anything about the Red Sox. Whenever he writes about the Red Sox he just turns into a nasty little fuck frat boy hanging out at the Boston Beer Works before the game. He is surprisingly even handed and intelligent when writing about the other Boston teams. But he cannot write about he Red Sox without letting his inner douchebag run wild.

      Second, he absolutely should not be allowed to write about his personal life or pop culture. His personal life stories are just boring. We get it Bill, you are an aging frat boy with a couple of kids and a nice wife who goes to Vegas once a year. Gee, that is just so unique and interesting. Never see that. We really want to hear all about it. And he really doesn't know as much about pop culture as he thinks he does. And the culture he knows about is of the lowest order. I really don't need to hear a 42 year old man's opinion on shows watched almost entirely by 14 year old girls.

      That said, he is brilliant when he writes about the NBA. And pretty good on other sports topics. He is very funny and can be a breath of fresh air.

      I guess that is why he annoys me so much. Someone like Charles Pierce doesn't annoy me. The man is an idiot and has never and will never have anything interesting to say. Simmons in contrast can do better. And when he doesn't, he is just that much more annoying.

      1. Simmons is a very sharp NBA writer, because he grew up with the game and gets its nuances and can see the little stuff like, "This team has bad body language and that will change this series."

        But the older I get, the less I like of his schtick. Still, he's better than Rick Reilly, but at this point, it is possible you could say that of Hitler.

        1. He pays attention. And he understands what clowns most NBA players and coaches are. He really sets the NBA on its ear. I love his NBA writing. The stuff he wrote in the early 2000s about the old Jail Blazers teams were laugh out loud funny and very true to boot. His yearly NBA trade value column is always great.

          And Reilly was never any good. Reilly was always like George Plimpton's retarded cousin.

          1. Yeah, but how much money did Reilly get to come to ESPN? Wasn't it in the tens of millions?

            1. I think so. That was weapons grade stupid. Most of ESPN's readers are under 30 and have no idea who he is. It would be like paying tens of millions of dollars to get the Beach Boys to play the Vans tour.

              1. You know some hipster douchebag would totally book them to be ironic or something.

          2. Agree with you on Reilly, I do.

        2. I went to school with Bill Simmons - the guy is grade A stupid, and a total jackass.

          I agree about his NBA commentary, although he was much better before he went to ESPN.

    2. Simmons didn't write that piece. Bryan Curtis did. If Simmons had, it would have the slobber left from the fellating he would have given Obama.

      And I wonder when/if Curtis will ever get another assignment from Grantland after that piece. The brass doesn't like talking negative about the "First Fan-In-Chief" as they like to call him.

      1. The comment on Simmons was more about Grantland and his burgeoning empire in general.

        And Curtis is going to be looking for work for a while. I can't think of one sports publication that doesn't openly fellate Obama.

  18. Those guys clearly know what tiem it is that is for sure. WOw.


    1. I knew Tampydampy, and you, sir, are no Tampydampy. Good day. I said GOOD DAY.

  19. Wealthy French Take Their Assets to London

    During the election campaign, French President Fran?ois Hollande threatened to slap an income tax rate of 75 percent on high earners. Since then, wealthy French have been looking for ways to get themselves and their money out of the country. And nowhere looks more attractive than millionaire-friendly London.

    No, really? Who'da thunk it?


    1. You need to step back and realize your tax rate is too high when people are fleeing to England as a tax haven.

      1. No shit! Britain is as tax haven!?!?! Now I know another of the Seven Seals have been breached.

        1. next they'll be coming to New York, where Bloomberg's easy libertarian ways reign.

        2. The Rolling Stones are spinning in their... wait, are they dead yet?

          1. undead

    2. "Bend over and think of France" isn't a very convincing argument.

  20. Anonbot has surpassed itself with its handle today of wantgant

  21. For the ladies:

    Ben Cohen shirtless

    Do you ladies know how hard it is to find a non-waxed man??!

    1. Thankyou Mr G, you're very sweet

    2. Oh, and I believe Kristen likes them bald but hairy?


      1. He's a little too gym buff and leatherman (OK, a lot too gym buff leatherman) for me. Think more along the lines of Michael Chiklis or your average lumberjack.

        1. Or Ross Kemp, formerly of Eastenders

          1. This better?


        2. Well, then, I'm sure Tonio will be along at some point to admire him.

          1. Goldie boy. I think your last few posts might shed some light on your dating problems. Something to consider. NTTAWWT

      2. That dude is like Photoshop level manscaped.

    3. For some of the men too, Goldie. Tonio has expressed a noted admiration for the more Ursine of males.

      1. I provide a public service, even though I have no idea what makes a man attractive.

        1. I have no idea what makes a man attractive.

          ...proven by your synopsis of your date earlier this week.*

          *Wait, is it still too soon?

          1. This is Reason. I fully expect the day after a loved one dies for SugarFree to use them in erotic fiction with STEVE SMITH.

        2. Neither do I, Goldie. I have nary a clue how to attract the good ones. Golddiggers are a dime a dozen.

          I'm pretty sure back hair and hairy shoulders like KSM or Elliot Gould is pretty much a deal breaker.

          1. Are you joking? Chicks love a hairy back, as long as it's a Kaz-esque back.

            1. NO.

              1. Silence, woman. You'll like what a man tells you to like.

            2. EEW...just eew.

        3. I've been considering your problem, Goldie. You're clever, pretty funny, and you don't seem too uptight. Your problem seems to be with the meeting women, and maybe with some excess shyness early on in the mating process. So I have concluded, given your location, that you should get a dog. The Springs has at least two world-class dog parks, both of which are literally (figuratively) crawling with beautiful women who love dogs. Go to the Dumb Friends League, pick out a really cute one, take him to one of the parks, and let the dog do the rest.

    4. HAWT

    5. Do you ladies know how hard it is to find a non-waxed man??!

      Well I had one here just this morning, so not really...

  22. According to official U.S. policy, it is still Burma and never was Myanmar. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35910.htm

    1. Good for US policy.

      1. Yes, yes, quite. Put those damn colonials in there place!

        1. The name was put in by their crackpot junta. It is not like the Burmese had any say in it.

          1. My understanding is that it's really the same name, and really just a difference in transliteration. "Burma" came from the Brits, so you're not supposed to say the "r" in it; you're similarly not supposed to say the "r" at the end of "Myanmar." It's just the first sound that seems different, but I think that's because the Brits were hardly exacting about it to begin with. Given, it's been a long time since I read about this.

      2. Point is, when it comes to U.S. policy, such as imports, exports, embargoes, etc., there is no such thing as "formerly". It has never been Myanmar.

  23. I guess patrolling and guarding an empty mental health facility can be pretty profitable. God bless our brave "first responders"!

    1. I like the letter above that about grandma and grandpa being swingers and leaving behind video evidence. Note to self, don't watch other people's home movies unless they are around.

    2. I may have to take back some of my criticisms of Sigmund Fraud. This is classic Oedipal Complex and extremely...disturbing.

      1. Isn't it sort of a reverse Oedipal?

        1. Not quite, the boy wants Momma's boobie for himself to prevent an Electra Complex from occurring with the nursing sister. The boy has jumped the shark with simple nutritional needs and emotional attachment to full blown MALE PATRIARCHY ownership of Momma's rack.

          Karen Horney would probably argue the reverse though. Horney really, really hated Fraud.

    3. You just had to post this when Sugarfree was present, didn't you.

      1. I wasn't breastfed. This fact should be a lesson to those contemplating children.

        1. straight bourbon from birth, eh?

          1. As Kentucky tradition demands.

    4. Yeah, Prudie this week was kind of yucky, although I thought the letter about the swinging grandparents was funny (the fact that they were swinging and made tapes is funny). The husband wanting to make decisions for his wife is a huge WTF.

      1. What made the swinging grand parent letter funny was the kid seeing the tape and then telling everyone about it. "Man you wouldn't believe what grandma and grandpa did".

    5. I liked the boss who got butthurt because his gift was too cheap.

    1. I've always thought it would be incredibly fun to be a competitive lumberjack.

      1. I see the woodchopping competitions at the Royal Easter Show every year (fun fact - we invented t) and while it's very thrilling, the hunk factor is not that high. The fun factor on the other hand is almost unbearable

        1. Which show is that, ifh?

          I used to see the chopping contests at the Royal Hobart Show when I was a kid. The timber industry is still huge in Tassie notwithstanding the Greens best efforts to shut it down.

    2. You know he wears suspenders and a bra, right?

      1. Dammit, I'm glad I read before I hit submit.

        He wishes he'd been a girly...

  24. Was anybody else aware of this?

    1. Finally, something to keep me getting out of bed every day for the next several month.

    2. Whose bright idea was it to let her age 8 years before they did a sequel?

      1. I did some work on a series of statuettes for the first movie...or intended for it, I should say. They were never finished; the apparently overly-vain cast continually failed to approve the art, which was done by a well-known sculptor and looked great, until the project had dragged out for two years or so and finally, silently died.

        Point being, no amount of delay would surprise me.

  25. TED, the non-profit dedicating itself to "ideas worth sharing," was accused of "censoring" a talk by a venture capitalist about income inequality and job creation

    I guess if there's "ideas worth sharing" there are also ideas not worth sharing. Especially if you're a progress-o-tard.

  26. Does anybody have more details on this? Usually they come out right away and say who was on the business end of the cop's gun and their version of why.

    But look at the local CBS's wording of the same story.

    Especially note this passage: "Police have not said why the officer was forced to shoot.

    The suspect was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries."

    So let me see if I got this right. They instantly assume the cop was forced to shoot somebody. And that somebody is immediately a suspect of something.

    But our media doesn't automatically defer to cops, do they? Where's dunphy to tell me it's just my hatred and bigotry toward cops that makes me this way?

  27. my latest synth track

    hey-ho. Now I have to go (back to work).

  28. Your freakishly huge hands and square jaw are perfect for the role! It's just too bad that you don't have a penis...

  29. A witness told Florida cops that he saw Trayvon Martin straddling George Zimmerman and pummeling the neighborhood watch captain "MMA style" shortly before the unarmed teen was felled by a gunshot to the chest.

    The witness's account was included in Sanford Police Department reports released today.

    Interviewed by cops about 90 minutes after the shooting, the witness--whose name was redacted from police documents--said that he was inside his home when he heard a "commotion coming from the walk way" behind his residence.

    The man recalled seeing "a black male, wearing a dark colored 'hoodie' on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help." The black male, he added, "was mounted on the white or Hispanic male and throwing punches 'MMA (mixed martial arts) style.'"

    The witness--who was in his living room and about 30 feet away from the confrontation-- said he called out to the two men that he was dialing 911. "He then heard a 'pop,'" police reported, and saw the black male "laid out on the grass."


    1. So, the more the story unravels the more it seems that Trayvon did get justice.

      1. Racist!

        Seriously though, none of this matters.
        It has been determined that Zimmerman is guilty, and if the jury doesn't agree there will be riots.

        The unfortunate truth is that Zimmerman is a dead man walking.
        If he doesn't get the death penalty he will be murdered in prison, and if he goes free he'll be murdered on the street.

        1. This is my opinion of the likely outcome as well.

        2. The death penalty is not even an option the state can get. He's charged with 2d degree murder. Since it's with a firearm, that's a life term in Florida, with parole after serving a minimum of 25 years, IIANM.

    1. Almost - he was teaching waterway safety at SUNY Maritime (Ft. Schuyler), but he's got to be retired by now. He was my next door neighbor growing up, never quite knew what he did. Seeing him on the news reports was surreal.

  30. From Twitter: Penn Jillette's friend Fluffy wrote a book. Our Fluffy?

    Effing Reason won't let me post the link, BTW

    1. Who posted it? (@?)

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