A.M. Links: Lugar Loses, Federal Inmate Gets 40% Against Obama, Twitter Hack Wasn't


  • not richard lugar

    Senator Richard Lugar lost his bid to be re-nominated by the Republican Party in Indiana while federal inmate number 11593-051 scored more than 40% of the vote against President Obama in the Democratic primary in West Virginia. In Wisconsin, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will be the Democrat facing Scott Walker in the recall election this November June.

  • A group of hackers identifying themselves as Anonymous claimed to have hacked Twitter. The company says the claim is bogus, with the hacked information largely coming from suspended spam accounts.
  • Joe Biden on Iran: "When we took office, let me remind you, there was virtually no international pressure on Iran. We were the problem. We were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in Europe." A Mitt Romney spokesperson said the comments were "completely inappropriate."
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested the Euro single currency needed a single government as well. "The euro is a project in transition that could go in a number of different ways … all these countries have to make their own choices, " Cameron said.
  • California is considering a ban on gay conversion therapy, because it is harmful and ineffective.
  • That Cherokee ancestor of Elizabeth Warren's might've actually been rounding up Indians on the Trail of Tears instead.

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  1. California is considering a ban on gay conversion therapy, because it is harmful and ineffective.

    Harmful and ineffective? The Cali state government is heading toward self-banishment.

    1. At least ban the War on Drugs.

      1. can’t do that; too much profit in it. Easier to focus on conversion therapy since there is no extra money in it for the state either way and govt can look like it is doing something meaningful without actually doing anything at all.

      2. Ironically, the war on drugs is a sort of gay conversion therapy; they’re just converting them the other way.

    2. They should ban themselves, since they’re harmful and ineffective.

      Eat shit, Sacramento.

    3. 1st Amendment, what is it?

      1. 1st Amendment, what is it?

        Dead. Or at least maimed to the point it is irrelevant.

        1. Maimed certainly, but not yet irrelevant. With the obvious glaring exceptions, you really can publish or say what you want, without prior restraint or censorship. The stupid restrictions on commercial and political speech are a problem, but they aren’t everything.

    4. If we’re going to ban the ineffective, then let’s get started.

      This could be fun.

  2. Former Great Yorkshire Show boss jailed for filming a man having sex with a pony

    Ex-cop and peddler of kiddie porn too. But the Daily Mail knows what we’ll click on

    1. Stay classy Daily FAIL, stay classy.

    2. Did the pony say neigh?

      1. Right, let’s keep our focus on the mane issue here.

  3. A group of hackers identifying themselves as Anonymous claimed to have hacked Twitter.

    HFS, if we can’t trust Twitter feeds, chaos will ensue! ENSUE!

    1. Stop using big words, libertard. Public school kids will be unfairly discriminated against!


  4. British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested the Euro single currency needed a single government as well.

    Vlad Putin says he can help with that.

    1. This could well come down to two choices: Abandon the Euro or double-down and complete the political unification of Europe.

      1. I still maintain the Germans are going to build the 4th Reich out of this mess. They’ll be pushing for the unification, just wait.

        1. Unconditional unification!

        2. The situation has the possibility of leading to another war.

          1. Oh, goody. This time, maybe we should stay out of it.

            1. Like that could happen.

              1. Yeah, we just gots to meddle.

                1. Krugman just got a boner.

                  1. Can an inverted penis, no matter how comparatively tumescent, ever really be accurately termed a “boner?”

      2. There’s no question in my mind that they have to choose.

        And that creating a Euro superstate can only be done over the vociferous objections of a solid majority of Europeans.

        I would say its on a knife-edge, right now. It will probably come down to the Germans: are they willing to foot the bill/go into serious inflation? If not, then they can kill the Euro currency and superstate.

        1. It’s hard to read the tea leaves in Europe. Right now, you’d think they’d just dump the Euro and allow the EU ties to weaken. But this is Europe we’re talking about, so it’s not impossible that they’ll just unify into one big, messy country. I doubt it, but times are weird.

        2. And that creating a Euro superstate can only be done over the vociferous objections of a solid majority of Europeans.

          Depends on which ones are the majority. I assure you Eastern Europe will have a lot to say over this, since those newer countries are more solvent individually.

          I would say its on a knife-edge, right now. It will probably come down to the Germans: are they willing to foot the bill/go into serious inflation? If not, then they can kill the Euro currency and superstate.

          True, since Germany is the solid economic leader in the EU for now. I also find it ironic since the UK has yet to adopt the Euro as de facto currency and PM Cameron making such suggestions. If Germany was to start printing Deutchmarks immediately, I wonder what affect that would have on the British Pound. The recently independent states can make some interesting demands at this point prior to inclusion in the EU, if that is their desire.

        3. The Germans will be fine with it if they are in charge.

          As I said sometime back, they spent the entire 20th century trying to uniform Europe, why back off now that they have succeeded.

          1. s/uniform/unify/

            1. No, no, I see what you did there…

              1. RCz law…my typo was funnier than the original.

        4. Its like all the stuff from the ’90s about this being the only logical outcome (and therefore the point all along) has been memory-holed. But I distinctly remember the anti-Euroists saying exactly this.

  5. The dread hand of government tries to destroy the naive folk art of prison tatts


    1. But the government cites reports by prisons expert Keith Hamburger, from the virology research centre the Burnett Institute, and former health minister Michael Moore, which recommended a safe tattooing facility to control the spread of HIV and hepatitis.

      The good Minister is aware of the epidemiology and etiology of sexual contact for these diseases is the same as parenteral contact? If they aren’t poking needles in each other, they will be poking something else, and these are not mutually exclusive either.

      1. Aaah, they’re all aware of that. That’s why they hand out condoms to them!

        1. Unfortunately…

          Dispersal =/= Use

          Unless their incarcerated trysts are supervised.

          1. This is the People’s Republic of the ACT so they probably would supervise if they had the cash. Or even facilitate (“Jaysen, what do we say? That’s right, please bend over, bitch. Now, don’t forget what we learnt about reacharounds…”)

      2. Michael Moore was a former health minister? Was this before he started making crappy mockumentaries?

  6. The company says the claim is bogus, with the hacked information largely coming from suspended spam accounts.

    Yeah, just because some accounts were hacked doesn’t mean Twitter was hacked.

    1. Let me try that sarcasm again with more sarcasmy flavor…

      “We weren’t hacked! See, look at these hacked accounts as proof!”

    2. It does seem like there’s a difference between hacking accounts and hacking a service.

      1. Yes. Especially when “hacking accounts” usually means guessing passwords (which is pretty much what all the supposed “phone hacking” in the UK was).

  7. You can feed your kid any way you want, any where you want.

    And if you want to practice making another kid, give me a ring.


    1. Breastfeeding a 21 month old kid? That’s about a lot of things, but doing the best for the kid isn’t one of them.

      My old GP used to have a patient out in the bush who breastfed all five kids at lunchtime – the eldest one was eight, and they would come home from school. All I could think of was this

      1. Perhaps she is related to this stately lass.

        1. I have to admit, I kind of love that picture.

          1. I’m afraid to look. “Fat+Dancer.jpg” is enough for me. Though I figure John would fuck her.

          2. The Venus of Neverbathingdorf.

          3. As did Jabba, Demonica Archiva. She was his favorite dancer.

            1. LOL. Although, I also have to admit I have often nerdishly wondered what an intelligent slug would find sexually attractive about a human(oid) harem girl.

              1. I always assumed that, for Hutts, it was more of a status/power thing; like, Jabba realizes that other people desire “attractive” slave girls, so he buys them up to show he can afford it and to deprive other people of them.

              2. Let’s just say Jabba’s tastes rival that of STEVE SMITH!

                Though no documented evidence exists that Jabba was bi-sexual or majored in Greek Studies.

              3. Did you ever see any female hutts?

      2. You do have a point.

      3. My wife’s old boss had a wife who was very active in La Leche and gave breast feeding classes at local hospitals. She breast fed all 4 of the kids until they were 5 or 6. The office staff did the math and figured out she’d had a kid on the tit for something like 17 straight years. 42 longs, indeed.

      4. 21 month old isn’t so weird. 8 is definitely fucking nuts.

    2. Hamilton was breastfeeding her baby in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art when a female employee told her that it was making another patron feel uncomfortable

      Based on the photos, I’ll wager a male employee told her to go right ahead.

      1. I would.

      2. Based on the picture, she has LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE! written all over her. I have absolutely nothing against breastfeeding in public, but it’s not too much to ask to throw a receiving blanket over yourself and the kid.

        1. I agree, Demonica Archiva, but you have factor in the potential attachment parenting issues, not to mention the potential claustrophobia from covering the suckling babe.

        2. I went to a party thrown by a bunch of goth people. At least three women were openly breast feeding kids. I have no problem with that, but it did seem like they were just doing it to be “cool” and “edgy”.

        3. I think that if people don’t want to see it, they shouldn’t look.

          1. I think people need to get over the whole “boobs are weird/sacred/gross” thing. I’ve never understood why two lumps of fat need to be cloistered or why only female nipples need to be blacked out/covered up in magazines. This is one area where cultural conditioning is pretty retarded.

            1. Sacred? Yes. Weird? 52% of the population is supposed to have them, about 60% actually does. Gross? Rarely, except in that extra 8%

          2. Kind of hard not to look when she’s sitting in the middle of an art museum.

            1. Unless she’s up on pedestal with lights shining on her, there’s something lese to look at. Like teh arts.

              1. Just make sure to shield your virgin eyes if you come across any topless paintings. Because, you know, it’s such a big deal.

            2. Decorum is a lost art, Demonica Archiva.

    3. That may be the first recorded case of an actual attractive women doing that in public. Usually the word “sow” comes to mind when witnessing it.

  8. Krugabe is the current guest on Washington Journal. I’ve been hitting redial for 20 minutes in an effort to speak with him but all of the callers so far have been sycophants and fellow travelers.

    1. You’re a better man than I.

    2. Unintentionally hilarious Krugabe quote – when asked if he thought there was a danger that the US would not be able to borrow money, he replied “People have been talking about a debt crises in Japan for as long as I can remember; basically about 12 years.

      1. Japan’s debt is at about 220% of its GDP. When the house of cards comes down, it’s going to come down hard.

        1. Krugabe actually used Britain and Germany during the 1920s and 30s as an example of why deficits do not matter. As long as people will loan you money, keep borrowing, seemed to be the thrust of his argument.
          Also, I urge everyone to go to the C-SPAN video archive and watch his segment once it is posted. A caller asked him to explain to the rubes and the monsters at FOX News how the multiplier effect works. Krugabe’s stammering ramble about how a 1st grade teacher paying her bills turns $1.00 of tax money into a $1.75 once it hits the ‘economy’ is top-notch stupid. He was in rare form today.

          1. I’m afraid to watch it. I might bust a forehead vein.

            1. Yeah… the next guest was some liberal hand-wringer from Harper’s Magazine bemoaning the loss of Cabrini Green Houses. Mrs. L0b0t wisely commandeered the television set and is making us watch Bad Girls Club; I yell at that televisual feast as well but there is less danger of me throwing things at the screen.

              1. “bemoaning the loss of Cabrini Green Houses”

                Don’t we all long for the days that inner city minority students had to dodge bullets raining through their classroom windows in their government-run projects?

                1. http://www.harpers.org/archive…..c-90008600

                  Here’s the strange, nostalgic article. Funny part about the white Maoists who moved to Cabrini Green, got beaten when they confronted cops, and then sued the city successfully. Maoists never seemed to have a problem with administering state beatdowns; they just hate receiving them.

                  1. Thanks for the link. I followed it to Ben Austen’s other stories for Harper’s. His 2009 piece about Detroit’s saintly UAW and the evils of those sandle-wearing goldfish-tenders at Toyota who had the temerity to open a plant in the Bluegrass State is not to be missed.
                    Also, I really don’t know who to root for in his Cabrini piece; I hate cops and Maoists.

                2. You’d think he could have gone to the trouble of locating someone who DOESN’T pine for their old urine-soaked bullet-riddled hellhole residence.

      2. as long as I can remember; basically about 12 years.

        So Krugnuts is roughly as intelligent as, say, any random member of Creed…?

  9. I like the look of West Virginny’s Obama challenger in that pic up there. Business in the front, Dothraki horse lord in the back.

    1. …Dothraki horse lord in the back.

      No bells though. If he beats O, should he add one?

    2. That is the best sentence describing hair that I have ever seen.

    3. Since he lost, he has to cut it off, right?

  10. Contest! What was (or should have been) the campaign slogan of Keith Judd (federal inmate number 11593-051) in running against Obama?

    “A Candidate With Conviction”

    “A Troubled Man for Troubled Times”

    “A Snake in Every Pool”

    1. “I’ve killed fewer people and stolen less money”

      1. *like*

      2. Nice.

        You owe me a new keyboard and monitor, I just spewed soda all over this one.

        1. you’re not hitting me up for the soda as well? That’s pretty big of you

    2. “Washington Needs to Be Reformed from the Inside”

    3. “It Takes a Thief…”

    4. “Fuck you, that’s why!”

    5. “The Only Candidate with Full Disclosure”

    6. “I had my political platform tattooed on my chest so I won’t forget it.”

      “I won’t be squeamish about using my pardon power.”

    7. “I can win by a hair!”

    8. “You Know Where I Stand on Gay Marriage”

    9. “I have never ordered a drone strike and I have never bailed out a bank.”

    10. “Vote for a President who has paid for his crimes”

      1. Yer on fire this morning!

    11. “What Washington really needs. Prison rape, now more than ever.”

    12. “Meth. Legalize it. Subsidize it.”

  11. So now my choices for president are between Gary Johnson or Keith Judd. Johnson, though not a perfect libertarian, is better than everyone but Ron Paul.

    But Judd has that whole federal prisoner and making theats going for him.

    1. Depends. Johnson is better than Ron Paul on immigration, gay marriage and the 14th Amendment assuring equal protections by state governments (Kelo, Lawrence, etc.)

  12. Those dumb teabagging conservatives were right after all, part XCVIII:

    The Atlantic on “How Expanding Student Rights Undermined Public Schooling”


    The first sentence could be the start of many an article: “There was a time not long ago when well-intended reformers thought…”

    1. Anybody who ever thought you could reason with or negotiate with a child has obviously never raised one.

    2. The law of unintended consequences provides us with a good lesson here. With expanding due process in schools comes expanding punishment for the student. Far from freeing students from an stiffling authority, the SC opinions have helped to enact even stricter policies and reactions to violations.

      In previous days bringing aspirin or tylenol to school for a headache was not a problem. Even if the principal or teacher objected, they merely reminded the student that their policy is to get medication form the school nurse. These days the consequences for doing the above is even criminal.

      The due process pushers wished for a more formalized process of discipline and got it. The problem is that an increasingly formalized process of disciplining results in a decreased use of common sense, and an increased severity of punishment.

      1. “law of unintended consequences”

        As some commenters have pointed out, forseeable=intended.

        Right-wing types were screaming bloody murder when these “reforms” were adopted, but of course the reformers didn’t care. “OMG why do you *hate children!*”

        Now they are belatedly acknowledging that this wasn’t such a hot idea, but getting rid of these reforms will be extremely difficult, even assuming they have the will to try. (“OMG why do you hate children? Racist!”)

  13. For some West Virginia Democrats, simply running against Obama is enough to get Judd votes.

    I honestly thought it was Ashely Judd making a more extreme point that we, as a culture, focus too much on looks.



  15. Attracting at least 15 percent of the vote would normally qualify a candidate for a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. But state Democratic Party Executive Director Derek Scarbro said no one has filed to be a delegate for Judd. The state party also believes that Judd has failed to file paperwork required of presidential candidates, but officials continue to research the matter, Scarbro said.

    Embarrassing. It doesn’t look like Judd’s campaign is any more on the ball than Gingrich’s or Santorum’s were.

    1. To be fair, he has been boxed in as of late.

    2. I’m sure they can find a Ron Paul delegate to go.

  16. Body was in Derriford Hospital car park for two days

    But at least his disabled parking pass was valid

    1. “Disabled users have unlimited parking time on site”

      I think I see a way to avoid burial expenses.

  17. Dear Senator Lugar: don’t go away mad, but by all means, please do go away.

    1. πŸ™‚ Well done. Let’s see how gracious a loser he is.

      1. Odds that he moves back to Indiana?

        (Answer: 0)

  18. “The nine men from Rochdale were yesterday convicted of abusing five vulnerable teenagers after plying them with alcohol, food and small sums of money in return for sex.
    However, the true number of victims, who were “passed around” by the gang, is likely to be nearer to 50, police have admitted.
    Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have now apologised after they failed to bring the case of the first victim – Girl A – to trial following her cry for help in August 2008.
    One 13 year-old victim became pregnant and had the child aborted while another was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night, Liverpool Crown Court heard.
    Complaints to social workers and the police were ignored because they were “petrified of being called racist”, former Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer said.”


    1. Someone please explain to me how the mass import of Asiatic immigrants has helped Britain.

      This crime was not, of course, racially motivated. Culture clash must not exist!

      1. I’m trying as hard as I can to see what a story about the police failing to do their jobs has to do with immigration.

      2. Incidentally, “the mass import of Asiatic immigrants” was a consequence of British law that held that British subjects, regardless of their birthplace had a right to live in Britain. The place was lousy with Aussies, Kiwis and Canucks for years too. They usually didn’t stay long though as their homelands aren’t shitholes like India and Pakistan.

        1. I understand that. But how many Aussies, Kiwis, and Canucks were plying teenage girls with alcohol and forcing them into prostitution for the shits and giggles of their fellows? They were either a) not doing so, or b) not getting caught.

          They may have been British subjects, historically, but Muslims from British territories have never really been British, and they don’t see value in white teenagers except as sex slaves. Notice they were not abducting their own ethnic teens to serve as prostitutes, they were preying specifically on white girls. They might live in England, but Britons they will never be, and never respect.

          1. Also, would the police have feared charges of racism if they’d gone after a gang of Kiwis forcing girls into prostitution?


            The over-sensitivity to such charges against Muslims (and the very real possibility that the Muslim tendency to violently retaliate, to the death) prevented the police from doing their jobs.

            1. I don’t know for certain but I’m fairly sure that by a huge majority “Asiatic immigrants” are not “plying teenage girls with alcohol and forcing them into prostitution”.

            2. “The over-sensitivity to such charges against Muslims (and the very real possibility that the Muslim tendency to violently retaliate, to the death) prevented the police from doing their jobs.”

              Seems like simple cowardice prevented the police from doing their jobs. The over-sensitivity is just a convenient excuse.

              1. Actually, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that English police are quite slack about following up on rape complaints. Actually From newsp[aper reports English cops sound like the laziest bastards on earth when it come to responding to almost all criminal complaints but there lack of action on rape cases is especially inexcusable.

                It’s quite conceivable that once confronted with some bleeding heart counselling cultural sensitivity their natural laziness combined with their subservience to bureaucratic superiors and gave them an excuse to ignore everything.

                As to the invasion by Asiatic hordes, it has for the most part been positive. The immigrants tend to be far more entrepreneurial and self reliant than the native born English working class yobo, and heavily represented in the small merchant and shopkeeper class.

                1. All of the preceding should be read from a complete FWIW perspective.

                  I am fully aware that anecdotes are not data and your anecdotes and the conclusions you draw from them might be quite different than mine.

                  1. Also, if the stories my handful of Jamaican and English born black friends are true, English cops could use a shitload of real cultural sensitivity training.

                    The way they tell it they’re truly a bunch of raging bigots. And these are guys that pretty much shrug at any of the casual racism that happens in this country.

    2. While the willingness of the local po-po to tolerate gang rape of teenagers as long as the rapists are Muslim is horrifying, I can’t help but notice that in an article about the corrosive effects of political correctness, the newspaper couldn’t stop itself from referring to Muslims as “Asians”.

      1. Limey Island. That’s all you need to know to discount expectations of logic or reason of any sort.

      2. RPA is right RC. In the UK this is par for the course. In UKR, this would not have been tolerated at all. Even if bribes were necessary to take a more “individualized” approach to justice.

      3. That’s common parlance in the UK for those from the subcontinent, which is decidedly in Asia, and is where most of the eastern immigrants in UK come from.

      4. tolerate gang rape of teenagers as long as the rapists are Muslim

        “Welcome to Liberaltopia!”

    3. For those of you who haven’t read the article, read it. This is one reason why Britain is doomed. Cultural sensitivity is taking precedence over basic human rights.

      1. How long before that starts to happen here? Or is that a moot question yet?

        1. I’d say we’re following by about 20 to 30 years.

          1. Yeah, but isn’t the standard libertarian response to restricting immigration that immigration shouldn’t be restricted, and that we need immigrant labor to keep our economy going and our population robust (and also to ameliorate perceived collective guilt over colonizing less advanced civilizations 400-500 years ago)?

            Or can we do it better next time?

            1. Oh goody, another troll telling us what we think. This one seems to be of the NeoCon “tuk er jorbs” variety, which I guess is sort of refreshing after the last couple of emotional nitwits.

            2. Libertarians don’t tend to give a shit about, or at least don’t want to blame the current generations for, crimes that may have been perpetrated by our ancestors. The “White guilt” ad hom doesn’t really stick to people who eschew identity politics. As for the semi-lucid part of your question, no, immigration should not be restricted, generally, but people should also be free to defend themselves and their families from shit like this without having to rely on police and social workers. Blaming this on immigration is disingenuous, as this group was, what, .0001% of the total number of immigrants to Britain in the past 10 years? Even .01% of the total number of Muslim immigrants? It was 9 fucked up individuals, and a failure of the State to protect its property.

          2. periodically, this member of the EU Parliament makes the rounds, Daniel Hannan (I think). His summary is just that – you (the US) are where we (the UK) were a couple of decades ago and you are headed in our direction quickly.

        2. Actually, most of this kind of “cultural sensitivity” was invented in the USA and has just been imported into countries like the UK (and Canada and Australia) where it got distilled and refined into the kind of lunacy that is its logical outcome.

          It would actually be an interesting historical study to see just how many of the ideas ravaging the world today were originally advanced by American “thinkers” and wisely rejected by the populace at large only to be adopted enthusiastically by other governments.

  19. For years, former laborers in Nazi-era ghettos have been fighting to get the pension that German law ostensibly guarantees them. A strict interpretation of that legislation, however, has meant that a vast majority of applications have been rejected. Now, a complaint has been filed with Germany’s highest court.

    Waiting for them to die, no doubt


  20. Headline of the day.

    Obama takes a Wide Stance on Gay Marriage to Placate Voting Blocks


    1. … tap, tap, tap …

    2. Didn’t they run the last guy to take a wide stance out of office?

    3. The article continues, President Barack Obama is staying in the gay marriage closet.


  21. Coming to you live from South Korea, so I’m about to go to bed. But first:

    Check out the policeone commenter’s reaction to the guy whom the DEA gave kidney failure. It’s every bit as execrable as you think it might be.

    And, bonus, isn’t this cop just such a big damn hero. Imagine if he put in that much effort to solving real crimes instead of potential ones.

    Oh, and thanks to Groovus for posting that taser stuff yesterday. First argument I ever got into with dunphy. And I guarantee he still won’t admit he’s wrong.

    1. That’s a pretty big screw up! Hopefully the Agent that was responsible won’t get fired and can take his lumps and move on.

      Let’s not forget what is important here.

    2. Check out the policeone commenter’s reaction to the guy whom the DEA gave kidney failure. It’s every bit as execrable as you think it might be.

      Two standouts:

      “They are going to pay him. Wait for him to do something wrong then arrest him and take their money back. Recycle 101.”


      “Unacceptable on any level. When we arrest an individual, we assume liability for that individual.
      We are responsible for their safety, their well being, their hydration, their nourishment, their medical care, etc. There is no excuse for allowing something like this to happen. We’re not China.”

    1. The heartless wretches. She’ll fade away without their help

    2. She can still cross state lines to get tanned. Unless the Feds invoke the fucking tenth ammendment.

      1. Or The Mann Act.

  22. I think that one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote,’ Peterson said in the sermon.
    ‘We should’ve never turned this over to women. It was a big mistake… And these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil who agrees (sic) with them who’re gonna take us down this pathway of destruction.
    ‘And this probably was the reason that they didn’t allow women to vote when men were men. Because men, in the good old days, understood the nature of the woman. They were not afraid to deal with it and they understood that if they let them take over, this is what would happen.’


    1. Women were given the vote in what 1919? It was only 13 short years before the Republic as we knew it ended. He may not be right. But his theory does agree with the known facts.

      1. But his theory does agree with the known facts.

        John, correlation does not equal causation.

        1. No, it does not necessarily mean causation. But its existence is certainly a necessary predicate to causation.

          1. I agree that its existence is certainly a necessary predicate to causation. but I think we had already started down the road to ending the republic long before women got the right to vote.

            As Sugerfree notes the Whiskey Rebellion was 128 years before. Also the Alien and Sedition Act was 121 years before they could vote.

            1. The first Republic ended with the Civil War. The second one ended with the New Deal. I happen to like the second one a lot. And I think women getting the vote had a lot to do with it ending.

              1. I would say passing the Fed. Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment in 1913 ended the Republic. Nothing has done more damage than these two IMHO.

              2. I think that there is little in the past that one should want to return to. I think that the only reason why people might have been freer in some sense in the past is because it was technically impossible to monitor and control people to the extent possible today.

                As for the women voting question, I am sure that that had something to do with the success of the progressives and the New Deal. But so what? Judging groups of people collectively is always wrong.
                The thing about caring about freedom and self determination is that you have to support freedom even for people who disagree with you and will oppose freedom. Or you are just as bad as they are.

      2. The Whiskey Rebellion was put down 128 years before women got the vote.

        That’s when America jumped the shark.

        1. That’s when America jumped the shark.

          At what point, TWR or Womyn’s Suffrage?


      3. John, I know you’re not one to agree with anarchists but might I recommend Democracy: The God That Failed?

        The premise is that, as democratic rights expanded, the role of government necessarily had to change to the horrid thing we have today. The author wants to unite conservatives and anarchists/libertarians as common allies against a state that destroys traditional values.

        It also vaguely advocates monarchy as being preferable to democracy. It’s not something I agree with, but a thought-provoking read nonetheless.

        1. I am a monarchist: Ser Ilyn, bring me his head.

        2. I will have to check that out. I had the pleasure of knowing a few professors in college who were straight up monarchists. And they made some good points.

          The problem is that when you have a good king, it is great. But when you have a bad one, it is that much more horrible. And then succession is a problem. You have to be willing to live with idiot sons.

          I think the British had it pretty close to right with the Glorious Revolution. You have a King to intervene when the Parliament goes crazy. Sadly, the British monarch has become a figure head. A real monarch would have refused the royal seal to most of the nonsense that Parliament is passing.

          1. In that case, I also recommend the (cancelled) show, Kings. It’s an alternate-history of the world where monarchy remained the standard formula; it’s also sort of a retelling of the rise of biblical King David.

          2. I’m voting for Warty for king. Sure, the world would become inhabitable, but the laffs would be epic.

            1. I’ve been voting for lulz for years. That’s why I like it when LaRouchies are on the ballot.

      4. Women were given the vote in what 1919? It was only 13 short years before the Republic as we knew it ended.

        Prohibition passed in 1919 also.


        1. Prohibition actually was the galvanizing issue that brought women into the Big Tent of The Temperance Leagues during The Temperance Movement. They wanted to ban booze and the right to vote and got both. So women have been on the forefront of limiting choice and expanding government for a long time.

          1. So why do we complain about how few of us there are here? Seems like a plus.

        2. I personally think the 16th and 17th are much bigger problems than the 18th. The 19th was pretty damn bad — but, at least they were still following the constitution. Soon thereafter, prohibition stopped requiring an amendment.

    2. Submitted without comment.

    3. So the ‘men who are men’ in the Afghanistan have it right? I think this guy would make an excellent Taliban.

    4. That’s one of my favorite ways to wind people up, when popular election of Senators isn’t getting the reaction I want.

      “Well, if you don’t think popular election of Senators was the fatal blow to our Constitutional system, that pretty much leaves you with allowing women to vote.”

      1. Do men and wymenz assign value in differently? If so, I’d say it is reasonable to assume that doubling the number of voters with people with different values, will change the narrative. To predict how would be speculative, but I have a few ideas that I occasionally piss off my wife with.

      2. Thats a good one. I’m gonna use it in real life sometime. I occasionally try to bring up the 17th when engaged with non brain dead people. But even around what I consider to be pretty smart people, bringing up the 17th amendment can often induce blank stares of boredom. Maybe this rhetorical tactic can introduce a little bit of emotional oomph to the conversation.

  23. I love a happy ending…

    Penn. Korean War vet, 84, shoots home intruder with gun he carried in war

    ELIZABETH, Pa. – Police say an 84-year-old western Pennsylvania man wounded a home invasion suspect with the gun he carried in the Korean War.

    Elizabeth Township police say 25-year-old Raymond Hiles was captured not long after trying to break into Fred Ricciutti’s home early Tuesday morning.


    1. Please tell me the perp was looking for the keys to the Gran Torino in the garage.

      1. Clint’s not amused.

  24. Pictures from the Occupy LA May Day Rally

    I would call them retarded, but frankly that is an insult to retarded people. They can at least write proper signs.


    Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what those signs are supposed to mean.

    1. Those first few are incomprehensible, even to me, and I can usually translate from the Leftist Idiot patois quite easily.

      “Prescribed Degrees Lag / Free the Capacity to Craft Free”? Huh? Is Esty demanding credentials to make beard hats now?

      1. “Duty to Defy Time

        Not War

        Wages Rise”


        1. Maybe it works out as a haiku in Sanskrit.

        2. “The time is now, and our duty is to defy. We should focus on raising wages rather than spending all of our money on war.”

          1. Wow Alack did you go to school to learn to speak leftist retard or did your parents speak it in the home?

            I am impressed.

            1. I spent most of my life in MA and CA. You need to know the lingo to get by.

      2. “Prescribed Degrees Lag / Free the Capacity to Craft Free”

        TRANSLATION: “The idea that we need to get approval to get degrees, via the price system, causes us to lag behind in our march toward a better future. We must make it free to learn so that we can be free to improve ourselves and others to the fullest capacity.”

        1. Your advanced command of the lingo here is quite impressive. It still sounds stupid, but at least now it’s comprehensible and stupid.

          1. Looks like he just put it into Google Translate to me.

        2. Wow. Your skills are impressive.

          Also, has the dumb fuck ever heard of the library or Google?

        3. You could make a decent living as a douche-to-adult translator – hospitals, the court system etc would all pay to understand what the poor dears were trying to say

          1. I, uh, actually work with hospitals. So. Mission accomplished?

          2. I have a friend who is transcribes legal depositions for a living. The excerpts she posts are priceless.

        4. Holy shit, dude…you’re like the retard whisperer.

          1. Laughing my ass off now. πŸ˜€

    2. Well, the homeless guy was asking people to give him money. The other ones I can make neither heads nor tails of.

      Something about greed and 1% and corporations, I’m sure.

    3. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what those signs are supposed to mean.


    4. I rather liked adoptahomelessmotherf??ker.com (as seen on TV). It would be better of course as employahomelessmotherf??ker.com. I do sometimes ask professional beggars what they will do for my spare change. Considering the arse-ache I have to go through to earn the spare change, it seems a fair question

      1. Amazingly, that site actually exists.

    5. Your monthly bonus is my college tuition

      “I am entitled to the money you have earned; it is more important that I be given an education than that you are able to buy things in accordance with the others’ valuation of your abilities/contributions”.

      Capitalism Kills Animals Humans and the Earth

      “If it weren’t for the free and voluntary exchange of goods, we would still be living in the Garden of Eden.”

      Wake the f?%! up America[…]

      “A cabal of foreign money-lenders are the source of all worldly problems. By starving others and frightening them into submission, they gain dominance over us. Lincoln and Kennedy, two great presidents, were assassinated precisely because they saw this fact.”

      PO Trucks Drug Tunnels Meth Tanks DEA FBI US Coast Guard Up to 5 Million US Dollars Reward Lee Kuan[…]ew People’s Action Party Singapore Police Up to 1 Million US Dollars

      “I am a paranoid schizophrenic. Please bring me to the nearest care facility.”

      1. You’re like the Retard Whisperer.

        1. LOL. This should be the motto of OWS observers.

    6. Unless they can top this protest I remain unimpressed.

      1. Sorry, just linked the picture, here is the story.

        Alzheimer’s Sufferers Demand Cure For Pancakes

  25. That Cherokee ancestor of Elizabeth Warren’s might’ve actually been rounding up Indians on the Trail of Tears instead.

    Why does everyone keep picking on Elizabeth Warren?

    She’s just a poor little Indian girl, who needs some extra help because of all the discrimination she’s suffered all her life–because of her Indian ancestry!

    One more time, it isn’t about Elizabeth Warren’s ancestor. It’s about Elizabeth Warren. She disgracefully billed herself as a minority, who was discriminated against, in an effort to aggrandize herself. …at the expense of some deserving Native American professor somewhere, who probably would have had an opportunity to teach at the University of Pennsylvania–if only Elizabeth Warren hadn’t been so greedy.

    Elizabeth Warren callously exploited the people she claims to be fighting for–she certainly didn’t let squashing some minority’s opportunity get in the way of self-aggrandizement. And the people of Massachusetts should be ashamed of themselves if they elect her to represent them.

    1. But she means well. I am sorry for that poor Indian who didn’t get that Harvard appointment. But sometimes the individual has to be sacrificed for the greater good. If he had gotten that job, Harvard would have been deprived of the fairy godmother to Occupy Wall Street.

      1. It’s the disturbing pattern on display here, too.

        She claims not to be part of the 1%–despite making over $400,000 a year and having millions in assets.

        She’s obsessed with portraying herself as a poor victim of discrimination–even though she’s wealthy as all hell. She’s a classic limousine liberal–and she’s scared to death of the truth.

        1. One of most sickening part of Warren and the other “elites” of her ilk is they produce nothing of value. What has she done, other than make a bunch of BS papers supporting lefty causes, with her life? And she gets all the money for producing essentially nothing.

          1. ^^This^^ She doesn’t even train good lawyers. Her students at Harvard would do just fine no matter who taught them. And they get their legal training at the firms that hire them.

            At some level deep in her mind, Warren has to know this. And I think he hatred of the “system” and capitalism is at some level hatred of her self.

          2. And the lofty salary she’s been earning is largely the result of tuition inflation fueled by easy government money/credit.

            1. It’s not just the professor’s salary!

              She made a ton of money by fighting asbestos claims for Traveler’s Insurance–way to fight for the little guy, Elizabeth!

              She made $165,300 for working as a special adviser to Barack Obama. She earned a few hundred thousand dollars–from you, the taxpayer!

              “She collected a total of $192,722 for leading the congressional panel that oversaw the US bank bailout.”


              Harvard Tuition isn’t the half of it. She took money out of your paycheck! How’s it feel to be the 1%, Elizabeth?

              P.S. Her husband is a Harvard Professor, too. They’re stinking rich!

          3. The sickening thing to me is that these people do this all in pursuit of power and to satisfy there own inflated egos. It’s disgusting and repulsive. She and her ilk beleive they are btter than everyone else, deserve their trappings and benefits, while all the rest of us are supposed to knuckle under, behave oursevles, and let our betters decide how we should will live our lives.

            When the common man revolts, and these people find themselves tarred and feathered, swinging from a gibbet, or under a guillotine, or worse, they will still beleive in the righteousness of their cause – which is nothing but a base pursuit of power.

        2. My mom picked up on something very interesting… Warren is vain about her appearance.

          Warren made some crack about not having to take her clothes off to get ahead, and Brown apparently made a joke along the lines of “Thank God” and she got mad. My mom heard Warren’s response and says that Warren was really pissed that someone would think she wasn’t attractive enough for a magazine to shoot naked.

          1. All women are vain.

            1. Let me guess…

              All men are rapists = hysterical feminist collectivist nonsense
              All women are vain = just the facts, ma’am

              1. Calling someone vain is not quite like calling them a rapist.

                1. It is still a lazy unfair generalisation, no?

              2. Everyone knows not to take John too seriously. Every comment he makes begins with “All” or “Every”. To John there is no middle ground.

                1. Everyone knows …

                  I saw what you did there

                2. Not all of my my comments begin with a universal declarative. But yes, Mo, the ones that do are generally not to be taken literally. They are either tong in cheek or making a rhetorical point.

                  1. But yes, Mo, the ones that do are generally not to be taken literally. They are either tong in cheek or making a rhetorical point.

                    Believe me, I understand that point. That’s what makes it so easy to not take anything you say seriously.

                    1. Well you are such an intellectual giant there Mo, I would hate to force you to lower yourself down to us mortals. I am just glad someone like you is willing to even speak with us let alone share his smugness.

                    2. Well you are such an intellectual giant there Mo, I would hate to force you to lower yourself down to us mortals.

                      Just you John, just you. I know the angle you come into any discussion from so I know how to take your comments, usually with a shaker full of salt.

                    3. Of course you do Mo. That is just because you are so much fucking smarter than the rest of us and your farts smell like roses.

                      There is a reason why all of us hang on your every word and take it like Gospel. You don’t need to be modest. Let your smugness flow. You are among friends.

                    4. Thanks John, I appreciate the high praise but coming from you it means nothing. You’re just another angry artifact on the Internet. As far as I know, I am so much fucking smarter than the rest of you, though maybe not as specialized in some areas like doctoring or lawyering. I don’t know what gave you the idea that I was being smug, I was simply pointing out that a lot of the time you’re a douche. There’s no need to get your panties in a twist when someone calls you out on it, none of the other people here do.

                    5. You were just pointing out how wonderful and superior you are while dismissing other people completely, ignoring any possibility of iron from the other side while being completely pedantic. But you were not being smug at all.

                      Keep up the good work there champ.

                    6. You were just pointing out how wonderful and superior you are

                      Didn’t do it.

                      dismissing other people completely

                      Just you.

                      ignoring any possibility of iron(sic)

                      I know it was just you being you John.

                      irony from the other side while being completely pedantic

                      FTFY. And I don’t think irony is the right word. How’s that for pedantic?

                      But you were not being smug at all.

                      You got it.

                      Keep up the good work there champ.

                      I’ll do my best.

                      PS – I haven’t accidentally fallen into MNG’s spot have I?

                  2. “tong in cheek”

                    Sounds painful.

              3. Well, there’s no Rape Quarterly, but plenty of fashion and beauty magazines.

                Neither one of those statements are true, but one is more true than the other.

                1. If I am not mistaken Steve Smith is the long time editor of Rape Quarterly.

                  1. Mea culpa.

                    Please don’t rape me, STEVE SMITH.

            2. All the hot ones are – that’s how they stay hot.

              1. This explains Warren how, exactly?

          2. She’s pissed because he zinged her. She set up the pitch and he knocked it out of the park. Serves her right. Should have played along with the joke and moved on.

          3. She smiles the way a little kid shows you he just lost a tooth.

    2. All this is making me wonder if I can claim sort of superfecta of discrimination when I apply for stuff. I have to admit I hadn’t considered it, but hey, if it
      s good enough for our “elites”… Cherokee ancestry: check. Irish ancestry: check. Catholic ancestry: check. Impoverished tenant farmer ancestry: check.

      1. You forgot gayness. That’s the easiest one to fake.

        1. Well, the husband-unit and child-unit might be taken as a claim against that, but perhaps I could respond that I am bisexual, perhaps even with lesbian tendencies.

          1. Oppression by a heteronormative culture forced you to make decisions to fit in.

          2. Yes, yes, go on.

        2. True, this. I’m not gay. I’m straighter than a statute mile, but I manned the GLBT table at work last month, so no a lot of people think I’m gay. Even the gay folk that were there. But what am I supposed to do? Tell everyone who comes up to the table, “Hell no I’m not gay. That shit’s disgusting.”?

          1. “I’m a lesbian who had the misfortune to be born male.”

            1. That’s my line.

            2. My husband and I are just a bulldogga & a drag queen.

              That pretty much does it.

              1. Demonic Archiver and now rac3rx? How many women do we actually have here?!

          2. Who cares? Let them think what they want to think, and if they make assumptions in conversations, gently correct them. It shows you’re completely comfortable about your sexuality.

    3. at the expense of some deserving Native American professor somewhere,

      I don’t accept the premise that her position at Harvard was reserved for Indians.

      She defrauded Harvard at the expense of all the other applicants.

      1. It was sure as hell reserved for minorities. If they hadn’t hired her, they would have found another minority to meet the quota, although not necessarily an Indian.

        I love Harvard’s claim that she was qualified and would have been hired had she not claimed to be Indian. Okay, then why do you need affirmative action if minorities would get hired anyway? Is Harvard admitting that they are racist and would be unwilling to hire qualified minority candidates if affirmative action policies didn’t force them to? Seems that way to me.

      2. I don’t accept the premise that her position at Harvard was reserved for Indians.

        The position at Harvard may not have been reserved for Native Americans, but would Harvard have hired her if she hadn’t been at the University of Pennsylvania?

        She started listing herself as Native American when she was at the University of Houston–is my understanding. Would the University of Pennsylvania have hired her if she wasn’t supposedly Native American?

        If she didn’t think it would help her, then why did she list her ethnicity as Native American?

        Do you know what her answer is?

        She says she listed her ethnicity as a Native American in the hope of meeting new people!

        “I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group, something that might happen with people who are like I am,” said Warren.


        That’s another reason to vote against Elizabeth Warren–she treats the people of Massachusetts like they’re stupid.

        1. That’s another reason to vote against Elizabeth Warren–she treats the people of Massachusetts like they’re stupid.

          There’s a reason for that. I’ll give you two guesses what that reason is.

          1. Seriously. I love the state and it’s history but geez they can be unbeleivably dumb when selecting representatives.

            1. The entire history of the Kennedy clan is a testament to the stupidity of the MA voter.

              1. Bingo!

        2. “I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group, something that might happen with people who are like I am,” said Warren.

          By “people who are like I am”, what the hell did she mean?

          People that are also taking advantage of a technicality to deprive some minority professor, who has genuinely suffered discrimination? People who are doing that for their own self-aggrandizement–and then turning around and running for office on a platform of fighting for minorities and the downtrodden?

          How many more people like that are out there?! I guess she imagines the rest of us are just as depraved as she is.

          1. deprive some minority professor, who has genuinely suffered discrimination

            Are you sure you’re a libertarian? I could have sworn part of that profile meant not accepting that discrimination is not real.

            1. er, discrimination IS real.

              1. Nah. If we libertarians are gonna make inroads with minorities, we’re gonna have to acknowledge that the discrimination they suffer is real.

                And the best solution to that? The best way to create more opportunities for minorities who have been discriminated against?

                It ain’t affirmative action at Ivy League schools that the elite like Liz Warren just misuse for themselves anyway.

                I have a dream. That we will one day live in a nation where we will not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. I call call that dream “free-market capitalism”.

                There is no better way to create more opportunities for minorities who have been discriminated against than free market capitalism.

        3. She says she listed her ethnicity as a Native American in the hope of meeting new people!

          Yet somehow never got around to socializing with the “real” Indian law profs.

          And for good reason. If she had shown up at one of their dos, they would have laughed her out of the room.

          1. She’s have been found out–for sure.

        4. she treats the people of Massachusetts like they’re stupid.

          I am grudgingly forced to confess open admiration for Warren’s spot-on assessment of her own voting base.

    4. Ken, if you keep banging on that Lizzy the Limousine Liberal harp you’re going to break the strings. We get it, you don’t like her. You also seem to be under the impression that only YOU can see the true woman. Well guess what, the voters of MA don’t give even one half of a shit what you think. People like her are the type of people they’ve been putting in office for decades.

      1. It’s giving me a helluva good laugh.

        1. It’s supposed to be funny.

          Fer Christ’s sake, if you can’t bash a limousine liberal on a libertarian blog–who participated in TARP, helped bring about the CFA and claimed to have “created the intellectual foundation for what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is doing?

          Then what the hell’s a libertarian blog for?

          1. Right on.

          2. Yeah, Mo Money Parky, lighten up.

  26. New toys take cyber sex to a new level!


    1. You missed the Kate Middleton split skirt pics? You disappoint me sarcasmic.


      1. not sharing != missing

      2. Her toes look delicious.

    2. The video for this MAKES this article. Pure gold.

    3. Using tht Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the movements performed by each user into vibration signals and send them to another selected device

      Can you save the file for playback at a later time?

      1. Does it have the equivalent of picture-in-picture, if you know what I mean?

    1. Newly revealed German government documents reveal that many in Helmut Kohl’s Chancellery had deep doubts about a European common currency when it was introduced in 1998. First and foremost, experts pointed to Italy as being the euro’s weak link. The early shortcomings have yet to be corrected.

      but with usual government foresight, they decided to plow ahead.

    2. A common currency was already proposed I believe shortly after the Second World War, but then dumped. 40 years of studying the issue apparently didn’t make people wiser.

  27. S.E. Cupp: So where do you stand, Mr. President?
    From gay rights to Syria, Obama is maddeningly vague

    1. I can think of a few places I would like Ms. Cupp to stand.

      1. Does it involve a countertop and kitchen?

        1. Or any piece of furniture about that height.

    2. What I think is interesting about the “gay community” (at least the people whose blogs I follow, at any rate) is that by and large they seem to be bitterly disappointed in Obama, and yet by and large they still plan on voting for him. All those rainbow pins are pretty sad.

      1. And in my experience, the gay community is full of people who run small businesses. The very ones Obama is screwing over.

      2. I was working for a UCC church, and it was sad to see the group emails that would go out about Obama, discussing his “record” of talking out of two sides of his mouth, lack of backbone for the gay community, but still determined to cast a vote for him.

        1. SF’d

      3. yet by and large they still plan on voting for him

        So they vote largely on social issues just like the rest of America.

    1. In Russia government has affinity for you.

      1. Russian immigrants daring to proclaim capitalism the mechanism of their success, and daring to condemn socialism, while natives squirm and caress the cock of authoritarianism.

        My family is squarely in this category. They ran from the reds. Not a single member of my immediate family is a Democrat, and most are stern Goldwater-esque Republicans — much like you, in fact.

        My parents were exceptionally vocal in their hatred of communism, and, incidentally, had become highly patriotic Americans very quickly.

        1. Reminds me of the former Soviet citizen talking to/ confronting some of the OWS people about their usage of Communist symbols and ideology.


          I thought it was interesting; it shows just how little actual thought some of these people put into their so-called politics.

    2. Among NY’s Soviet Immigrants, Affinity for GOP:

      “To many Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, the cornucopia in the shops along Brighton Beach Avenue — pyramids of oranges, heaps of Kirby cucumbers, bushels of tomatoes with their vines still attached and a variety of fish, sausages, and pastries — seems like an exuberant rebuke of the meager produce that was available to them when their lived in the Soviet Union.

      This contrast helps explain a striking political anomaly: immigrants from the former Soviet Union are far more apt to vote for Republicans than are most New Yorkers, who often drink in Democratic Party allegiance with their mothers’ milk and are four times as likely to register as Democrats than as Republicans.”

      1. Don’t worry,

        America’s socialist schools will make good little socialist out of their grandkids.

    3. “One reason these voters tend to support Republicans is that they see them as more ardent warriors against the kind of big-government, business-stifling programs that soured their lives in the Soviet Union. Their conservative stances on issues like taxes and Israel seem to outweigh their more liberal views on social issues like abortion.

      Tatiana Varzar came to the United States in 1979, at age 21, from the Ukrainian seaport of Odessa. She worked as a manicurist and then opened a small restaurant on the boardwalk that grew into Tatiana Restaurant, a spacious magnet for foodies who like a whiff of salt air and a sea view with their pirogen. Today it is a destination for high-powered Russians, like some of the executives who own the Brooklyn Nets.

      “I am what I am because of capitalism,” Ms. Varzar said, “and Republicans are more capitalistic.”

      Anatoly Alter immigrated from Kiev, Ukraine, in 1978, worked as a machine operator in Manhattan’s fur district and now owns one of the fur emporiums on Brighton Beach Avenue, a shop lush with mink, sable, and ermine coats. In his view, Democrats like Obama have introduced a “socialist mentality,” which is why he prefers Republicans. “Too many people want to rely on free money and socialist institution, and they want businessmen to pay for it,” Mr. Alter said.”

      1. God bless those immigrants. May the be successful and use their earnings to run ceaseless SuperPAC ads against their enemies.


    4. despite the antipathy many Russian immigrants expressed toward state programs, a large number of his compatriots worked in hospitals, nursing homes and social-service agencies that received government financing

      good old New York Times. making the “you can’t really be a libertarian because you drive on the roads” argument. Is there a name for this piece of shit argument? There should be.

      1. Reductio ad somalia?

  28. The sweet tooth that spawned an epidemic

    What this means is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t far-fetched to infer that a government-mandated health-care system eventually would necessitate a government-mandated diet to control costs. In another study, Finkelstein and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that obesity costs about $147 billion per year, accounting for about 9 percent of all medical expenses.

  29. Ron Paul’s numbers were disappointing, but at least we got rid of Lugar yesterday. Happy to say I was part of that.

  30. Bruce Hoffman: What Osama Was Thinking at the End

    Americans were repeatedly told that al Qaeda had ceased to exist as an organizational entity, that it had become nothing more than a hollow shell, a leaderless group of disparate individuals unconnected to any central authority. Bin Laden was said to be completely estranged from the movement he created: living in a remote cave, isolated from his fighters, sympathizers and supporters, unable to exercise any meaningful role in the movement’s operations and future trajectory.

    The picture that emerges from the seized Arabic-language documents is of a leader involved in both al Qaeda’s day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. Ever the policy wonk, opining on topics as diverse as the “Arab Spring” and the declining U.S. economy, bin Laden also retained his penchant for attempting to micromanage-however unresponsive his franchises and affiliates may have been beyond the villa.

    1. What Obama was thinking at the end:

      “Abottabad Falafel House 30 minute delivery MY ASS!”

      1. (sigh) Osama. Whatever.

      2. I larfed.

    1. Just don’t use a rimfire. Then it would be illegal.

  31. Greek Parties Have Little Chance of Forming Government

    There seems to be little chance of Greece’s political parties being able to form a viable coalition government after voters punished the two main parties in Sunday’s election. It’s a worst case scenario for the country’s European partners, whose whole approach to fighting the Greek debt crisis is now in question.

    1. Greek Parties Have Little Chance of Forming Government a Rational Thought


  32. Cherokee Liz’s Shoddy Scholarship

    In 2010, as Obama was floating Warren’s name as someone to run his new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, “The Atlantic” magazine reviewed her academic work and found a disturbing “pattern” of using bogus metrics to inflate the case for left-wing causes. “Deeply, deeply flawed,” it said of her research. “This isn’t Harvard (Law) caliber material ? not even Harvard undergraduate.”

    1. Once a fraud, always a fraud.

      I predict a stellar political career for her, by Senate standards. She’s spent her whole life lying to gain position, and lying to advance left-wing causes. She’s a natural.

    2. Odd how colleges never seem to over look conservative academic fraud. Yet, people like Liz and Ward Churchill go right to the top despite being obvious frauds.

    3. “This isn’t Harvard (Law) caliber material not even Harvard undergraduate.”

      Actually, it was.

      1. ^^This^^ Since when has that school produced anything but leftist tripe? Forty fifty years maybe.

  33. Carla Bruni threatens to start singing in public again after Sarkozy is kicked out of office

    OK, how many of you would hit that if it meant listening to her sing a wistful song about your pitiful performance?

    1. Oh my – Carla’s been hittin’ the plastic surgeons office with a vengeance hasn’t she? That bottom picture looks like she’s entering Jocelyn Wildenstein territory.

      1. OMG, you are right. Perhaps they are secret twins, separated at birth. I wonder if Carla wants cat eyes also.

        1. You be nice to that girl with the plastic surgery! She’s been going through a trying time, what with all her social climbing harlotry. And the secret to Jocleyn Wildenstein’s fountain of youth is still unclear. Nothing a little base and some powder can’t cure!

      2. She is not aging well. Bone skinny and lots of bad work is not a good look for anyone.

        1. Many thin women don’t age well. What keeps a face younger looking is fat.

  34. Apparently there’s a noise that only Canadians can hear.

    The so-called Windsor hum, described as a low-frequency rumbling sound, has rattled windows and knocked objects off shelves in this border community just across the Detroit River from the Motor City. Locals have said it sounds like a large diesel truck idling, a loud boom box or the bass vocals of Barry White.

    1. it’s the mating call of STEVE SMITH

      1. I thought STEVE’s mating call was the generic sounds of lost hikers.

        1. The seven sweetest words to STEVE SMITH: “You left the map in the car?!?”

          1. The seven words to make a rapesquatch love you. Reminds me of this. Which I highly recommend as the best fantasy series being currently written. Waiting for the 3rd book is killing me.

    2. It’s the underground UFO base.

  35. Not sure about the premise, but the talent is promising:

    Written by Eric Kripke, directed by Jon Favreau and produced by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and Warner Bros TV, “Revolution” is described as a high-octane action drama following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. Billy Burke plays the lead, with Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiradakos, Graham Rogers, and Anna Lise co-starring.

    1. Some good post-apocalyptic fare is always entertaining. But Jericho and The Walking Dead have set the bar for this pretty high.

    2. I’m getting bored with the JJ Abrams style mystery plots that always play out to be some of the worst written plot devices by the time the series ends.

      1. I’m still holding out hope for Fringe.

        1. Just let it go, MP.

    3. That reminds me – I should look for Damnation Alley on Netflix streaming when I get home.

    4. All forms? How do their cells metabolize?

      1. I was slow, my first thought also.

    5. That sounds dumb. All forms of energy? You can’t burn wood or cattle dung? All the coal in the earth disappeared? The rivers stopped running?

      1. Yea, it’s kinda stupid. Kinda reminds me of SM Stirling’s books. They’re a fun read but the idea that IC engines and gunpowder don’t work because of some mysterious force are retarded suspensions of the laws of physics.

        1. Like I said, not sure about the premise. But with that talent I’m willing to give it a shot.

      2. All forms of energy?

        Don’t forget photosynthesis. I’m guessing the blurb is incorrect.

    6. So, without any form of energy, how do they move.

      Burning sugars and etc for fuel inside the body is a form of energy.

      1. And moving itself is kinetic energy.

        1. E = MC^2. Everything is energy. Apparently they’re trying to survive in a universe that contains nothing, not even them. Sounds difficult.

    7. If Kripke’s writing, I’m in. Supernatural has really gone downhill since he left as showrunner.

  36. So that is what they mean by all that? OK wow I get it now.


  37. Senator Richard Lugar lost his bid to be re-nominated by the Republican Party in Indiana

    Best news of the day. I’m tap-dancing with delight.

  38. California is considering a ban on gay conversion therapy, because it is harmful and ineffective.

    Of course, homeopathic medicine is fine.

  39. Okay, I have a FUCKING Lysol commercial playing in the background every 10 FUCKING seconds and I can’t fucking find it to turn it off! I’t driving me nuts! What happened to pop-up blockers? Why can’t they filter this shit out.


    1. NoScript is your friend.

      1. Are you the same Sparky or a different Sparky? As in the Soc Indv variety?

        1. Yes. I just changed my name to fit in a little better with the hip young crowd.

          1. Also, to show my undying love for Ke$ha.

      2. Chrome

  40. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..el-tanner#

    Michael Tanner on why Paul Krugman is wrong… again.

  41. French sophistication reaches Jersey Shore levels:

    French Pres’s girlfriend: We’re not getting married just to make diplomatic events less awkward.

    She also says that when the Pres’s former GF ran for office, she (the current GF) didn’t vote for her – too “painful.”

    The PM has four children by the ex-GF.


    1. In France this is “sophisticated”, in the US, it is a reality TV show.

    2. The PM has four children by the ex-GF.

      Sorry to be pedantic but the PM (Prime Minister) is a separate position from the President in France.

      Francois Hollande is the new President of France, the Prime Minister is Francois Fillon.

      1. I forgot.

        1. But they’re both named Francois, that’s the key point.

  42. “That Cherokee ancestor of Elizabeth Warren’s might’ve actually been rounding up Indians on the Trail of Tears instead.”

    So she’s the perfect Democratic candidate.

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