Brickbat: Another One Rides the Bus


In Glynn County, Georgia, a school bus driver and an assistant have been suspended after leaving a 5-year-old special needs student strapped to a seat in an unattended bus for two hours. The student was supposed to have been taken to a pre-kindergarten program. But the bus returned to the depot without dropping the student off. The student wasn't discovered until another driver went to use the bus. School officials are refusing to release the names of the suspended employees.

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  1. That student? He grew up to be known as The Derprider. And now you know… The Rest of the Story.

    1. Needz maor Truman Capote.

  2. Yes, this happens. Quiet kid. These employees are the last who should be suspended, behind all of those belligerent types (NYPD, NEA, etc.). But so it goes…

  3. I’m torn. I’m not a big fan of public services going to special needs children, and they can require a disproportionate amount of time and capital necessary for their care.

    However, how fucking hard is it to count? How expensive is a queue tally counter? I get that children on the routes sometimes change, but a special needs student who requires special accommodations would certainly stick out in my mind.

    I’m assuming the other students are not special needs students, and I can’t tell if the make and model of the bus is of the horizontally challenged variety. The drivers? I chaulk this up to sheer sloppy laziness, not outright stupidity.

  4. The student was supposed to have been taken to a pre-kindergarten program.

    So don’t forget to can the kid’s “teacher”, too.

  5. Why am I thinking the bus driver and assistant are not part of a union?

  6. That actually sounds like a rock solid plan, now its time for the bacon lol.

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