Pelosi Denies Waterboarding Knowledge, Economic Fears Spread to Germany, Cops Behaving Badly (Again): P.M. Links


  • Maybe the Shelbyville cops just took Wenzel to heart.

    Obama's photo op in Kabul was only the beginning — the U.S. now enters a tricky period of defining its role in what is supposed to become an increasingly independent Afghanistan.

  • Despite claims by a former CIA agent that he personally briefed her on waterboarding, Nancy Pelosi continues to insist that she never knew the practce was in use.
  • Human rights activist Chen Guangcheng says he left U.S. embassy because Chinese authorities threatened to beat his wife to death.
  • Invited to address the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, economist Robert Wenzel urged hs audience to "leave the building to the spiders, moths and four-legged rats."
  • After his arrest for smoking grass, David Chong was abandoned by DEA agents in a cell for five days with no food or water. The DEA says it's sorry.
  • Dan Halsted of Portland, Oregon, will get a a quarter of a million dollars from the city — four years after Portland Police officers tased and arrested him after mistaking him for a graffiti suspect. So … it's OK to tase taggers?
  • A Tennessee man was jailed after the $50 bill he used in a convenience story falsely tested as counterfeit. Wow. Debit-card marketing is getting harsh.
  • Confounding expectations of improving numbers, German unemployment rose by 19,000 people in April, raising fears that Eurozone troubles are spreading there.
  • Crack open the plonk and live forever! New research offers evidence that resveratrol in red wine battles aging.

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