Another Pot Poll Out Today: 65 Percent of New Hampshire Residents Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana


Hot on the heels of MPP's poll showing national support for ending federal raids of medical marijuana businesses comes new data from Public Policy Polling, which finds that"65% of [New Hampshire] voters support legalizing medical marijuana, [with] 24% opposed. That includes more than 70% of Democrats and independents and even a plurality of GOP voters (46/43)."

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  1. So why hasn't the most representative state legislature in the country represented their citizens on this issue?

    1. LOL. That's a good one:)

      1. I laughed too. The naivete is so endearing.

      1. Well........let me know when they get another governor. This may be the tipping point for my pledging to move to NH for the Freestate project.

    2. It has -- the problem is it keeps getting overridden by the veto threat four-term democratic governor John Lynch. Thankfully he is finally going away hopefully to be replaced by a libertarian-leaning Republican who is actually willing to accept some drug law reform.

      1. It is funny watching the national organizations like NORML and MPP coming into the state and being blown away by the fact that the majority of their allies are Republicans and those who are attempting to obstruct reforms are Democrats.

        Organizations like the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, unofficially tied to the Free State Project, have really made impressive strides infiltrating the state GOP.

        1. It's really mostly the governor. At least in the house, there have been a number of decriminalization and medical bills passed over the past few years with fairly broad support from both parties. The senate is a bit different. It only has 24 members, so it is not quite so super-dooper representative.

    3. They have. Our asshole governor, on the other hand, will veto even the most restrictive medical MJ law or tames decriminalization bill because "it sends the wrong message". Fucking cocksucker.

  2. This is 3 dope topics in one day.

    I have no other choice now than to agree that Ron Paul supporters only support him so he can legalize drugs and they can then sit around all day getting stoned.


  3. Democracy means majority rules, except when they're wrong.

  4. Whenever I see polls about the inexorable march of marijuana legalization it always reminds me of my grandparents dieing.

  5. NEWSFLASH: 65% of New Hampshire residents on terror watch list. 24% given federal tax break. Film at 11.

    1. Update: After today's passage of the bi-partisan 'Internet Freedom and Protect the Children Act', IFAPCA, 65% of New Hampshire residents have disappeared.

  6. Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll!

    It's a holiday in New Hampshire...

    1. Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot! Poll! Pot!

      Holiday? I don't think that word means what you think it means...

  7. So if "everyone" jumped off a bridge, you would too?

    1. Depends what's under the bridge. Duh.

  8. The Irony of it all! The Governor is hoping for Republican support in the Senate to avoid an override, as all the Dems support the bill. The President isn't ready for it, yet, so the governor can't be either. Orders you know. Governor, please read this;

  9. Lynch is a fucking douche who thinks he can please everyone by never doing anything the least bit controversial. I guess it has sort of worked as he is fairly popular and it has been a long time since a NH governor served 4 terms.

    My favorite thing about the NH system of government is that every state level elected office is up for reelection every 2 years.

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