A.M. Links: Obama's Vampire Attack, NATO Strikes Killed 72, Kissinger Gets a Patdown


  • metaphor!

    The Obama campaign's newest attack labels Bain Capital, the private equity firm Mitt Romney helped launch, a "vampire," which is not at all a label you might use for government.

  • NATO air strikes in Libya killed 72 civilians last year, according to Human Rights Watch. "Attacks are allowed only on military targets, and serious questions remain in some incidents about what exactly NATO forces were striking," the watchdog group said in a statement.
  • Noted terror suspect Henry Kissinger got the pat-down at a TSA checkpoint at the LaGuardia Airport in New York.
  • The family of an eighteen-month-old baby girl ejected from a JetBlue flight for having a name on a no-fly list says it still hasn't received an apology.
  • Scopolamine, a drug used to inhibit free will, is apparently a big hit on the streets of Colombia.
  • Elizabeth Warren told CNN Wall Street executives are waging a "guerrilla war" on financial regulations. Time to circle the wagons?

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