A.M. Links: Nanoprobes for U.S. Troops, White House Invite for Hollande, Joe Biden Comfortable With Same Sex Marriage or Maybe Not


  • nerd alert

    DARPA plans to develop nanoprobes to inject into U.S. troops for monitoring and tactical purposes, calling it a "truly disruptive innovation".

  • Could Ron Paul supporters learn something from Israeli settlers? Haaretz reports on the first night of the Likud party convention:  "Few of the settlers, who had been democratically elected to the convention, are likely to vote for the Likud. They care not a wit for Netanyahu or his ambitions. They came early and grabbed most of the seats to signal to him that he cannot do as he pleases in his party. The festive event quickly turned into a sweaty performance of heckling, yelling and catcalls."
  • President Barack Obama invited the French President-elect, Socialist Francois Hollande, to the White House.  "[H]e looks forward to working closely with Mr Hollande and his government on a range of shared economic and security challenges," Jay Carney said in a statement.
  • Despite saying he's "totally comfortable" with same-sex marriage (like the last Vice President!), the White House insists Joe Biden's on the same page as the President—against doing anything about it.
  • Channel 4 in New Orleans sees a trend towards more gun ownership, because of the crime.
  • A United Nations investigator says the U.S should return some of its stolen land to Native Americans, because of discrimination.

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