"Underwear Informant" Fashion Consultant or CIA al Qaeda Turncoat?


Fahd al-Quso

Establishment media report that the recent assassination of a 37-year old Yemeni and the breakup of an alleged underwear-bomb plot are connected through a CIA informant. 

In a scoop the New York Times fails to acknowledge, the L.A. Times reports that the reported underwear bomber was in fact a CIA informant from whom the U.S. government hoped to obtain the whereabouts of the stylishly dressed Ibrahim Hassan Asiri, whom the paper identifies as a "feared" al Qaeda bomb maker. The informant and the bomb have both been extracted from Yemen, but the effort netted only Yemeni national Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Quso, who seemingly met death while still rocking the grunge look: 

Experts are analyzing the sophisticated device at the FBI's bomb laboratory at Quantico, Va., to determine if it really could evade current security measures. It appears an upgraded version of the so-called "underwear bomb" that failed to take down a passenger jet over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

Like that bomb, this device bears the forensic signature of feared Al Qaeda bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan Asiri, who was born in Saudi Arabia and is believed to be hiding in Yemen. But the double agent apparently never got close to Asiri, who remains one of the top CIA targets. 

Ibrahim Hassan Asiri

The operation had an added benefit, however. It produced intelligence that helped U.S. authorities finally locate Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Quso, a top Al Qaeda operative in Yemen. Quso had been on the FBI's most wanted list for his alleged involvement in the bombing of the guided missile destroyer USS Cole in a Yemeni port in 2000. The FBI had offered a $5-million bounty for information leading to his capture. 

On Sunday, a CIA drone aircraft fired a missile that killed Quso as he stepped out of his car in Yemen, U.S. officials said. 

The drone strike and the effort to obtain the explosive device "are part of the same operation," said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who heads the House Homeland Security Committee.

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  1. CIA informant on the inside. Is this substantially different then all the FBI informants cracking domestic terrorist cells, e.g. the Hutaree?

  2. So, there was never any threat of this bomb making it onto a plane, do I have that right?

    And all the fearmongering I saw on the news tonight telling this story–over a montage of commercial airliners–was pure speculation?

    Gotta get those ratings up, I guess.

    1. It’s not fearmongering to say that yes, some lunatics still want to blow up a plane via their fruit of the looms, but you’re correct in saying that it is speculation.

      If it bleeds, it leads.

      1. They led off on the News Hour tonight with the observation that air traffic was at pretty much a normal level today–implication being despite the imminent threat!

        Oh noes! An informant on the other side of the world gave the CIA a device before it got anywhere near an airport? Why hasn’t the FAA grounded all of American airspace?!


        1. The total number of people flying commercially on US airlines per year is around 700 million.

          Even with the threat from Fruit of the Looms, it’s still safer to travel by air than pretty much any other form of transport on an exponential level.

          We better shut the whole thing down until it’s safer.

  3. It strikes me as being pretty much genius. Eat my shorts, indeed. I heard some news lady reading the story on the radio…never heard so many unintentional (at least they were to her) double entendres in my life. The al-Qaeda guys have to be laughing their asses off over this stuff.

  4. Lots of innuendo here, not much data:
    1) Some guy is dead from a drone-launched weapon; he’s claimed to be “a top Al Qaeda operative in Yemen.”, assuming the ID is correct and he wasn’t a guy with a scruffy beard going to a coffee shop.
    If so, what danger did he present to the US?
    2) Then we have: “Ibrahim Hassan Asiri, whom the paper identifies as a “feared” al Qaeda bomb maker.” OK, the innuendo is that this guy can make bombs in ways that no one else can. Maybe that’s true, and maybe he can make one you can stick up your butt. So, because he’s a ‘feared bomb maker’, do we now get anal inspections to get on a plane?
    There is a simple cost/benefit analysis which would tell anyone who can count to 10 that we’re wasting more lives standing in TSA lines than Asiri could ever hope to cause. Assuming he actually could; which assertion is lacking evidence.
    And all this is evidence of a CIA ‘success’? What counts as a waste of time?

    1. What counts as a waste of time?

      Finding out the CIA informant is a triple agent?

    2. What part of “they hate our freedom” don’t you understand you fucking commie?

      1. They do. Doesn’t mean any of this homeland security horseshit is sane.

  5. Why do they keep offering rewards for capturing these guys and then just blow them up? So much for intelligence.

  6. The real story is that we should be thankful that we have such morons as adversaries. I don’t doubt for a minute that the bright minds of this forum could concoct and execute a better plan than Allah’s finest. That said, we will eventually get complacent and people will die – do we sacrifice our freedom for that?

    1. In 10 years their master plan went from hiding a bomb in a shoe to, wait for it, hiding it underwear. My God, call James Bond. SPECTRE’s got nothing on this shit.

      1. A wholly proportionate response to this uber threat, obviously, is the steadfast, systematic dissolution of constitutional republicanism. Because, you know, some sandstrewn barbarian hid a bomb next to his balls.

        Fuck, we’re all so screwed if we keep allowing these people to “govern” (rule) us.

  7. Soon they will make us fly commando

    1. My five-year-old son would approve of that.

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  10. The important things I get from this story:
    1) Be afraid. Brown people still want to kill you.
    2) Obama will protect me. Hail Obama.
    3) The CIA is on the job and totally justifing their budget of hundreds of billions of bucks. Really, they’re not spending it on hookers and blow. Give them more $.
    4) Underwear Bomb!

    1. Incorrectly referencing Caesars’s name is a capital offense, heathen. It’s as follows:

      His Most Exalted And Extraordinary Majesty, by the Grace of God, Supreme Autocrat of the Peoples of the Americas, High King of the Known World, Emperor of the United States of America Barack I Obama.

      On your knees, peasant scum, and praise the God-King in his exquisite wisdom.

  11. Never really even thought about it liek that before. WOw.


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