A.M. Links: Bush Convicted, 49 Headless Bodies Found in Mexico, Yahoo CEO Out


  • George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and six others were convicted of war crimes by a tribunal in Malaysia. The tribunal ruled victims of torture ought to receive reparations.

  • Trouble in the House of Morgan. "We told you something that was completely wrong a mere four weeks ago," Jamie Dimon told Meet the Press this weekend.
  • The headless bodies of 43 men and 6 women were found along a highway outside San Juan, Mexico, in the border region. Drug cartels are suspected.
  • Yahoo's CEO is out after lying about a computer science degree. He's Yahoo's third CEO in three years to depart.
  • Lawyers for a former day laborer scheduled to be executed in Texas this week argue the man is not mentally competent. They say he has been seen lying on the floor of his jail cell covered in urine. Judges have ordered him to be medicated by force if necessary so that he's legally competent to be executed.
  • A former Newark police officer was convicted of conspiracy for trying to rob drug dealers, but may avoid prison time altogether since he took less than $200.

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