DEA Apologizes to Daniel Chong For Locking Him in a Cell for Five Days Without Food or Water


Daniel Chong, the 23-year-old UC San Diego student who was arrested during a DEA raid on a 4/20 party, interrogated for four hours, then left in a holding cell for five days without food or water, has received an apology from the DEA. 

According to the Associated Press, "DEA San Diego Acting Special Agent-In-Charge William R. Sherman said in a statement that he was troubled by the treatment of Daniel Chong and extended his 'deepest apologies' to him." 

It only took one week and a massive media firestorm for Sherman to apologize. 

Chong is continuing with his lawsuit against the agency. 


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  1. William R. Sherman said in a statement that he was troubled by the treatment of Daniel Chong and extended his ‘deepest apologies’ to him.”

    I realize that this is probably all he is allowed say say because of his lawyer(s), but JFC. REALLY? If the guy had croaked, I wonder if Agent Sherman’s apology would have gotten something a little closer to lukewarm.

    1. I wonder why this isn’t getting more coverage. Listen to drug war apologist Robert DuPont, M.D suggesting that the problem is that we aren’t catching enough drug users. How many more people are going to be forgotten in holding cells, or have cavity searches, or get shot during raids for that to happen?

  2. I bet Kumar would have figured a way out of there, snow leopard, hang glider, something!

    1. I bet Kumar would have figured a way out of there

      And hopefully before the cockmeat sandwich . . .

      1. “extended his ‘deepest apologies’ to him”

        So, maybe not before.

  3. Apologies are nice, and the fat, taxpayer-funded settlement that’s inevitably coming is all well and good, but things won’t be made right until people go to jail for what happened to this kid.

    1. Seriously. It amazes me that the first thing these clowns said in response to this event was “It was only four days, not five.” Jesus.

      1. Who are you going to trust, a law enforcement officer or a dehydrated, exhausted, hallucinating man who’s been eating meth?

        1. We all know the answer to that.

          1. Is it, the one who has no motivation to lie?

      2. “He only ate two pieces of glass, not seven like he claimed.”

    2. Things aren’t going to be made right. Unfortunately.

      1. Things aren’t going to be made right. Unfortunately.

        I bet careers will be ended over this, but only grudgingly, and only because of the attention the case is receiving. And at least they can’t try to claim that “procedures were followed.”

  4. What’s the longest someone can survive without water?

    1. A quick google suggests 3-7 days, depending on the person. You can stretch it a little if, like Chong, you drink your urine.

      1. Mainly it depends on temperature and relative humidity. Air conditioning stretches the time considerably.

  5. Like this, only intentional:

  6. Remember when the neocons used to assure us that there was no reason to get our panties in a bunch over terror suspects being treated like this at Gitmo because it wasn’t like American citizens would ever be abused like this? Good times…

    1. As john Cusack said in Grosse Point Blank:

      I’m not a psychopath.
      Psychopaths kill people for no reason.
      I kill people for money!

      Wait! That came out wrong!

  7. More blatant double standards for law enforcement. I keep somebody locked up for 5 days with no food or water and do I get to slide with just an apology? Bet your ass I don’t, but the DEA does. Fucking bullshit, man!

    1. kidnapping, forcible confinement… oh yeah, qualified immunity.

    2. Another of anti-cop bigotarati. There is NO double standard, in fact I bet these officers will be treated worse than if a private citizen did this.

      Hell, I have many anecdotes that I made up to prove you wrong. It’s called legal analysis asshole.

      1. I’d take that bet.

        I am an asshole. I’m also a big prick.

    3. The DEA is here to enforce the law. The best way to do so is by breaking the law (kidnapping, false imprisonment, criminal negligence).

    4. Not a good analogy since you’d be committing a felony locking someone up for 10 minutes, while for them it’s part of the job.

      1. You’re right. They’re committing a crime, AND being paid. It’s a terrible analogy.

  8. Is there any chance he doesn’t get a big settlement? I’m sure there are some obscure rules regarding immunity or something that the DEA might try to invoke in order to escape liability.

    1. If they settle this story dies. And it’s not like it’s their money.

  9. I have to wonder if there is anyone, anywhere that will defend the DEA’s action in this incident.

    Besides Gil Kerlikowske and the kinder, gentler Obama Administration of course.

  10. It’s like “Idiocracy” in real life.

    1. Not quite so dumb as to be comically inept. More like Brazil, really.

      1. scary shit man. Banality of evil

  11. Where is that Fuck Dunphy? How come he hasn’t been by to tell us that “procedures were followed” and “cops get prosecuted all the time” bull shit and cock-swaddle he is always trying to feed us. Gods above and below I despise that cocksucking parasite. Why, oh why, won’t he die in a fire with his progeny?

    1. I’ve never heard Dunphy defend the DEA or any federal coppish agency.

    2. dunphy seems fair to me. He does not defend police by default.

      good to have views from all sides.

      Law enforcement needs very high standards that few could match, but it seems like just another job.

  12. D-E-A-fro-man: I forgot to let you out, because you got high.

  13. I jsut dont know dude that does not make any sense at all man, None.

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