Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman, Japan Wreaks Havoc on Social Game Companies, Teen Expelled for Defending Self: P.M. Links


  • An officer in DeKalb County, Georgia, is under criminal investigation for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach while responding to a child custody argument. The officer has had two other complaints of unnecessary force filed against him, including a lovely two-fer where he shot a dog while responding to a call at the wrong address. (via Radley Balko's Twitter)

  • Japan declares certain gambling-style systems in social media games are illegal, prompting massive stock drops in some gaming companies. (via commenter Ty)
  • Gay Indianapolis teen who got into trouble for bringing stun gun to school to protect himself from bullies (after the school failed to do so) gets expelled.
  • Leaders of 30 free market think tanks in Latin America sign an open letter to the Cato Institute hoping the conflict between Cato and the Koch brothers is "resolved in the best way possible" and that they will continue getting assistance.
  • European nations agree to give Greece 5.2 billion euros (about $6.7 billion) to help the nation meet financial obligations.
  • Supporters of Chen Guangcheng in China turn to the constantly morphing Internet meme environment to bypass political censorship and spread their message.
  • Fannie Mae says that for the first time since 2008, it will not need money from the Treasury Department to balance its books. It has received $117 billion in aid since 2008.

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