Customs Sued for Abusing Travelers, Ron Paul Steps Off the Campaign Trail, Greece Gets … Even Messier: P.M. Links


  • Just … cool.

    President Obama may have voiced lukewarm support of gay marriage for political reasons, but his administration faces growing pressure to play a legal role when a marriage-equality case reaches the Supreme Court.

  • After several delays, SpaceX thrilled both space geeks and free-market fans with news that its unmanned Dragon space capsule is ready for launch and rendezvous with the International Space Station.
  • While his supporters look poised to make the Republican National Convention very interesting, indeed, Ron Paul is no longer actively campaigning in primary states.
  • With party leaders in Greece's fractured parliament facing just a bit of trouble in their efforts to assemble a governing coalition, stocks slid on fears that the country would slip from the eurozone and leave the European debt crisis festering.
  • The NYPD insists its controversal stop-and-frisk policy is making the city much safer, which must be why officers confronted people under the program a record 200,000 times during the first three months of this year.
  • The ACLU went to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to argue that its legal challenge to the government's No Fly List should be reinstated. Hopefully, the civil liberties advocates don't plan to fly home.
  • Plaintiffs consisting of U.S. citizens and legal residents are suing U.S. Customs and Border Protection, alleging repeated mistreatment of travelers crossing the Mexican border.

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  1. MOST!

    1. MOIST! So…thanks.

  2. Sarcasmic special. Let your AAs fly…

    1. Holy fried eggs!

    2. Flapjacks!

    3. I skimmed the comments, saw this and then F1-something, and thought that was a link to an article about anti-aircraft guns.

    4. That poor woman. *Sagging* AAs.

      1. Might be a byproduct of the multiple surgeries (implants and then removal of the implants).

      2. I didn’t even think that was physically possible. Sadly, I’ve been proven wrong.

    5. Nice set of floppers.

    6. That poor, unfortunate girl.

      1. She walks around like she doesn’t even know. I love perky small breast, but the emphasis is on ‘perky.’ If bigguns defy gravity I love them too.

    7. I am shocked that this hasn’t been posted yet…

    8. That poor girl and her incredibly narrow, boyish ass. So what’s this about her breasts?

      1. As Trevanian said, the most beautiful women in the world are found in whatever country you visit immediately after England.

  3. Magnum PI is now on Netflix.

    1. I saw that. It will be good to get to those eventually.

  4. Michael Schumacher is worth $823 Million…

    1. My wife has a big crush on him. She really will now.

    2. They overlooked Magic Johnson on that list. You would not believe half the things he has his hands in.

      1. Neither would his wife!

      2. You would not believe half the things he has his hands in.

        I would. How do you think he got teh AIDS to begin with? Wocka-wocka!

        1. I don’t think MJ has AIDS yet. Still only HIV. HIV jumps to AIDS if the person has a t-cell below 200 and an AIDS-defining illness.

          1. isn’t that like saying that someone doesn’t actually have diabetes as long as they take their insulin?

            1. Every one has an assortment of potentially deadly viruses in them. It’s only when it starts to kill you is it classified as a disease.

            2. Basically, yes. However, MJ is remarkable in that he has maintained such a high level T-cell count for so long. He can still infect others with the HIV virus, but he has been able to avoid the nastier secondary diseases that actually kill you, such as Kaposi’s Sarcoma and AIDS related Pneumocysti carinii pneumonia.

            3. No. AIDS is the major symptom of uncontrolled HIV infection.

              1. Diabetes is the major symptom of unmanaged blood sugar.

                1. I don’t know if this is true. I understood diabetes to refer to the cause (defective pancreas or insulin resistance) rather than the collection of related symptoms. The way I see it, HIV:AIDS::Herpes:sores. You can carry the virus without exhibiting any symptoms, which doesn’t seem to hold for diabetes. YMMV; IANAD.

                  1. I understood diabetes to refer to the cause (defective pancreas or insulin resistance) rather than the collection of related symptoms.

                    agree that this is the root of our disagreement.

                    1. Does it matter to you that diabetes is not an infectious disease as opposed to HIV and herpes?

                    2. Does it matter to you that diabetes is not an infectious disease as opposed to HIV and herpes?

                      This is the root cause of your disagreement: HIV is an infection and virulent; Diabetes is not (your understanding Xeno is correct). However, wylie’s understanding of how both are managed (subQ insulin for diabetes and HAART meds for HIV) to keep each etiology within manageable limits. AIDS doesn’t directly kill you and neither does diabetes: the secondary diseases that arise as complications from both are what actually kill you, e.g KS and pneumonia for AIDS and heart disease and renal failure for advanced diabetes.

                      HIV is DX’d by two ELISA tests and one Western Blot; diabetes is DX’d by a consistently high fasting BSL (over 120 dgrams/mL)over a few months with a high (ADA suggests higher than 7.5) A1C blood sugar test.

                    3. I love the internet. Thanks, GM.

      3. Wow. I left that wide open. In my defense, I forgot all about the HIV matter.

        1. So did his wife!

    3. That must cushion the podium-less blow, just a little bit.

      Without a doubt, Schumie is having the Best Life Ever.

      1. In response to Michael Schumacher is worth $823 Million.

  5. It turns out that wasn’t true. The double-agent hadn’t been recruited and placed by the CIA, but by British intelligence, who also managed the operation. In fact, the Americans had only recently been made aware of the joint British-Saudi effort.

    The leaks about the operation from the American side have infuriated British intelligence officials, who had hoped to continue the operation. The leaks not only scuttled the mission but put the life of the asset in jeopardy. Even CIA officials, joining their MI5 and MI6 counterparts, were describing the leaks as “despicable,” attributing them to the Obama administration.…..-politics/

    1. These guys are a bunch of no-talent ass-clowns.

      It’s almost impossible to get a source into AL Queda. And they burn one of their allies’ best sources.

      So we get all the negatives of hegemony with none of the positives.

      1. Remember when outing a soccer mom in Virginia as a CIA operative was a really big deal? But if it helps Obama outing a double agent is just fine.

  6. Latest on the Williams F1 Garage Fire

    1. Did you see the F1 the Deadly Years doc on Velocity a few weeks ago? It was about just how deadly F1 was in the 60s and 70s. They killed at least one driver every year from the late 50s until the mid 70s.

      1. I did not catch that. I did however see the Senna documentary.

        I think he was the last one to die on track.

        1. Look it up. I bet it is on Youtube. it is really interesting. They used to do some crazy shit. They raced on the Nurbergring where it was miles to help if they crashed. Hockenheim used to be the same. They didn’t even have seatbelts.

          1. If your car catches fire, you don’t want seatbelts.

            1. fire aside, aren’t you better off being thrown from the vehicle?

              1. It’s all fun and games until necks get broken.

              2. Aren’t you better off being thrown from the vehicle?

                Jim Clark would disagree


                1. What did Jackie Stewart say in the documentary? You had a 1 in 3 chance of dying, or something to that effect? Him needing to tape a wrench to his steering wheel, so to get him out of the car when he crashed, was fucking scary.

                  I got the impression that Sir Jackie continues to be gobsmacked that he survived his stint.

                  1. I always wondered why he quit and became a comentator. Now I know. Sir Jackie is a real bad ass.

    2. It was a warning about not letting Hugo’s bag boy win any more races.

      I’m just glad it’s not the 24×7 Seb Show this season.

      1. 5 races, 5 winner. Good stuff so far.

        1. Absolutely. Every season should be like this.

  7. Bounty Hunter runs for mayor…

    Gets endorsed by serial killer.

    “If I go out here to the unions, if I go to the firemen and ask for their endorsement, they are going to want something in return. This man can’t ask for anything in return,” Padilla told FOX 40.

    1. This might encourage that mulletard bounty hunter to try this and stay somewhat relevant.

      1. sure you can hate on Dog for being maudlin and overwrought emotionally but he is an exemplar of private justice. Of course without the drug war he would just be dabbling in bounty hunting as a hobby as it;s unlikely anyone could make a full time job of it.

        1. He’s a former Ice-Head himself; it’s like a jihad or fatwa for him.

  8. Greece leaving the eurozone would be good. Let their crappy drachmas devalue to appropriate levels and mitigate their public pension crisis.

    1. I’m waiting for that to come so we can visit for cheap.

  9. But because the Supreme Court long has defined the right to marriage as a “fundamental freedom,” legal analysts say his administration is sure to face pressure to weigh in on the marriage question when it reaches the Supreme Court.

    They’re threatening to take the contrived shine of Obama’s apple already? He just made his historic “Mr. Homophobe, tear down this cock block!” pronouncement.

    (P.S. Freedom to marry and freedom to have your marriage subsidized by the state are two different things.)

    1. I trust that wise Latina will help to finally get the State out of the “marriage” business.

      1. As long as people go to court to resolve conflicts, the state will always be in the marriage business. All marriage and family law is is a subset of contract law.

        1. Yep, “contracts”, as opposed to “marriages”.

          Get ready for legal polygamy.

          1. Not necessarily. The government is free to determine what contracts it will recognize and enforce and what ones it won’t. And gee, we are right back to the government being in the “marriage business”.

            1. The government is free to determine what contracts it will recognize and enforce and what ones it won’t.

              Isn’t that just in the housing and banking industries?

              1. It is pretty much in everything. The government can declare a contract “against public policy” and it is not enforceable. This is how usury laws work or why you can’t sue a prostitute for not rendering her services.

                1. No, you can’t sue a hooker because you can’t contract for illegal services. Jeez, John, you’re a lawyer. You should know that shit.

                  1. I do know that shit. Why can’t you contract for illegal services? Because such contracts are against public policy.

                    1. Fuck that, it should all be legal.

          2. Why do people always bring up polygamy like it something horrible? My great-great-great-grandfather was a polygamist, and seven of his wives were quite happy. (The eigth one divorced him after only a few months of marriage).

            There are some countries that still allow polygamy.

    2. How come there’s no advocacy group campaigning to end ALL state entanglements in marriage? Did I miss something?

      FoE, why don’t you and Sarc go out and found one? Srsly, go out and start a nonprofit; I’ll give you a lot less shit if you do. You don’t even have to be particularly effective at fundraising or advocacy.

      1. I have yet to figure out how that would work. As long as people live together, they are going to have conflicts. And those conflicts are generally going to be solved in court. And that means the government will be involved.

        1. And those conflicts are generally going to be solved in court. And that means the government will be involved

          Whoa, John, that’s quite a leap, from “someone must arbitrate” to “some laws must be written”.

          At least that’s the way I read it.

          … Hobbit

          1. Indeed, we don’t need any laws for this.

      2. Meh. Give me all the shit you want. I consider my position the most libertarian, therefore the most mockworthy.

        Anyway, there are simply too many people who benefit from marriage licensing for things to ever change.

      3. Not in the fantasies of Sarc and FoE, apparently. Heh.

        1. Uh, my 5:00 was in response to John at 4:55.

    3. Well based on the Obama Administration’s Court activity so far, getting involved will kill gay marriage for 10 more years.

      He can get the gay money, and botch the court case to keep the black evangelicals. Win-win

  10. Someone called it earlier today. L.A. Times: Ron Paul effectively ending presidential campaign.

    Ron Paul, Mitt Romney’s lone remaining rival for the Republican presidential nomination, announced Monday that he would stop spending money on the party’s 11 remaining primaries, in effect suspending his campaign.

  11. Reason #150 to not necessarily trust the police.

    Two shooting victims along Mississippi highways may have been killed by someone who posed as law enforcement and pulled them over late at night, authorities said Monday.

    1. “posed as” or “was” law enforcement?

      1. Posed as, but to be clear the people who were pulled over didn’t know the difference.

        1. I know. I was just being a smart ass. And yeah they didn’t. And all the more reason why cops need to wear uniforms and identify themselves. And have cars that have big lights on them even if that means (gasp) not catching every person who is speeding.

          1. Now where are all those people who say you should just bow your head and do whatever the cops scream at you?

          2. They avoid us like the plague, Sparky. It seems we’ve developed a bit of a reputation as not being team players.

            1. I lived in Puerto Rico for two years a while back. The cops drove with their lights on all of the time. It created a much safer environment for them and real people, even if it cost them revenue. Outside of the hellhole of San Juan, the violent crime rate was pretty low, and I cannot remember a single murder taking place.

              Oh, and it was legal to run a red light or stop sign from 9 pm to 6 am if nobody else was in the intersection or coming. And I can’t remember hearing of a person being pulled over for speeding once. Hell, the only interaction I had with cops was when I hit a horse that ran out in the road, or one of them beeped their horn and made a “put on your seat belt” motion, thanking me when I did it and waved.


    The good reverend Wright was unavailable for comment.

    1. He’s so opposed to same-sex marriage, he told church members he will no longer support the president and now predicts Obama will lose the election because of it.

      Yeah, that meaningless drivel is why he should lose.

      1. But

        “Many African-American pastors say they will still support the president in November even though they may not agree with him on this particular issue.”

        I suspect that many African-Americans would vote for Obama even if he left Michelle and married Justin Bieber. At the Country Music Awards. While wearing a dress. Made out of Confederate flags.

        1. eating saltines and drinking a properly-paired white wine.

  13. As the capsule approaches, two astronauts aboard the station – Don Pettit of NASA and Andre Kuipers of the European Space Agency – will grab onto Dragon using the outpost’s robotic arm and manually attach it to the complex.

    Marking the first case of space asset forfeiture… in space!

    1. Ha, joke is on them. That rocket is full of Reavers.

      1. Chickens have come home to roost.

      2. Ravers?

      3. They’re running with no shielding on their reactor. That’s crazy!

  14. SpaceX thrilled both space geeks and free-market fans with news that its unmanned Dragon space capsule is ready for launch

    Would’ve been much cooler if they’d named it the Dagon space capsule.

    1. Pshaw, Dagon wouldn’t be caught dead in space. That’s Azathoth territory.

      1. Yog-Sothoth rules, Azathoth drools.

      2. Why thank you! And I didn’t get you anything.


    2. Fire cannot kill the dragon.

  15. F1?? For fuck’s sake.

    1. Real Americans only turn left!

    2. What do you want Kristen? Competitive pug fetching?

      1. CPF would be pretty humorous.

        1. Better than the metric football channel I have up in the sports section.


    Sophia is now the number one name for girls.

    1. I’m “Sophia King” happy!

      1. Sadly, the Pho King was recently demolished near my house.

        1. *inconsolable*

        2. i am inconsolable.

        3. Did Nosmo King own the Pho King place?

    2. Jacob has been number one for boys for 13 years?! That can’t be right.

      1. based on friends and family, I thought it was ‘Aiden’

        1. Calib is a big one I am told. WTF is the matter with people?

          1. When you are going to raise your child as a copy of every other child you can find, the only room for individuality is in the name. If you name your child “Dapiosdfj;lajg” pronouncing it “Bob” and then raise them like a robot they will be “unique”.

      2. It is the yuppie name of choice.

      3. Cuz I get obsessive, I went and checked the SSA site. Jacob has been in the top 20 names for more than two decades:

        1990 #20
        1991 #17
        1992 #15
        1993 #9
        1994 #7
        1995 #4
        1996 #3
        1997-98 #2
        1999-2011 #1

        1. And those vampire movies are probably helping to keep it up there too.

          1. I’m naming my son “Mustache Dad”.

        2. What’s wrong with people, anyway? It’s a lousy name.

          1. I’m going to campaign hard for either Calvin or Lysander if we have another boy.

            1. Just mine the Bible for names like parents used to do. We need more Nathaniels, Jeremiahs, and Nimrods. Well, maybe not *every* name, but you get the idea.

                1. My first girlfriend’s name was Liberty.

                2. Isn’t the proper name Jumpin Jehoshaphat?

                  1. There’s always Methuselah–Meth for short.

                    1. I think the proper thing to do is have a set of sons naming each after increasingly larger measures of champagne.


                    2. I think the proper thing to do is have a set of sons naming each after the measure of champagne responsible for his conception.

                    3. Those are units of measure? Their distinguishing characteristic is that the more you use them, the less you will be able to pronounce them.

                    4. Cubit. Never heard of anyone named Cubit before. Perhaps instead of using names, use words you usually only see when reading the Bible.

                    5. I don’t want to name my child “Idolatry,” Pro Lib.

                    6. Also in the running, “Bingo Gas Station Motel Cheeseburger With A Side Of Aircraft Noise And You’ll Be Gary Indiana”.

        3. One of the great things about the name “Ted” is that it’s traditional enough but not common enough as to be trendy.

  17. OT Gawkerites are so cute when they try to talk about economics and the adorableness meter shoots up to 11 when the subject is the gold standard.

    OTH they are right about Herman Cain generally, but that’s as easy guessing why the ground’s wet during a rainstorm.…..ld-bug-now

    1. What kind of crazy moran would assign value to lumps of soft, shiny, yellow metal anyway?


    Rare liberal understands the iron law of you today me tomorrow. Thinks maybe recalls are a bad idea.

  19. “TSA performs ‘full monty’ search on Henry Kissinger.”

    I’m starting to like these guys.…..kissinger/

    1. OTOH, None of the agents seemed to know who he was

      1. OTOH, None of the agents seemed to know who he was

        Hmmm, I never thought the deplorable level of history instruction would never be justified. It still isn’t, but there is some schadenfreude here.

        1. The ghost of Hitch has just got to be laughing his ass off.

  20. Fucking SpaceX. I had a hotel booked and was ready to go for the Monday launch they had slated at the beginning of the month. No way I can do that for a 4:55 a.m. launch. Bastards!

    Hope the launch goes by the numbers–this is a biggee.

    1. I had that one this morning. And the question was asked, does this men Mitt Romney gets credit?

      What a fucking moron.

  21. Mary’s new Yootoob video. I don’t get it. Is she saying there are no libertarian women or that we libertarian women are ugly and look like men? If I am going to be insulted I demand that the insult make sense and be funny. Which is why I only associate with other libertarians where I will be guaranteed a decent insult.

    1. First, she is a nasty, demented loon. So you are wasting your time trying to make sense of it. Second, why would you give such a creature the time it takes to watch that thing?

      1. Why do people post articles from Jezebel, Daily Kos, or the New York Times?

        1. But the people at Jezebel or Kos never came here and tried to destroy the site. I hope she falls in a well and never gets out.

          1. That might just make her more powerful than before.

    2. Watching that can’t be good for your unborn child.

      1. Think of it as attenuated VAX.

        1. VAX? What’s that in non-sawbones-speak? Google and Wikipedia have failed me.

    3. Mighty nice of her to entertain us. She must spend a lot of time working on them.

    4. Epi, Sarc, and SugFree listed in the tags. Is it really you?

      1. “frustration desperation suicide”

        These are the last three tags listed. How strange.

    5. And I demand that I not be insulted by words put in the mouth of someone dressed up like fucking Riker. I mean really.

      1. What is a Riker? And how do they dress?

        1. John, I can’t tell if you’re the only non-Trekkie here, or if that’s just an awesome joke.

          Anyway, it’s Picard’s second-in-command, and a huge douche.

          1. Mostly due to his shit eating grin.

            1. He’s also a furry. And he’s pigeon toed.

          2. I am the only non-Trekkie here. I only watched the original show. I couldn’t tell you thing about the second one.

            1. You’re dead to me, John. Dead. To. Me.

            2. I know a bit here and there about the shows after the first, and of course the first two movies, but I’m not really a fan. Don’t have time for both a decent book and watching a mediocre show. Have to make choices in life.

    6. Congratulations on validating her.

    7. OK, WTF was that? I want my 29 seconds back.

    8. Man two Toobs into her new project and she’s already starting to fade…..sigh!

      1. You have to watch this one, fish. You and several others get name checked. A couple of the comments are actually comedy gold, not that poor Mary gets it.…..ellist=UL

        1. An epic level pathetic creature. Like Greek Drama but only much, much sadder.

        2. MG this is what I was referring to. The first one is the one you linked to that we had all sorts of fun with on Friday! The second one was the Trek one that is earning less than stellar (I swear to god that wasn’t intentional!) reviews.

          Now pay closer attention in the future or you will fell the sting of my diamond encrusted cane!

          1. It better be encrusted with blood diamonds. I will not stand for being thrashed with anything less!

    9. You don’t get it? Women are to be judged solely on their looks, so if women are ugly their views must be wrong – likely due to deficiencies in character and intellect.

    10. That video is a +2 on the Trollometer. The other one is much better.

    11. It’s a play on Dwarves in Middle Earth.

  22. Fascism has a home in both parties.

    Quote from Diane Fuckstain (Senator – Chinese arms manufacturers)…..2917.story

    Feinstein was asked if current screening technology would necessarily identify this kind of bomb on an airline passenger For this particular material, she said, candidly, no.

    Consequently the flying public is going to have to tolerate more invasive searches, she said.

    The American public has not been terribly sympathetic to this she said but it s very important that TSA keeps up its efforts.

    1. God she is awful.

    2. We have to tolerate more invasive searches so they will continue to not find anything and everything possible, therefore leading to ever more invasive searches.

      Wait, why are we doing this again?

      1. Right! You understand the illogic perfectly!

    3. I just hope they change the gloves between investigative abdominal surgeries.

    1. This is why you don’t marry a soulless ginger.

    2. Yeah, she’s not nearly hot enough to pull off that kind of crazy.

  23. “Jerry Brown Proposes $8 Billion in Cuts”

    California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday proposed more than $8 billion in cuts to close a widening budget deficit but also said public schools will receive more money if voters approve his tax-increase initiative in November.

    Under the latest budget proposal, Mr. Brown wants public employees to take a 5% pay cut, while he seeks reductions in health care and social services.

    Mr. Brown released his revised spending plan Monday for the fiscal year starting July 1, saying the state faces a $15.7 billion deficit. That is roughly 17% of its $91 billion general fund, California’s main checkbook for day-to-day operations.

    It also is far higher than the $9.2 billion gap Mr. Brown anticipated in January.…..81248.html

    It’s a good thing it’s impossible for that to ever happen to us, nationally. …since we’re so very precious.

    Incidentally, the question isn’t whether we’ll ever balance our budget. It’s whether we’ll do so on our own terms, or whether, like Greece, we’ll be forced to take whatever terms to the market dictates to us at the time.

    It’s much better if we design our jet in harmony with the laws of physics market forces–because when the fit hits the shan, market forces don’t care about anybody’s good intentions.

    1. We will never have the terms dictated to us like Greece or California because the US government, unlike those two, can print its own money. That of course creates its own problems. But it is still different than the situation facing Greece and California. And I would love to know what kind of a nut buys a California bond right now.

      1. The Europeans can print their own money, too.

        The only reason places like California and Greece ever balance their budgets is becasue they have no other choice.

        There are places like Sweden, where, despite the heavy democratic socialism, they also choose fiscal responsibility. They can print their own money, too! They’re not even in the Euro.

        I’d like to think there’s hope for the US federal budget, like that, too. Like I said, if we keep going the way we’re going, we’ll end up in a position where we’ll have no other choice but austerity…

        That’s one of the silly things about some of the headlines we’ve seen recently about some of the European countries: “Maybe austerity isn’t the answer for [insert Greece, Spain, Italy…]!”

        None of those economies had a choice anymore. The market wouldn’t lend to them at workable rates anymore unless they cut their budget. Sure, there were partial bailouts available for Greece, but there isn’t enough bailout money in the world to bail out Italy.

        You know how much bigger we are than Italy?

        If we keep going the way we’re going, eventually there won’t be any choice left to us but austerity either. But as a fiscally responsible guy, I won’t take any pleasure in saying, “I told you so”, when the fit hits the shan here in the US.

        I’m about avoiding catastrophe, not hopin’ for it. Anthropomorphic Fiscal Catastrophe is not a hoax!

        1. The citizens of Sweden can’t afford the simple things in life like a night out at the pub, but hey, health care is free, right?

          1. I think the thing to take away from Sweden’s situation is that even Sweden–even democratic socialist Sweden–is smarter about fiscal austerity than Barack Obama.

            1. I’m hoping Obama point to Sweden as a model again.

              Sweden makes Obama look like a moron.

        2. The EU can print its own money. But Greece cannot. And the EU could solve Greece’s problem tomorrow by printing money. They just won’t do it because the other countries do not want their currency destroyed.

          1. Exactly.

            When we’re in the same situation, we won’t be able to “print” any more money either.

            No one will lend to us at rates we can afford to pay interest on either.

            That’s what the end of our debt problems look like. When the credit markets cut us off…

            Unless we get smart about it beforehand, which has happened before.

            1. Unless we get smart about it beforehand, which has happened before.

              There’s a statistically higher chance of monkeys spontaneously flying out of my ass than of that happening.

        3. We will never have the terms dictated to us like Greece or California because the US government, unlike those two, can print its own money.

          That just, ahem, buys us a little time.

          If the bond markets stop taking our paper (what do I mean, if? The Treasury has been buying more than half of it for at least a couple of years), then we can monetize our debt for awhile.

          But doing so destroys your currency. When that day comes, we will be taking terms from somebody, in order to have a currency that will be accepted at all, and in order to borrow anything denominated in that currency.

          1. The treasury buys the bonds. That is what is happening right now.

            1. How do I profit from this most disturbing series of events? Short treasuries?

    2. At least Moonbeam has some lucid moments where he recognizes reality. Of course when his own party shoots down the proposed cuts becauseo of the public sector lobby that will be some serious schadenfreude.

      1. He doesn’t have any other choice.

        He can’t say the glass is half full, when the glass isn’t only half empty–it’s more empty than there is glass to fill. And there ain’t no water for miles and miles.

        The two funny things he does fudge on in that proposal of his?

        1) He says the tax hikes he’s proposing will only be temporary.

        HA HA HA AH HA HA!

        2) He says the 5% reduction in pay he’s calling for across the board for state employees is only temporary.

        Holy crap!

        I just went back to double check that last stat–and the WSJ completely changed the story!

        It doesn’t even have the same headline anymore.

        It used to be: “Jerry Brown Proposes $8 Billion in Cuts” and now it’s “Brown Asks Californians to Choose: Cuts or Taxes”.

        That’s weird! It’s the same link I pasted above, too. It’s like it’s a different story now.

  24. Barack Obama has apparently been up his own ass for most of his life.

    1. Sleeping in the Columbia University library. Love letters describing “bourgeois liberalism.” A yearlong relationship with a white woman.

      Who hasn’t slept in a library while cramming? Who hasn’t penned goofy love letters? And the whole “relationship with a white woman” smacks of the worst kind of regressive bigotry I can imagine.

      Seriously, “had a relationship with a [gasp] white woman.” Fucking despicable that the leftist media thinks that’s some amazing bit of information. The guy is half white! As if it’s unusual for someone of mixed race to date either of the groups one of his parents comes from.

      Thanks a lot, rac3rx. You’ve made me vomit a bit into my mouth. Not a lot, but enough to ruin my afternoon.*

      *I’d call you a cunt, but you’re a woman and the c-word police ore about.

      1. I would have thought they’d have paid more attention to his love affair with himself.

        1. Autofellatio is a distinct probability, given the Dipshit-in-Chief’s vanity.

          1. That’s how my cousin Walter died. I swear.

            1. Choked to death or impaled through the eye?

  25. Dude totally seems to know what he is talking about. Wow.

  26. Feminists: The Anti-Libertarians.

    I also loved the woman who stood up in the back to talk about religious communities, although when she said she represented women who were prochoice but would never have an abortion themselves a sad emoticon blinked into my soul for a few seconds. There is just something about that qualified support that a) makes me really, really happy because frankly we need all the help we can get and b) makes me equally sad that the other side has moved the moral fulcrum of the debate so far that some people can only support a private medical procedure by distancing themselves from the people who would choose to make it. And in the process, place themselves somewhat above those people, which ignores that fact that you can’t cleave the world into smart, conscientious people and reckless abortion-seekers and that what they’re actually saying is “I know I have a right to a choice, but would never exercise it, even if it were in the best interest of myself or my family.”

    JESSICA: Yes. That language of “I support abortion but wouldn’t get one” is part of the conservative agenda to make abortion shameful and each time a pro-choicer participates in it, it simply reifies this anti-choice idea.

    They really don’t understand the libertarian mindset at all, do they? To hate on your allies like that. Typical.

    1. So it seems that “making your bones” as a feminist means that you have to abort something?

      1. They wear the fetus around their neck in one of those little jars you put painted rice grains in. You have to pull it out and show it at the door to get into the really cool parties.

    2. Yet, somehow, this type of person claims that no one is ever “pro-abortion”.

  27. There’s a lot of bad things that one can say about stop and frisk, but they’re not the bad things you’d expect.

    This says something–

    Meanwhile, New York’s murder rate has plunged 21% year-to-date as of last Friday — meaning, if the current trend continues, the yearly number of murders in the city would be the lowest since such statistics first were recorded, as such, in 1963.

    And, if the racial breakdown of those stopped and frisked is accurate it says something really horrific.

    Something so un-PC that it must be stopped.

    Think about it–the murder rate is on track to be the lowest since stats were collected–and they’re stooping and frisking a ‘disproportionate’ number of minorities, particularly blacks—but they are clearly stopping and frisking likely murderers as a extremely proportionate level–as crime has plummeted.

    See it?

    When it comes to inner-city crime the problem appears to be unsupervised black people, and, to a lesser extent, hispanics.


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